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For Hannah, Nathan, and Ryan

–V. M.

For Lydia and Isaac

–B. W.


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very night, people left books in the
return box of the library in the small town
of Spencer, Iowa. Funny books, big books,
truck books, pig books–they left them all.

But one night,

on the coldest night of the year,

someone left a strange surprise…

A tiny kitten.

When Vicki the librarian found him the next
morning, the kitten was cold and scared and
very, very dirty. Vicki took one look and
decided to give him a warm bath. The kitten
went into the sink brown and crying, but he
came out orange and purring.

“I’m going to keep you,” said Vicki, who
already loved him.

“We’ll name you Dewey Readmore Books.
You can live here and be our library cat.”

But Dewey had no idea what it meant to be a library cat.
So he did what all kittens do—he played.


He lounged on the newspaper…
Rode the book cart…
And knocked pens to the floor.


He goofed around with Marty Mouse…
Snooped in every open drawer…
And always found at least one rubber band.

But what Dewey loved most of all was people.
Tall ones. Round ones. Quiet ones. Loud ones. The
however, surprised him. And not always in a good way.

“Look, Nathan,” said his mommy.

“There’s a cat in the library.”

Nathan bent down and said, “Hi, Hooey Doowey Yooks.”

“No,” said his sister, Hannah, “it’s Dewey Readmore Books!”

Dewey squirmed. The boy was petting him in the wrong
direction! Dewey loved to be petted, but he
being petted
in the wrong direction.

Dewey was licking his fur back into place when
he heard a strange noise.


Dewey’s ears perked up. He looked around.


BOOK: Dewey
10.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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