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Chapter Two

Fighting my way back to consciousness I forced my eyes open to be met with darkness, only a slight light coming from a fire place. A fire place? Where the heck am I? The nights events coming back to me fully now. Suddenly, I felt happiness, not my own of course. I felt remorse, not my own. Obviously, it was the people residing around me. Sitting up my head stirred again. “Hello?” Feeling panicked. This time it was my own feelings making my stomach lurch in dread.

Stepping forward into the room. “Angel girl.”

He was just as tall as I initially thought he was. More handsome than I ever could have imagined. Jet black hair, his skin now looking paler than I remembered. Shorter cut hair, a smirk on his face. I couldn’t tell if it was from actual amusement, or more of a sneer. Either way it was annoyingly attractive. He was built. Not the huge body builder type of build, but the lean kind. Where everything is put together nicely. There was no denying this man brought a presence with him. An “I don’t give a damn, screw you” type of presence.

Standing up and backing away from him into the furthest wall, gorgeous or not, I wanted nothing to do with him. “What do you want from me?” I asked wanting to climb out the nearest window and away from him. People were down on the street. I could scream. Their emotions now assaulting me, my hands going up to my head.

“Problems?” He asked stepping closer.

Looking back up he was now in front of me, a whisper away. Pulling my hand back I had every intention of slugging him, until I was caught by my wrist and then the other, held against the wall.

“It will not bode well with you, fighting against me angel girl. You would never have a prayer.” He sneered, never breaking his gaze from me.

“Is that supposed to be a pathetic attempt at a joke?” I said wiggling, trying to free myself. “What do you want from me?”

“I saved your skin. You would think you would show a little more appreciation.” He said, his eyes growing darker.

“I’m not sleeping with you, if that’s what you want.” I said now searching myself for any perceptions of his emotions. Nothing. I felt nothing. Looking at him shocked, I had never run into someone where I didn’t feel anything from them before. “Who are you?” I eyed him suspiciously.

“What’s the matter angel? Can’t get any feelings from me?” He said smirking.

Oh yeah that was definitely a smirk. “Are you going to hurt me?”

“Not today.” He said holding his smirk.

I couldn’t tell if he was lying or not. The one time I needed my abilities without a shadow of a doubt, they failed me. Typical. Wait a second. I couldn’t feel anything. Not anything, but my own. I hadn’t felt this way in years. Turning and looking out the window, sure enough there was still people outside, everywhere. Confused I stared back up at him. He hadn’t stopped staring at me the entire time, barely a whisper between us. “You mind backing up off me?” I said mustering all my courage.

“Yes I mind. You might as well not bother trying to get away from me. If I want you here angel girl, then here you will be.”

“Carma, my name is Carma.” I said annoyed, not afraid to show it.

“Nice outfit angel girl.” Plucking a feather out of my hair, like my previous statement didn’t mean a thing to him. Taking a step back from me, “So, your an empath.”

He said telling me like I didn’t already know. The real question is how the hell did he know? I have never told anyone of my abilities. Afraid of being thrown into a mental institute for the rest of my days. The thought unbearable, I have always kept my lips sealed on the matter.

“No.” I said defiantly, holding my chin up high.

“No point in lying to me. I wasn’t sure when I first spotted you, but the drunk girl knocking into you gave you away. You need to get better at hiding your abilities angel girl. There are a lot of bad people willing to use you for their needs.” He said leaning against the wall, mere inches away from me, crossing his arms like he was bored.

Okay, the gig is up. He obviously knows. “Okay maybe I am. Are you one of those bad people?”

“I haven’t decided yet.” Now smirking again.

Him obviously amused, me not so much. “Why can’t I get any emotions from you? Who are you? What are you?”

“In time angel girl.” Not willing to give any information at all.

“Quit calling me that.” Clenching my fists at my side. Knowing he was only saying it to annoy me. I know showing distaste to this name only made it worse on myself.

“I wouldn’t be so quick to get rid of me. I know of at least two unsavory characters that spotted you, just as I had. They’re not going to be as nice as I am. Stay with me, and you’ll be safe. At least until I figure out what to do with you.” His smirk now replaced with an emotionless mask.

“Why should I believe you?” I asked, fully believing that he was trying to scare me into staying with him.

“Suit yourself. It’s your skin angel girl. I have a few things to take care of. I’ll be back when I can.” He said starting to walk off.

“What. Wait! Are you leaving?” I asked shaking, cold from my barely there outfit.

“Really angel? Clingy already? Like I said, you’ll be safe here. The choice is yours.”

He was actually walking away from me. I have a real chance of getting away. When I heard the door shut behind him, I decided to give it five minutes before leaving. Making sure he was really gone. I would hate to leave only to run into him a few minutes later.

.  .  .  .  .  .

Why me? Why do I land myself into these situations? He could hear them calling for him the past ten minutes. They didn’t like waiting, and he only pushed his luck when he was feeling lucky. He hasn’t been feeling lucky for quite some time now. Waiting until he stepped out of the door and out of her sight, before teleporting out. Stepping into the chambers, he was only allowed in the heavens when he was called for. Only being allowed to enter the High Councils Chambers. His heart aching to see the other parts of the Heavens that he hadn’t seen in too many years. Losing count after a couple hundred. His assignments were rarely told to him, instead most of them dropped in his way, quite literally at times. Subtle hints here and there once in a while. The angel girl the most obvious hint yet. He sneered as he ascended the steps to the chamber doors. They said they would let him back into the heavens when he had helped enough people and learned a lesson. What lesson they wanted him to learn he didn’t really know. They seem to think I am too uncaring and uncompassionate to help humans. Never being born from a human, I don’t know really what they expected. So, now I’m stuck on earth. Possibly forever, or until they deem me worthy. I’m not the only one, I run into others like me more than they would want. The High Council likes to scatter us out around the world as much as possible, not wanting us to join forces. Can’t blame them. Although I miss the heavens, I miss my wings more. That was one of the many disadvantages of being a fallen angel. They clipped your wings. I am different than most fallen angels, I was forced to fall to learn my lesson. Most of my abilities still remain, in order to aid me on my path. Reaching up my back and rubbing the now smooth skin where they used to be. I’ll never get used to not having them, no matter how many years pass. My wings were a brilliant white, with silver and hints of blue weaving through them. The span of my wings unsurpassed, being one of the oldest in the heavens. I was still feared since most of my abilities remained, very few creatures sought me out for a fight. The older you were, the more of a target you became. The demons wanting your head as a trophy, you were always looking behind your back. Being on earth made it all the more easy for them. Even though I’m feared, there are still the power hungry dumb few that seek me out on a regular basis, easily taking their head. I was given a human name as to always remind me what my purpose is. As if I could forget. Making his way down the vast halls, the white almost blinding to his eyes. He knew that Carma, or so he liked to call her angel girl, was going to bolt as soon as he left. Pretty sure that she was his next assignment he didn’t want another human, or dead body on his tally. Knowing with each one, another couple years gets added to his sentence on earth. At first being to proud to care, now wanting to get the hell off of earth at any cost.

Walking up to the royalty of the heavens I bowed as always, waiting for my orders. The Angel in the middle better known as Capac, looked down upon me with steely eyes.

“Blane. I’ll get right to the point. Carma Danielson is your next assignment. You will protect her, for she is the strongest empath to ever be sent down to earth.”

“Yes, this I will do Capac. How long do I possess this task?” Hoping for an answer although they were just as evasive as always.

“I will give you no further information Blane. If you succeed in this task, you just may earn your wings back.”

Looking up at the magnificent angel sitting before me, Capac in all these years has never once mentioned giving me my wings back. Wondering why this minuscule human is so important that I could earn my wings back. Knowing getting my wings back was the last step to entering back into the heavens. Now, I really didn’t want to screw this assignment up. My back muscles already twitching in anticipation.

“Now you must go. Carma is in trouble.” Waving his hand, I was back on earth standing in an unfamiliar alley way. Pressing my body flat up against the brick wall.

 .  .  .  .  .  .

Walking out of the door to his huge apartment, I didn’t realize just how many floors up his was. Stepping into the elevator I punched the main lobby button and waited impatiently. Walking out, the floors were polished and now I knew I was in an expensive section of town. Running out of the double doors and into the street, I figured I would have to walk a little while before I could hail a taxi. Luckily it wasn’t long, because I was freezing. Relaying my address to the cab driver, I was relieved when it was a little old man, kindness wafting off of him. Now wondering why my abilities had suddenly returned. Finally, pulling up to my address I pulled the money out of my bra and handed him the correct amount. You can never be to careful in the city. Now thankful for my paranoia. Not knowing how I would have gotten home, stranded with no money. Asking mystery man for a ride home was out of the question. Thinking he could just keep me like I was some sort of pet. Telling me I was in danger. What a bunch of crap.

Walking into my two story apartment building and up the stairs, I couldn’t get the mystery man out of my head. Never even getting his name. Not like he really offered any information in the first place. Lost in thought, the evil emotions didn’t hit me until I was already in my apartment. I didn’t even have a chance to throw on the lights before his arm wound around my neck. Letting out a tiny screech before his hand clamped over my mouth. Pressing the back of my body against his. Unable to see him at all.

“There is my little empath. I was starting to think you would never get away from Blane.” He said breathing his musky breath on me, making me want to gag. The evil wafting off of him in waves now, making me want to puke.

“Let me go. I don’t know a Blane.” I said trying to sound brave, failing miserably.

“Sure ya do sweet heart. He is the meddlesome asshole that got to you tonight first at the club. No worries love. You’re with me now.” He said laughing. “I’ve been looking for your kind a long time. You’re so hard to find. Now tell me, can you discern lies also? Because that would be the jack pot.”

Blane, that’s what his name is. Not that it really mattered now. “No. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said evading the best I could. Knowing that above all else I could never tell anyone that I could discern lies.

“Oh, that’s to bad. Never mind. I can still use you. And if your lying to me, I will find out love. I always find out.” He said now a knife to my throat.

Swallowing hard I followed when he started backing up with me, afraid one false move and the blade would cut right into my jugular.

“I have to say love, this is one hot outfit. I just might have to have my way with you first, before I employ you in my little business that is.” He said, backing me out of the door, licking my ear and making me want to gag again. I now could feel the sexual heat rolling off of him, mixed with his evil personality. Not a great combination. I never liked feeling any of those two things from anyone, especially towards me. Nothing scared me faster.

Hoping someone, anyone, would walk in at that moment and help me. No such luck. Loosening up the blade on my neck he dragged me down the stairs, my heels clanking on each step as we went down. My wings no longer a hindrance, as I ditched them at Blane’s place. Or so I think his name is Blane. Backing me out and into the alley I was now wishing I would have just stayed with Blane. As scary as he was, he didn’t hurt me. Only intimidated the hell out of me.

“You know I can walk asshole. You don’t need to drag me.” I said, regretting my bold attitude when the blade dug deeper into my neck, producing a tiny cut, blood marring my skin.

“That was warning one. You won’t get a second one love.”

Suddenly, the knife dropped clanking to the ground and he was pulled away from me, knocking me off balance, making me fall to the street in a heap. Grabbing the knife, I backed up into the shadows, sitting on the ground. Two men caught in a scuffle. Looking closely until I seen the mystery man that he called Blane. It didn’t last long, and soon Blane was standing over me.

“Get away from me.” I barely croaked out, my voice failing, holding the knife up. In a move so swift I didn’t realize the knife was gone, until it was in his hand instead.

“I told you once angel girl. I’m not going to hurt you.” His stance wide, towering over me.

“You said today. I have no reassurance about tomorrow. With that said, I think I’ll just stay away from you.”

Shifting from one foot to another, he was clearly annoyed with me. The most emotion I have seen on his face. Having to study him the old fashioned way to learn his emotions. Still not being able to feel anything from him.

BOOK: Dimmest Of Night (Dimmest Of Night Series)
10.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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