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That was the step that did me in. Knees to floor screaming in pain. He was beside me in a flash.

“Well that didn’t go well.” He said holding me close to him. The pain subsiding again with him near me.

He was so strong, too strong. “Owe, your not helping.” His grip too tight around my shoulders.

“Oh sorry.” Loosening up his grip.

“What the hell? You lift weights everyday? Or are you on roids?” Rubbing my now sore arms.

“Your welcome.” He said smirking briefly before turning away from me. “Damn it. We might as well be chained together.” Stalking around the room.

Taking a cell phone out of his pocket, “Yeah it’s me. I’m calling in that favor you owe me. I’ll email you the details on what I need. Yeah. As in yesterday.” Hanging up, “I have to go to my office and get my lap top. If you don’t want to be writhing in pain I suggest you follow.” Turning and walking out the door, I quickly followed. I felt like a dog that had been brow beat and now I’m tucking my tail between my legs and following like a good little soldier. I hated this as much as he did. If not more than he does. His office was just as big as the bedroom. Book cases lining the walls, overflowing with books. In the middle of the room sat a big wooden desk, a black leather chair pushed up behind it. Sitting down in a chair that was over by the book case I swung my leg up on the arm of the chair, while he did his thing. Trying to stay out of his way but needing some space at the same time. Grabbing a book from the shelf I thumbed absently through it.

Several minutes had passed when he snapped shut the lap top. Looking around suspiciously. I knew that look. Standing up I threw the book on the chair, unsure of what to do. Opening a drawer in his desk he removed several knives sticking them in his boot. Closing the heavy curtains, the room went dark. Running to the fire place, he grabbed a sword from over top of the mantle. Without saying a word, he grabbed my hand pushing me behind the desk and into the corner of the room. “Blane. What is it?” I asked getting panicked. A couple days ago I didn’t think my problems could get any worse. Now I wonder why I was ever stupid enough to have thoughts such as those. Things can always get worse.

“Shh.” He said putting his finger up to his lips, walking to the door and standing behind it. He looked lethal at that moment. I was glad he was the one protecting me, rather than coming after me. I had the feeling this guy, or shall I say angel, always gets the job done. Sinking to the floor I tried to melt into the shadows as much as possible. The door opened and when the light from the hall flooded half of the room a creature that can only be described as coming from my worst nightmares walked in.

This creature was a little taller than the last ones we encountered. Red, scaly skin with red eyes, he was absolutely hideous. Before the demon had even a minute to react, Blane was behind him with the sword to his neck. “Are you the only one?”

The demon laughed and Blane took his head immediately. Diverting my eyes, I threw my hands over them. I don’t care if I looked like a completely wussy girl at this moment. It was gross, and I didn’t want to see any more. I didn’t want any of this anymore. I didn’t want these abilities, and I didn’t want demons and bad people hunting me down, and I didn’t want strapped to Blane anymore. He was making me feel things I didn’t want to feel. The only result of that infatuation was going to be heartache. I wanted to cry and I wanted to scream all at the same time. Tears were rolling down my cheeks but I refused to make a sound. Not in front of Blane. Anyone but him. He was beside me again, this time sitting right next to me.

“Don’t cry angel girl. I told you I wouldn’t let anything happen to you.”

Turning my head and looking at the opposite wall, “I’m not crying.” Wiping the tears from my cheeks with the sleeves of my sweater.

“Sometimes it’s okay to break down. You don’t have to be proud around me. I have seen it all.” He said putting his hand to my face, pushing my hair behind my ear. “Are you good now?”

Biting back the sobs, and drying my tears. “Yeah, I’m good. Minor meltdown. Won’t happen again.”

“I don’t mind meltdowns. Just don’t have them when we are in the midst of a crisis. After the crisis, you can do what you want.”

Smiling, “Deal.”

Standing up, “Well I gotta get rid of this body and I can’t take you so, that leaves me with calling in another favor. I hate these type of demons, I have to dispose of them properly, since they are full of diseases.”

I didn’t want to ask. Walking to the other end of the room, I couldn’t really hear anything he said on the phone. I just sat in that corner wallowing in misery.

Sliding his phone back into his pocket. “Well angel girl, looks like your gonna get to test your question.” Sitting on the edge of the desk, a man materialized in front of Blane. Another angel, it had to be. He was just as tall as Blane. They looked similar in many ways, this angel had long sandy blond hair tied back at the nape of his neck. He wore black suit pants and a nice button down shirt. He was gorgeous. A different kind of handsome from Blane.

Looking down at the floor behind him, “Really Blane? Your calling me for such a menial task? I’m a newer angel but I don’t rank this low. Speaking of calling, you know the High Council frowns on us interacting too much. What is so important that you risk a phone call instead of our usual ways of communicating?”

“I know you’re better than this Gabriel. She is the reason I can’t leave.” Blane said pointing in my direction.

Sliding up the wall and standing up on two wobbly legs, “Hi. Carma.” I said raising a hand briefly.

“Okay, I get it. She’s totally hot. However, I still don’t get why you can’t dump the body yourself.”

Blane didn’t like another angel calling her hot. She is not his to ogle over. This pissed him off more than he liked.

“Listen. It’s a long story, but she is my assignment and I can’t leave her under any circumstances, and we both know I can’t teleport with her.”

“Bloody hell. Fine. You owe me.”

“Wait a second. I want to check something. Do you feel anything from him Carma?”

Shaking my head, “No, nothing.”

Maybe just maybe he has the same affect on her. Acting as a shield. It sure would make his life easier if he could leave her with a “babysitter” once in a while.

“You want to see if he has the same affect on you also?” Letting her make the decision if she wanted to deal with the colossal amount of pain or not.

Gabriel looking between the two of them like they had grown two heads. “Um, anyone want to tell the new angel what is going on?”

“Okay, lets try it.” Gripping my hands on the side of the desk I watched Blane walk out into the hall way and take that last step back. Nothing. I felt nothing.

“Nothing Blane. He is the same way.” I said in disbelief.

Blane stepping back in pleased, but irritated at the same time. Although, it did make his life easier he still wanted to stay with her every second. Not trusting anyone else to protect her. Sighing, he knew he was the only angel on this earth strong enough to go to hell and figure out who is giving the orders to come after Carma.

“After you get rid of the body Gabriel I need you to come back to protect Carma. I have something I need to do.”

Looking over at her and smiling, “Sure no problem. I would love to.” Gabriel said a little to happily.

Gabriel was looking at me like I was lunch. I didn’t need my empath abilities to pick up on that. “What! Your leaving? You said you would never leave me.” Now panicked. I didn’t want Gabriel. I wanted Blane. Blane I already know is a total bad ass. Pretty boy angel I didn’t trust could save his own ass, let a lone mine to.

Blane sighed, looking over at Gabriel. “Dump the body and come back.”

Gabriel nodded his head, “Be back in five.”

“Blane?” I said walking over to him. He had that look on his face like his mind was already made up. “I don’t want to stay with Gabriel. I don’t know him.” I said trying desperately not to sound too clingy.

“Although, this pleases a part of me. You didn’t know me not to long ago. I wouldn’t leave you with him if I wasn’t certain that he could protect you. I will hurry.” He said, trying his best to reassure her.

“Where are you going?” I said, leaning on the side of his desk.

“I will tell you of anything I learn when I get back.” Knowing if he told her she would only argue with him. He did not have time to argue.

Gabriel flashed in behind him, looking exhilarated.

“Come. Both of you.” Blane said walking out of the door.

Following him, we climbed down the stairs and went through several other rooms until we reached another library. Standing back while Blane messed with a book shelf, he moved it out from the wall revealing a metal sliding door. Opening the door, it revealed long steps going deep down into the earth. Gabriel looked back at me one eyebrow cocked up in a silent “what the fuck” moment, making me giggle.

Blane looked back at both of us, “Something funny?” Displeased that in such a short time Gabriel and Carma shared something that he had no knowledge of.

“No. Is this necessary Blane? I already told you that I would protect the human.” Gabriel said shifting from one foot to the other.

“Carma, the name is Carma. You angels have a short memory? Or are you calling me human just to annoy me?”

They both passed looks at each other before ignoring my statement completely.

“I do not know how powerful these demons are that are hunting her. The basement has been warded against many species. As far as the humans hunting her, they will have a harder time finding this room.” He said striding past Gabriel and grabbing my arm, pulling me forward and away from Gabriel.

“I can protect her just fine Blane.” Gabriel said, his ego wounded.

“You can against many, but not all. You are still to young.” Hearing no further argument from the younger angel. Following him down the steps he didn’t let go of my arm until we reached a small room. It was sparse, only containing a chair and a table with blankets piled up on them.

Leading me to the chair, he turned to Gabriel still not breaking his hold. With no abilities at the moment I was able to notice other things instead of concentrating on controlling the pain. The musky scent of his cologne, the slight curve of his lips when I say something that amuses him. The way his jet black hair is perfect, not one hair out of place. Styled in a way that the front of his bangs swerved up and out of his face, he didn’t look old. He looked fashionable. Like he was one of us, only not. He was far too attractive to be human. Now I notice when I’m around him, he is always shielding me. The way he tries to act like he doesn’t care, his actions always showing me otherwise. Mostly, the way my pulse picks up when he touches me or looks at me for long periods of time. Making my head foggy each time.

“Gabriel, do not leave her for one second while I am gone.” He barked, breaking me out of my thoughts.

Gabriel was standing, legs apart and hands relaxed down his sides.

“Relax Blane. I got this.” He said walking over to me and slumping an arm around my shoulder.

Blane took a deep breath and reminded himself that he most especially couldn’t kill another angel. Before Blane could object to Gabriel touching her, Carma slumped away from him.

“No touching pretty boy.” I said displeased with this arrangement. Gabriel didn’t look happy but put both hands up in surrender.

“Pretty boy. That’s a new one, but I’ll take it.” Smiling widely at me, like it was a compliment.

Rolling my eyes, “Are you positive you have to go Blane?”

“I’m hurt human.” Gabriel said holding his hand to his chest.

“I’m sure.” Laughing this time at his attempt at humor.

Blane wanted to hurt Gabriel. He didn’t like that feeling. He’s always liked the young angel. He didn’t like however, the way he was interested in Carma.

“I have to go at once. I will be back soon.” He said flashing out in an instant before my eyes. Hearing the door shut at the top of the stairs.


Chapter Five

Sitting down in the chair and looking up at Gabriel, “Now what?”

Gabriel standing silently with his arms now crossed in front of him. “Well, I could always take you away from this shack and bring you back to my castle, and call you my own.” He said looking at me with a slight smirk on his face.

“Shack?” Laughing. “If this is your idea of a shack I’d like to see your idea of a castle.” I said before thinking. “Oh, and no. I’m fine here.”

Grinning, “It’s to bad, you are a headstrong little human. You would bring me much amusement. Not to mention how beautiful you are. I have never seen a human more striking.” Reaching out running his finger down my cheek before I pulled away.

“My name is Carma pretty boy, and I said no touching.” Looking up at him defiantly.

“Ah yes. How could I forget such a request. I so rarely hear it from a female.” Now pacing back and fourth in front of me.

“I don’t mean to insult you. I just don’t like anyone touching me.” Trying my best to not offend the person who is protecting my life at this moment in time.

“Ah yes, but you let Blane touch you. If I remember correctly, you didn’t even flinch when he did so. Not like you do when I touch you.”

Looking down nervously, playing with the end of my shirt, “Look I’m just saying, it’s nothing personal. Lets just drop it.”

Smirking at me again, “So, I do have a chance. I will hold out hope human.” Smiling at me again while he paces.

I didn’t want him thinking that. I just didn’t want him thinking about me at all. “You know for future reference, when your trying to get with a girl, don’t refer to her as human all the time. We do have names.”

Laughing, “Ah it is such a shame I can’t have you for myself Carma. Your attitude, mixed with your beauty would keep me enraptured for many a days.”

“Days? Wow, your such a Romeo.” I said sarcastically staring at the brick wall instead.

Laughing again, “I offend you, human. I pay you compliments and I still displease you. You are just making me want you more.”

Taking my eyes from the old, damp brick wall I stared at Gabriel still pacing. “Look can we talk about something else? How long have you been an angel?” Still sounding weird coming out of my mouth.

Stopping and looking at me, “Not very long. A few hundred years, if that.”

Looking at him astonished, “You call that a young angel? I hate to see how long is considered an old angel.” More to myself than him.

“Blane, is an older angel. Powerful, fearless. He shouldn’t even be earth bound.” He said shaking his head before continuing his pacing. I could see the admiration in his eyes for him.

“You respect Blane.”

“Yes human. I do. That is the only thing keeping me from having you for myself.” He said winking at me, smiling. “I can see why he is going to such lengths to protect you.”

“Lengths? What lengths is he going to?” Standing up and walking in front of him.

“Nothing. I just meant he will do all in his power to protect you.” Smiling at me before he found another route to pace in.

He knew more than what he was saying, that was obvious. It was one thing having two angels risking their life to protect me, it was quite another having them go seek out trouble on my behalf. It made me uneasy. I didn’t like owing anyone. As it is, I owe Blane everything right now. Sighing, and leaning back we stared at each other for a few seconds before I broke eye contact again. Looking back at him again. “You don’t look very ready for an attack.” Eying him up and down in his business attire.

Smirking at me, he un-tucked his shirt and I shifted in my seat uncomfortably. Lifting it up I was confronted with wash board abs and about half a dozen knives strapped around his stomach. Tucking his shirt back into his pants, he lifted up his pant legs and had several strapped to his leg.

Clearing my throat, “I stand corrected. No guns?”

“We are not allowed to kill humans and guns don’t work against demons. Therefor they are useless to us.”

“I see.”

Gabriel stopped in his tracks looking around. I knew that look and dread filled me, nailing my feet to the floor.

Yanking open his shirt and pulling knives out in each hand he stood at a ready position looking around the room. “Get behind that table.”

Willing my legs to work again, I quickly ran behind the table and knelt down. Grabbing a short metal pipe that lay on the floor beside me. You could hear water dripping in the far corners of the basement it was so quiet. Gabriel looked deadly turning in a circle, both knives at the ready. Materializing right behind him, was the biggest, ugliest creature I have seen yet. While Gabriel stood a little over 6 foot, this creature towered over him easily. “Gabriel!” I screamed, right when he turned the creature took one arm and back handed him, sending him flying across the room with little to no exertion. Gabriel didn’t even have any time to react.

Walking towards me with long strides, I knew I was a goner. Sending the table I was behind flying, breaking against the wall. Standing up, I didn’t want to die on my knees, cowering. I’m not so stupid to think I could actually put up a good fight to this monstrosity, but I was determined to go down fighting. Just when he was a mere breath away from me, Blane suddenly appeared in front of me. Sword in hand, in one swift motion he beheaded the creature. Falling to his knees, he coughed up blood. “Blane!” I screamed in confusion. To much has happened in the last minute, my mind was in turmoil. Dropping my poor excuse for a weapon, it clattered loudly on the ground. Crouching down next to Blane, he fell into my lap. Looking across the room Gabriel was working on sitting up against the wall, breathing heavily. “Are you alright Gabriel?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. Although my ego is wounded.” He said coughing.

“Something is wrong with Blane. He is bleeding, but I didn’t see the creature touch him.” I said holding on tightly to him while he lay still in my arms, his eyes now closed.


“What?” I asked now borderline hysterical.

“It was demon, not a creature. A very powerful demon.” He corrected me.

Shaking my head, I hardly cared. “Is he going to be alright?” I asked, not willing to let go of my protector. It scared me seeing him like this. My perception of him being invincible, now shattered.

“He is an angel, his human body will heal faster than what you are used to as a human.” He said struggling to stand up.

“How long?” Looking down at Blane, heart stricken. I had grown to care about this angel too much and too fast. Cuts running down his cheek, it did nothing to detract from his inhuman beauty. He was still the most gorgeous being I had ever laid eyes on.

Limping over to me, “I don’t see you holding me, being all concerned.” This time I wasn’t embarrassed or concerned about what he thought.

“Oh, get over yourself. Blane is hurt, and your upright and talking. So your fine.”

Smiling and shaking his head, “Lucky guy.”


“Nothing.” Limping over, and slinging Blane’s arm around his neck, he started up the steps, Blanes feet dragging as he went. “Come. If he’s in pain, he might as well be comfortable while doing so.”

Reaching the top of the stairs he removed several locks, and punched in some code before the door finally opened up.

“I thought you were a demon ass kicker. What happened?”

“That wasn’t your run of the mill ordinary demon, sweetheart. I don’t know what you did, or how much power you have, but you have the worst of the worst after you.” He said, confirming my worst nightmare.

Sighing, for some reason this didn’t surprise me. Trudging up to the second floor, he continued on to the third.

“Where are we going?”

“Blane’s room. He will be better armed in his own room.”

Coming to a door, he concentrated really hard before opening it. Looking as we walked in, it had half a dozen locks and a number lock at the top.

“He’s not going to be happy about this.” Gabriel chuckled before laying him down onto a huge bed.

Looking around the room, it looked exceptional, but normal at the same time. It was a confusing mixture of personal items and items that looked like he was going to war.

The bed was enormous, with black silk sheets. The curtains were black and the room was completely dark. I had no idea what time it was. My eyes searching the room, the clock said it was nine p.m. “What is he not going to be happy about?” Trying to stay focused.

“You. Being in his room. Me. Being in his room. No one comes in his room.” Walking towards the door.

“Wait. Where are you going?” Turning, looking at him. His fancy shirt torn, walking with a limp.

“Oh sweetheart, miss me already?” Asking with a hopeful look on his face.

“Very funny.”

“I have my own assignment to worry about. If you need me, just call. I’m sure it’ll be a little while before another attack. The other demons probably assume the last one got a hold of you. It’ll be some time before they realize that the last demon is dead.” Turning and walking again, hand on the door.

“A little while? Exactly how long is a little while?” Hoping for years, months, hell even days.

Looking up thoughtfully, “I’d say hours, a day if you’re lucky.”

“Fantastic.” Sitting on the bed next to Blane.


Now annoyed, “Yes human?”

“Is there anything I can do to help him with the pain?”

“No. Anything else?”

“No.” Shaking my head.

He shut the door still inside with us, locking each one.

“I bid you farewell.” He said inclining his head before disappearing.

“Wait. How do I call you?” I asked to late.

A voice ringing through the room, “Just say my name.”

“Should have known.” Looking around, creeped out now. Spotting a door in the corner, I walked over to it hoping it was a bathroom. Opening the door gently, now scared anything could pop out I was confronted with a huge bathroom. Flipping on the light, in the corner was a hot tub and sitting next to it was a standing shower and then all the other usual things you would need. Impressed, I walked to the sink wetting a washcloth to clean his face, and possibly look for any other wounds that might need cleaned. Looking under the sink in the cabinets coming across a basin. Filling it up with warm water I made my way back into his bedroom.

Sitting down next to him, he didn’t move a muscle and I was starting to wonder when he was going to wake up. What was he doing to get so injured? Wiping his face clean, there was absolutely no evidence left of the cuts. His face now smooth, and him being out I really got a chance to study him. Strong jaw line. His skin now paler than usual, dark eyelashes, perfect jet black hair. So many handsome, perfect features. It was hard not to just sit and stare at him for hours. Shaking my head to snap out of my single minded focus, I started to try and lift his shirt. Unfortunately, it was so coated in blood that it was sticking to his skin. Afraid of wounds needed treated I started to look around for scissors, knife, anything. Patting down his leg, I found one tucked in his sock. Unsheathing it, I slowly cut open his shirt. He was covered in dried blood, dipping down below his pants. Wetting the wash cloth I meticulously started cleaning him up, slowly revealing very defined, very hard muscles. Working my way up his washboard abs, I found a few nasty gashes that I cleaned the best I could. Continuing my way up to his pecks I slowly uncovered his intricate tattoo that ran up his shoulder and stopped before it hit his bicep.

Getting up to empty the basin, I stumbled when I was hit with an emotion of pain. It wasn’t strong enough to send myself reeling in misery, just strong enough for me to take notice. Looking back at Blane I was confused. Dumping the water out, I quickly made my way back to his bedside. It was Blane that I was feeling the pain from. Why am I feeling his emotions now? I felt pain, misery, and pride. Running a fresh wash cloth across his forehead I laid it there staring at this mystifying man. I don’t like it, but I care about him. I don’t want him in pain, especially on my behalf.

Sighing, and stripping my now dirty sweater off to my tank top, I wasn’t willing to leave him a lone for a second. Even if it was for a much needed shower. Leaning down, I unstrung my combat boots longing for a nice beautiful pair of heels instead. Careful not to jostle him, I laid carefully down beside him. Pulling a blanket up over top both of us, it wasn’t long before my exhaustion won out.

.  .  .  .  .  .

He didn’t know what woke him, the wind picking up outside, his body knitting itself back together, or the warm body laying next to him. He still felt like he had been ran over, but her head on his shoulder made him soon forget. He could smell the scent of strawberries coming from her long hair, strands laying across his chest. Her chest pushing up against his ribs every time she breathed in. He couldn’t remember the last time he laid down with a female. He preferred not to, their bodies to fragile. Refusing to have any sort of attachment. Human women were too needy, and attachment’s form too fast after sex. Lifting up one strand from his chest, it was just a soft as he imagined. Softer even. He wondered what it would feel like to actually run his whole hand through it, to fist it when kissing her. Dropping the strand, he couldn’t let those thoughts run away with him. He couldn’t get distracted. Looking down at her again, knowing she was the worst kind of distraction. Head strong, defiant, a pain in the ass. Shaking his head, she was also the most stunning female he had ever seen. Enough to even rival the female angels. He knew it wasn’t all in his head when he seen Gabriel’s reaction to her. Still now, sending his blood boiling. She was also proud, strong, and caring. She reminded him of the calm before a storm. She was intriguing. Intriguing makes him uneasy. The secrets that he saw looking into her eyes, made him uneasy. He didn’t get uneasy, until now. She fit a little to nicely in his arms.

For the first time in years the thoughts of getting intimate with a human assaulted him. Although it was frowned upon, the High Council never do anything about it. Just as long as that is where it ends. To have a relationship is forbidden. He knew other angels dipped in that pool many times, he never heard of any trying for a relationship however. The laws were laid in stone, never to be trifled with.

BOOK: Dimmest Of Night (Dimmest Of Night Series)
8.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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