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There was something else I wanted to ask, something I needed to know. Fidgeting with the hem of my skirt I couldn’t look him in the eye when I asked. “Has Blane ever had a relationship with a human or any other kind of person?” Struggling to just get it out. Looking up he was smiling at me.

“I really don’t know. He has always pretty much stuck to himself from what I hear. Never letting anyone get to close. That’s why I’m surprised you are here, in his room. As far as I know he’s never brought anyone back to his house, let alone his bed.” Arching an eyebrow up at me.

“I haven’t been in his bed.” Saying flustered.

“You might want to look again sweetheart.”

“I mean not…you know what I mean Gabriel.”

Laughing heartily, “Oh human, you are an amazing little thing. Blane has never asked me for a favor so I admit my curiosity was peaked. Now I’m glad I partook in this little babysitting job.”

“I’m not three years old Gabriel. You don’t have to say you’re babysitting me.”

Turning serious, “You care for him. That is the only reason I am not trying to reason with him to get rid of you Carma. You can very well be his death sentence. He is my brother. My family, just like all the other earth bound angels. Always there if one of us needs him. He has blessed many lives, even if the Council wants to ignore it. It will be a shame if he is lost forever.” Gabriel said a serious manner, and that in itself unhinged me.

“Don’t you think I know that? It has tortured me every second of every day since he dropped in front of me in the basement hurt.”

“That is why you are still here or I’d dropped you off at some far away desert myself. For some reason you are different to him. He is driven when it comes to you. Take care of my friend human.” Unsheathing his knife and sharpening it to pass the time.

Sitting back, I was done talking. I would let him take me and drop me off in a desert if it meant saving Blane’s life.

She really does care? He knew it somewhere deep down inside. The crying when she thought he was hurt. He wanted to bang his head against the wall, this was proving to get quite complicated. He was pretty sure that he loved her from the very first moment he laid eyes on her, sitting across the room on that bar stool. Beautiful perched up and looking around, skin tight corset with her white wings. She looked more beautiful than any female angel he had ever seen in the Heavens. Watching that guy paw all over her on the dance floor, well he was still lucky to be breathing. He would have taken the punishment gladly for taking him out. He thought still pissed off. Taking the back of his hand and brushing his lips before running his fingers through his hair, thinking about her lips on his. This woman had him tangled in knots, thinking of any way of keeping her for all eternity. Wondering if she wanted him just as badly. Knowing everyday she was in his life he brought just as much danger to her as she did to him. Constantly under attack. If he could only get his wings back, he could protect them both. One problem, no earth bound angel has ever been able to keep their wings. They have always been ordered back into the heavens. Before her, that was all he could think about. Now things were different. Carma is here now giving him a reason to want to stay earth bound. Looking down at his clothes, he made the newly blood stained clothes disappear, being replaced by a new black ensemble. Most people would think he was just trying to look bad ass, when the real truth was blood wasn’t as noticeable on black. Inspecting himself up and down one last time, he didn’t want Carma to know he cut this demon off at the path before he could strike in his home, and in front of her. Wanting to give her a few moments of peace. Understanding how desperately she was needing it. She cracked today, and he couldn’t watch her break down again without admitting his true feelings for her. Taking a deep breath and closing his eyes he teleported inside the room.


Chapter Seven

“Blane!” Materializing in front of the bed stood Blane, safe. I was so happy to see him I could have jumped up and hugged him, choosing to control myself instead. Glancing at me briefly before he looked at Gabriel.

“Is that all for tonight?” Gabriel said standing, sheathing his knife back into his boot.
“Yes Gabriel. I am in your debt.” Blane said nodding briefly.
“Don’t worry about it, I’m sure there will be a time when I’ll need payment. Until next time.” Looking over at Carma, “Night Sweetheart.” He said winking at me before disappearing.
Blane clenching his fists at his side. He really liked the angel but he was going to get smacked around if he continued in his quest to bed her.
“Blane?” His vision swinging back in my direction. “Are you alright? Where did you go?”
“I told you I would never lie to you Carma. So I’m choosing not to tell you.”
I could appreciate the honesty that’s for sure. However, it still annoyed me. I wanted answers. “Are you alright at least?”
“Do I look alright?” He said a little to aggressively. Regretting it instantly after her face turned solemn.
“You look….well you look fine.” Walking over to the balcony doors, pulling the curtains and stepping out onto the porch overlooking the forest. He was back to his indifferent attitude. This man was beyond confusing. That is all I have had lately. Wanting so badly for something to just be easy. He may be fine, but I was a freaking mess. Looking out into the forest it was alive with the creatures of the night. A distant owl made himself known, crickets chirping below me. It was a peaceful place, one could almost forget all their problems at a place like this. Looking up, the millions of stars shown brightly. It was truly a beautiful sight. Never having many opportunities to stare up at the heavens in the city, I could learn to appreciate this special treat. Sinking down to the deck floor, laying back and smoothing out my dress I admired the stars and the sliver of the moon barely showing in the night sky.
He hadn’t moved a muscle, just watched her as she stood and then eventually laid down on the balcony. He ached to go lay down next to her and talk to her, comfort her. Make her see that everything he was doing was for her. Deciding against his better judgment he made his way to the balcony laying down beside her.
“You drive me crazy woman.” Staring up at the same stars he’s been seeing hundreds of years.
“Ditto.” Refusing to look in his direction.
“Gabriel seems rather taken with you.” Crossing his feet at the ankles, tucking his hands up under his head.
“He’s a pig. Although, I think he just does it to get a rise out of me.”
“That’s a possibility, although it’s still obvious that he is attracted to you.” Blane pushed.
“I’m happy for him. I don’t feel the same way.”
Smiling and happy about that fact, “I’m sorry I had to leave you again Carma. If I had any other choice I wouldn’t have.”
“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” Wondering if he was with another woman. Slipping out while I slept. “Listen, if you have a girlfriend or whatever that you feel you have to sneak out to see, leaving me with a babysitter, you can just spill it now. I’m a big girl, I can handle it.”
“Is that really what you think angel girl?” Sitting up and turning around to look at me.
“Well, I don’t know. You refuse to tell me, so obviously she must be worth keeping a secret.”
“You are so clueless Carma. You don’t even see it do you?”
He was looking at me with one eyebrow cocked up like I was the most annoying, unusual thing in the world. Even with that look on his face he was still attractive.
“I see that you regret kissing me, acting like it didn’t happen. It’s okay Blane. I’m not some naive, young, stupid girl that thought my world was going to end when you didn’t dig it.”
“Dig it?” Asking smirking.
“Yeah, like enjoy it. Dig it. Never mind. Point is, I’m fine.” Shaking my head flustered.
“That’s what you think? That I didn’t enjoy it?”
“Well, yeah.” My pride severely wounded at this point, I really didn’t want to talk about it anymore.
Leaning back down next to me, propping himself up on one elbow. “I have been earthbound for hundreds of years. Quite frankly I have lost track. In all those years no one has ever affected me like you do angel girl.”
I really wasn’t sure how to take that. Staring back up at him now that he was inches from my face, “Affect you? Like make you nauseous? You’re going to have to be a little more specific Blane.”
Leaning in slowly he took my hair into his hand, “It’s as soft as I imagined.” Bringing his hand down to my cheek slowly swiping his thumb over my bottom lip before bringing is lips down on mine. This time he kissed me slower, like he was memorizing every moment of the kiss. Taking his hand back into my hair he gripped it tightly. Putting his other arm under my back, bringing my body tightly up to his. Running my hands up his back, I was praying for this moment not to end. Praying that it meant as much to him as it did to me. At the same time not wanting it to happen either. Knowing I would only cause him pain, or possibly even death. A forbidden romance. Gabriel spelled it out nicely for me. Physical only. I couldn’t have anything else. That just wasn’t in my DNA. A one night stand with a gorgeous, really old angel that looks like he’s no older than thirty. What woman wouldn’t want this breathtaking man? Every dip and curve of his face, absolute perfection. Every ab that looked like it had been cut from marble, steel hard and hot to the touch. I quivered to know what the rest of him looked like. The moment was fleeting and perfect in every way. I wanted more.
Pulling his face from mine, still holding me tightly. “Does that answer your question angel girl?” Smiling at me.
This time he actually smiled at me, for the first time it reached his dark eyes and they didn’t seem so dark anymore, they were warm. This made him even more attractive. I’m so screwed. “So you did dig the kiss?” Yeah, lame thing to say after a hot kiss like that. I’m so awkward it’s pathetic.
“Yeah angel girl. I dug it.”
It sounded foreign coming out of his mouth. He was just pacifying me, but it was cute and made him even more endearing.
Turning serious, “I know I am hard to be around. I also know that I’m even harder to be around when under attack. The warrior comes out in me, and I don’t think about how traumatized you may feel. To you this is new and scary. To me this is my life.” He said trying to make me understand.
“I’m sorry. I never meant to pull you into my life like this.” The guilt ripping my heart apart.

“Like you could help it Carma. You were born with these abilities. They are a gift.”

One arm still wrapped around me, making it hard to string sentences together. “Everyone tells me that they are a gift, however I struggle to see the giving part of them. Now when I need them the most, they fail me.”
“Why do you need them the most now?” Studying me, waiting for my answer.
“You’re the only one I have met that I can’t gauge for anything. I can’t get into your head at all. It’s aggravating.” Staring down at me, his face was inches from mine again.
“You can’t tell what Gabriel is feeling. That fact doesn’t seem to bother you.”
“I don’t need my abilities to know what Gabriel is feeling. The angel is a horn dog.”
Throwing his head back, roaring with laughter, “This is the reason why Gabriel is taken with you.” He reluctantly admitted to her.
Smiling up at him, “I like it when you laugh. That is the only time I know how you’re feeling.”
Sighing, “Fine, I will let you know one thing I am feeling. You are no longer just an assignment to me. That is the only thing you need to know right now.” He confessed, kissing me on the forehead before getting up and walking back into the bedroom.
Laying back against the cool wood floor again, the man was so damn vague. He drove me crazy. I wanted to walk in and demand he tell me what he meant by that, knowing it wouldn’t do me any good at all. When he wanted to say something he did. Otherwise, you are left guessing. Hearing the bathroom door shut, I was happy to have a couple moments by myself. Those moments becoming fewer and farther in between now. Now seeing more non-humans than humans these days.
Sitting up and scooting myself to the edge of the balcony I let my legs swing over the side, resting my head on one of the railings. Looking down into the forest, I was met with mostly darkness. The moon not bright enough to shed much illumination. Sighing and swinging my legs, my eyes were pulled to the right of the house. Hearing what sounded like twigs breaking, my eyes were then pulled to the middle of the woods. Then back to the right of the house. Coming into view on the ground were three sets of red eyes staring back at me.
“There isss my prizzze.” Something slithered around in the darkness.
One of them hissed out at me, making me jump back in horror. Running back into the room, I clumsily tripped over the ledge to the outdoors and fell to the floor. “Blane!” Screaming at the top of my lungs he came running out in only his jeans, wet from head to toe. I obviously disturbed him mid shower. Wielding a very large knife he was by my side in an instant.
“Carma. What happened? Are you alright?”
“Dddd-demons.” Finally getting out, pointing out the deck doors.
“Stay here.” He said running out onto the deck, looking around he stood up on the railing before he jumped. Screaming in horror I scrambled up, running to the balcony when a violent gust of wind shut the doors in front of me, the locks clicking shut.
“Damn it. Blane!” I screamed pushing and pulling on the doors to no avail. “Blane!” Pounding on the door, just wanting him to come back. Hating not knowing what was going on. “Blane!” Screaming again.
“I’m right here angel girl. Quit screaming at me.”
Turning around, he was standing by the opposite door blood spattered on his chest, holding his knife, smirking.
“Damn you.” Running over to him and leaping into his arms. The knife clanking to the floor, he held me up in his arms. Burying my head in his shoulder, “Why did you do that?” I shrieked, my heart still pounding in fear.
“There was demons on my property. Demons on my property do not get the courtesy of living.” Saying matter of fact.
He always has such simple explanations for his actions. It was annoying. “Why did you slam the doors in my face?”
“I told you to stay put Carma. You were not staying put.”
Huffing loudly, “That’s not fair.”’
“Life on earth, or in the heavens rarely is Carma. It’s how we deal with it that defines us.”
Pulling back and looking at him, “Why do you always have to be annoyingly right when I am trying to be mad?”
Setting me back down on my feet, “I do not know how to answer that.” Looking down at the white dress he supplied her with earlier in the day. Taking his hand and brushing down her waist, the blood smeared. “This one is ruined.”
In an instant my white dress was replaced with a white sheer nightgown that left little to the imagination. My heels disappearing beneath my feet, my toes sunk into the carpet. My hair band suddenly gone, my hair fell down my back. “You know I can undress and dress myself Blane. I’ve been doing it for years.” Looking at me like I was his dinner his hand went to my hair, running his hand through it.

“I prefer doing it. I like getting you anything you need. You look beautiful.”

His eyes dipping down to my chest, staring at it several seconds before he looked back into my eyes. Crossing my arms in front of my chest, “Since you’re so giving I could use a robe.”

“Why? You are breathtaking.” He said smiling.
“Robe Blane.” Feeling self conscious. Usually, I had no qualms about sexy outfits however, around him I was always so nervous.
“As you wish angel girl.”
A short white robe appeared around me tied at the waist.
“Thank you.” Looking down again, “Why do you always dress me in white?”
“When I first saw you in the bar, you were in white. You were breathtaking.”
“Oh.” Blushing, regretting asking. “And still with the angel girl? Really Blane. There is only one angel in this room.”
Bringing his hand back up to my face, “You may not be an angel but you are more beautiful than any angel I have ever seen.” Now with a confused, agitated look on his face. “So beautiful, long black hair.” Running his fingers through it. “Stunning blue eyes.” Rubbing his thumb just below my eye. “Perfect lips.” Swiping that same thumb across my lower lip. “Amazing body.” Looking down at me, taking me all in. “It shouldn’t be possible for a human to be this beautiful.”
“Blane, quit. You’re just embarrassing me.”
“That is not my intention. It’s just…” Pausing.
“It’s just what?” The thoughtful look on his face just told me this conversation turned serious.

“Nothing, it’s nothing. You better get some rest, it’s late. Lets stay inside this time while I’m in the shower.” Skirting around me and heading back to the bathroom.
Walking over to the bed, I waited to take off my robe until I slipped under the covers. Throwing it on the bed post, turning off the television that Gabriel had on low. I didn’t feel like watching anything. I just wanted to lay down and stare at the wall. Hearing Blane flip on the shower, it was relaxing hearing the water falling in the next room. Looking around, this one room had become my new home. Missing my tiny apartment, it was pretty much a shit hole but it was my shit hole. This beautiful big room should make me happy, and it would but the walls were starting to close in on me. Obviously, I was best protected here instead of the rest of the house. One good thing about this room was it is Blane’s. Everything from the black sheets and curtains to the weapons, to the manly scent that only reminds me of him. Hating what I am doing to his life. He couldn’t even take a freaking shower without having to save my neck. So aggravating. Sighing and turning over I stared at the chair Gabriel was sitting in only a few hours ago. Another aggravating angel. I knew he had a kind heart underneath the smooth operator facade he liked to project. He loved to irritate me, but the time passed quicker and I got to find out some information on Blane.
The shower flipped off and Blane walked out and sat down in the chair beside me in blue jeans and nothing else. His hair was wet and slicked back and he still managed to look sexy as ever. Does this man ever have any unattractive moments?
“You’re still awake.” Smiling and reaching under the chair he pulled out a laptop.
“Yeah, aren’t you going to sleep tonight?”
“No, I can go a couple more days without it.” Flipping the lid open he started typing. “Is this going to bother you?”
“No. What are you doing?” Wondering what possible needs an angel could have for a laptop.
Looking at me like he was deciding if he was going to answer me or not, “Paying the nursing home bill for Rose this month.” He said without looking at me.
The man truly was an angel. “You still take care of her.” Telling myself more than asking him.
“She doesn’t have anyone. All her family got killed off by different people and creatures before I was sent to protect her.”
“She is nice. Strange, but nice.”
“Smiling, she is a little strange but most of the time she knows what she’s talking about. Why do you say that?” His eyes swinging to mine. The only illumination coming from his screen.

BOOK: Dimmest Of Night (Dimmest Of Night Series)
11.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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