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“Can I tell you something without you thinking I am all kinds of weird?”

He grinned down at her, but it was one of those corner mouth ones that made him look like he was up to no good. “Of course, baby.” He even spoke so gently to her. He just always seemed so rough,
so hardened and pissed off all the time.

“I’ve wanted you for quite some time, months in fact.”

He lifted a dark eyebrow like he was curious and amused by her admission. “Is that right?”

She nodded, but
wasn’t one to be embarrassed easily, even though she had felt like that more than once in

“You never said anything.”

She shrugged, or as well as she could
the fact she was lying down. “I was with Rob, and I’m not a cheater.” She heard the bite in her voice after she said that, and by the look on his face she knew
had heard it, too. “But he fucked me over by cheating on me.” She felt that familiar rage move within her. She welcomed it. Anger was an authentic emotion, and the ones that buried it tended to not face life head-on. At least that was her experience. She really didn’t need to tell
the how or why she had broken up with Rob, but she also didn’t want to hold it in. “I caught him fucking some Reckless skank from town.”

didn’t say anything for a few seconds, but he also kept his attention on her. She also noticed that his jaw was slightly clenched, as if he were the one that was pissed.

“So, I kicked the tramp’s ass out of the house, bitch-slapped Rob, and never regretted doing any of it. In fact, the only thing I regret is wasting a year of my life on his worthless ass.” She shrugged and moved her hands over his bulging shoulders. God, she loved his body and tattoos, and found herself getting distracted from what they were talking about as she looked at his golden skin.

“And then you met me at the bar, and we had some wild fucking sex.” He leaned down and kissed her, and at the same time thrust forward so his dick pressed against her slick folds once more. She felt the hard ridge of his piercing, warmed by their body heat and eliciting all sorts of desires inside of her.

“Yeah, some wild sex.”
She grinned and ran her tongue over his top lip, and then on bottom one. “I have to tell you that I don’t let just anyone have butt sex with me on the first date.” She stared at him, keeping her composure, and then she started laughing, hoping he realized she was teasing. When he
she felt her pulse spike and this warmth settle in her belly.

“Well, I have to tell you I don’t normally stick my dick in a woman’s ass that I bring home for the first time.”

She started laughing harder. “Then why did you?” She stared at his lips, ones that were strong and full.

This very serious expression covered his face. “Because I have wanted you for a long fucking time, but I am also not the type of person to go fucking another man’s woman.” He leaned in close, his lips barely brushing hers, and said, “Even if that other man is one stupid motherfucker that needs his dick and balls ripped off.”

God, he was so … fierce. She speared her hands in his hair, lifted up enough to press her mouth to his, and kissed him as hard and fiercely as he had done to her earlier. He might be the most dominating man she had ever met, but right now she was going to be the one to fuck

Chapter Six


sat in the parking lot of the bar he had met
in last night, and stared at her profile. She was in the passenger side of his SUV, and although they had fucked twice last night, and he was feeling good about the prospect of seeing her again, she had been acting weird.

“You sure you’re okay?”
was not the type of man that cared if he saw a woman again after he slept with them, at least not after he had walked away from Susan all those years ago. But there was something very different about
, something that he had noticed the moment he saw her months ago. He couldn’t even describe it, couldn’t understand why after all this time he felt something more than a passing need for pleasure when he was around her. Hell, they had spent one night together. That shit didn’t equate to a relationship, and he didn’t even know if that was what he wanted.
wasn’t getting any younger, but he had never thought much about having an old lady, or a family for that matter.

She turned and looked at him, but didn’t verbally respond.

knew that silence. He might not be the kind of man that kept his mouth shut, but even he could sense that she was uncomfortable. “I had a good time with you,

She chuckled, and it was filled with genuine amusement.
“Me, too.”
She looked down at her hands that she had resting in her lap. “Is
your real name?” When she looked at him once more he didn’t respond right away.

For a moment he just took in the sight of her. They had a fuck marathon last night, one that had made him feeling like he was decades younger.
made him feel like he was decades younger. “Does it sound like a real name?” He grinned, hoping the small act told her he was giving her a hard time.

She started laughing and shook her head. “I’ve learned in life that just because it doesn’t sound ‘normal’ doesn’t mean it isn’t real.” She shrugged. “
is actually my real name.” She chuckled humorlessly. “I bet you’re asking who in the hell would name their kid
.” Her smile widened, but he caught an expression on her face that passed as quickly as it had come. “Shitty ass parents, that’s

could tell in her voice that there was anger in there, but she tried to play it off like she didn’t give a shit. Steering away from that might be the best option right now, because obviously she didn’t want to go down that road. “No,
isn’t my real name. The club gave it to me when I was a prospect. My real name is Nicholas

She nodded, and her smile grew. “Nicholas.” She said his name softly, and he couldn’t help but start to get hard. God, he was a sick bastard, but he hadn’t heard a woman say his legal name in so damn long, and it coming from
sounded so fucking good. “Well, your name sounds a hell of a lot better than mine.” She turned and looked at him. “I actually thought about changing it a couple of times over the past few years—”

He reached out and cupped the side of her face, cutting off the rest of her sentence. “I like your name.” He let his gaze travel over her face and down to her chest. “In fact, I love everything about you.” When he lifted his gaze up her throat and saw her pulse beating faster, he knew his words had hit a chord with her. “Please don’t ever change for anyone.” God, he sounded like some kind of pussy whipped boy, but honestly he didn’t give a shit. He liked being gruff, but also gentle with her. In fact, she was the only one that he
gentle with, but he liked it that way, and he couldn’t explain why exactly. Her cheeks turned pink, and his grin widened. “I’ve embarrassed you.” He ran his thumb over her cheekbone.

“Yeah, and that isn’t an easy task.” They locked gazes and held them there for several seconds. “But I’ve noticed that when I’m around you I feel things that don’t make any sense.”

His heart started beating harder at her words.

She nodded slowly. “Yeah, but that also scares the shit out of me.”

Yeah, he knew what she meant.

“And I just got out of a relationship—albeit a shitty one.” She pulled away and stared out of the front windshield. “Not saying that you wanted anything more than last night—”

He waited until she looked at him before he continued. “I am not the kind of man that goes around wanting more than one night with a woman.”

She opened her mouth, probably to tell his arrogant ass off, but he shook his head and stopped her.

“No, just listen, okay?”
She didn’t say anything or nod, but he kept going anyway. “I’m not asking for your hand in marriage or anything,” he grinned and loved that she rolled her eyes, “but I am asking to see you again.”

“For more sex?”
There was a little bite in her words.

“No, I was thinking we could hit up the Spaghetti Warehouse in Denver before I took you back to my place again.”

She rolled her eyes, obviously knowing he was kidding about the latter, well, kind of kidding. He did want her back at his place, in his bed, and with his dick inside of her.

, baby.”
He took her hand in his and gave it a squeeze. “My life has always been lived on the edge. I don’t do anything half-assed, but I also live my life fast and without regrets.” He cupped her cheek with his other and pulled her closer. “Maybe that is why I want you so
or maybe it is because you are one pretty incredible woman?” He lowered his gaze to her mouth. “All I’m asking is to take you out to dinner.” Of course he wanted more, hoped she did, too, but this was her call. “I won’t pressure you, won’t hound you to go with me, but I will say that I have never wanted a woman more than I want you.” He let those words hang between them for a moment. “And I’d like to explore that.” He started moving his thumb back and forth along her skin once more. “I won’t lie and say my life is a fairytale, because you live in Reckless and know all about The Vicious Bastards.” Yeah, their rep wasn’t all good, and a lot of people tended to keep their distance, but if The Bastards didn’t have that type of reputation they wouldn’t be where they were right now. And whether the town realized it or not, they kept them safe, and made sure others stayed out that would have otherwise run the town over. It happened all over the country, but Reckless was The Bastards’ territory, and had been for as long as he could recall. So, living up to their name they had to be crude and harsh or others would come in and take what wasn’t theirs.
just hoped she understood that, and was prepared to deal with all of that shit if she decided to move forward with him.

“You want just dinner?” There was a sight tilt to her voice.
Hesitance maybe?
But she was a smart woman, and her instincts were telling her that he wasn’t all good. He’d be lying if he tried to tell her he was this knight in shining armor.

. I want a lot more than that, but I think this is new to both of us, and taking it one day at a time is probably the safest route.” She may have been in a relationship just yesterday, and so he couldn’t really say that this was new to her, but
felt something with her.

She stared into his eyes, and although there was a part of him that thought she might tell him sex was all she wanted, he hoped like hell she wouldn’t.

“I’m too old to play games, and I am serious about making something more out of this than a one-night stand, but only if you are.” He stared at her, wanting to just take action because that was the type of man he was, but he wouldn’t push
, not when he had a shot of having more with her. He was too fucking old to be beating around the bush when he wanted something as much as much as he wanted her.

“Okay.” She said that word without hesitance, and he fucking loved that she was willing to jump in with both feet. “This is going to be fucking crazy.”

tossed his head back and laughed one of those belly rolling ones. “Yeah, baby, it really fucking will be, but when something feels good like this I like it a little crazy.” He took her mouth and kissed her hard and possessively. That ex of hers had screwed up royally by betraying her, but if she gave herself to him he’d make sure she was never fucked over ever again.
At least not in the bad way.


pulled her car into Rob’s driveway, and Bennie pulled in behind her. Once
had dropped her off they’d made plans for later in the week for dinner, but she was still scheduled to give him ink Wednesday. They hadn’t talked about that appointment, and her thoughts were more focused on the fact she had basically jumped from being with Rob to being in … whatever it was they were in … with
. But the difference was she felt so damn comfortable, and it felt so right being in
presence, that she couldn’t see that this was wrong at all. Whether it really was or not was left to be seen, but right now she’d enjoy the ride. She climbed out of the car, and Bennie did the same. She walked up to
, and they both stared at the front door.

“And he’s gone, like for sure?”

looked over at Bennie. “I hope.” It was technically their one year anniversary today, and they had had plans for this afternoon to see a show and go to lunch, but fuck him and his nasty ass. She had done a drive-by before actually pulling into the driveway. Fortunately she had Bennie as back-up, but it wasn’t because she was afraid of Rob. In fact, it was more that she was afraid of what she would do to Rob if she was alone with his douche-bag ass. “And you’re sure it is okay to stay with you for a while?”

BOOK: Dirty Girl
8.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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