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Before she could think a rational
thought, her foot hit the brake, she spun the steering wheel and she slammed
the accelerator to the floor, headed for the center of town. Two minutes until

Mr. Sexy-Voice would be there

Another titillating shiver
slithered over her body, the body that had been beyond tired while working the
bar now pulsed madly in anticipation.

A block away from the judge's
place, Charli pulled to a stop in the driveway of a deserted house whose
sign had long since fallen over. She shifted into park and paused, her
fingers curling around the door handle. Should she?

She waited, hoping the phone on
the seat beside her would suddenly ring, the sexy-voiced caller egging her on.
Then she'd tell him to go jump in the pool himself, she sure as hell wasn't. A
minute passed, the clock on the dash blinked to three-fifteen and no ringtone
pierced the night.

Somewhere out by Judge Stephen's
pool, Mr. Sexy Voice waited.

Would he come out when he saw
her? Or would he remain hidden, a peeping Tom, watching to see if she stupidly
fell in with his dare. How could a man stay in hiding with a naked woman
floating so close? Maybe if she touched herself, he'd come out and take over.

Her pussy creamed as she
envisioned the sexy caller, tall, dark and handsome, sliding into the pool with
her, naked, his cock jutting forward, the moonlight glancing off his glistening
body. The sun-warmed water would caress her skin, lapping at her breasts with
the movements he'd create, stirring the surface.

Her breathing coming faster, the
heat of the night pressing in, Charli jerked open the door, jumped out and
eased it closed to avoid waking the neighbors. Then she ran for the judge's
house, stripping her clothes as she moved from bush to bush. If she stopped to
think, she'd change her mind. Her stomach quivered with anticipation.

When she arrived at the side of
Judge Stephen's house, she hung her clothing over the edge of a bush, perfectly
located for a quick escape. With a furtive glance in all directions, she
slipped between the bushes and tiptoed toward the pool.

Her body tingled. If Mr. Sexy
Voice was out there, he'd be watching.

She straightened her shoulders,
letting her breasts jut out. Let him eat his heart out. If he wanted some of
this, he'd have to show himself.

Glancing up at the windows
overlooking the pool, Charli imagined Judge Stephens restless and unable to
sleep, pushing aside the curtains to stare out at the calming waters of his
swimming pool. The man was older than her by fifteen years, but he still had a
commanding presence, broad shoulders and a physique younger men might envy.

Her heart thundering against her
ribcage, Charli made an exaggerated show of dipping her toe into the pool to
test the temperature. Warm and soothing, the water felt almost bath-like. She
lowered herself down the steps until she could sit on the highest step, her
torso above the water, only her bottom submerged, the mound of light brown
curls halfway in and halfway out of the water.

Now what? She glanced around,
peering into the shadows, trying hard not to squint and give away that she
wanted to see who was out there. No amount of scanning the bushes revealed a
voyeur, a peeping Tom or even a stray cat. But the skin on the back of her neck
tingled, the hairs standing on end. He was there and he was watching.

Charli's nipples puckered, her
pussy aching. Damn the man. He'd gotten her so horny, she was ready to fuck a
perverted stranger. And he wasn't even coming out to play. Maybe he needed more
encouragement. She cupped a hand, filled it with water and dribbled it over her
breasts, letting it slide over the tips and back into the pool.

No bushes rustled, nobody emerged
from the shadows to claim a ripe, wet breast or any other part of her pulsating

Charli's lips pursed and she
started to rise when an air mattress floated her way, bumping into her leg.
Instead of slipping out of the pool, she scooted her naked ass out on the
mattress and laid back, letting the moonlight paint her body a silvery blue.
Fully exposed to God and Judge Stephens, she lay back, letting her hair trail
into the water, her breasts pointing skyward. Wearing nothing but the
moonlight, she floated across the water, the gentle rocking motion lulling her
into a surreal sense of otherworldliness.

Still her insides remained tense,
ready for more, anxious to reach some level of sexual satisfaction. If her
mystery voyeur wasn't going to get her there, she'd have to pleasure herself.

Her hands slid up and over each
of her breasts, caressing and pinching until the sharp pain made her nipples
pucker and tighten even more. The tingling in her breasts set off a barrage of
fireworks erupting lower still, stirring her core to the temperature of a
stewing volcano, ready to blast—if given the right attention.

Charli bent her knees, letting
them fall to the side of the air mattress, exposing her pussy to the warm night
air. A cooling breeze brushed through her mound, stirring more than hairs in
the process. Slowly, savoring the feathery soft connection, she let her fingers
skim ever downward, over her ribs, past her bellybutton to the curls guarding
her folds. She laced her fingers through their softness, locating the sensitive
nubbin beneath. Flicking once, she sucked in a sharp breath, her groin tensing
and her knees pushing upward.

"Oh, yes," she moaned
and flicked again, her clit swelling, throbbing, demanding more. With two
fingers extended, she dipped into her channel, swirling in the wash of juices
drenching her. A third finger teased her clit, stroking and scraping.
Whispering a little louder, she called to the darkness, "You don't know
what you're missing."

Her breathing grew more labored,
her eyelids dropping low as her hips rocked, water lapping up over her hands,
splashing across her breasts. Lord, she felt as if her body would explode. When
she did, her orgasm rocked her world, shattering her soul into a thousand
shards, sending her spiraling over the edge. "Oh, sweet Jesus!" she
called out, her words echoing in the stillness of the night.

Startled by the loudness of her
own voice, Charli opened her eyes and shot a glance around. The air mattress
had completed a one-eighty, spinning around to face the way she'd come. As she
turned full circle, her hand still stroking her cunt, Charli froze.

Poised halfway down the steps,
his taut body still fully visible in the moonlight was a tall, dark Texan
wearing nothing but a broad-brimmed black cowboy hat pulled low, blocking his
facial features so thoroughly, Charli couldn't discern who he was.

Heart beating rapid fire, she
gasped and sat up, nearly upending the air mattress.

By the time she righted herself,
the mystery cowboy had captured the end of the float, and dragged her close,
within sight and reaching distance of the most magnificent cock she'd ever
seen. It thrust out, hard, full and larger than she could have dreamed. Her
tongue swept across her dry lips and she wondered how it would feel to take him
into her mouth and...

"Let go." Charli
dragged her gaze away from his dick, her glance darting to the windows above.
"If we're caught, we'll both go to jail."

He ignored her, tugging her
closer until her body lay within reach of his hands.

Tingling from head to toe and
especially at the juncture of her thighs, Charli tried to muster some semblance
of modesty, but she couldn't. She wanted him to touch her, wanted him to drive
that big, thick dick straight into her dripping cunt.

The shadows beneath his hat hid his
face, frustrating her attempt to identify him. "Who are you?" Charli

"The pervert on the

When the man spoke, Charli's
insides quivered. That voice, that goddamn, sexy voice turned her inside out
and made her body scream for more. "What do you want?" she asked, not
out of fear but anticipation.

"I want to lick your

"Oh." The little word
came out on a puff of breath, the last she could get from her lungs as she
melted into a puddle of goo, her body like the liquid it floated in.

"Then I'm going to fuck you
with my tongue."

"Is that so?" she said,
barely able to voice the words, her body on fire, her pussy creaming.

"Then I'll drive into you so
hard, you will scream. And if we're lucky, Judge Stephens will watch and forget
to call the cops."

"I never scream,"
Charli whispered, a shiver running over her skin.

A flash of white teeth penetrated
the shadows beneath the brim of his hat. "Is that a challenge?"

"No, the truth."

His mouth curved into a wicked
smile. "Challenge accepted."

The stranger pulled Charli
closer, folding the floating bed until her legs dangled in the water, her pussy
lifted up by the doubled mattress beneath her hips.

All she could do was hang on to
keep from toppling into the water. Fear was the last thing on her mind, her
gaze pinned to the mouth and chin, the only facial features visible beneath the
rim of the black cowboy hat.

Clouds skittered across the moon,
obscuring even more of his face from her vision.

Then he slipped deeper into the
water, shifting her away from the safety of the side of the pool, until his
mouth was level with her pussy.

"We shouldn't," Charli
said, half-heartedly. She wanted him to take her, wanted him to suck her pussy
into his mouth and tongue her silly. But this was all wrong…and dangerous.

If Judge Stephens glanced out the
window, he'd have a hissy fit, call every cop in the county and have them
locked up for a number of infractions, including indecent exposure, lewd
behavior and trespass.

When she should have been hauling
her ass out of the water and driving her wet body home, all Charli could do was
wait for the stranger to lick her pussy.

With slow, deliberate movements,
he dragged her closer, air mattress and all.

He started with a gentle swipe of
his warm, wet tongue around her entrance, swirling softly in her juices.

Charli moaned, her hips thrusting
upward, urging him to take more.

The cowboy's fingers slid along
her inner thighs to her center, parting her folds, laying bare her clitoris. He
tongued her, flicking the tender tip over and over until every nerve ending

Charlie cried out, clutching the
air mattress to keep from falling into the water.

Her captor backed up the steps
until his dick was within reach of her pussy.

"Oh, please, hurry,"
she gasped.

"Hurry what?" He nudged
her with the tip of his penis, teasing the moist entrance to her vagina.
"Hurry and wake the neighbors with your screams?"

"No, don't wake the
neighbors." She paddled her hands in the water, trying to scoot closer,
desperate for him to slide his cock deep inside her and fuck her brains out.
Despite the cooler temperature of the water, her body was on fire, her desire
so intense, she feared she might lose it in front of the cowboy. "Hurry
and fuck me."

He clucked his tongue. "Such
language from a lady. You should be ashamed." He slapped her thigh.

Charli inhaled sharply. "Did
you just spank me?"

"I did, and if you continue
to be naughty, I might just do it again."

No one had every slapped her
while making love. Charli wasn't certain how to handle this new development.
"How dare you!"

"Because I can." He
lifted one of her legs and draped it over his shoulder, then he lifted the
other, placing it on the opposite shoulder.

Her pulse thundering in her ears,
Charli couldn't believe she was lying naked in the judge's pool about to let a
man she didn't know do things he shouldn't in a location she shouldn't be.
"I must be out of my mind to let a complete stranger fuck me."

Another smack landed on her
upraised thigh. "Language, language."

This time, the stinging pain not
only made her gasp, but made a flood of liquid rush out of her pussy. "You
are no gentleman," she dared to tell him.

"And I count my blessings
that you are no lady." He slapped her again and thrust inside her, driving
deep, holding her hips to keep her from floating away.

He was every bit as big and thick
as he looked, his cock stretching her insides, filling her so incredibly full.
He didn't stop until his balls banged against her asshole.


"No, don't stop."
Charli forced the words through clenched teeth, unable to gather a deep breath,
afraid to move lest he break free and end this exquisite torture.

"You like that?" He
pulled back and slammed back into her pussy.


"I don't think you're quite
ready." He pulled all the way out.

Charli cried out and crossed her
ankles around his neck. "No!"

The cowboy slapped her bottom.
"You'll be ready when I say you're ready."

BOOK: Dirty Tricks One Up On You html
2.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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