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I wanted to
sit there and explain everything to Liv. I just couldn't, not yet. Every minute wasted is another minute closer to a deadly fate for Clarissa. Although Liv is whom I truly want to save, I can't, not yet. Not until I have her best friend back.

What she doesn’t realize is that I'm not part of this. Not really.
              When I was young, I watched my father and his best friend take turns with my mom. I saw things no child should ever have to envision. They didn't just rape her but they beat the shit out of her. I was forced to watch, being brainwashed by them at the far too young age of five. I was told that when I grew up, this was my destiny.

My father started this underground sex shop with his friend Bill. They would trade and sell females of all ages. Some as young as eight. I swear I never saw a woman over the age of twenty either.

Even at a young age and being told continuously that everything was alright, I knew it wasn't.

I went to my mom and told her some of the things I saw. I wanted her opinion on it. She told me to mind my business, but when I was asleep that night, apparently she confronted my dad.

He woke me up by pulling my ear, dragging me out of my bed. I was tied down to a chair and watched them torture my mom before shooting her dead.

I knew right then if I didn't obey him, that these things would happen to me. Possibly worse.

After that night, I did everything that was asked of me. Eventually my teen years approached, and dad trusted me more than he trusted Bill. At the age of twelve I was forced to shoot Bill while he was in the middle of raping this young woman.

The feeling of revenge washed over me. It was euphoric. I knew then what I wanted to do when I got older. I wanted to take all these sick bastards down.

When my dad passed away six years ago, I connected with some government agencies. We've been working undercover together to bring down possibly everyone involved. If not everyone, at least the mass majority of them. It’s taken time, because one wrong move could end with all the girls killed and the sick fucks out on the streets.

We were finally closing in until Liv.

Her sister, Taryn, was purchased by Blaise's uncle nearly ten years ago. She was kept in his basement, right in Arizona. She got pregnant by him... then she escaped. She would disappear then show up here and there randomly. For some reason, he let her go but kept tabs on her.

Blaise walked into my office a little over a month ago, telling me he had the perfect payback for what happened with Taryn. He had Liv. I had already checked out their family dozens of times in the past six or more years to make sure Taryn- or her family- wouldn't mess up any of the plans we had going.

Everything had remained perfect until that news. I knew Blaise was going to fuck things up, I just didn't know how badly. Things have slowly gone downhill in our investigation since Liv walked into the middle of Blaise's trap. I had eyes on Liv constantly, she just didn't know it.

I found myself falling in love with everything she did. The way she snapped at me every time we spoke. The way she hummed when she was working on the computer and didn't know anyone was around. The way she dressed that sexy body of hers every single day. I never wanted to touch her, and I certainly never wanted to fall for her, but when my lips touched hers for the first time, I couldn't stop myself.

She was never mine, but from that moment on, I was hers.

Until she found out the truth.

Yes, I'm a sick fucking bastard for letting things go on as long as they have, but I've never touched one of those girls, not even when I was young. I'm always respectful with women when I sleep with them. I always make sure they're sober and willing.

None of that matters though. Liv has made up her mind and she has every right to believe what she does. I'm disturbed and I allowed things to happen that never should. Even if she never forgives me, I'll do anything in the world to make it right. Anything.

Look for book two in the Disturbed series- DISTURBED BEAUTY
- coming soon
To my family: Thank you for all your continuous support and love! I couldn’t ask for a better family than what I have.
To my friends: Thanks for putting up with me ;) It doesn’t matter if you live halfway around the country or right next door, I know you’re always there for me!
To my fans: Thank you for reading my stories and continuing to support everything I do! Your love and kindness keeps me going. I could never thank you all enough!!!
To my street team:
You ladies are seriously amazing! Thanks for pimping my books and myself out- I love you all, and hope to meet every one of you someday!
Ashley Beale, 26, is a self-published indie author from Maine. Although all of Ashley’s novels run in the adult romance genre, each one is uniquely different than the last.
Ashley’s first published novel, Burning Attraction, released in 2013. By 2014, she became an international bestselling author with Forgive Me.
You can usually find Ashley surrounded by her children, family, and friends. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, having adventures with her daughters, being outdoors, shopping, or getting to know her fans!
For a list of Ashley’s book signings, upcoming novels, or simply to get to know her- visit any of her official sites.
Twitter: @author_abeale


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BOOK: Disturbed (Disturbed #1)
4.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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