Downs, Jana - Angel Bound [His Guardian Angels 1] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever ManLove - Serialized)

BOOK: Downs, Jana - Angel Bound [His Guardian Angels 1] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever ManLove - Serialized)
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His Guardian Angels 1

Angel Bound

Madigan has a successful career as co-owner of a bakery and has never really been passionate about much else. His mother has always claimed that he was the son of the Archangel Raphael, but he'd never had reason to believe her. That is, until Madigan finds himself hunted by angelic fanatics who see him as an abomination.

His father has assigned him guardian angels to act as his protection from the hunters. The five men desperately search for a solution for Madigan's protection and find only one viable option.  Madigan must become Angel Bound, married in angelic terms, to all of his guardian angels. Now Madigan has gone from having no relationships to having five simultaneously. All of the men will have to learn to balance desire and duty in order to ensure  Madigan's safety and happiness above all things.

Alternative (M/M or F/F), Ménage a Trois/Quatre,


32,246 words


His Guardian Angels 1

Jana Downs



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To all the angels in my life.


His Guardian Angels 1

Copyright © 2012


Madigan shifted, rolling over onto his stomach. His naked skin felt fantastic against the soft satin sheets. They were in his favorite color, red. It was everywhere on the huge, orgy-sized bed which he lounged in. It was his favorite place in the house by far. Every memory here was special. He sighed and relaxed under the soft light of the early dawn. The darkest part of night was when he was typically cuddled in their big bed. He was curiously alone.

The only light in the room was that of a single bedside lamp. The golden glow was hardly the best thing for illumination. It was probably the worst thing. However, it gave a romantic feel to the otherwise dark room.

“Madigan, what are you doing?” a teasing voice asked from the  foot of the bed. He glanced down and smiled. Though his lover was  wrapped in shadows, he knew him by scent alone.

“Hi there,” he greeted. “Where is everyone?”

His lover’s lips twisted into a crooked half smile. “Had a meeting  with their bosses. They’ll be back soon.”

“How soon?” Madigan wondered. He didn’t like the house being  so empty. His lover chuckled.

Angel Bound

“They’ll be back by dawn. They promised.” His gorgeous muscles  bunched as he leapt into bed with all the grace of a boneless  underwater creature. The movements were absolutely fluid. Madigan  relaxed at the words. He knew that they would always take care of  him. He never had to worry about that. Still, he liked them with him.

Rust-colored wings blocked out his vision of everything else as his  lover climbed on top of him. Madigan smiled and opened his arms as  his love pulled the sheets off his naked body. His lover hesitated,  seeking permission. Madigan nodded.

They kissed chastely once, twice, three times. The hint of tongue  was a tease against his mouth. He felt so complete with all of them  here. A spear of happiness pierced Madigan so deep he couldn’t  resist running his fingers through those pretty, red wings until his  lover cried out into his mouth. He knew touching them was equivalent  of stroking his lover’s arousal with his tongue. Satisfaction ran deep.

“I love you, Madigan. I love you so much.” His lover pulled back  with a gasp, speaking the words in a rough tone of want.

“I love you, too, my angel,” Madigan returned. He moved against  him with ever more desirous purpose. “Make love to me.”

“I thought you’d never ask.” His lover growled sullenly. Then he  was pushing inside of him, and Madigan couldn’t think of anything  but how good it felt to be complete.

* * * *

Madigan woke gasping for breath in the throes of a terrific orgasm. He bit into his pillow as it went on and on. He thought the throbbing in his cock was never going to stop. Finally, after what seemed like eternity, his cock gave up a final spurt of pleasure and was content to ache pleasantly.

He sighed. He’d never had wet dreams as a kid, and now he was having them every damn night! He briefly considered making himself a doctor’s appointment. It was getting out of hand. He’d always been

Jana Downs

a take-it-or-leave-it kind of guy, and now…Now he was thinking  about sex all the time. What was worse was that his dreams were

escalating into orgies nightly. It was like his unconscious mind had  taken up the attitude that the more the merrier applied to his sex life.

“I’m turning into some kind of sex addict, and I’m only twentyseven,” he muttered to himself in the darkness of his bedroom. He

glanced at the clock and groaned. Five thirty. He had to be up by six.  He sighed and rolled out of bed, guiltily stripping off the sheets and  disposing them in the small laundry room off to the side of his  bathroom. He might as well stay up now that he was awake.

He rubbed his sleepy eyes. It was his birthday soon. He was going  to wish for the ability to control these weird dreams and fantasies he’d  been having and pray that he got his wish for once. He grumbled as he  grabbed a pair of jeans and pulled them up his hips. Today was going  to be a long day.

Angel Bound

Chapter One

Madigan Parker cringed as his mother licked two fingers and attempted to use them to wipe off whatever colored, sugary substance that he had on his cheek off with them.

“Mom,” he groaned. “Do you really have to do that? I’m a grown

man, for Christ’s sake.”

She clucked at him like an irritated hen. “If you wouldn’t insist on wearing your work all over your face, your apron, and my countertops, I wouldn’t feel the need to bathe you like a five-year-old who has been out playing in the yard.”

“I wasn’t making mud pies, Mom. Jeez.
,” he whined.  Usually, working with his mother at their bakery Good Eat Sweets was great. When they were busy, they worked really well together.  When they had a slow day, however, his mother insisted on driving him batty with her hovering. He always “needed” something in her


“So when are you going to bring over a boyfriend for me to worry  over instead, hmm? You’ve been gay since you were thirteen. I  should have a steady son-in-law to arrange my furniture and help me  pick out curtains by now.”

He rolled his eyes. Really? Did she have to go there today?  “Mom, can’t you see that I’m busy working with the new food color  we just got in? We’ve got a sweet sixteen next week that wants  everything almost neon. I’ve got to the get the fondant the right  colors.”

“I’m just saying, Madi, that it would be good for you to spend

time with someone other than your mother during the week. You

Jana Downs

work yourself to death in the bakery. I know you love it, Madigan, but  someone as good as you deserves to have a partner to share his life  with.”

He turned his eyes away from her and started kneading his fondant again. It was almost the exact shade of electric blue he needed. Almost. He reached for the tiny tube of color only to have his hand swatted away.

“Do not ignore your mother when she’s talking to you,” his mother grumbled, waving her wooden spoon at him like it was a  Taser or something.

“Well, since my mother is speaking in third person, Madigan only ignores his mother when she’s being a pain in the butt about his love life. He doesn’t like when she’s nosy,” he quipped.

“Let me set you up with someone nice, Madi. My friend Tracy  Bryson and I were talking the other day at lunch, and her boy James is newly single. Wouldn’t it be great if you two went on a little date?  Just something casual of course.” She gave him her signature I’m-a-brilliant-mama smile, her soft gray eyes sparkling with determination.  For being sixty, she looked great. Everyone said so. She was so different from Madigan. Curvy whereas he was lean. Dark brown hair with a few shots of sleek gray whereas his hair was a rusty red. Tan where his skin was pale as milk. She also was trouble with a capital
and everyone knew that, too.

BOOK: Downs, Jana - Angel Bound [His Guardian Angels 1] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever ManLove - Serialized)
12.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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