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I heard the clearing of someone’s throat behind me as I
continued to kiss Taylor. Although she was initially shocked by me making her
taste her arousal, she was now becoming putty in my hands and was lucky that
someone was interrupting us otherwise I think I would’ve taken her on the sofa
for everyone to see. I broke the kiss and slowly turned to see Diesel and Spike
waiting patiently, with grins on their faces.
“What?” I asked in a forceful tone.
Diesel sat down opposite us and I could see Taylor fidget out of the corner of
my eye. “What’s up babe?” I asked turning towards her.
“I need to go to the bathroom.” She whispered clutching her bag.
I moved out of the booth so that she could pass. “It’s across the bar and
through those doors.” I said pointing in the direction of the bathroom. “If
anyone gives you shit, tell them you’re with me.”
She glanced at me and I could see her blush slightly before she walked into the
I clocked Yasmin and indicated that we all needed drinks. I casually sat back
on the plush leather sofa joining Spike and Diesel, ignoring their questioning
“What’s so urgent that you had to interrupt me?” I asked leaning on the table
between us.
“We’ve just left Rev. Everything’s in place for the delivery next week.” Spike
said pulling out a scrap of paper from his wallet and sliding it across the
table towards me. “That’s where we’re meeting next week but Rev said he’ll come
and see you late tomorrow evening as he wants to discuss something with you.”
I took the note and nodded as I slowly moved my arms off the table so that
Yasmin could place our drinks. She purposely stuck her chest out then stood with
her hands on her hips.
“Do you need anything else Duke?” Yasmin asked as she continued to linger, folding
her arms tightly around herself so that her cleavage fell out of her top
waiting for me to respond.
“No, he’s good baby doll but I could do with another coke.” Taylor stated as
she joined us at the table.
We burst out laughing as an outraged Yasmin stomped away obviously pissed at
Taylors comment. I continued to chuckle as I lifted my arm, inviting Taylor to
join me which she did without hesitation. Good, she was learning quickly!
“Spike, Diesel, this is Taylor.” I said introducing them. “She owns the new
hair salon in Epping and will be styling the girls hair on Friday and Saturday
The guys nodded as she held out her hand politely for them to shake.
“Let’s get this straight,” she turned towards me, “I haven’t agreed to anything
yet. You still need to show me around and I need to agree terms. I’m not cheap!”
Diesel and Spike started laughing, “Oh, I like her.” Diesel said pouring
himself another drink. I raised my eyebrows as I glanced at them, fucking drama!

I held Taylors hand firmly as I walked through the club and
into the back rooms where the girls’ dressing areas were. They were spacious
and the majority of the girls had their own personal space consisting of a
desk, wardrobe, mirror and locker. I believed in looking after my employees so
that they were happy and gave their full commitment. All of my employee’s sign
contracts that allow us to perform regular drugs tests and health checks
including STI’s. I couldn’t have a girl contracting something and then pass it
on to one of the punters. It would be devastating for the clubs reputation.
I watched as Taylor looked around the room taking in the minimalist decor.
“Taylor this is Rachel, she’s been with us for two years.” I introduced her
hoping that she would see what I was trying to achieve.
“Are you the hairdresser?” Rachel asked, looking her up and down. Taylor nodded
with a little apprehension. “Savannah said you did a wonderful job on her hair.
I’d like to book an appointment for next Friday.” I saw Taylor contemplate
“Well I’ll be coming to the club every Friday and Saturday evening so I can do
your hair then if you want?”
I was taken aback by her statement but I grabbed her waist and swung her around,
kissing her on the lips, forgetting myself and where I was.
“Thank you,” I said between kisses, “You won’t regret it.”
Taylor started to snigger, “I better not!”

I walked Taylor out into the car park, holding her hand
firmly. I didn’t do the hand holding thing but fuck it, I was feeling horny and
would take what I could get at this moment in time. She was fucking fit and I
wanted her. I pushed Taylor up against her car as I pressed my body against hers.
She closed her eyes and parted her lips slowly as I held her wrists pinning her
to the car. When she opened them again, I saw the desire burning inside her and
I couldn’t resist taking her mouth like a starved man, wanting to lay claim to
her. She struggled to try and free herself from my grasp to gain some control but
I continued to add pressure taking the lead, making her desire me further. The
kiss came to a natural end and I let go of her hands, moving mine so they were
positioned either side of her head, resting on the roof of the car.
“Can I see you again?” I asked hopefully as I needed to have her.
A smile spread across her face and I felt a little relieved. “I’m busy tomorrow
evening but I can do lunch. What about 1.30pm at Amy’s?”
She was eager, I liked that. I had obviously affected her like she had me.
where was she going tomorrow evening? I couldn’t ask but I was annoyed that she
had other plans.
“I’ll be there.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and I stepped back, giving her
room to slip into her car. I watched her drive slowly out of the car park and
turned to whoops and cheers from the guys that had congregated outside.
“Stop gawking, we’ve business to discuss.” I shouted as I stomped past them
into the club.

Chapter 3


I ran on the treadmill listening to music on my phone. I was
feeling restless and wanted to put in a good stint at the gym this morning but
thoughts of last night’s events at the club were invading my mind and I
couldn’t concentrate. I wasn’t a prude by any means but I’d never done anything
like that before. I shook my head and started to smile as I thought about the
way Duke brazenly touched me. He was dangerous, he made me lose my inhibitions
which I’m sure would get me into trouble but fuck it, Pam said I needed a
little fun in my life.
I slowed the treadmill to a walking pace to bring my heart rate back to normal
and removed my earphones, gently moving my neck in a circular movement as it
was a little stiff, especially because of my ear ache.
I was aware of someone using the treadmill beside me to my right and as I
turned I saw the barmaid from the club that I’d upset last night, dressed in a
pink Lycra outfit that didn’t leave anything to the imagination. I didn’t want
any animosity between us so I smiled sweetly and continued to walk at an even
“You know it won’t last.”
I turned my head slightly so that I could see the floozy. “Sorry, are you
talking to me?” I asked nonchalant, trying to keep my composure but slowly
getting annoyed that this skank would purposely invade my space.
“You know it won’t last with Duke,” she smirked at me, “He’s had more club
pussy than you’ve had hot dinners.” She tossed her hair as she started to move faster
on the treadmill.
I could feel the anger build inside me so I tried to steady my breathing. I
wasn’t Duke’s girlfriend, I was a quick fumble last night and I didn’t suspect
that it would happen again but I didn’t want some slut informing me about his
antics and getting in my business. It had fuck all to do with her.
I slowed my machine further and ignored her, continuing with my work out.
“Just a word of advice, he likes his balls sucked as you play with his cock.”
I continued to ignore her and tried to be an adult about the situation by
turning off my machine and collecting my belongings. I couldn’t listen to this
shit any longer, I needed to move to another machine or leave quickly before I
totally lost it.
“Slut!” She said under her breath.
I threw my phone and towel on the floor grabbing the bitch by her cheap extensions.
The movement of the treadmill and the force in which I grabbed her, made her
fall off with dramatic effect. I jumped on top of her and smashed her in the
face repeatedly as I heard her cries. I wasn’t a violent person but I wasn’t
having some whore, shout insults at me and I knew I had to stand my ground to
earn some respect.
I was quickly pulled off of her by a pair of strong arms as I continued to try
and take a swipe.
“Taylor, that’s enough you’ve proved your point.” I turned to see Diesel glaring
at me angrily and the fight slowly left my body as he carried me into an
office. He closed the door gently behind him after putting me on the floor and
folded his arms across his huge chest staring at me intimidatingly.
“Do you wanna tell me what that was about?” He asked lifting his left brow
slightly. I felt like I was being told off by the Headmaster.
I looked down at my hand to see a clump of the slut’s hair, which made me
snigger. Diesel shook his head holding the bridge of his nose trying to keep
his composure. There was an urgent knock on the door and Spike walked in with
blood down his t-shirt.
He looked at the clump of hair in my hand and then directly into my eyes, “Goddamnit
Taylor, you’ve broken her nose.”
My giggles continued as I filled the room with laughter. I was like a crazed
woman, I couldn’t help myself. Before I knew it I was laughing uncontrollably
with tears streaming down my face.
Diesel and Spike looked at each other and then back at me confused by my
outburst. I slowly started to compose myself, breathing slowly as I wiped the
tears from my cheeks.
I stood putting my hands on my hips and took a long deep breath, “Look I’m
sorry but I wasn’t having that bitch come up in my face, chatting all kinds of
shit about Duke.”
Diesel started to snigger, “That’s sweet, were you defending his honour?”
I pinched the top of my nose trying to control all of the emotions bubbling
inside of me. “Yeah, something like that. Look if she presses charges can you
send the police to the salon. I’ll be there for the next hour.”
I walked towards the door which Spike was standing in front of. He looked at
Diesel asking a silent question and Diesel nodded indicating that he could move
aside to let me through.
I glanced at Diesel, “I’m genuinely sorry, not about hitting her but for
bringing shit to your door.” I left the room closing the door behind me with a
bang. What a bloody morning!

Fifteen minutes later I walked into the salon and sat on the
leather sofas in the reception area. It was Sunday so the salon wasn’t open but
I needed a few minutes to sort my head out and get ready for lunch with Duke.
That’s if he was going to turn up, once he’d heard about my antics at the gym

Once I’d finished my tea to steady my nerves, I took a hot
shower to relieve some of the stress and cleaned the blood off my now swollen
knuckles. I dressed in a pair of jeans and a grey light weight fleece jumper
and pulled my long hair back into a simple ponytail. I assessed myself in the
mirror, not as hot as last night but it would have to do.
I walked to Amy’s cafe hoping that she was working today. I didn’t have many
female friends and although I’d only met her the once, she seemed nice enough
and to be honest I just needed a female my own age to talk to. I pushed open
the heavy door and entered the cafe to a smiling Amy.
“Hi Taylor, how you doing?” She greeted me as she finished wiping down a table
and returned behind the counter.
Sitting on the high stool opposite her, I let out a loud sigh.
“Oh baby girl, what’s up?” She asked sympathetically leaning over the counter placing
her hand on my arm. I was about to answer when a large group of people entered
the cafe. “I’II just take their orders and then I’ll be with you.” She said
before greeting her customers and directing them towards the tables outside in
the last of the September sunshine.
As I sat there I noticed that she was inundated with orders.
“I’m not a very good cook but is there something else I can help you with?”
Amy looked at me as a smile spread across her face. “Thank you, could you sort
out their drinks?” That seemed easy enough even for a novice like me. I took
the list from Amy and worked my way through the list of teas, coffees and soft
drinks. Once they were made, I took them out to the party of eight as they
waited for their food. Amy made their orders and I continued to play waitress
for her to relieve some of the pressure.
Amy was still busy when my stomach rumbled so I decided to make my own lunch as
I waited for Duke. I fancied a cheese and ham toasty like Amy had made the
other day and thought it couldn’t be that difficult. I found the sandwich maker
and turned it on to warm up and went about making my sandwich. A customer interrupted
me as he wanted two teas to take away. Amy was still busy with the other
customers so I took it upon myself to make them. As the customers left the
building the smoke alarm went off. I turned to see black smoke coming out of
the sandwich maker, I ran over to the counter wafting a tea towel around trying
to clear the smoke.
“Fucking hell, what you trying to do woman?” Duke said as he came around the
counter, turning the sandwich maker off at the mains and throwing the burnt food
into the bin. I stopped wafting the tea towel and stood still biting my lip not
knowing what to do.
Amy came in and casually propped the door open.  She walked over to the windows
and started to open them to get rid of the smoke without a fuss.
Duke turned to Amy, “What you doing putting ‘Ash’ in charge of cooking?” He
said with humour in his voice.
Amy laughed, “She did actually help me out, whilst I was rushed off my feet.”
I cleared my throat, “Erm, I am actually here!” I said putting my hands on my
hips in a defensive stance.
“Take a seat and
make you some lunch.” Amy strolled into the
kitchen area with authority but with a slight smirk on her face at the
interaction between Duke and myself.

We sat at the table near the window again. It gave a perfect
view of the street and I loved to watch people go about their everyday tasks
without realising they were being watched. It was one of my favourite hobbies.
I took a sly glance at Duke to see that he was wearing faded jeans, a check
shirt and his leather cut. He looked edible and I unconsciously licked my lips
in appreciation.
Duke leant on the table leaning his chin on his steepled fingers, looking
directly at me with his piercing eyes. “I hear you’ve had an eventful morning.”
Shit! I rubbed the back of my neck, “Look Duke, she asked for it. She was
disrespectful and I didn’t appreciate her mouth.”
He sat back in his chair, rubbing his chin, “She won’t be pressing charges.”
I let out a loud sigh of relief. Thank god, I’m sure being arrested wouldn’t be
good for the salons reputation.
“What did she say to annoy you?” He asked narrowing his eyes.
Our conversation was halted briefly as Amy placed our food and drinks on the
table. I smiled and Amy gave me a wink as she walked away.
I took a deep breath, “Do you like your balls being sucked and your cock being
played with at the same time?”
Duke spat tea all over the table and started to laugh. I picked up my sandwich calmly,
not reacting to his amusing response and started to eat as he continued
laughing whilst mopping up the mess with a napkin.
I swallowed my mouthful, “Well, do you?” I asked prompting the conversation as
I was now intrigued as to what his answer would be.
“I’m not in the habit of discussing my sexual preferences, especially on a
first date but I’m a man and there isn’t a man alive who doesn’t like that.” He
stated with a wink.
“Ha-ha!” I said dryly.
“Look Ash,” Duke said leaning across the table and placing his hand on my arm,
“Yasmin’s just jealous and was trying to rattle you. It obviously worked!”
Ash! He was such a smart arse.
He slowly removed his hand and lounged in the chair as we sat in comfortable
silence eating the rest of our lunch. I was relieved knowing that Yasmin wasn’t
pressing charges. Duke probably had something to do with that but I didn’t ask
him for confirmation. I pushed my empty plate away from me and relaxed back
into my chair holding my mug. Duke was looking at me with intense eyes which
made my heart race faster.
I took a sip of my drink, “What’s on your mind Duke? You have that look in your
eyes.” I put my mug gently on the table and crossed my arms protectively.
Duke smirked, “What look?”
My heart beat continued in its accelerated state and I could feel myself
getting aroused so I crossed my legs to try and relieve myself.
“You look like you have something on your mind. What do you want to ask me?” I
unfolded my arms and started to play with my necklace as I needed to do
something with my hands.
Duke rubbed the stubble on his chin as he contemplated what to say, “I’m trying
to figure you out.”
I waved my hand up and down in front of me, “What you see, is what you get
Duke. No secrets, no dramas.”
I was slowly coming around to the English culture. I now drank tea, I enjoyed eating
fish and chips and I hated to miss an episode of Downton Abbey but I was also a
New Yorker. I’d been brought up to speak my mind and if people didn’t like it then
tough. I liked to keep myself to myself but if someone was confrontational I
wouldn’t back down. Pam used to say I had the best of both worlds.
“The thing is Ash, I like what I see and I most certainly like what I’ve had so
far.” Duke winked at me, when I heard a clearing of someone’s throat.
“Duke you’re needed at the clubhouse man, Rev’s arrived early.” Spike said
standing with his hands in his pocket.
“Give me a minute and I’ll ride back with you.”
Spike waved at Amy across the room and walked out slowly.
“I’m gonna have to end our lunch early. I’ll make it up to you.” Duke stood
throwing a range of different sized notes on the table. He leaned over and
looked into my eyes hungrily before taking my mouth by surprise. What started
off as a brief kiss developed into a full on snog as my mouth betrayed me and
opened up to him. I moved my hand so that it was at the back of his neck but he
pulled away slightly looking into my eyes, as he touched my cheek.
“I’ll call you.” He said before stalking out of the cafe.
I watched him leave and ride away on his Harley as I placed my fingers on my lips,
still feeling the tingle of his rough kiss.

“Well, Mitchell’s taken a shine to you.” Amy said sitting
down in the chair Duke just vacated.
I picked up my mug, “One of many I suppose.”
Amy started to laugh, “Not likely. Mitchell doesn’t do dramas or relationships
so this is new to us all.”
Now it was my turn to snigger. “I assaulted one of his staff members today at
the gym, so I wouldn’t say there were no dramas.”
Amy stood and cleared the plates, “Well, what does that tell you?” she said
with a wink as she walked away, leaving me to ponder her words.

BOOK: Duke (Aces MC Series Book 2)
3.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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