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wedding day was all she had ever dreamed of and more. She and Will had planned it together down to the last detail, blending their tastes into the most creative event New York society had ever seen.

The ceremony had been held at a modest chapel in Brooklyn that Will's family had attended most of their lives. The wedding party was all dressed in black, each member wearing garments that best suited their bodies and personal style—a floor-length mermaid for Stephanie, a sassy cocktail dress for Vicky and a black-on-black tuxedo for her man of honor, Bass.

They'd rented the Black House nightclub for the reception. Her favorite punk band Bad Religion had been procured to play the cocktail hour, and now a more traditional party band was announcing their first dance.

Will pulled her into a tight squeeze as they awaited their big entrance. “Are you ready?” he whispered in her ear.

She gave him a wicked grin. “You know me, I'm ready for anything.”

“And now, for the first time as man and wife, I present to you Mr. Will Coleman and Mrs. Melody Rush Coleman.”

Will escorted her onto the dance floor and they struck their starting pose. Melody had worked with her brother-in-law to design a traditional wedding gown with a Melody twist. Will swirled her around in a wide circle, then reached down to neatly tear away her hem, revealing a knee-length party dress.

Tossing the material aside, Will pulled her into frame and led her into their routine. Melody felt her emotions getting the best of her as she absorbed the moment. Cradled in Will's arms, she gazed lovingly into his warm brown eyes.

“Wait a minute,” she whispered to him. “This isn't the song we've been rehearsing to. What is it?”

He smiled down at her. “It's a piece I had written for you. It's called ‘Enchanting Melody,' because that's what you are.”

As Will dropped Melody back into a steep dip, she could see all her friends and family surrounding them—her sisters, Bass and his date Lana, and her parents. As her mother beamed at her, Melody recalled her words following the ceremony.
This is the most wonderfully unique affair I've ever witnessed. I'm so proud of you

She cherished those words, just as she cherished this incredible day. Will brought Melody back up into his arms, and she pulled him into a loving kiss.

“I love you, Will. Thank you for being all that I wanted, and more importantly, what I really needed.”

He smoothed her cheek with his hand. “And thank you for showing me that, every now and then, it's okay to trust love and let your partner lead.”

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BOOK: Enchanting Melody
2.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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