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End Online: Volume 6

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This novel is entirely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to
characters, names, locations or incidents are purely coincidental.



Copyright © D. Wolfin 2016

First Edition


Ebook Edition © 2016 ISBN: 978-0-9942421-7-4




By making the purchase of this
book you have been granted non-exclusive, non-transferable, right to access and
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A Few Words from the Author


I would like to thank our two
new editors who have recently joined during the production of this book, Dyngari
and Orang. I would also like to thank the three other editors who have put in a
lot of time and effort in this as well: genericIntent, Templar and Jack


There has been a large gap
between volume 5 and volume 6 being released. This is for a very simple reason.
Half way through writing this book, I started to feel like I had lost my way in
the story, undecided as to where it should be heading. I’m sure some of you
noticed this too.


I took the break to completely
focus on Chronicle of the Eternal, my second series, which I had a much better
grasp on. Even after finishing that book, there were some large gaps in the
time I was writing as I searched for that missing motivation I felt in my


It’s safe to say, I believe I
have found it. I found a direction for the story to head in, and motivation for
not only the plot, but many characters as well.


I’m quite proud of the latter
half of this volume, and truly enjoyed writing it. I hope that you will enjoy
reading it as much as I did in creating it!


Regards, D. Wolfin


Grey mist completely
surrounds me upon entering the teleportation circle in Grael’s Lair. It
gradually begins to clear, revealing a bustling square within a city of timber
and stone houses no more than two or three stories tall. The sounds of players
bartering and forming parties fill the air, along with what seems to be several
flocks of birds cawing in the distance.

I’m surrounded by other
players and NPCs; most of them have perky cat ears atop their heads and tails
that sway as they walk. The remaining players are mainly humans, but I
occasionally see a few other races.

‘There are some
differences in the cat traits among players,’
muse to myself, staring at the different colored and shaped ears and
‘I never got an option to customize my looks upon becoming an
‘Eternal Draconian’, could it just be random?’

Aside from inspecting the
different colored cat ears, tails of differing fur thickness, and even the
variety of cats-eyes, I try to get a better look at the city. Over the roofs of
the buildings around me, I can see a large cathedral that stands taller than
every other building in the immediate area, eclipsed only by the central castle

The central castle is
oddly constructed. Rather than a single large building, it appears to be made
of dozens of towers connected to one another by arching stone bridges.

“It’s completely different
from any other city I have seen,” Mason says while constantly turning his head
around to inspect everything. “It is almost underdeveloped. Is it because the
nekomata are a beast race?”

He has a point. Kano City
is completely different from the cities in the central continent in that it is
much more rustic. The city construction is indeed grand, but not to the same
standard as Iceridge, Grenton, or Swordbreak. The city of Sphynx was more
ancient than Kano City, but its grandeur also outclassed this.

“It is just the game
designers,” Sir Laurence responds bluntly, lecherously staring at all the girls
with cat ears.

“What will the other main
city on this continent, Koga City, be like?” I ask curiously, and get a
response from Verde immediately.

“I hear it’s not a great
deal different than Kano City. The main difference is that it is within a
forest, instead of next to the ocean.”

CaptainGordon’s eyes light
up when he hears the city is connected to the ocean. He has been depressed ever
since his ship was abandoned at the southern continent. Excitably, he exclaims,
“Can we go past the docks first? I really want to see what ships people have

“It hasn’t been very long
since the expansion and players are unlikely to have sailed across the ocean
here just yet. We will go do Verde’s race change first, and then we can go past
the docks. You can go now and meet us later if you like?” I suggest to the

Dejectedly, CaptainGordon
chooses to follow us as we walk toward the strange castle in the center of the
city. By this point, several people are attracted by my appearance and begin to
whisper among themselves.

“Who is that? Those white
scales are awesome. Does anyone know what race he is?”

“It must be a hidden race,
like the Elves, Dwarves, and recently discovered Phoenix Clan.”

“Some sort of reptilian
race. Could it be a dragon race?!”

“It can’t be. Only that
famous player, Lupis, has recently discovered and become a demi-dragon. The
appearance is completely different than this.”

“It must be a type of
white snake clan. I wonder which continent it is on?”

“What about that girl
hanging off his arm? She’s so hot! Why can’t I get a girl like that?”

“She looks familiar!”

“You wish you knew her. I
would be satisfied with my life if she just talked to me.”

“That other girl in the
group is much more my type! I wonder if she will let me follow her?”

“Tch, who was the creep
that said that?”

Fen and Verde attract a
lot of lusty stares from the men and envious glances from several women. Fen is
relentless as she clings to me, pressing her twin peaks against my arm and
causing me to feel embarrassed. Verde is closely followed by Sir Laurence, a
princess appearing to be leading her knight in shining armor.

I don’t turn my head but
my eyes move from side to side, glancing toward the piercing stares. The rest
of the party is also uncomfortable, with the exception of Fen who seems to be
in her own world and doesn’t notice their existence.

The onlookers don’t follow
us through the city, going back to their business once we have passed by.
Despite the attention, only two people approach me to ask about my race on the
way to the castle. I simply tell them I do not wish to speak of it, rejecting
their persistent questions before moving on. The attention I’d get if they
found out about the ‘Eternal Draconian’ race would never end. Dragons are
admired by an enormous amount of people. As soon as news of a draconian race
breaks, I will never escape.

Eventually reaching the
city’s castle, which I learned is simply called Kano Castle, two nekomata
guards with nervous expressions cross their weapons at the gate and address me.
“Halt, what’s your business here?”

Considering I am the one
who sent all the party invites to everyone, I am automatically considered the
party leader.

“Good morning. One of my
party members would like to hand over a ‘Compact Soul Gem’ and change race.”

The guards hastily step
aside and say, “Of course. Forgive us, it is our duty to halt strangers… Please
proceed inside.”

You have intimidated the royal guard of Kano Castle.

Word has spread among the guards of your intimidation.


+ 20



Seeing the notification
screen appear before me, I stifle a choking sound and silently curse. ‘I
did nothing wrong! I have been dealing with player merchants for so long and
not NPCs that I had completely forgotten to not talk to them! Damn it!’

I have told Verde and Sir
Laurence about this problem before, and upon seeing my current expression, the
corners of their lips twitch as they try to refrain from laughing.

With my anger slowly
turning into depression, we all walk through the gates and into an enormous
garden of rock ponds, sand fields and miniature trees. Stone paved paths create
a walkway around the area and lead into a forest of pillars that appear to
pierce the sky.

“Do you know where we need
to go from here?” I ask Verde, who nods her head and leads the way to the
nearest tower.

Inside the tower, NPCs are
everywhere, so I do my best to make myself scarce and appear to not be a part
of the group. I have gained infamy just being nearby before, and I do not plan
on getting more. I had nearly eliminated all of my infamy in the Swordbreak
colosseum, but I seem to gain it much more easily than I lose it.

From what feels like a
safe distance, I watch Verde step away from the others and approach a Nekomata
that is walking around supervising and giving orders to what appear to be the
equivalent of office workers. I sneak behind several pillars with Fen in tow
until I am close enough that I can hear their conversation.

“-change to the Nekomata

“Yes, I would like to
become a part of the city and the Nekomata race.”

“Are you aware of the
responsibilities in becoming a part of our race? I can explain them for you if
you like.”

“Please explain them to

“To be a part of our race,
there are several conditions to agree to. First, no matter where you came from,
this will become your new home city. Second, you may never betray this city or
its interests. Third, you will be summoned and are required to partake in the
defense of this city if a monster horde approaches our walls. Fourth, in the
event of a war, you may be conscripted to take part as a defender or attacker.
Condition four is optional, but refusal will result in infamy and the chance of
a monetary penalty. Do you accept these conditions?”

“Yes, I accept them.”

“Good. Please follow me to
the Nekomata Soul Pond.”

‘Soul pond?’
 I am puzzled by what he means by that. I will look up what
that is on the internet later when I log out.

Verde and the supervisor
Nekomata leave the room through a large door at the rear. At this point, I
approach the rest of the party to wait.

Twenty minutes later,
Verde returns with an entirely new look. Her hair, which normally has a
glamorous wave in it and extends down to her chest, has become thicker and
slightly wilder. On top of her head, a pair of auburn cat ears stands upright,
twitching slightly in embarrassment as we stare. A bushy tail, as thick as any
of the others I have seen, extends behind her. As she is facing us, I can only
see it when it sways from one side to another.

Evidently having enough of
our gazes, she stomps over grumpily. “Would you guys stop staring?! You have
already seen hundreds, if not thousands, of cat people on the way to the

“Yes, but we haven’t
seen you as one,” Mason replies wittily with a small smirk on his

I make sure to stare and
constantly get closer until her face turns completely red before saying, “You
guys have had so much amusement at my expense, I think it is time for a little
payb- Ouch!”

Before I can finish
mocking Verde, Fen sharply grabs my hip and digs her fingers in, causing
physical pain akin to being bitten by a wild animal. Grabbing her arm, I
quickly drag her off somewhere the others won’t hear us.

“Fen, I have told you
before, you can’t do things that cause actual pain. If knowledge of something
like that gets out… No, let’s not worry about that. Just remember that you
cannot do it.”

The wolf girl stares at me
with upset yet angry eyes. “You were… getting too… close.”

“Doesn’t mean you need to
do that.”

“She’s a… succubus.”

“Don’t say that, either.
People don’t like to hear such things.” I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at
Fen referring to Verde as a monster in the game, and a succubus at that.


I don’t know how to
explain it, but it seems like Fen has become slightly more proactive lately.
Originally, her personality was as cold as ice. But lately, especially since
the expansion and the new realms were released, I have begun to notice her
emotional range broadening. As to whether this is a good thing or an unwelcome
complication, only time will tell.

After Fen agrees to quiet
down and not say anything that I have designated as offensive or rude, we
regroup and leave Kano Castle.

Walking through the city,
a familiar feeling appears in my mind. Following my intuition, I find a nearby
park of lustrous pine trees that several Nekomata couples are strolling
through. While others are enjoying the scenery of the game while dating, I
disturb the foliage on the ground in several areas until I find what I am
looking for: herbs.

With Fen standing beside
me, I appear to be on a date as well and don’t attract a great deal of
attention, but I begin to harvest the herbs. Fen helps me, but I am forced to
once again remind her not to pick them as she doesn’t have the appropriate
skill for it. I have tried teaching her, except either she appears to be
incapable of learning new skills, or I am incapable of teaching them to others.

Everyone, including Fen,
still helps me quickly collect them by uncovering them so I can easily pick
them all. They are incredibly happy to do so as herbs are what I use to flavor
my cooking. After half an hour, my supply of herbs increases dramatically.
Counting them all, I lament that they are all low quality herbs.

~ 27 Green Medicinal Herbs

~ 2 Orange Medicinal Herbs

~ 13 Five Leaf Clovers

~ 42 Frost Lotuses

~ 14 Stems of Paralysis


The most abundant herb I
found is the new ‘Frost Lotus’; a small flower that can be consumed for a three
percent temporary increase to cold resistance.  The skill ‘Potion
Production’ is only a single percent away from level 19, so I sit in a quiet
section of the park and try a few random recipes with the ‘Frost Lotus’ until I
finally create a new potion.

As I have not tested the
potion yet, I am unaware of the effects. The liquid is a pleasant ice-blue, but
a disturbing purple mist swirls through it and corrupts the color. Everyone
apart from CaptainGordon takes a few wary steps back, leaving the pirate
confused. Even Fen quickly parts from me so as to not end up testing another
one of my potions.

BOOK: End Online: Volume 6
10.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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