Fall From Grace (Slater #1)

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Authors Note

Fall from Grace began as a short story called “Porter”, which told the story of Porter and Laura after their death.  It was actually my mum who spurred on this novel, after she told me that she had wanted more of Porter.  I want to send a huge thank you to Rhianna and Sean for modelling for the front cover, I admit I know nothing about modelling shoots, but together we all managed to get through it.  As always a big thank you to my family for letting me write in peace, many a night spent with headphones on tuning into the world of Porter and Laura and their sordid ways! 

Like with all my stories, they have a soundtrack, I’m a firm believer in all my books having music that assists in guiding my writing. Music gives me the feels and those feels go into my characters.  So I think it’s only appropriate that I share my soundtrack with you.

“I Won’t See You Tonight, Part One” Avenged Sevenfold

“Acid Rain” Avenged Sevenfold

“Coming Home” Avenged Sevenfold

“In the Woods Somewhere” Hozier

“A Phoenix will Rise” Everlit

“Breakaway” Everlit

“Gravity” Papa Roach

“Down with the Sickness” Disturbed

“The Last Fight (Piano Version)” Bullet for my Valentine

“A Place Where You Belong” Bullet for my Valentine

“Twisted Transistor” Korn

“Freak on a Leash” Korn

“Cold” Five Finger Death Punch

“Here to Die” Five Finger Death Punch

“House of the Rising Sun” Five Finger Death Punch

“Death March” Motionless in White

“Dead as Fuck” Motionless in White

“Sex Metal Barbie” In this Moment

“Big Bad Wolf” In this Moment

“Black Widow” In this Moment

“Moving on” Asking Alexandria

Thank you for music!! And thank you to the bands for being my muses, even if they didn’t realise it!!





Chapter One


Her eyes were a green almost as dark as emeralds. And Porter could see himself slowly sinking into their depths. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders, the curls caressed her back, her skin was pale and her lips were a pink that begged to be kissed.

Porter shook his head, he was about to enter the seminary and knew that he shouldn’t be tempted by such worldly things as the love of a woman. But her body tempted him. Her body called out to be touched, to have his tongue draw lazy paths over her, tasting her inner most sanctum.  Porter shook his head again to throw the thoughts out of his mind, although his body was already responding and he knew that it was too late, he was going to sin, whether it was with the angel who stood in front of him or by his own hand in the darkness and silence of his room.

She turned from the market stall and caught Porter’s stare.  The angel kept her eyes glued to his, a small hint of a smile ran across her lips, before she looked away. She turned to an older lady, who stared with narrowed eyes at Porter.  He wanted to approach her, to hear her voice and to feel her breath on his face and body. 

Porter followed at a distance as the two women walked towards the wooded area of the town. When he rounded the corner, there in a crop of tree’s he saw his angel standing alone, her hands on her hips and a sly smile on her face.  Her eyes seemed to dance with delight at catching Porter in his stalking.

“Well boy, what are you doing?” she said with laughter on her tongue.

Porter felt a lump form in his throat and his voice failed him. Her voice was as sweet as honey even as she chastised him.

“I, ah, I wanted to meet you” he stammered.

Porter’s angel stepped closer and her smile grew, she had a set of perfect teeth, her face lit up with a beauty that he could only say was next to God himself.

“You did, did you?” she stuck her hand out towards Porter.

He looked down at her hand and took it in his own, slowly bringing her knuckles up to his lips, kissing each finger tenderly. Her skin was soft like the most expensive silk. He heard her gasp with each kiss. Her smile never faltered and he watched her desire meet his own as she looked at him through hooded eyes.

“Well what is your name boy?” she crooned.

With her knuckles still on his lips, he gave her a sly smile.

“My name is Porter” he said, his voice deep and husky as he swallowed past the lump of desire. “And you, I believe are Laura”.

She raised her eyebrow towards him, her smile faltered only slightly. He lowered Laura’s hand, but didn’t let go of it as he stepped closer to her, with his other hand he reached out to lightly touch her hip. He could feel her flinch under his touch, but he didn’t let go.

“And how is it that you know me, yet I don’t know you?” she smiled, her voice smooth like silk, as he stepped closer still, bringing her into his chest, her breath brushed seductively across his cheek.

She had awakened a demon that resided deep inside him, a demon that was fighting to get out, a demon that although deep was also so close to the surface.  He felt her breasts against his chest, her warmth enveloped him through his clothes and he could feel himself growing harder.  Laura reached up with one hand and brushed his dark hair out of his eyes and ran her fingertips across his cheek and down his neck. The hair on the back of his neck stood up with the feathery touches and he felt a growl of the demon growing deep inside him. She begun to run her fingers through his hair at the nape of his neck, as her other arm snaked its way around his waist.

“Everyone knows you Laura, you are the most beautiful woman in the town” he groaned into her ear.

Laura let a small moan escape her lips as he pulled her tighter against him further. He ran his lips down over her neck and brushed along the soft skin, encouraging more moans to escape. Her moans were like the sound of a thousand angels singing, he closed his eyes and inhaled her scent. He kissed along her jaw and cheeks, finally brushing his lips across her mouth he could hear her breath catch in her throat. His mouth engulfed hers, as he tasted Laura’s lips and tongue. A taste that could be no sweeter, Porter could feel her tremble in his arms. He scooped Laura into his arms and cradled her tight against his chest. As he carried her deeper into the woods, Laura nestled tighter into him and threw her arms around his neck.

Finally he found a small clearing and laid Laura down on a patch of soft moss, deep enough in the woods not to be disturbed or caught by passing people. He knelt beside Laura, looking down into those green eyes that he had managed to get lost in. As he laid down beside her, he brought Laura closer to him, nibbling at her lips, her chin and neck. He could hear the small gasps of pleasure that escaped her lips.  Porter slowly let his hand wander down her body, touching the base of her skirts and moving his way up her soft skin. Laura trembled under his touch, her eyes closed and her breathing heavy. Her thighs were plump and soft and the heat from her core emanated down her legs. Porter groaned as his hand found her centre. He heard Laura gasp as his fingers brushed across her mound and dipped lightly into her wetness. His head began to spin with delirium as he brought his fingers up to his mouth and tasted her juices. Laura was addictive her juices were like drinking the nectar of the finest fruit. A growl formed on his lips and the thought fleeted his mind that this woman was going to be the death of him.

“Oh Porter” Laura moaned breathlessly.

He nuzzled her neck and her scent filled him to his soul.  He marvelled at her beauty as he dipped his fingers back into her sex and found the little nub that caused Laura to writhe in pleasure.  As he circled her clit, he felt her juices begin to flow down over his fingers; her lips nibbled at his in feverish kisses and he sucked her moans into his mouth. He was so hard it became painful when his cock pressed against his pants.  With a groan he thrust his hips against Laura’s thigh, feeling the waves of pleasure pulse along his shaft. He needed to be inside her, he needed to feel her milking him. Slowly with a shaking hand, he lifted her skirt to her waist and marvelled at the blonde curls that glistened with her juices. He licked his lips, he wanted to taste more of her, he wanted to drink down all she gave him, but more than that he wanted to feel himself buried deep inside her.

Porter had been with other women, he had felt the depths of a woman’s cavern, but Laura was different. He always felt dirty and wrong after he had been with other women, but Laura’s tempting body was as close to heaven on earth as he could get.  He fumbled with the zip on his pants as he released his erection and rolled between the soft plump thighs of Laura.  He watched Laura’s face, her eyes closed in ecstasy, her mouth slightly parted and her hair sprawled along the moss behind her. 

At the entrance of Laura’s sex he nuzzled the tip of his cock along her crease and felt her pussy pulse under his touch.  She gasped as Porter slowly nudged his way in deeper.  When he finally thrust her eyes flew open and panic embraced her face.  Porter leaned forward, careful not to move to prevent spilling his load too early and kissed her lips and smoothed her hair.  As she sunk into his kiss, he began to move his hips slowly, and with every stroke he felt Laura’s body relax and her hips move in time with his.  He could feel his orgasm threaten to overwhelm him as her moans became more consistent, Laura’s hips wriggled under him and with a growl he began to move faster. 

“Oh sweet Porter” she cried.

Laura’s sex convulsed around him, pulling his orgasm into her, her fingers clawed at his neck and her lips devoured his mouth.  He groaned a long throaty moan, as he spilled himself into her depths.  He slowed his movements, kissing her more gently and looking deep into her eyes. Laura ran her hands through his hair and matched his gaze her face was a mix of spent pleasure and adoration.  As their breaths slowed he rolled to her side and kept his hand on her stomach, too afraid to let go of the connection that had formed. He didn’t understand the feelings that were developing inside him.  He suddenly had the feeling that he would have a hard time leaving Laura behind.










Chapter Two


Porter laid by her side breathing deeply. He had hurt her when he first entered.  She hadn’t had sex before, but as he started moving she felt a pleasure like nothing else and before she could stop it she was shaking and calling his name. She lied though, she knew Porter as did every girl in the village. He was one of the Slater brothers, there were seven of them, but all the women thought that Porter and his brothers were the best looking men in the village. They were the prized pigs so to speak, the men that every girl wanted to marry and have on their arm. She knew that Porter was about to leave for seminary in a few weeks’ time and although she knew she wouldn’t see him again, her body craved him in a way that almost seemed unhuman.

The problem was that Laura hadn’t expected to feel the way that she did. Her heart felt like it was starting to twist, the thought of him going to the seminary made her afraid. He was so tender and loving with her that she wasn’t sure that she wanted to lose him. Laura shook her head to shake the thoughts out.  She wanted to just enjoy the time she had and if there was more to come of what just transpired between the two of them then she would welcome it.  She turned her head slightly to sneak a look at Porter, his eyes were held shut with heavy lids and his once hard cock lay limp against her thigh.

Laura sat up; suddenly feeling embarrassed at her nakedness and smoothed her skirt down over her legs.  Porter sat and snaked his arm around her waist nuzzling into her neck. He didn’t seem to share the same embarrassment as she watched him begin to grow hard with every kiss.  She had never seen a naked man before, her own father had left before she was born and her mother never remarried. But Laura found herself enticed by the men in the village, particularly the Slater brothers.  Laura’s mother always said that the Slater brothers were nothing more than wicked spawn delivered by the devil himself.  As Laura sat next to Porter, watching his face, feeling his embrace she couldn’t share her mother’s view, the devil’s spawn would never have been as loving and gentle.  Porter looked into Laura’s face, his brown eyes danced in the dimming sunlight. She couldn’t help but smile back at him.

“You are so beautiful” he crooned as he kissed her mouth.

She smiled against his lips, touching his face with her hand and looking deep into his eyes. In the near distance she could hear the thudding of hooves, which Porter too must have heard as he quickly tucked himself into his pants and stood. He held out his hand to help her from the mossy ground.  As she stood, Laura smoothed her skirts and raked her hand through her long blonde hair to remove any leaf matter. A large black horse made its way into the clearing. Laura looked up to the steed and shielded her hand from the waning sun, on top of the horse sat one of Porter’s brothers, Cole. He was as beautiful as Porter, but bigger across the shoulders.  Any of the Slater brothers had no trouble getting any woman they wanted into their beds.

“Porter? What are you doing out here?” Cole asked as he dismounted from his horse, looking at Laura with a curious smile on his face.

Porter looked down at his feet, he looked suddenly embarrassed and Laura was reminded again that he was about to become a man of the cloth and one thing she had learnt from church was what they had done was a sin. She stepped away from Porter, feeling the need to protect him in his embarrassment.

“Porter was helping me, I had fallen, and he was going to help me to my home” she said looking up to Cole, who watched her with curious entertainment.

“Is that so? Well that is nice of him” Cole said there was laughter in his tone as he reached out and ruffled Porter’s hair. “You will make a great priest then”

Porter grunted in response as he squeezed his eyes shut. Laura could see how uncomfortable he was and she was filled with instant regret and guilt for allowing him to sin with her.

“He will” she stated dryly. 

Laura turned to Porter and took his hand in hers, which forced him to look into her face.

“Thank you sweet Porter, for your assistance, I will be on my way, I hope to see you again” she said forcing a warm smile to her face.

Porter quickly looked away to avoid her eyes as he gave her a wan smile and nodded his head.  She turned to leave as Porter climbed up behind Cole onto the horse, she could feel tears stinging at the corner of her eyes, her guilt threatening to overwhelm her.  She had given something to him that he wouldn’t keep or use, something he couldn’t keep or use.  Once again she was going to be on her own, nothing more than a simple peasant girl. She watched Porter and Cole head back into the darkness of the woods and looked over her shoulder towards where her humble home was.  She knew that her mother would be angry with her for not helping prepare the evening meal and she would have to fight to keep the guilty look of what had transpired from her face.

As Laura crept her way into the humble home she could smell the soup that boiled on the wood stove.

“Laura?” her mother called from the shadows.

“Mother” she said as her head snapped with the force of the slap that landed on her cheek. 

Laura felt the sting of tears that instantly prickled at her eyes. Her mother stood with her hands on her hips and her face full of fury.

BOOK: Fall From Grace (Slater #1)
2.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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