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Fight (Struggle #2)

P.A. Jones

Copyright © 2013-14 PA Jones

All rights reserved.

EDITED by Cindy

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This is a work of fiction. All characters, names, place and events are the product of the author's imagination or used fictitiously.





Fight - Struggle Book 2

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Struggle 1

Chapter 1


They stood in front of each other like two lions: one, a six foot three inch giant, and the other two inches smaller. Peter was the giant and Nathan Brown was his opponent. We covered their last match where Peter won, but Nathan had surprised everyone with his quick actions and crazy maneuvers. We hoped for similar surprises from Nathan in this match, as well. Nobody knew who would be the winner -- Pro Peter or Underdog Nathan. When I had visited the locker rooms earlier that morning, I heard a nasty and interesting rumor about Nathan stealing Pete's girlfriend. Only God knew the truth, but if it was true, only God could save Nathan.


Round 1: Pete took the center of the ring as soon as the match started. Nathan was quick in action, hit him with a wide hook, but Pete dodged it and whipped with an upper cut. Pete's fierce fist landed squarely on Nathan’s chin, throwing him on the ground. Nathan touched his jaw, indicating the sharp pain. They didn't wear any head gear as it was a no-holds-barred match. Nathan jumped to his feet with Peet's hook following Nathan at the same second. Nathan ducked under his fist, with a millisecond escape. Breathless, Nathan moved back.  Cornering Nathan, Pete came forward. Nathan threw a punch targeting Pete's chest, but Pete didn't avoid it. Instead, a swing kick appeared at the same moment from Peter’s side and they hit each other at the exact same time. Nathan hit his open chest, but Pete's kick hit on Nathan’s oblique. Nathan’s face twitched in pain and he lost concentration for a second. That gave Pete an open advantage, and a punch from Pete hit Nathan’s cheek. Nathan kissed the ground. He launched back, but Pete was ready. He hit Nathan with a jump kick. Nathan protected himself with  both hands. Peter hit with a punch again, Nathan barely managing to save himself. We could see the frustration on Nathan’s face. The bell rang.

Nathan looked weak when he sat in the corner. After watching his match against Peter a few months back, I expected a better showing. But he was nowhere near his old self. He defended himself like an amateur and gave too much opening to the professional, Peter.


Round 2:
They danced around each other for few seconds. Nathan dashed forward with a flurry of punches, followed by a leg kick. Pete dodged him easily, and hit Nathan’s left jaw again. Nathan touched his jaw; he must be in severe pain. He had been hit in the same place twice. Nathan stumbled on the ropes; Pete's stiff punch followed him there. Nathan ducked and hit Pete's chest with an uppercut, forcing Pete back. Peter went to the middle of the ring. Nathan swung out with punches again, showing some attitude to Peter. But Peter defended with ease. Peter didn't have a single weak moment in the match, but Nathan had too many. The next moment, Peter hit him with a swing kick and when Peter was forced to his left, Nathan hit him with his left punch. Nathan stumbled back, and Peter hit with a circular kick and an elbow. Nathan landed on his back, very hard. In the next moment, Peter was all over Nathan, hitting with punches and short elbows. Nathan tried to save his sorry ass by defending himself with both hands, but it gave more of an advantage to Peter and he hit Nathan everywhere. Nathan tried to find a way out of Pete's assault, but he buried Nathan with his strikes. Every time Nathan tried to punch him back, he dodged it and hit Nathan’s face with his next punch. More hard elbows, again and again.. Nathan was beaten by Peter that day. The bell rang and the referee dragged Peter back.

The coach reached Nathan in the corner. Nathan was still holding tough, but his face looked awful, covered in blood. I doubted how many rounds he would survive in front of Pete's storm.


Round 3:

Peter dashed forward with punches. Nathan went into defensive mode. Peter swung nasty left hooks, hard and reckless. Soon Nathan was forced against the fence and Peter was all over him. Nathan rolled desperately, but Peter’s elbow hit him hard in the face. Nathan pushed Pete back with both hands, moved to his left and swirled to get in the middle. Peter moved with speed and landed a few kicks on Nathan, putting him in defensive mode once again. Peter’s one punch caught Nathan off guard again. He ducked the next one, but stumbled and hit the ground, this time because of his own mistake. Nathan tried to jump back, but Pete hit his chest with an axe kick. Nathan rolled to the left and jumped on his feet. We could see his frustration. It was a now-or-never moment for him.

Nathan gathered all his energy and hit Peter hard, and this time he touched Peter’s shoulder. Peter moved back a little, but then he turned one-eighty degrees on his legs and hit Nathan’s shoulder with a round elbow, forcing Nathan back. In quick succession, Peter moved in front of Nathan and delivered a knock-out upper cut. Nathan fell on the ground for good. Peter ended his assault on Nathan.

I felt sorry for that young kid. Peter had been on the state’s national team for the last four years and Nathan had never played on that level. Nathan’s coach and Mason took him away from the ring.


I couldn't control it. A tear fell down on the news paper. Wiping the tears, I put the news paper aside. The words were still rotating in my mind. '
But his face looked awful, Covered in blood’. ‘When
I read through the match coverage, my heart raced. I felt like I was standing in front of the ring and watching it alongside of the reporter. The news didn't have any pictures of Nathan and there was no way to check how much he was hurt.
Damn, why did he have to go for this match? Why couldn't he be in my arms instead of at this bloody match?
A week after the hospital event, he had gone to this charity match. I asked him not to, but he convinced me that he would be fine. The match happened last night and he hadn’t even told me about the results yet.

I dialed his number with shaking fingers. "Baby, how bad are the wounds?"

"I am fine." He sounded normal, but I couldn't believe him.

"Why didn't you call me? Are you in the hospital?" I was angry at him because he was hurt and he didn't tell me.

"It's normal, sweetheart."

"Come here now," I demanded.

"I'm driving, babe. Let's meet at the Franny’s in the evening. Exactly as you planned." His husky voice reminded me of the date I had planned for the evening. "It will take at least two hours to reach New York.  Please understand. I will get cleaned up and meet you as planned."

"I don't believe that you’re fine. In the news paper they described every drop of blood you lost in the ring. " The image of his face covered in blood made my heartbeat skip.

"I'm fine, babe" He sounded down. "Please, let me drive.”

"Okay." I hung up the phone. I wanted to see him the moment he arrived in New York, but he was right, he needed to get cleaned up. I didn't care about the date anymore; I just wanted to see him.



Chapter 2


Those dreaded five hours seemed like forever. I didn't know how many times I irritated Chloe about Nathan’s injury.

She cupped my mouth with her hand. "Sweetheart, for God’s sake, stop worrying about him. He is a damn good boxer and knows how to deal with his injuries. And no more talk about the match, now.”

"Sorry." I lowered gaze.

"It's okay, dear." She came over and hugged me. "I know you care for him, but sitting here and whining won’t do much to help."

"Right. I should be fucking concentrating on my college work." I remembered the heap of college assignments I’d postponed because of the inter-college tournament.

"When is your mom darkening our door?"

She reminded me of my mom's message.

I am coming to New York for two months. Plan to move in with me in a hotel.

"Damn, Chloe, she will kill me if she knows about my scholarship." I felt little twinge of panic in my stomach.

"I think that bitch at our college must have told your mom already."

“Are you talking about Mrs. Cooper?” Chloe nodded. "But she doesn't know about the scholarship," I said with confidence, but I wasn’t sure, if Mrs. Cooper knows about the scholarship.

"She is very clever, a bitch. She could measure the length of a dick by just looking at men's pants." She giggled.

"You and your dirty talk. Did Martin teach you that? In bed?" I teased her.

"I thought of giving you and Nathan some privacy, but your boyfriend ran off to the match after your big reunion." She said a crazy dialog. I punched her shoulder, showing my anger. She giggled. "Anyway, where are you going tonight?"

"Franklin Street," I said. "You remember the Indian restaurant we tried last year? We planned our dinner there."

"Nice choice." She patted my shoulder and went back to her work.


"How do I look?" I asked Chloe while looking in the mirror at my own figure.             

"Wear something easy."


"He should be able to take it off easily." She giggled and ran in the kitchen. I ran behind her. She stopped behind the dining table. I tried to hit her, but she was far from my reach. "Red looks nice with those jeans. It’s getting late. You’d better leave."

"Yes." I grabbed my bag and left. I had a reservation at eight. On my way to the restaurant, thoughts of Nathan’s injuries again started killing me from the inside.

I reached the restaurant early and ordered a glass of wine. My stomach was already upset. I didn't know what I was going to see, a bleeding face or maybe worse. Wine was my answer for it.

"Hey, babe." Nathan spoke from behind and kissed me on my cheek. His cologne ignited passion inside me. His touch sent electric currents through my entire body, but I was worried about his health more. I stood and turned to look at him. I expected big bruises and cuts on his face, but he looked fine. A small bruise was present on his left jaw.

"Are you all right, sweetheart?" I carefully touched his jaw, making sure I didn't hurt him. I wanted to feel how rough his jaw was.

"Don't, it hurts." His face twisted in pain.

I clenched my hands tightly. My temper grew, seeing him in pain. "Why didn't you tell me this?"

"I told you, it was a loss."

"No, you didn't tell me about the bruises, cuts and how badly he hit you." I couldn't control it anymore. Tears splashed from my eyes.

He froze for a moment. "Please, don't cry." He pulled me in his arms tightly. "I'm all right. It's part of the game." Softly, he kissed my tears with his lips. His other hand caressed my hair. "Calm down."

I sobbed for a few moments. I couldn't bear the image of that monster hitting him again and again."You know, right? I can't see you bruised like this." Carefully, I touched his jaw. "Why the hell did you give up?"

"Who said that I gave up?" He lifted his sharp jaw in air.

"It was in the news paper. You gave up in the third round."

"Shit, they don't tell the truth."

"But, he did knock you down."

"Yes, he knocked me down, but it was a four-round match only."

"Oh. Media can twist things pretty badly.” I didn’t like the way the media changed everything about the match. “But I’m I'm angry at you." I shook my head.

"Please don't be," His eyes were filled with honesty.

"I can't."

"Please, babe," he pleaded again.

"On one condition."

"Anything, babe.".

"I'm going to take care of you. You look like a mess," Eva said worriedly.

"I'm all yours, sweetheart." He pulled me closer to him. My breasts were pressed on his firm chest. I was getting drawn to his aroma. "What are we trying today?" he said.

"Spicy chicken Tikki." I smiled faintly.

He pulled a chair closer to me and wrapped his hands around me, kissing me on cheek. "I love you, baby." He brushed his lips on my cheek. His hand brushed my open arms, sending tingles through my body. I blushed. I loved when he was this close to me.

"Let's eat. I am hungry." I tried to distract him from his open affection in public.

"Okay, you order," he said in husky voice.

I ordered the chiken Tikki. When the dish came, he couldn't control eating two pieces, one after the other.

"It's yummy." He groaned eating the last piece on his plate. "I never tried Indian food before."

"You should thank me, sweetheart." I giggled.

"I will thank you, tonight."


"I'm taking you home tonight." He winked and started drawing an imaginary line on my arm.

Heat raised inside my belly. My sex tightened with his touch. I remember our last encounter at his place about one month ago. "We should try some Indian dessert." I tried to change the topic.

"You are my dessert." He pressed on the word 'dessert' and came closer to me. His hot breath was touching my neck. I could feel the warmth of his skin through his light blue shirt.


"For you, ma'am." He opened the car door for me.

"Thank you, sir," I replied in a deep, low voice.

Quickly, the engine came to life. He placed his hand on my thigh and started driving slowly. Heat radiating from his body was transferring into me through his hand. He slowly lifted my dress to my thighs and pushed his hand under. Softly, his hand moved on my thighs, sending tingles all over my body. I changed my position slightly to move closer to him. He smelled so good, specially his cologne; I loved it. Unbuttoning his shirt, I pressed my hand through it. I wanted to feel his sculpted chest and his pecks. His skin turned me on from deep within. I traced my fingers on his pecks, feeling the exact marks of his muscles. I lowered my lips to kiss his neck and bit, lightly.

He jerked his head to the right and stopped the car. "If you continue like this, we won’t make home safely."

"Damn you." I turned my face in fake anger and looked away, hiding my smile from him. "You turned me down." Tempting he was, but he was right about our safety.

He laughed and raced the engine.


He pushed me on the wall and ran down his fingers down my neck. His every touch ignited something deep inside me. Lust was completely visible in his eyes.

"I want you, Nathan, badly." I swallowed hard. The dark desire was pushing me to the edge of submission. I tore open his buttons and removed his shirt. There he stood, half naked in front of my eyes. I gazed up on his hard chest and perfect six pack, exactly like the men in magazines. One bruise mark was visible on his left oblique. I knelt down and kissed it, softly. I ran my fingers along his chest, lightly grazing his nipples. He gasped at my touch and pushed me against the wall.

"Too many clothes," he growled and lifted my top in a fraction of second. His fingers gently went to my back and unclasped my bra before he threw it to the floor. "Now we are even," he said in a ravishing voice. He pressed his body on mine, pinning me between the wall and him. His hard chest was touching my nipples, pressing them in the process. He grabbed both my palms in his and pinned them over my head. Lightly, he kissed my neck, moving down to my right breast. I gasped as he took my nipple in his mouth and gently nibbled on it as he sucked. My body trembled underneath him and moisture filled my panties. I wanted to wrap my hands around his back, but when I tried to free them, he forced them harder on wall. "Eva," he whispered my name in my ear. "You are my dessert." He sucked my right earlobe and lightly bite it.

He released my hands and pulled up my hips. I encircled my legs around his waist, practically riding him. He held me with one hand and sucked my left breast with his lips. I moaned as his teeth bit my left breast softly.

"Oh, Eva," he whimpered softly and kissed my chest."You taste so amazing," he muttered against my lips as his tongue penetrated my mouth again.

I felt a twitch in my belly; my body craved him. My body felt alive after two weeks. He continued sucking my tongue while he lifted me on to the bed. His lips parted mine as he kissed down my body, stopping at my jeans for few moments while his hands unzipped them and he lowered them.

I sat there in my panties, gazing at the perfect man in my life. He started rubbing my thighs with his hands, sending spikes of passion throughout my body. He then traced an invisible like starting from my toes to my thighs, stopping at the edge of my panties. My breath stopped as his fingers ran down my panties and circled on my girl spot. I moaned in pleasure and held his head tightly. "Nathan, please." I wanted him, I couldn't control it. I was hungry for last two weeks. Badly, I needed him closer to my body.

"Shh." he smiled and slipped his finger from the side of my panties and rubbed my labia."So wet, Eva" he groaned.

I lowered my head to his ears. "I want you." I moaned.

"Not yet." He slipped his other hands fingers in my panties and slowly pulled them down; it felt like an eternity.

"Damn, Nathan," I cried out when he lowered his mouth and sucked on my high spot. I screamed when his tongue entered my outer lips, pushing me over the edge of satisfaction. My one hand grabbed the sheet and the other grabbed and pulled his head. Waves of pleasure shot over my body as he deeply entered my inner lips. The feel of his hot breath against my hot spot was a completely new experience. I had never felt such ecstasy. "Please," I moaned as I wrapped his head in my legs. I pulled him more and more onto my pussy. He pushed his tongue deeper, sending me to new heights. My orgasm exploded and took my body on a ride along with it. "Oh, Nathan." I whispered breathlessly when the effect of my orgasm waves settled.

I released his head from my grip and he moved back up to kiss me. "You taste sweeter than last time. What are you eating these days? You are my perfect dessert."

"I saved the sweetness for you."

I could taste myself on his lips when he moved his tongue inside my mouth again. I worked my hands on his slacks and over his erection. His manhood jumped toward my hands when I removed his jeans and boxers. It moved relentlessly in my hands. I stroked it slowly, licking my own lips. He groaned as my fingers worked their way up and down his shaft. I squeezed the tip of his cock and a drop of pre-cum materialized from nowhere. I lowered my mouth and kissed his manhood, licking around it.

He pushed me back down on the bed. "I don't want you to play with it tonight. I’ve been craving your hotness for a month now," he whispered in my ears, biting it slowly. He grabbed my buttocks and knelt down on me, pressing his hard shaft against my belly. I grabbed his buttocks and pulled him towards me. "I want you in me," I moaned, low and deep.

"Wait. Let me grab a condom."

"I'm on the pill," I replied. I had started on the pill from the day he said he loved me.

He placed the tip of his cock on my pussy and pressed it slowly. I grabbed his neck and pulled my body up to kiss his neck. Tightly, I bit his neck as he worked his way inside me. He cupped my left breast with his hand and pushed his cock deep inside me. I felt myself contract against him as he entered me. He started moving his body slowly.

"Fuck me, Nathan," I cried. He fucked faster and I moved my hips to match his strokes, both of us panting heavily. I felt the mounting arousal and need for his skin more and more. "I'm coming, Nathan." I bore my nails onto his back. He increased his speed. My body shook violently as I released. The next moment, he arched his lower back and released himself.

We both laid down side by side, breathing heavily.

"I have been waiting for this for so long," he whispered.

"Me, too." I rolled over and kissed his check.

BOOK: Fight
5.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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