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“Now we have those out of the way,” he said, intending to take his time exploring her body. 


Elena gasped as his hands were on her, caressing her breasts, tasting the hard nipples with the tip of his tongue.  Elena moaned again, her breath catching in her throat as Michael sucked on her nipples.


With her hands tied, Elena felt even more exposed and vulnerable, but it also thrilled her immensely.  His lips found her neck and she bit her lip, closing her eyes as she felt the sensations wash over her.  His hands were even more extraordinary than she had fantasized.


His hands and mouth explored her legs and she tried to wrap her legs around him, but he wanted her to keep her legs spread so he could see her.  With each touch, Elena ached with the need to touch him but she could not.


He unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off.  His pants were next and Elena watched breathlessly as he exposed himself bit by bit.  His body was incredible, toned though still lean and she felt the desire to lick his chest, to taste him as he had tasted her.


Elena watched raptly as Michael removed his underwear, revealing his hard cock.  It was thick and Elena ached to feel it inside of her.  For a moment, Elena thought that was his immediate intention, but she was disappointed to discover that he would continue to deny her.  Although it frustrated her to not be given what she wanted, it made her cunt wetter in anticipation.


She wanted to touch him, taste him but his cock was simply teasing her now, touching her thigh when she wanted to feel it deep inside of her.


Michael picked up the wine bottle and took a long drink before setting it again on the bedside table.  He kissed Elena again and she could taste the wine in his mouth.  It was incredibly erotic and he teased her, pressing gently against her lips but knowing that she needed something more. 


Michael tilted the bottle above her body, letting the wine spill over her breasts and down her stomach to her pussy, which was already glistening and wet without benefit of libations. She sighed as the liquid hit her body, her sighs becoming moans as Michael placed his mouth at her breast, licking at the wine.


She began writhing beneath him, trying to arch her body to him to help draw him inside.  She was so warm and ached for his touch, but he continued the tease, drawing out the touches and brief kisses that only made her want more.


Elena reached for him but the silk bindings kept her hands where he wanted them.  She tried to twist her body around, but his weight on top of her prevented that.  “Michael,” she said, breathing harder and he kissed her more passionately.


“Fuck me,” she breathed into his ear.


“I intend to,” he said.  “When I am ready.”


He licked and sucked at her breasts and her stomach, tilting the wine bottle to spill more wine between her legs.  He licked at her inner thighs and she writhed beneath his tongue.  His hand brushed against her cunt, feeling her heat but not giving in to it.  Not yet.


Elena, however, felt certain that they were both ready and she parted her thighs, ready and willing to have him inside of her.  Michael’s lips met hers and Elena tasted the wine that lingered there.  He could feel how much she wanted him and his cock responded. 


“Please,” she whispered, her pussy so wet and wanting.  “Please.”  


Each moan and whimper from Elena’s lips
made Michael’s cock harder.  He rested the tip of his shaft against her moist cunt, slowly pressing just the head inside. Elena tilted her pelvis to pull Michael inside of her.  In control, teasingly he pushed inside of her at his pace.


Elena spread her legs wider, feeling as every inch of Michael’s thick cock filled her.  She reached for him, the silk ties holding firmly.  He thrust, feeling her warm depths envelope around his stiff dick.  Elena squirmed beneath him, feeling as Michael moved slowly inside of her. He pulled out until the head was just resting against at her pussy and pushed hard into her and she screamed out in surprise and arousal.


“So warm,” he said and Elena moved against him.  She pulled him into her, enjoying the complete fullness he gave her.


“Oh, fuck,” she groaned as he slowly thrust against her until the tease became unbearable for both of them.  He was always in control of himself, of his life and his destiny but now his need to consume overcame even that control and he began to thrust harder, faster.


She was lost in the moment and in her own need, feeling an overwhelming desire for him, for his cock.  She whimpered his name as she arched up again.  Without the use of her hands, she was limited in how she could move, but she felt the slow burn of her orgasm begin.  She moved more frantically, crying out as Michael’s cock was fully inside her and filling her.  “Fuck me.  Fuck me.  Fuck me.”  Her words were as urgent as her need.  Her words and her needs fueled his own and Michael drove into her harder.


“Fuck,” he added, his body pressed against hers.  Her body was warm and she still smelled faintly of wine, but mostly of arousal, which fed his own arousal.  He bent her legs, plowing into her deeper.  As her own movements became more restricted by his body and by his control, Elena felt her orgasm gradually build.


As Michael moved more forcefully, deeper inside of her, Elena’s orgasm grew, threatening to overcome her.  It was slow, so slow and she feared she would never reach that peak but when it overtook, it consumed her completely.  She cried out as it overtook her, wiping all other thoughts from her mind.  He felt the spasms of her cunt contracting around his cock.  Her body tensed and then relaxed and she let out a contented sigh.


Michael thrust more intensely, still in control though feeling that control slip as he neared his own climax.  Elena felt Michael’s powerful orgasm as he spurted inside of her, feeling her with torrents of his hot semen.  It seemed endless, as stream after stream filled her, but the sensation made Elena feel sated. 


Michael withdrew his cock, rolling off of Elena and taking a deep breath.  He removed the silk ties from her wrists and she pulled her arms across her chest, feeling utterly unself-conscious.


They lay in silence for a few moments, no sounds of activity or movement within the large house.  Elena was used to her own home where she could hear her nearest neighbors watching television or walking around at night.


Elena smiled, feeling contented and feeling certain that her chosen lipstick shade had been properly smudged.  “It’s a shame,” Elena said.


“What’s that?” Michael asked.


“That we already had a blind date.  We won’t be able to do that again.”


“I think I could make it a blind date,” Michael responded.


“How’s that?” Elena asked, intrigued.


There’s more than one way to be blind
,” he said


Chapter 2

Elena studied her reflection in the mirror as she applied her lipstick.  At Michael’s request, she had gone with a bolder shade than what she wore the previous weekend.  She wasn’t even sure if it had been a request or an order.  She had chosen a more muted shade initially, but she changed her mind.  If it was going to please Michael, what was the big deal?  She found that she wanted to please him
and she wasn’t quite sure why.


Elena wished that she didn’t feel so nervous about seeing him again.  What did he see in her?  She supposed she was attractive enough, but compared to Michael, she felt a bit plain.  Looking at herself, though, she did see an excitement and enthusiasm that had not been present just the week before.  She felt happy, an incredible anticipation at seeing him again.


This time, Michael was going to pick her up and Elena was thrilled when he arrived.  “Right on time,” she said, grabbing her small clutch and heading out the door.

“Always,” he replied, kissing her.  Elena hoped that the kiss was a preview of coming attractions.  She had been thinking about their night together all week and she was excited to see what might happen tonight.  She shook her head just slightly as though to clear her mind of any bad thoughts.  She wanted to focus on having fun and just seeing where the night took them. 


Michael was focused on the road ahead.  “How was your week?” Elena asked, trying to fill the silence and learn more about him.  He looked so serious when he was driving and she imagined him sitting in his office with the same intense look of concentration on his face.


“Busy,” he said.  “But good.  We’re in the process of opening two new divisions, so that keeps me quite busy.” 


“What exactly is your business?” Elena asked, feeling as though she should know that by now – though she blushed a bit remembering that they hadn’t exactly done a lot of talking on their date.


“I own a software company,” Michael said.  “I’m working to expand it at the moment.  How about you?  What do you do?”


“I’m a paralegal,” Elena said.  “It’s not a particularly sexy job, but I do feel like I’m helping people.”


“Do you enjoy it?” Michael asked, still focused on the road ahead, though Elena had the sense that his attention was more focused upon her than it seemed.


“Sometimes,” Elena admitted.  “It is always something different.  I like that aspect.  It’s a smaller firm so we can provide more personal attention.”


“Open your legs,” Michael ordered and Elena hesitated, not sure she had heard him correctly.  It was such an abrupt shift in topic that Elena initially felt confused.  Elena looked at him, as though for clarification and Michael repeated the words in the same even tone.  “Open your legs.”


Elena hesitated, wondering why Michael would tell her to do such a thing.  He said it in such a matter-of-fact way too, that she wondered why she was second-guessing just doing it.  She thought back to their previous date and remembered the wonderful outcome of following along with Michael’s orders.  This could lead to something fun and Elena knew if she wanted to stop, she would. 


She parted her legs, feeling bold as she did so.  Her dress was blue and shorter than the black one she had worn on their previous date and though her underwear wasn’t quite on display, she still felt very exposed.  It was thrilling to her, though she felt nervous for reasons she could not really articulate.


Michael reached over with one hand and pulled Elena’s dress up so the tops of her thighs were bared.  She began breathing harder just at his touch.  He rested his hand on her thigh.  She spread her legs farther in anticipation, but he simply chuckled and kept his hand in place. 


“So greedy,” he said with an affectionate tone to his voice.  His hand remained high on her thigh, but he wasn’t touching her in the ways she wanted.  It was teasing, a very simple torture that was quickly making her very excited.  She didn’t think Michael’s control was very strong, but it seemed that his every movement was designed to prove her wrong.  She was determined not to let him know exactly how much he was affecting her.


When they reached the restaurant, Elena was a bit disappointed that Michael pulled his hand away, but she smiled at him.  Had she really expected him to keep touching her right there in the parking lot?  They were seated and Michael offered to order for her again.  Elena just nodded, not quite trusting her voice as she was feeling aroused.


“You’re wet, aren’t you?” he asked, so directly and she felt herself blushing.  She nodded again.  How could he ask her such a thing in such a public place?  And why did those words make her so wet?


“Tell me,” he said. 


She shook her head, unsure that she could speak those words, could make that admission to him.  Was he aroused as well?  She wouldn’t know just to look at him.  Yet the words he was saying seemed so rife with sexual meaning; how could he not be aroused?


“Tell me, Elena,” he said again, his tone even as she blushed beneath his gaze.  It was true, so why didn’t she want to admit it?  It was the act of saying the words that seemed to be so hard for her.


Still, the words came.  “I’m wet,” she said in a quiet voice.  Just saying the words aloud to him made her more excited. 


“Good,” he said in that same tone.  “I like you that way.”  The waiter appeared again with their drinks and Michael exchanged a few words with him, as though completely unaffected by the heated exchange between them.

BOOK: For His Desire (Full Trilogy)
10.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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