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Sitting in the chair, Elena felt the tightness of the ropes and she tried flexing her hands to loosen the ropes.  The chair was hard, unforgiving – particularly when she had to endure being tied up and not touched.  She wanted to call out to Michael, to hear his voice comforting her when his hands did not, but she didn’t call out.  She waited, straining to hear any sounds in the quiet room, but there was not even a clock ticking by to mark the time.


Michael’s hands were touching her again, glorious touches on her skin and she wanted him inside of her however he wished to be.  He brought his lips to hers, pressing against them with an urgency that made Elena hungrily return his kiss.


Elena melted into the seat, happy as Michael’s hands caressed her flesh.  Elena felt a rush of excitement from his touch and from the connection they were making – and from her ability to remain in control of herself.  She had had a setback – okay, a couple – but she was doing better and she could be in control.


Elena felt a soft tickle against her thigh.  Oh, no!  She knew Michael had a feather and she had to use every ounce of control she possessed to keep quiet.  She was acutely ticklish, her skin sensitive and she had the sense that she would break down and lose her composure.


But Elena held it in and forced herself to be calm.  Michael was tickling her legs, her belly and though Elena wanted to burst, she did not.  No matter where Michael tickled her, she held onto the control because she knew she had to.


His hands were everywhere, the feather everywhere and though Elena squirmed within the tight ropes, she remained silent.  Her whole body was aware of his, aware of his nearness and touch and his scent in her nostrils.  Elena focused on controlling her noises and found that she was finally successful.


Finally the tickling stop and Elena sat in the silence waiting for the next tease, knowing that she could withstand it because Michael wanted her to.  She wanted to.  She waited for the tease that didn’t come.


“Good girl,” Michael whispered, his breath warm in her ear.  Elena smiled, feeling proud of herself.  Michael untied the thick ropes and massaged Elena’s wrists and ankles until the blood flowed back.  She was pleased and she could hear from Michael’s voice that he was pleased as well.


“Thank you,” Elena said as Michael helped her out of the chair and laid her down on the thick, plush carpet.  She knew she was ready for whatever Michael chose next.  The carpet was soft against her bare ass, a welcome contrast from the wooden chair.


“Good job, Elena,” he said and she arched her body upward toward him.  He knew how wet she was, how needy and though he appreciated her enthusiasm, he didn’t need the coaxing.  He could feel her frustration and desire and he was feeling the same.  Michael had left her blindfold in place and he noticed that she kept her hands up over her head, even though they were no longer tied.  It pleased him and made his desire for her even greater.


“Keep your hands where they are,” Michael ordered and Elena nodded.  She was feeling proud of herself for displaying such self-control and she wasn’t going to stop now.  She grabbed strands of the carpet in her fists and held on.  The chair was out of her reach though she reached for it.  Instead, she would have to rely on herself.


Michael drew one of Elena’s hardened nipples into his mouth and she gasped as he began to suck on the sensitive flesh.  He knew it was especially sensitive after the ice and the satin and feather, but she had done so well with it all.  Elena breathed in, enjoying the sensation of his mouth against her skin.  She was exquisite, so soft and beautiful and he loved the taste of her in his mouth.


“Mmmm, Michael,” she said and then stopped herself abruptly as though unsure whether she could speak now.  She didn’t want him to think she was already forgetting the lesson he had taught.  She knew that she could learn, wanted to learn.


“I want to hear you,” he assured Elena, wanting her to feel free to give up her control for now, to give it to him so they could both experience the pleasure that would bring.  He wanted to make her sing, to scream, to cry out with every fiber of her being.  He wanted to see and hear her reactions to him.


Michael moved to her other nipple, taking his time and savoring the sweetness of her skin.  She moaned softly and he was pleased that she was enjoying herself.  He certainly was.  The sounds she made were intensely erotic and since he had given her free rein again, she was releasing the whimpers and moans she had not been able to before.


Elena felt a rush of pleasure as Michael touched her.  His touches were erotic, arousing no matter where on her body he chose to touch and she felt herself getting lost in him.  Without benefit of sight, she had to rely on his touches; her own hands were still above her head.  She loved the feeling of his mouth against her skin – particularly on her nipples and it seemed she could not get enough of it.


Elena’s whole body was on fire for Michael and she pressed against him as much as she was able without using her hands or lifting them from position.  Even though her hands were not tied, Elena wanted to show Michael how well she could control herself.  She felt as though they were held in place by a mental bondage rather than a physical one, her body responding to Michael’s orders.


Though she wanted to throw her arms around him and rub her hands against him, she clung instead to his orders, staying right where he wanted her.  She felt consumed by her need for him and each touch just further fueled her excitement.  The touches felt different this time, though; there was no teasing in his hands or his lips.

Michael focused more attention on the sensitive buds.  He was rewarded with louder moans that stirred his cock.  He was already rock hard and every touch of Elena’s body just made him harder.  She was so sweet and trusting that he found it impossible to be around her without being aroused.  Her rash behavior and temper could be controlled, he knew.


“Michael,” Elena moaned as he kissed her stomach.  He made a trail of kisses down her stomach and Elena wanted him to devour her, completely without restraint or hesitation.  She was so wet and though she could not see him, her body was completely aware of his.  Elena shivered from his caresses, just wanting more.  He teased her inner thighs with his tongue and lips and she soaked up the pleasure.  It was immense, all-consuming.


Michael’s lips met Elena’s and he could taste her sweetness.  “You’ve been such a good girl,” he told her and Elena knew that she had earned this pleasure and that knowledge warmed her.


“I have something for you,” Michael whispered into her ear and Elena shivered.  She was certain that it was a good thing and she wanted whatever he would give to her.  She arched her body up, wanting to tempt him as he tempted her, hoping that he was as aroused as she.


“I hope so,” Elena said.  “I’m melting into a puddle here.”  She felt his erection on her thigh and she wanted to feel him inside of her.


He laughed and she felt him getting up.  No, not again; she didn’t want him leaving her again so soon, not when he had just started touching her again.  Would there be more teasing?  Her mind was telling her that she couldn’t endure any more teasing but her body reacted with the typical sluttiness she found that she displayed around Michael.  He had a way of getting to her physically and mentally like she had never known before.


Elena felt ultra-sensitive to each sound, each touch but now she could only feel the smooth carpet against her back.  Her hands were still grasping onto the carpet as she lay back and waited for Michael.  Lying back on the carpet waiting was different than waiting in the chair, but her pussy was aching, wanting Michael’s attention.


“Michael?” she asked tentatively.  She could no longer hear him and she couldn’t tell if he was watching her or if he had disappeared.  She just wanted to know that he was close, no matter what he was doing.


“I’m here, Elena” he assured her, tenderly brushing strands of hair off her face.  “I just had to get your surprise.”  His touches were reassuring and erotic all at once and his sweet touch was followed with a sharp pinch of her nipple.  She cried out, the sound beautiful in his ears.


“I think you’ve earned your present,” he said, his fingers reaching between her thighs, feeling her wetness.


“What is it?” she asked, her curiosity piqued.  It must not be what she thought, considering that he won’t have to go far to get his cock.  She could hear the need in her own voice and she felt the dripping of her soaked cunt.  Michael was definitely in her head, making her wonder.


Her body was hungry for his touch and she turned her body slightly toward the sound of his voice.  She was ready, so ready for him to claim her and fill her as he wished.


“Always so curious, Elena.  Just hold still,” he said, no hint of emotion in his voice. She did so, just wishing she could see his face to get some idea of what he was thinking.  Of course she knew that even if was looking directly into his eyes, she still may have had no idea what wicked thoughts ran through his head.  Though she was slowly getting to know him, he remained an enigma.


Elena felt an unfamiliar, cold sensation between her legs, pressed lightly to her clit as Michael’s fingers had been, but she held still.  She realized what it was just before the buzz began and a wide smile crossed her face.


Elena spread her legs wider as the vibrator buzzed against her.  Michael’s touches and teasing had driven her to quite a state of ecstatic need and she felt the intense buildup within her.  She was shaking, breathing hard as the intense vibrations assaulted her.  The sensations of the vibrator against her clit built quickly into an earth-shattering orgasm and Elena cried out as it overtook her.


Her body relaxed, sated for the moment.  “Very nice gift,” Elena said, smiling.  “Very thoughtful.  Do you have anything else for me?”  While the vibrator was good, what Elena really needed was the heat of Michael’s body.  She felt the vibrator being taken away, only to be replaced by something even better.


“Your heart’s desire, Elena,” Michael said.  “Or in this case, your cunt’s desire.”  The weight of his body pressed against her, his bare skin against hers.  She spread her legs wider, wanting to be as open to him as she could be.


“Elena,” he breathed as his cock thrust into her and Elena pushed herself up against him.  This was what she wanted and needed; this was what she deserved.  She sighed as he slid into her.


His need matched her own and she opened for him, her pussy warm and welcoming all for him.  She wrapped her legs around him, wanting to pull him in.  She wanted their intimacy to be as good for him as it was for her.


“Michael, Michael, Michael.”  Elena’s breathing grew ragged as she felt him deep within her.  He was touching her, tasting her and filling her.  Elena felt that she could not get enough of him.  Her hands remained above her head, not bound but held in place by the force of her own will.


After all the teasing, Elena was ready to give control to him.  She wanted to give everything to him, all that she was.  She arched her body, not aware of anything in the world other than Michael and in turn, his focus was on her.  Nothing else mattered and Elena could not help the feeling that she had earned this moment and that she would enjoy each sensation Michael had to give.


As he moved against her, Elena felt her arousal grow.  She was so wet, so needy, so ready for him.  “Michael, fuck me, Michael,” she cried out, her hands buried in the carpet fibers as he covered her.  The teasing had wound her up, had aroused her so much that she had to have him as deep as he would go.  She felt him fill her completely, exploring her.


Her arousal fed his and she felt him so deep within her.  She moved against him frantically, feeling her urges build, feeling the slow build of another climax.  Michael knew her body, knew how to coax the most intense reactions from her and he thrust deeply into her again and again, moving faster as she met his movements.

She was close, so close and with each thrust, she moaned, drawing him into her.  Elena felt insatiable, felt herself open and feeling such intense pleasure that she could no longer hold it all in.


“Michael,” she called out into the darkness, feeling him and breathing in the scent of him but not able to see him.  Her body knew him, responded to him and she felt her climax building within her, closer and closer until it coursed through her.  It was deep and intense and she grabbed at the carpet, fists clenched as her body clenched around him and released.


Elena felt Michael press against her more urgently, thrusting deeper and she arched up to him, wanting to make his own climax as wonderful as hers.  Again and again, he thrust into her and Elena felt his warmth within her.  She felt his release within her and he held her, calling out her name.  His lips touched hers and as he lay next to her, he gently removed the blindfold.  The lights in the room were dimmed to allow her eyes to adjust and slowly she opened her eyes and looked at Michael.

BOOK: For His Desire (Full Trilogy)
4.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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