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For Their Happiness

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For Their Happiness

Jayton Young

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March 2012
Jayton Young



What do you do when your soul-mate doesn’t know you’re

Crystie had always kept to herself, only having one friend.  She liked it that way, until she saw her mate for the first time.  He was everything she could dream of, athletic, honor society, genuinely nice, and defensive of those weaker than him.  The only problem; he was the soon to be Alpha and was in love with his childhood sweetheart.  They had grown up together and had always been faithful, so Crystie stayed hidden and never let him know.

Trent had always had a soft spot for his best friend, Nikki, but they were not mates.  He had always looked for his mate, but as the years passed, he was giving up hope of finding her.  He had caught a scent of her when he was seventeen that made his wolf howl ‘Mate!’, but was never able to find who the scent belonged to.  As the time for him to take over the pack came closer, he decided to mate with Nikki so the pack would have an Alpha Female.

Now forces are after Crystie along with the problems she’s having by not being with her mate.  What will happen if Trent doesn’t discover Crystie is his mate and find her in time?








I woke up that morning feeling happy.  It was my sixteenth birthday, and Mom and Dad were getting me a car.  I had asked for a Prius, but I never knew with my dad because he was a car lover, so if he thought there was a better car for me, then that’s what I’d get.  Truth be told, as long as I had something to drive, I really didn’t care.

I got up, showered, and dressed in my normal dark blue jeans, tee, and hoodie sweatshirt.  I didn’t like people noticing me, so I hid behind my clothes and kept to myself, never talking to anyone except my best friend Becca and her mate Billy.  It wasn’t because I was ugly.  I was an average height at five foot six and had red hair and sea green eyes, which my mother said was one of my most beautiful features.  And it wasn’t because I was bullied or outcast either.  When people spoke to me, it was always with respect.

I was what was called an Omega wolf, just as my father was.  We were a rare type of wolf, therefore protected and revered in the pack.  What made an Omega wolf special is that we were the peace keepers of the pack.  Our emotions spread to those around us, and we were never aggressive, making the wolves around us calmer; therefore less fighting.  The downside to that is that if I was sad, then those around me would immediately tense
up to see what was making me that way and eliminate the threat
.  As I said, we were protected fiercely, so every wolf around would start trying to eliminate whatever
it was that
made me feel bad.

So I stuck to myself and always tried to think ‘happy thoughts’. 
Though it sounds stupid to say it like that, that’s how it was for me. 

I observed everything and everyone around me.  I liked it that way.  I got to see friends and lovers bonding and living their lives.  When I would see someone in school picking on someone else, I would usually step in and stop the situation.  My


worked on humans as well as wolves, so when I was disappointed in someone, they would truly regret what they had done, and try to make up for it to the person.  It made me happy when friendships, and sometimes relationships, started that way.  To know that I helped those people come together made me feel wonderful
and like I really did have a purpose

All of this said, my school was one of the best in the country.  The students mostly all made good grades, and we had an average for our school that was the highest in the country.  Behavioral problems were almost non-existent.

I skipped downstairs and all the way to the kitchen.  My mom and dad were there, like normal, eating breakfast and getting ready for their work day.

“Happy birthday, Tink!!”  My dad said as I went to kiss his cheek before sitting down to my plate.  “Have you made any plans for tonight?”

“Becca and Billy were going to take me out to dinner, but I
told them no
.”  I said with a mouthful of blueberry pancakes.  I swallowed and finished.  “I’
rather spend the evening with both of you like we always do.”

We’ve had this talk, Tinkerbelle
.  You have to get used to being around people.  You’ll be taking over for me in two years, and you have to be ready.”  He said, not harshly, more like he was disappointed.  “You have to learn to control the emotions, not hide from them.”

“Daddy, I was thinking.”  I hedged.  I knew they wouldn’t like my suggestion, but I thought it would be a good compromise.  “Why don’t I go ahead and take the test to graduate early.  I know all of the material they are
doing, and since I’ve already
skipped two grades, there is nowhere else for me to go.  Then I can spend the days with you and the Alpha, training in what I need to know at the same time
I’m learning more control.  Plus you have to teach me how to project the emotions for meetings with other packs.”

one of
was my dad’s job
; to keep things civil in important meetings and to travel with the Alpha on important trips, unless it was a battle the Alpha was going to help another pack with.
  Dad had some medical training,
and was a great medic,
but the pack didn’t want
either of
us in the path of any fighting, just in case we were to get injured.

We were the biggest, most respected pack in the US.  Having Dad and I in the p
ack had helped with that.  There was another known Omega
in the King’s pack in Spain.  We had visited with them when I turned thirteen, went through the change, and learned what my role in the pack would be.

Wolves went through their first change on the first birthday af
ter they hit puberty, so the ag
e was different for different people.  I had never understood why the kids around me acted as they did until that happened and Daddy explained it all.

“Crystie, is this what you really want?”  My mom asked.  “Won’t you miss your friends?”

“I’ll miss them, Mom, but I really want to do this.”  I told her, excited that they seemed to be accepting it.  “I love the pack kids, but I get so bored in school.  I could do so much more good if I were to be working with Daddy.”

They looked at each other for a moment, each communicating
with the other as only mates could
, and then they turned back to me.

“I’ll talk to Alpha Parker today.  Go ahead to school and I’ll work everything out.”  Daddy said.

I hopped out of my seat and hugged his neck while jumping up and down like a five year old.  Then I ran to my mom and did the same thing. 

“Calm down, sweetie, or we won’t be able to give you the keys to your car for fear of you having a heart attack.”  She chuckled.   She had to hold her hands over her ears when I squealed.

“Oh my gosh!!  I totally forgot about my car!!  I have to get to school anyways, so please come out with me to show me.”  I said as I ran back upstairs to grab my messenger bag for school, and then I shot back down to the front door.

Mom and Daddy were there, waiting so we could all leave at the same time as we always did.  Daddy held up a set of keys and jiggled them for me, and I grabbed them out of his hand, giving him another kiss. Sitting in front of the garage where their cars were, was a royal blue 2012 Toyota Prius Hybrid with a sun panel roof.  Exactly the one I wanted.

“Thank you both so much.”  I said as tears welle
d in my eyes.  “I love it!  I’
ll take care of it
, I promise

“We know you will,
sweetie.”  My mom said.  “You’
re a very responsible driver.  We trust you.  Now you get to school and have fun because it might be your last day.”

I kissed them both again as I hopped in my car and started for school.  My parents were the best.  They had always made sure I had everything I needed, and then tried to get me everything I wanted.  I tried not to mention too many things since I knew Daddy would immediately go out and get it.  I was very blessed, but I
didn’t want
to take advantage of it, or show it off too much.  There were too many people that couldn’t afford the simple luxuries in life, and I didn’t want them to feel bad.

I pulled up and parked in a free space at school and saw people looking my way, wondering who was pulling up.  I got out and kept my head down, just answering greetings as I passed and headed to my tree.  I sat here in the mornings and at lunch with Becca and Billy.  I loved watching the students hang out with their friends. 

My favorite two people to watch pulled up in his black 4Runner, and just sat there talking like usual until school would start.  His name was Trent P
arker.  He had sandy brown
amazing blue
eyes, a well-built body, and was around six one or six two.  He was the Alpha’s son, but he wasn’t stuck up as some might be in his position.  Don’t get me wrong, he was the typical ‘it’ guy.  He was quarterback and captain of the varsity football team.  Trent was also valedictorian of our class.  He was two years older than me, but since I had skipped a couple of grades, we were
both seniors

ven though he had all of that going for him, he was truly a good guy.  On two of the occasions
I had not been able to get to some freshman that was bullying someone
he stepped up and took up for the poor kid that was being bullied.  He never used violence to solve the problem, though, and that’s why I admired him so much.

With him was his forever girlfriend, Nikki Barnes.  She was so beautiful, having chocolate brown eyes and hair, a very curvy yet fit body, and
was around my height.   They had been best friends since they were in diapers, having been born two weeks apart
the Alpha and Beta
.  They had never been seen with anyone else, staying faithful to each other.  Anyone could look at them and feel the affection between the two, but they never showed off in public.  I had never even seen them kiss.  It was only hand holding or his arm slung over her shoulder.  Nikki was a good match for him in every way.  She was an Honors student, cheerleading captain, and she was even the captain of the debate team, but she was not snobby; she was genuinely nice to everyone.

It was so good
to know that these two people would lea
d our pack one day; that o
ur pack would continue to thrive because of them.

“Happy Birthday, girlie girl!”  My bubbly best friend Becca said as she skipped up to our spot with Billy in tow. 
She was always so hyper and happy, it made you want to be just like her.

“Yeah, Happy Birthday, Crystie.”  Billy added in his quiet manner.

Becca and Billy were complete opposites, but anyone could see that they balanced each other out.  As bubbly and outgoing as Becca was, Billy was just as quiet and shy.  It suited them perfectly.
  Billy watched her with a love and affection that was obvious to all who saw.

The bell rang, letting us know it was time to head to homeroom.  As I stood up, I caught an amazing scent.  My wolf was jumping for joy in my head crying
‘mate, mate’
.  I looked around to see who was still outside, and saw Trent helping Nikki out of the SUV, and I knew.

Trent was my mate.  I was ecstatic for a moment until I saw him throw his arm around Nikki’s
and head into the school

‘Go to our mate!’
my wolf cried.

‘I can’t!  Look at them.  They are so happy together.  They’ve been together basically for eighteen years, I can’t break that up.’

‘But he’s our mate.’

‘Can you bring yourself to hurt someone
like Nikki will be hurt
if we claim him?
  Or make him feel the loss he is sure to feel

My wolf whined in answer. 
I felt her retreat, way down deep, to mourn our loss, but she was in agreement. 
It was in our very nature to ensure the peace and happiness of our pack.  Neither I nor my wolf could do that to anyone, much less
as kind hearted as Trent and Nikki both were.

“Crystie?  What’s wrong?”  Becca asked, close to tears.

As I said, my emotions rub off on people, all she knew is that my heart was breaking, she didn’t know why.

“Becca, go on to class.  I need to go talk to my dad about something.”  I told her, trying to pull back on how strongly I was feeling.  Luckily Trent and Nikki were inside by now, or they would have felt something.  “Just to let you know, though, Daddy is talking to Alpha Parker about me taking the test for my diploma so I can graduate now and not
have to
finish out the year.”

“That’s why you’re so sad?”  She assumed.  She hugged me with Billy on the other
, and said, “Don’t worry, girlie, we’ll still see each other all of the time.”

I nodded to agree with her.  I didn’t want her to ask any questions.  “
You can’t stay away from me.”
  I said, trying to lighten the sudden sullen atmosphere.

You know it!
”  She laughed.  “Anyway, go on to your dad.  Tell me how the test goes.”

They waved as I got back in my car and they went in to the building.  I got my phone out and called my dad.  I don’t know how he understood me when I said I needed him, but he just told me to meet him at the house.

As sad and heartbroken as I was, I knew one thing for sure; I had to stay away from Trent. 
I could never let him look me in the eye or catch my scent, which are the
two ways an Alpha can find his
He could never know or his world would shatter as badly as mine had, but for the opposite reason.

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