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BOOK: Forgotten

Brides of the Kindred


Book 16: Forgotten


Evangeline Anderson



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Brides of the Kindred

Book 16: Forgotten

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About the Author



You fool! You’ve taken the
wrong female!”

winced as his Master bellowed inside his head. Master Two might be
nothing but a chip implanted just under Y’s left ear, but he ruled
Y with an iron fist
lack of a physical body.

took the one that sniffed the blossoms, Master, just as you
requested,” he pointed out.

But look at her—
this is not the Khalla at all—it’s the mate of that damn

can see that.” Y strove to keep his voice level. It would be wrong
to raise his voice to the Master…no matter how much he might want

the cold steel floor of the Scourge Fathership, the naked girl with
the long, coppery curls moaned and stirred. She had been taken by
molecular transfer beam, a Scourge
invention Y had traveled to the abandoned ship to get. It had been
set to take whoever inhaled the fragrance of the Dream Blooms,
exactly as Master Two had ordered. Y didn’t see how it was his
fault the wrong female had been taken.

But so it had happened.
This female—Kate, Y thought she was called—had apparently
unwittingly sprung the trap set for Emily, the new
back on Rageron.
Indeed, she still had one of the deep blue blossoms clutched in one

Y wondered how it had come through the
transfer beam with her—it was his understanding that only living
things were transportable. But maybe the freshly cut flower still
had enough vitality to make it through the transfer…or maybe it was
the spell the old hag from the Wulven home planet had placed on the
blossoms that allowed it to come, clutched in Kate’s small fist.
She looked so innocent and vulnerable, lying unconscious on the
hard metal floor that Y felt his heart twist with pity. He
immediately tried to suppress the emotion—doubtless his Master
would see it as nothing but weakness.

She’s here now,” he said,
stolidly. “What shall we do with her? Do you want me to kill her?”
He hoped not—he did not enjoy violence, especially towards females.
But the Master was not to be denied and anyway, death would be a
kinder fate than any of the horrible, twisted tortures the soulless
bastard that lived in Y’s brain might devise.

I would kill her myself,
if I had a body!”
Master Two hissed, his
mental voice filled with frustration.
no…let me think.”

There was a long silence—so long that Y
wondered if the Master had gone to sleep. He did that at
times—became inactive during a recharging period. Y had come to
look forward to such periods of inactivity—they were the only rest
he got from the relentless dictator that lived in his skull.

On the cold floor, Kate stirred again and
moaned softly.

Master,” Y sub-vocalized
in case she could hear him. “She is waking.”

Hush, you fool! Ah—I have
it now. We must send her back.”

You mean back to Rageron?
And try to take the Khalla instead?” Y asked doubtfully. “That
won’t be easy—they’ll know she was the true target. Doubtless
they’ve taken her someplace shielded.”

No, you idiot! Not back
to Rageron—back
. Her home.”

I don’t understand. Do
you mean her home world of Earth?” Y shook his head in confusion.
“But why?”

Two reasons,”
Two hissed in his head.
“First because we must send her somewhere—we cannot take her
with us. Her mate is a Wulven Kindred and they are absolutely
deadly in their fur-form—we cannot risk it. Second, because home is
the last place the Kindred will expect her to be. They’ll search
the entire universe before they think to look back on Earth—which
is just how we want it.”

We do? But why? Are you
hoping to distract them in some way?” Y asked.

Finally, you’re learning!
Yes—a distraction. That’s exactly what this girl will be. And while
the Kindred are busy hunting for her, they won’t even give a
thought to what we might be up to.”

What do mean?” Y asked.
“I thought your entire plan hinged on forcing the
to forget and
fear her mate and then transporting her here to the Father Ship for
execution, after letting him see that she no longer knew

It was another one of his
Master’s convoluted plans which he didn’t agree with. Why take the
time and trouble to bewitch the flowers in order to make the
react in horror
and aversion to the Beast Kindred assassin who had claimed her? Why
not just snatch her away and execute her?

But his Master had
declared that he wanted the assassin to suffer. He had refused to
carry out the contract Two had placed on the

head and Master Two wanted his
last memory of his bride to be a painful one.

Let him know that she
feared and loathed him at the last. It is a fitting
he had said. And so the whole
elaborate scheme had been carried out exactly as he had
ordered…only to fail at the last minute. It made Y wonder if there
had been something wrong with his Master’s mind when he recorded
the personality chip which was currently embedded under Y’s ear. He
vaguely remembered seeing the corpse of his Master when he first
awoke back on Z4, the Dark Kindred home world. It seemed to him
there had been dark spots on Master Two’s brain…areas of stinking,
oozing rot which would not seem to be conducive to logical

I have been so focused on
the Seeing that B’Rugh did for me—so focused on the future of the
Kindred race,”
Master Two said,
interrupting his treasonous thoughts.
why settle for destroying their future when I can destroy their

And how do you plan to do
that, Master?” Y asked, careful to keep his voice level and
respectful rather that doubtful.

Have you not noticed, Y,
all the lovely toys the Scourge left lying around when they
His Master’s voice sounded
“This molecular transfer beam is
only one of them. Think of everything else they left! The flesh
tanks…the sniffer kennels…there are so many tools here, just
waiting for the right set of hands to pick them up.”

hands, you mean,
Y thought
resentfully but did not say aloud. Since the Master rode inside his
head but had no direct access to his body, he was forced to do any
physical labor involved in Master Two’s schemes.

I see,” he said. “So you
wish to explore the Father Ship further?”

Not the Father Ship, no.
I think we have found everything we need here. But what of

The Scourge home
Y shook his head. “But I thought
that was a dead world—poisoned beyond repair.”

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