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"Please Caleb! Let me touch you, I can't stand this much longer. Oh my God!" He looked up at me as he gave me one last kiss before he started running his tongue up my body and stopped at the front clasp of my bra and literally tore the clasp off with his teeth.

"Oh dear God in heaven, now if those aren't the most gorgeous breasts that I've ever seen in my life, I don’t think anything else could ever compare."

He grabbed one of my breasts and pinched my nipple so hard that my whole body ignited and it felt like a bolt of lightning that struck right between my legs. He lowered his mouth to my nipple and started lightly sucking it and I'm so close to an orgasm I can't stand it as I'm shaking my head back and forth.

"Please... Oh God please! I can't take it anymore, now Nerd boy! Now!"

I looked at him pleading with my eyes to help give me the release I so desperately need. He pulled his boxers off with one swift tug and is finally right where I want him. I feel his enormous arousal at my entrance and oh my god! I feel like he's splitting me in half at the massive thickness and length of him as he slowly enters me. I revel in the pain that turns quickly to pleasure as he speeds up his rhythm while I match his pace with my hips. He finally let go of my hands and pulled my leg up over his shoulder and rammed into me over and over until we both exploded at the same time over and over again.






A few minutes later, after catching our breath, I'm finally doing what I have wanted to do for a long time and that was run my fingers through his gorgeous hair. I've never felt so content in my life than I am right now and so at peace and loved.

Talk about getting the whole package. Not only is he sexy as hell and gorgeous to boot but oh my God! The sex! Was absolutely amazing! I don't even want to talk because I just want to revel in this discovery of what loving the man of my dreams and being loved by him in return will be like in our future. He rose up and kissed me and pulled me into his arms to where we are face to face and he has the biggest shit eating grin on his face right now and all I can do is laugh.

"So...was that what you were going to propose? Haha... I have to say this Cru. Every fantasy I've ever had about us making love doesn't even come close to the real thing. I didn't think I could fall any deeper in love with you but I just did. Are you okay? You're way too quiet for someone that was begging me to end your suffering. Did I manage to end it? Your suffering that is?" I leaned in closer to him and wrapped my leg over his to pull him in closer and kissed him on his chest, right next to his heart.

"Oh did you ever! You were torturing me but I'm perfect now and have never been better." I looked up at him and into his eyes. "I'm happy even. I don't feel quite as alone in this situation like I have been feeling." He tenderly grazed my cheek with his finger and I leaned into it.

"Cru, you've never been alone. Do you not realize that?"

"I realized that last night when I had my meltdown and you held me without asking any questions. You really love me don't you. Even with all of my crazy different personalities? Because you know I have a few, haha."

Oh boy do I! I guess you could say I'm a little OCD meets high strung. Olivia swears I have about twenty different personalities but I only think I have four or maybe five. Oh who am I kidding? She's probably right and I really do have 20.

"Why do you think I call you Cruella most of the time?" He pulled me up on top of him and I felt his hardness up against the inside of my thigh which let me know that he's ready to go again.

"So... because I know how mad at me you were for holding your hands above your head, while I had my way with you, I might add. I'm going to let you be in control for round two before the pilot starts griping at us to put our seat belts back on."

I leaned down and kissed him for all that he's worth and guided him into me and sat there while I got used to the size of him again. I started rocking my hips back and forth as he rose up and kissed me again but I pushed him back down onto the pillow and we both laughed.

"I love that you get me and know me so well! Hold on cowboy because you're going to get the ride of your life in the mile high club!" He grabbed ahold of my hips and let me take him just as far as he took me but he was screaming my name this time.














































Cash had a driver waiting for us at the airport for when we arrived to take us to Mathias' house. I definitely needed the distraction that Caleb gave me on the plane but the closer we get to Grayson the more I'm starting to freak out again.

"Come here baby. You're shaking so much I can feel it through the seat. Are you cold or is it just nerves?" I scooted over to his outstretched arms and leaned into him and tried to draw comfort and strength from his tight hold on me.

"Oh it's nerves again and I'm just thinking too much. Do you think he would want to come back with us tomorrow or should we wait a couple of weeks for both of us to bond? What about the office? Do you have any idea what you're getting yourself into? I know my biggest reason for putting him up for adoption was because I wanted him to have both a mother and a father and I couldn't support him by myself but now that I'm financially able to raise him alone... I mean... if you want to run away from all of this... Now is your chance because I don't want to show up as his birth mother with her new boyfriend that could be his potential adopted father if you don't-" There he goes again... Not letting me finish what I'm saying by shutting me up with a kiss.

"Claudia, please stop it Honey. Do you have any Xanax you could take because you're freaking out about nothing? If he's not ready to come back with you tomorrow then I will go back home and take care of the office and reschedule some clients around. Mother can help with that as well so don't worry about work because it's already covered."

"Oh my God, your mother! She absolutely hates me! She's going to think that I'm the biggest whore of Babylon when she finds out about Grayson."

"What? My mother doesn't hate you. Why would you think that? She's crazy about you and thinks you're the most beautiful woman in the world. Well... You and Olivia run a tight race is what she actually says. You know she wants me to marry you right? If she hated you I doubt that she would want me to do that don't you think?"

This shocks me because she has always appeared quite standoffish to me which was why I was surprised that she wanted to work in my office. Maybe it was just my lie about being a lesbian that she didn't like. For her to want me to be a daughter in law speaks volumes.

"She wants us to get married? How will she feel when she finds out about Grayson? Wait! Would you marry me or even want to? I mean... Not that I'm asking but...ah geez. What am I thinking? This has been a crazy couple of days huh? Forget I even said that! Hahaha."

Why did I just say that? We finally admit to how we feel about each other and have sex and now I want to marry him? Omg Claud, at least wait for him to ask you. I'm completely losing it because I've never wanted to marry ANYONE and I've never felt so out of control with my life since... Well... I guess the last time I let my guard down and ended up pregnant with Grayson. Whatever I said must have been funny because he's laughing his ass off at me right now.

"Okay... First off... She will LOVE Grayson as if he were her own flesh and blood grandson to which he will be... her grandson that is. Do you not remember our conversation yesterday morning about me saying I wanted to raise kids with you? Albeit that was when you were ‘gay’ but I did put that out there and seeing as how you actually do have a son, technically... We have a son together and um yes! I do want to marry you and will marry you, seeing as how you just asked me and all."

Not only did he do the air quotes when he emphasized on the word gay but he winked at me. I forgot all about his little offer of raising kids together. That was just yesterday morning? Oh my word this has been a crazy 24 hours with a lot happening.

"You know I wasn't REALLY asking you to marry me right? I mean... My main focus here is Grayson and doing what's best for him. For all I know he doesn't even want to have anything to do with me and this trustee guy is just trying to get him somewhere to where he doesn't have to deal with him anymore." He turned in his seat to where he's looking directly into my eyes and sighed.

"You already asked Cru and I gave you my answer so yes... We are getting married so deal with it. Since you asked me then does that mean that you have to go out and buy ME an engagement ring or do I still have to buy YOU one? Hmmm... I bet Mother would know the answer to that." He reached into his pocket for his phone and pulled it out to make a call.

"Don't you dare! Have you lost your mind? I'm not buying you a ring! You'll have to buy ME one Nerd Boy! I mean. No! Wait! What?" I looked at him and he's grinning from ear to ear and then he looked out the window and pointed and I realize that we have pulled up to Mathias' house which happens to be right on the beach.

"Oh God, we're here already? How did we get here so quickly? You completely distracted me the whole ride and I was planning on figuring out what to say."

"That my dear was my whole plan. To distract you because your mind takes you to some crazy Cray, Cray places when you get to thinking too hard. Come here and let me hold you for a minute before we get out so that you can calm down. You're shaking again baby."

I crawled into his lap to let him hold me like the scared little girl that I try to pretend that I'm not. I realize that it's definitely time to grow up though.  There's a little boy just a few hundred feet from me that needs me to finally be the parent to him that I was unable to be when he was born. I pulled away from him to run my fingers through my hair and try to straighten my clothes up and look presentable and looked over at him.

"It's time for me to put my big girl panties on now huh. Okay... Let's go. I can do this. Right?" I give him one of my best fake smiles and shrug my shoulders.

"Aww, that's my girl. Yes you can do this Claud. And don't forget... I'm right here with you every step of the way okay. Here..." He opened the door and extended his hand in to me when he got out. "Hold my hand so that if you feel like running away you can just hang on to me alright? You've got this, Baby." I grabbed his hand to let him pull me out and he gave me the sweetest kiss on the forehead. Once again I silently ask myself what took me so long to give him a chance.

We walked up to the front door of the beach house which is much bigger than what I was expecting and knocked on the door. I suddenly feel the urge to throw up but Caleb squeezing my hand distracts me and I look up at him to draw strength from him. His grin alone calmed my nerves while we patiently waited for someone to answer the door. When the door finally opens, a gorgeous woman who seems to be of an Italian descent answered the door.

"Hello... My name is Maria and I assume you are Miss Claudia Porter? Welcome... Come in please. Mr. Jackson is in the other room with Mr. Grayson and they have been expecting you." I extended my hand out to her and she shook it in return.

"Nice to meet you Maria, this is Caleb Kingston, my... boyfriend."

Now that's the first time I've uttered those words since high school. I looked over at Caleb and he is grinning at me and he then reached out and shook Maria's hand and we followed her into what I am assuming is the living room.

The view is fantastic with floor to ceiling sized windows surround the massive room with an amazing beautiful view of the ocean in the background. I know that Cash and Olivia live in a castle and Cash's beach house has always been something to see but Mathias Jackson certainly knows how to live that's for sure. The infinity pool alone looks to be the size of an Olympic sized pool.

I looked over towards the couch and Mathias and Grayson have their backs to us while playing some game on what looks to be an Xbox on the biggest flat screen TV I've ever seen above the fireplace mantle. Grayson must have beaten him because he was standing up and doing a little celebratory jig.

"Oh yeah Uncle Mattie! I told you I was going to beat you!! What do you have to say for yourself now? Booyah!"

He started jumping up and down in circles and waving his arms up in the air and stopped as soon as he saw Caleb and me standing behind them. Mathias turned around to see what he was looking at and stood up to greet us.

BOOK: Found by Love
2.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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