Gambling with Gabriella (Menage MfM Romance Novel) (Playing For Love Book 2) (14 page)

BOOK: Gambling with Gabriella (Menage MfM Romance Novel) (Playing For Love Book 2)
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Two months later…

,” I speak into my monitor. “Spill.”

It’s Monday night and Carter and Dominic have cleared out of our home, taking Noah with them. They said something about going to get dinner with Ed, followed by ice-cream. Noah solemnly promised to bring back some for me. “I know you like strawberry, Gabby,” he said. “I’ll remind Daddy and Uncle Carter.”

Ed Wagner is working in Dominic’s casino now as a dealer, and he’s really good at it. He’s also living in a nicer apartment, one that even Carter approves of. Relations are slowly mending between Ed and Carter, and I could not be happier. It’s absolutely wonderful to watch Noah’s eyes shine when he talks about his daddy. Carter grumbles a little, but even he doesn’t try to deny that we all did the right thing.

Nathan was delighted that I was interested in the Atlantic City office. I guess he was having a tough time convincing people who lived in the city to move away. I used to be one of the people that never wanted to leave, but though I do miss Manhattan from time to time, plenty of other things make up for it. Reading Noah a bedtime story. Soaking in the hot tub with Dominic and Carter. Sharing a bed with the two of them, and waking up tangled up in their limbs, every single morning. Above all, being utterly, completely loved.

My move to Atlantic City happened a month back, and really, things cannot be going better. I even put my big-girl panties on and told my parents about my unorthodox relationship. I know they had some difficulty with it at the start, but then they saw a photo of Noah and melted. Now, they send him toys from London, and spoil the shit out of him.

Hey, Noah’s adorable smile works on everyone. I’m not too proud to use it to get what I need.

Though Dominic was ready to pay Sammy the money I owed, Carter’s contacts came through for him. The dealer at my table had indeed been running a scam on the side, and the tourist couple were swindling us of our money. Sammy acted swiftly to clean house, and he forgave my debt. No doubt Mr. Clean and Fake Elvis are working their magic on the guilty parties. I don’t want to think about that too much.

Right now, I’m Skyping with my girls. Bailey’s still with her billionaires, and all’s well on that front. Wendy’s kicking ass at work, as usual. Miki’s somewhat subdued, and I wonder if she’s okay. But the bulk of our attention is on Piper. She’s got that
‘I had mind-bogglingly good sex’
look on her face. I should know that look - I see it every morning in the mirror.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” she says weakly.

“Piper,” I warn. “There are consequences to keeping secrets from your best friends.”

“Shot, shot, shot,” chant the others. Piper grimaces and takes her penalty shot from the bottle of vodka next to her. “We miss you, Gabby,” she says. “There are no sandwiches.”

“I’ll be in Manhattan in two weeks,” I tell them. “Dominic has some kind of work thing, and we are all coming down for the week. I’ll bring sandwiches then. And Piper?” I glare through the screen at her. “I know an attempt to change the topic when I hear it.”

“Okay,” she says sheepishly. “I may have been inspired by you and Bailey, and done something stupid.”

“Wait a second,” Wendy leans forward, her mouth open. “You jumped on the ménage wagon?”

“I didn’t go all the way,” Piper protests.

“Who with?” Miki butts in. “Anyone we know?”

Piper gulps and avoids looking at any of us. “Sort of,” she whispers, her cheeks scarlet. “It’s Wyatt and Owen.”

I can’t help it. I burst into laughter. Wyatt and Owen are a couple of genius restauranteurs who are helping Piper make a success of her own New York eatery. But in the process, the three of them have been fighting like cats and dogs.

It seems like hate and love aren’t too far apart in this case.

“What about you, Gabby?” Piper makes another frantic attempt to change the topic. “One month living with the guys, how’s that going? Do you miss having your own place?”

I think about the way Dominic massages my feet when I take off my high heels. The way Carter always has dinner ready when I get back home from work. I think about our Friday night routine, where we all go out to dinner at that Italian restaurant that Dominic introduced me to, and our big, boisterous family lunches on Sunday, where we are joined by Ed and other friends.

“You know something?” I say. “It was the best gamble of my life.”

The Playing for Love series continues with
Playing with Piper.
Coming May, 2016!

They fixed her restaurant. Can she fix their hearts?

Piper Jackson wants to make a play for her two hot partners.

iper’s restaurant
isn’t failing anymore, but her conservative Southern family still won’t stop interfering in her life. And if they find out she’s contemplating a threesome with the two men who saved her restaurant, all hell will break loose...

Owen Lamb has been playing a role his entire life.

After his parents were brutally murdered in a gang war, Owen changed his appearance and fled the country. He’s lived in peace and quiet for many years, but now, an old enemy has resurfaced. Everyone Owen cares for is at risk.
Especially Piper…

Wyatt Lawless has played into his blackmailer’s hands.

For ten years, Wyatt has kept a secret that has the potential to destroy his life. Now, the truth is about to be revealed, and everything Wyatt has built is about to come crumbling down.
Unless he can trust Owen and Piper…

When the stakes have never been higher, can three wary people trust each other and make a play for love?

Playing with Piper is a stand-alone full-length ménage novel (mfm) and part of the Playing For Love series. Intended for mature audiences only.

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BOOK: Gambling with Gabriella (Menage MfM Romance Novel) (Playing For Love Book 2)
12.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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