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Tiana found it impossible to tell Alyssa about tonight’s planned meeting with Jordan. It was embarrassing and humiliating to admit she was hiring Jordan again. God! She felt pathetic just thinking about it.

It was an effort to get through the day. As it happened, Mondays were usually pretty slow and she could duck out before five to rush home and make minor preparations for the evening’s date.

She gave Alyssa some excuse for not being able to meet her after work for a drink and when she was finally home, let out a deep ‘whoosh’, letting herself exhale for the first time that day, since she’d called Jordan on the phone.

He’d sounded really pleased to hear from her again. Had she been a good client? She hoped so. She was glad he’d agreed to a second encounter. Tiana liked to think he’d enjoyed the last one. Maybe as much as she had?

Because hot damn she’d enjoyed every moment. The conversation, the dancing, the sex, the sensual massage – the total package. Jordan had never allowed for even an inch of awkwardness. He’d made it clear he was interested in her sexually, not as a paying client, but as someone he’d like to date. That the sex was a result of the natural chemistry between them and not because she was paying for his time.

If she could, she would imagine Jordan was just like any other male she might

have met on a night in town or at a bar or maybe even through friends. A casual acquaintance who turned out to be just her type and they’d ended up spending the night getting intimate. That wasn’t a bad scenario at all, was it? A pity it was far from reality.

Jordan was a male escort, a gigolo. Somehow, he managed to know exactly how to push her buttons and she’d melted like goo in his hands. What was more, she’d let him take full control of the proceedings. And yet never once had she ever felt ill at ease with the way he maintained authority. She’d got a thrill being dominated and taken by him.

Why the hell couldn’t more men be like him?

She slipped out of her scented bath soak half an hour later. She dried her body leisurely and as she tossed the towel aside, she caught a glimpse of her nude form in the floor-length bathroom mirror. For the first time in a long while, she ran a critical eye over her body. Great skin, with an even, smooth tone; breasts full and still firm with those large nipples she’d always disliked but seemed to drive men crazy – her small waist and rounded hips and long, toned legs.

She turned to the side and twisted round to check out her ass, what her ex-boyfriend had sworn was her best feature. But then
been an ass man and he’d always liked more than a handful. Tiana felt her skin flush as she thought of how much attention Jordan had paid to her rear that night and figured he was partial to that particular female attribute as well. Just thinking about the things he’d done made her start to grow moist between her folds again.

An hour later, she was waiting at her apartment with a bottle of wine and two glasses keeping cool on the table. Deciding she was already too excited to start on any alcohol, Tiana focused on changing into something slinky and enticing for Jordan’s arrival.

A few minutes later, she heard a firm knock at the door. Heart pounding, Tiana didn’t even think of hesitating but hurried for the door. She twisted the lock open with shaky fingers and then backed away as Jordan appeared, his jacket draped over his arm.

He came in, kicked the door shut behind him and flung his jacket on a nearby chair.

She saw his eyes barely skim over the wine cooling along with two glasses on the side table. And then his gaze swung to her, the grey orbs darkening when they rested on her silky black dress clinging tight to every curve.

Tiana’s words of greeting gurgled in her throat when she felt the full laser heat of his scrutiny. Something passed between them as their eyes met: something primal, dangerous. It made her stomach drop as she let out an audible gasp.

Everything that followed happened so fast.

In one smooth move, he backed her up against the wall. Tiana was whimpering, clutching at his shirt front. She felt him yank up the hem of her dress as he cupped her ass and lifted her off the floor.

Oh shit. Tiana wrapped her legs around his waist as they immediately started kissing. Red-hot and wet, so fucking wet. She moaned against his roughly eating mouth, her breasts rubbing into his chest. Her fingers rode up and sank into his deliciously silky hair and she clutched tight at the same time his palm spread over her breast, squeezing passionately over the lacy satin bra.

“Bloody hell, Tia,” he groaned, totally losing all cool. Keeping one hand grabbing her ass, he worked on his zipper and freed his cock. Tiana held tight to him with her arms and legs as she felt him working beneath to roll on a condom before aiming his already granite-hard cock straight for her pussy.

She was so moist and ready. It took just one powerfully driven thrust to have him seated deep inside her vagina.

Tiana heard him gasp as her walls, slippery and inviting, contracted snugly around him. Tiana clung desperately to his shoulders as she felt her inner passage start to pulse at the incredibly deep angle of his penetration. He moved her away from the support of the wall, keeping her up just by the strength of his arms and her legs still hooked tightly around his waist. He pushed her ass cheeks lewdly apart as he began to lift her up and down on his thick, long tube of a cock.

“Jordan. Oh baby,” she moaned mindlessly, blindly seeking his lips. He let out a growl of pleasure and caught her mouth with his in another fevered kiss of passion. There was nothing business-like or professional in the way he fucked her. They went at it like two long-time lovers coming together after months of separation.

Tiana felt the world start to rock as his thrusts grew deeper, choppier. Her eyesight blurred and she squeezed her lids tight to fight back the wave of dark ecstasy. Breathless for air, she tore her mouth from his and flung her head back in abandon. His mouth slid to her neck, working his lips over her collarbone, nibbling and sucking right before he bit her with enough pressure to make her cry out.

Everything felt so impossibly sweet; his cock buried inside her at the perfect slant to reach up into her most delicious spots; his hands squeezing on her ass with possessive passion while his fingers edged close to her clenching anal ring. It was hot, so freaking hot.

It was the most desperate sex ever. He hadn’t even taken an inch of clothing off except for the jacket he’d flung on a chair. He drove Tania up and down on his dick, making her feel him in amazingly far-flung corners of her pussy. Again and again he pushed her buttons, had her rocking on top of that cock and hitching to it like a lifeline each time she bounced on it.

“Oh God. So good,” she moaned, instinctively working her muscles to milk out every plunge his cock made deep inside her.

“Yes,” he rasped, edging his nose lower and nuzzling her cleavage before shifting to one thick, hungry nipple. He grabbed it in his mouth and pulled, causing a shrill cry of agony to spill from Tiana’s lips. Nothing made sense but her ring of muscle clutching and releasing on his pumping stem.

He squeezed her ass as he drove her down on him again and again, slanting his hips and delivering thrusts like a power drill. Torn up, shot right through, Tania clung to him with all her might and began to feel the burn spread deep within her pussy.

Passion and heat never felt so good. They coiled around inside her core until she was bursting for release. Her inner walls started to spasm around him and he must have felt it from the way he groaned her name.
. Whoa. Her head spun and her fingernails almost ripped groves through his shirt. She buried her face in his throat to muffle the strange earthy sounds breathing from her throat.

“Don’t hold back. Give it to me,” Jordan commanded on a grunt, tearing his lips from her nipple. He drove into her faster, deeper. Harder. The friction, the angle and the pressure proved too much to endure for much longer. Tiana opened her mouth wide and shuddered out a moan before her teeth closed over his exposed flesh, biting hard on the side of his neck.

,” he let out, his breathing harsh as he chose the next moment to slash his hips sharply, sending his cock so deep inside her passage it felt like he was plowing a path up her throat. She heard the keening cries filling the air and it took a few moments to figure out they were coming from her. She felt so helpless, her lower body exposed as his hands on her ass kept her spread open as he bounced her to his rhythm. He was squeezing on her ass so hard it was almost painful. Coupled with his razor-edged thrusts hammering like a stake through her, it was a marvel she wasn’t screaming the roof down.

He was so ferocious, so unrepentant in his every lunge that she shuddered, feeling his show of power. Even her legs could no longer keep her braced to him as she felt herself go limp with bliss, almost like a ragdoll in his strong arms which were now holding her up as he fucked the shit out of her.

Tiana wasn’t even conscious that he’d moved until she felt the giving expanse of the bed underneath her. Her mind was in a whirl as she felt him grip her by both wrists which he stretched out high above her head. His other hand shoved her left knee back so far it bumped against her chin. With one leg folded so high he had her at a steep angle that gave him even deeper access to her deliciously pulsing pussy. To her delight, he bent to catch her lips, kissing her so hard their teeth clashed. His pace never slowed, battering into her like a fuck machine. Tania felt her lips go slack against his, unconsciously breaking the kiss as her body started to convulse. Everything slammed into her at once. There was the grinding friction from his pelvis rocking against her naked clit while deep inside her, he rode her like a beast - finally sending her over the edge with one carnal twist of his powerful hips.

Fingers twitching where her hands were pinned high above her, Tiana tossed her head from side to side and succumbed to her almost painful orgasm. Sobbing out helplessly, “I’m coming. Oh lord I’m coming,” she came and came.

Pleasurably sore and but not yet overly sensitive, she lay passive and dazed as Jordan thumped his way to his tumultuous release minutes later. In that time Tiana had basked in a few mini-orgasms that had her twitching beneath him like her pussy was injected with a hundred electric eels.

He let out a choked curse as he climaxed, his face just inches above hers and mirroring his every intense expression. Tiana gasped at the visual, shivering at how powerfully he lost control, just like he did everything else. No holds barred. She whined, straining against his restraining fist still wrapped around her wrists. With a groan, he let her go, burying his face in her throat for a moment.

Tiana’s hands and legs fell to the mattress, her breathing ragged in the cool room as she stared up at the spinning ceiling. What the hell just happened?

Suddenly he rolled off her, muttered something about the condom and left to go to the bathroom. Tiana heard water running as she painstakingly edged herself upwards to the other side of the bed, leaving room for when he returned. Her legs still hadn’t stopped shaking. She didn’t understand what had come over her.

For months, she’d thought nothing about sex apart from the occasional self-pleasuring at those unbearable times of the month when her libido was to the roof. But even then, sometimes she was just too busy to dwell on her lack of sexual gratification and now here she was; unable to go a week without wanting some. Jordan had done something to her and she couldn’t decide if she liked it or not.

She was propped up on her elbows when Jordan returned, still in his pants and dress shirt. Tiana stared at him and still couldn’t believe he was a male escort. Not that she’d met any to make that assumption, but there was just something about the way he moved and looked. Everything about him spelled power, refinement and intelligence. A man like him couldn’t really be making a career of entertaining women for money, right?

Tiana still didn’t get it, but thinking about Jordan being with other women the way he was with her suddenly made her feel…icky. Now that the sexual high had dimmed, she could look at this with a lot more perspective. She was wildly attracted to him though.

She’d quickly gotten over the fact that they were different in a lot of ways. Culturally, they probably didn’t really move in the same spheres. Socially, she could tell he was one of those Ivy League types even without being told while she’d basically started from the rough side of the tracks before dedication to succeed got her the scholarships that had taken her through respectable colleges. Tiana was no genius but she could read a lot about people – after all she was in the PR business and successful at it. And there was something about Jordan that spelled much more mystery than she’d expected to deal with.

“You okay?” he murmured with that same cocky grin that on another man, she’d have liked to slap off. But hey, the man had made her see stars – again. He deserved to be cocky. He stretched out next to her, turning his head to view her now modestly half-covered by the comforter.

“I’m good.” Her smile was a little wry. “How about you, big boy?”

Jordan smiled, linking his arms behind his head. “You called me baby.”

“Oh shit. Sorry. Got carried away.” Tiana’s cheeks felt hot as she remembered doing just that. What had she been thinking?

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