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“It’s me,” said Josie’s dry voice on the phone. “I saw a gorgeous dark-haired hunk making for your front door a while ago – and since no one has called the cops yet, I’m figuring you and your fancy man have kissed and made up. Probably done more than kissed but no need to fill me in with details.”

Tiana bit down a chuckle knowing full well her neighbour was itching to hear details. And then Tiana remembered Josie had meant to come over to chat – until she must have seen Jordan making for Tiana’s front door.

Tiana’s face went hot and she squirmed atop her lover who growled deeply as he ran his large hands down her back to cup her bottom with devilish entitlement.

“Everything’s fine, Josie. We’ll um…talk later,” Tiana managed, stifling a moan as Jordan bent to flick her thrust-out nipple with his tongue. His cock stirred deep within her and she shivered. He was insatiable!

“Oh fucking right we will. I’m dying to know how I can get me a tall, tanned and tasty hunk like the one you’ve got holed up in there with you right now. Talk to you later honey and I’m glad things are good now with you and Jordan.”

“Yeah…things are good,” Tiana finished with a happy inner grin as she ended the call and tossed the phone aside. Jordan picked that exact moment to tug on her nipple wickedly with his teeth, nibbling on her flesh and making her whine.

“I want you to keep believing that,” Jordan said gruffly, picking up on her last comment as he lifted his head from teasing her breast. “And that it can only get better. I want to let you into my world and you’ll take me into yours. We’ll share everything; nothing will ever come between us.”

“Okay,” Tiana breathed, nodding helplessly. The flames in his eyes seared her flesh. “And about something between us…Jordan, we didn’t use a condom. And I’m not on the Pill – haven’t been for months since I stopped uh…you know. Doing it.”

“I understand,” Jordan said, his expression sober yet fiercely passionate. “Do you think you could get pregnant? I hope so.”

He saw her pink face and grinned. “We might as well make it official in some way. Because I fully intend to walk this luscious booty down the aisle very near in the future,” Jordan declared with a gleam in his smile as he scooped her generous buttocks in his hands.

“Oh Jordan, seriously,” Tiana groaned, half-humorously. The other half was filled with excitement and anxiousness for
the future
. He really wasn’t kidding. He really believed this could work.

Heart singing, body thrilling, Tiana decided with a heaving deep breath that she would start believing it too…




Tiana shook her head at her only recently forgiven best friend Alyssa. “Are you sure you can handle things okay while I’m gone?”

Alyssa sighed and nodded exaggeratedly. “I handled it fine when you and Jordan went for that one-month honeymoon in February,” Alyssa reminded her. “We’ve hired a truckload of assistants and I’m no lightweight myself. Things won’t come crashing down the moment you get on the plane. Now hurry home before my brother decides to totally disown me. You know he doesn’t like you staying on too long at work.” Alyssa threw a grin over her shoulder as she headed out the door.

“I hear ya,” Tiana had to say with a mild smirk as she rose easily from her chair on her high-heeled pumps even with the evident bump beneath her suit. She was five months gone and only beginning to really show and no matter how well she went about her day, Jordan seemed convinced she’d topple flat on her face if she didn’t slow down. Though since the doctor revealed they were having twins, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to heed Jordan’s advice.

Grinning to herself, she knew that was why she’d decided to let Jordan convince her they needed to go away for a summer’s vacation in picturesque Italy. Jordan was intent on showing her and ‘the babies’ a bit of the world, planning a trip which included a lot of visits to the opera, museums and historical locations within the region. In addition, he’d been busy with work in the past few months and decided they needed to ‘rekindle their passion’ which he told her was never going to get the chance to wane even for a minute.

Tiana huffed thinking their passion was blazing just fine on its own, considering they’d made love almost every day since that afternoon he’d walked into her apartment what seemed like a lifetime ago. Three months after that, they were married in a lavish wedding ceremony well-attended by both their families and friends.

Now they’d been married for almost six months and sometimes Tiana wanted to pinch herself to be convinced it was all real. She had a gorgeous man who adored her and satisfied her every need in bed and out of it – and she was truly in love for the first time in her life with no sign of losing her starry-eyed passion for her husband that burned as hot as the first time they’d met.

Tiana shuffled up her things and had to smile to herself at what she had in mind for the evening before Jordan showed up in their beautifully designed home. He’d cut down on his workload to make it home earlier each day and Tiana loved to have a hot meal waiting. Funny how well she’d fitted into the domesticated role which was fine with her because she loved to cook for her man.

He proved handy with a hammer himself and had done up a large room for the nursery done in colors pink and blue – and yes they already knew the sexes of their little ones coming soon. Tiana loved the room and could spend hours just walking around and looking at all the bits and pieces Jordan had set up inside the bright and sunny room. She could feel the love already embedded in every square inch and knew that the twins would feel it too the moment they arrived and were placed in their little prince and princess cots.

Heading down to where her car was parked in the office lot, Tiana smiled as she thought about how everything had happened. Meeting Jordan may have always been in the cards considering he was Alyssa’s brother. They’d have run into each other one way or another at some point in the future but Tania had to admit, the way things worked out gave their sweet romance a fascinating twist.

It wasn’t always perfect; they’ve had their ups and downs like every normal couple even when they’d been ‘courting’. She’d been touched and surprised by the loving welcome from Jordan’s parents though hers were a bit wary when they realized their daughter wanted to get married to a white man and who was from such a different background. Her parents were a humble bunch who’d worked hard most of their lives to see their family through but in the end, Jordan convinced them with his killer charm that he would be the best son-in-law they could wish for.

Checking on her watch, Tiana sighed and hoped she’d make it home well before Jordan. Sometimes he surprised her by showing up earlier than expected with flowers or presents.

“If I can tear myself away from work then so can you,” he’d say firmly with his hand smoothing over her bottom. Their doctor had assured them that a bit of rough sex and play was nothing to worry about and the adventurous Jordan enjoyed taking the advice on to the fullest as they both continued to enjoy the hot pounding sex that was still going as strong as that very first time.

Tiana couldn’t deny she enjoyed it immensely as well – maybe more than she should. They’d begun to explore more of a kinky edge to their lovemaking and Tiana felt hot beneath her suit thinking the things they’d got up to in the past several months since they’d married.

She giggled just thinking about when she’d found out what he’d done with the money she’d paid him as her ‘gigolo’ – he’d never spent it and had kept it, he told her, with the full intention of using it on something they could both enjoy. Tiana hadn’t found out what that was until much later and she had to admit, Jordan was right about it being for their mutual enjoyment.

Under-the-bed restraints, fluffy hand-cuffs, naughty adult toys and other elements relevant to very deviant sex play were delivered to their door soon after their return from the honeymoon. And when Jordan asked if she thought his gigolo funds had been well spent, Tiana blushed and agreed that indeed they had.

Tiana could only guess which one of their kinky toys they’d try again soon. There’d been that one time months ago, with that little bullet thingy he’d had her place inside her vagina and then they’d gone out to a night club. Only for her to get those amazingly stimulating buzzes deep inside her walls when she least expected!

Jordan the culprit kept grinning while holding on to the remote which he used to quicken or slow the vibrations that were driving her insane just against her g-spot. It had taken her a lot to conceal her shivery reactions in public and she could tell Jordan was enjoying every moment of her torment.

Heavens above she’d hardly been able to wait until they got home that night before ripping his clothes off and mounting him after the long hours of teasing with that hidden vibrator.

Since she’d gotten pregnant they’d had to cut down on a few of the games with toys but Tiana was sure that knowing Jordan, he’d always think of something. And there was that Italian trip to look forward to in a couple of days and all of a sudden, Tiana couldn’t wait to leave everything behind and enjoy a romantic holiday with her hot and sexy husband who’d more than lived up to each and every promise he’d made when he’d told her all those months ago that it could only get better…






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About the Author

Dez Burke grew up in rural Alabama and spent most summers reading worn copies of her Grandmother's Harlequin Romances. Even as a young girl, she noticed the absence of African American characters. So today, she writes hot, steamy romance books featuring black women and gorgeous men of all races.


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