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“This is Colt,” Jake said. “He’s not usually so rude.”

When Colt’s gaze dropped to her face, then traveled a little lower, she got the idea
it was the first time he’d actually noticed her. But now he
—in a big way. “Shit. Sorry. Hi.”

She liked his instant repentance. Moreover, she liked the way these guys clearly sensed
her confidence, saw her sexuality—yet treated her with respect. Yep, just right.

I understand what the holdup is,” Colt said, still eyeing her appreciatively as he
leaned to take the dark bottle Jake reached past her to deliver. The move brought
both men closer to her, allowed her to take in the slight musky scent each gave off—and
to feel that zing of chemistry, that thing that was either there or it wasn’t. And
it was there. With . . . both of them, she realized as a strange frisson of heat slowly
ascended her spine.

Of course, it was Jake who she’d felt that automatic connection with, Jake she planned
to be with tonight. And yet that didn’t stop Colt from helping himself to the stool
on the other side of her and proceeding to ask her name, ask her teasingly what she
was doing “hanging out with
guy—when you could have

He was drunker than Jake. But he had a winning smile.

So she took the bait. “Could I? Have you?” And she might be flashing a playful grin,
but she also knew she’d just taken this to the next level. Colt had made it easy.
And she saw little reason to act shy or demure.

Jake’s friend drew back slightly, met her gaze. His eyes were green. The green of
marbles. Of the foliage in impressionist paintings. “Are you kidding, darlin’? Of
course you could.”
. It was the first time she’d realized he spoke with a slight drawl—Southern, and
bold. A little cocky as well. But not in a bad way.

“Now, wait just a minute here,” Jake said laughingly at her other side. She turned
back, reminded that he made her feel warm inside. If her first impression of Colt
was one of bold excitement, her first of Jake was warmth, the kind that could cover
you like a blanket. “You can have
, too—just in case I haven’t made that clear enough yet. And I was here first,” he
added with a wink.

She bit her lip, gave a sexy smile, and moved her glance back and forth between the
two men. “Decisions, decisions.”

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BOOK: Give In To Me
5.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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