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* * * *


There was only so much a man could take. Bo had never been seduced by a woman. He was always the aggressive one, never allowing the woman to take hold of the situation. He used to have fuck-and-dump relationships, if they could be labeled relationships. Either way, those had not occurred in over a year. But, he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to let his guard down and allow a woman in. Allow her some leeway, or revel in the time he spent with the woman instead of just spurting into a condom and leaving.

He had no idea what to say to her. Bo was out of his element here. The women he had become accustomed to simply threw themselves at the riders. There was no finesse, no simple flirting, no buildup, no desire, and definitely no sensual seduction. Only the urge to screw their brains out as fast as possible and move on to the next one.

The woman sitting next to him was soft, sexy, and had creative talent. She had no problem ignoring him when he first sat down. She was beautiful, an exquisite sight. Her medium-brown eyes brightened with flecks of gold that formed a strange star pattern. Interesting. He wanted to lick her skin, test his theory of peanut butter. He wanted to rip her clothes off and taste every inch of her delectable body.

“You’re flirting with me.” He smiled at her, voice still husky.

“Yes, I am. Should I stop now?” Eyebrow arched, Spring remained seated, holding eye contact with him. Her nerves egged her on. As much as her fingers itched to touch his large, powerful-looking hand that was lying on the bar, she restrained herself.

“No. I’m enjoying it. Don’t stop. I don’t think there is a single man on this planet who would ask a beautiful woman to stop flirting with him.” He was enjoying her company and the flirting. His curiosity about why she was there had intrigued him. “Are you here on vacation, or are you an actual resident of Las Vegas?”

“I’m here on vacation, staying in this hotel. I’m meeting up with my sisters in the morning. Tonight...” She smiled and looked down at her hands, only for a moment, as if embarrassed. She looked back up into the swirling, ever-changing eyes of the man sitting so close it was difficult to focus at times. “Tonight is just for me.” Spring couldn’t help the warm feeling that crossed her face at the last statement.

Tonight was definitely just for her. Although she had just participated in extreme over-share, she felt compelled to tell him. She was grateful that her sisters wouldn’t arrive until the morning. Spring was not in the mood for any judgmental comments tonight. She was mature and sober enough to decide if she wanted to have a one-night stand with one of the sexiest men she had ever laid her eyes on. And she didn’t even know his name.

Turning his hand over, palm up, Bo reached across for hers. Without hesitation, she placed her hand in his. As if he had read her mind, he said, “My name is…”

Tossing her free hand up, Spring halted his words before he could get any further. “No real names, please. Just one night of no expectations, no obligations, and no regrets. We won’t see each other after tonight, so the formalities aren’t quite necessary. Is that okay with you?”

Looking down to what had attracted his attention, Bo could see that she talked a good game, but the shaking hand grasping his told another story. She was nervous, but he wouldn’t give her a fake name even if she gave him one. Looking back into her eyes, he saw the flash of nervousness, but her arousal outweighed everything else. She wasn’t trying to hide it.

He introduced himself once again. “My name is Bo. No last names either, okay?” Although he acquiesced to her request, it was the one time Bo wanted to know a woman’s name, truly learn about her, and she was afraid to do so. She was correct. It would only be one night, right? They were in Las Vegas. Where could this really lead?

Spring seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. He was in agreement with her about the names. Although her real name sounded made up, she wouldn’t give him a fake name. It wouldn’t matter anyway. They wouldn’t see each other again after tonight.

“My name is Spring.” She smiled back at him. Her nervous tension eased as he turned her hand over in his, palm side up. Her nipples tingled when he caressed the inside of her wrist with his thumb.

“Well, Spring, no last name, it seems that since we happen to be in the
Three Wishes Casino
how about you and I play a game?” His eyes twinkled with a naughty hidden agenda.

Spring was intrigued. He had effectively gotten her attention. She quirked an eyebrow before she spoke. “What type of game did you have in mind?” When did her voice become playful, sultry, and sexy? Was it illegal for a woman’s body to become this hot and bothered by a man she had just met?

Bo was baffled by her. Her willingness to play along; trusting him. He would embrace this moment. There was no way in hell he would let the perfect idea pass him by. “Okay, since you’re game, how about we play a game of three wishes. I grant three for you, and you grant three for me.” The look on her face, her eyes wide as saucers, caused him to chuckle and put one hand up. “Before your mind wanders to places unknown, let me explain.

“You’ve already stated that tonight is just for you, correct?” He waited for her to acknowledge him before he continued. “I think you are beautiful and would like to continue spending time with you if that is okay.” She once again nodded in agreement. “Great.” He smiled. “We continue to let this night guide our way. And why not, we’re in Las Vegas. So, sometime during the night we can go back and forth with our three wishes as long as we are comfortable with the requests, no matter the wish. How does that sound?”

Spring leaned forward just a bit and studied his eyes. She dug deep, looking for the telltale signs her father had taught her. She could spot a lie a mile away. But, the more she looked into Bo’s eyes, the softer they became. The sexier his lips quirked. The hornier she became. The wetter her pussy got. Damn! Why not?

“Okay, Bo, I’ll play. As long as it’s within the comfort zone.”

“Great. Would you care to dance?” Bo asked as he stood up. There were a few couples on the small dance floor and a dance or two might just calm both of their nerves.

What the hell was wrong with her? She was at a loss for words. All she could manage was a dumbass grin on her face as she slid down from her chair. Damn! Bo was tall. Everyone was usually taller than her, but he was tall and built like a brick wall. This was a meat and potatoes man all the way. Now that he was standing, his black dress shirt clung to his chest, complementing his muscular physique. The black slacks were an entirely different story. They hung like they were tailor-made for his body, which they probably were. His one thigh was thicker than both of hers put together with room left over. As she openly perused his body, it was impossible to ignore the huge erection in his pants. Had she caused that?

The clearing of Bo’s throat brought her attention back up to meet his eyes. Busted! The smirk on his lips was obvious. She’d been caught staring at his dick. There was no comeback for that. Spring smiled and felt the burn of her cheeks as she continued to hold the hand that first clenched hers at the bar. Hands held tight, she guided them both to the dance floor.





Chapter 3



When Spring stood up, Bo thought he would explode in his pants. The silk peach shirt was holy terror on his senses when he took in the total package as she came to her feet. The plunge in the back could not compete with the plunge in the front. What the hell! She
did not
have on a bra, and her nipples were calling to him like a bee to honey. His lips almost smacked together at the thought.

Bo’s mind began to wonder. Were her breasts small, just a handful or more? How would her naked breasts feel in his hands when he cupped the underside of them? Were they stiff and perky or did they have just a little softness to them? He wanted to get his hands on them. Sipping on Spring’s nipples seemed like the perfect ending to a wonderful night.

I’ll be damned!
When Bo was finally able to peel his eyes away from her breasts, he realized she wore tight black leather pants and sexy high heels. Spring was a walking wet dream. The pants could have been painted onto her body. He was grateful Spring wasn’t a toothpick. He loved a woman with a little meat on her bones. But those damned leather pants hugged every curve of her hips, thighs, and sweet little ass. If he wanted to get to the special prize that was hidden below, he would have to literally peel the leather pants off of her body. The anticipation and the patience, both killers.

Instantly, his possessive streak kicked in. Never,
in his life had he felt that way about a woman. The urge to shield her from greedy eyes was killing him. What was it about Spring that made him feel this way? His head jerked up, and his eyes scanned the room, looking for any men who looked as if they would want to approach Spring. That shit wasn’t happening. He gave several would-be admirers the eat-shit stare. Clearly staking his claim on the beautiful woman whether she wanted him to or not. He wasn’t letting her out of his sights. Spring was his. She just didn’t know it yet.

Bo didn’t give Spring time to acclimate herself with the dance floor. He wanted to feel every inch of her body against his. When he gently pulled her body to his, her lips parted on a soft gasp as she stared up at him. He saw the lust quickly gathering in her eyes. She smelled sweet, like honeysuckle. The sweet scent of her perfume clouded his senses. Oh, dear God, he wanted to taste her skin.

When he wrapped his hands around her waist, she felt so delicate in his arms. He let his thumb rest on the exposed skin of her back. The deep plunging shirt made it so easy to accomplish. He thought his thumb would sizzle from the touch. He was worried she would move out of his embrace. But, it only made her snuggle closer. Her body melded to his as if they were one. She fit him perfectly. Her small sigh only confirmed it.

He could feel her nipples pressed against his chest. At least he knew he had the same effect on her as she had on him. She was not immune to the attraction. With those come-fuck-me pumps she had on, her head rested just under his chin. She was a petite little thing, and she wouldn’t get any complaints from him. His wide frame completely engulfed hers. He could easily envision tossing her over his shoulders and taking her to bed, watching that beautiful smile cross her face. He had to be losing his mind.

When Spring laid her head on his chest, his breathing hitched just for a moment and his heartbeat sped up. For a moment, he could swear it was like a weight was lifted from his chest. Bo simultaneously laid his cheek on her head. It felt natural. It was natural. Bo reminded himself to go with the night. This, whatever this was, would never, ever happen again. For once he would try not to question things. He would let Spring and the night lead him.

Bo would not delude or deny himself tonight. He would allow Spring to be his first. She would be the first to bypass each and every wall that he had just for one night. He couldn’t fight what he felt. Why deny his wants, his needs, his desires? There were three wishes he had the pleasure of utilizing. He would explore it. Revel in it. It was one night that he’d allow himself to actually enjoy a woman’s company. Please her, tease her, bring her to the brink over and over, enjoying her cries when he brought her to orgasm. After tonight the walls and more would go back up, welded shut. It would never happen again.

* * * *


Spring was unsure of how many songs had passed when they finally untangled from the tight embrace. They stood staring silently at each other as people around them continued to dance. Neither Spring nor Bo spoke. They couldn’t. The unspoken desire burning through both of their bodies had complete control of them. Spring looked up at Bo, but found that no words would come forth when he stared down at her with those gorgeous sky-blue eyes. The way he looked at her, as if he could see down into her soul, made her feel special. He was different from anyone she’d met before. The world, Las Vegas, and all of the craziness around them faded away.

Her eyes went to his mouth and back up to meet his gaze again. She wanted to kiss him. How do you rate the time frame before kissing? How could she ask for a kiss without sounding like she was begging? Did she really care if she begged? If she could slap herself, she would. She claimed she would live in the moment, and dammit, she would. All of these ass-backwards questions were grating on her nerves. She would ignore the mental battle that was occurring in her head. Hell, they were now playing a game. She was excited to see where it would lead. And she would call in her first one.

Finally, she found the words to speak. Her voice was a bit shaky. “I’m calling in my first wish.” She watched his eyes begin to change, and her body tingled at the response. “Kiss me,” she whispered.

Bo acquiesced, slowly lowering his head down, giving Spring time to refuse if she wanted to. There was no way in hell he would turn away from this opportunity. They were playing a wishing game, and he wanted her to realize that if she changed her mind, he would stop. There would be no pressure applied if she did change her mind. He sure as shit hoped she wouldn’t refuse him. With no refusal in sight, Bo continued towards Spring’s waiting mouth. She looked so tempting and trusting in his arms.

The way she licked her lips made him growl low and deep. A soft whimper was all that could be heard by Spring as he outlined her body with only his fingertips. He started with her neck and trailed his fingers down her shoulder to her arms, feeling the goose bumps form as he caressed her body gently.

Her body was soft and delicate in comparison to his. She had curves. Bo could tell she worked out, but she wasn’t overly muscular. He couldn’t stand a woman whose body was just as hard as his. He wished he could simply pick her up, wrap her leather-clad legs around his waist, and take her mouth hard and deep.

She riled up thoughts in him he simply didn’t want to control. It was a freedom he had never experienced. A need, a hunger for a woman so powerful and instantaneous he could not ignore it, even if he tried.

Spring rose up on her toes to meet Bo. He held her body close, hands caressing her back, skin on skin. He was stiff as a board and felt like a schoolboy all over again. All he could hope for at that moment was not to come in his slacks. This woman was melting through his control as she pressed her lips to his. Soft and sweet. As Spring peppered soft kisses on his lips, Bo grabbed on to her tightly. If he pressed their bodies any closer, they would become one.

How the hell could he feel weak in the knees? Bo didn’t know the amazing possibilities a kiss could bring with the right person. He’d never had the gumption to analyze a kiss before. A kiss was always a kiss. But not this time. This kiss was sweet and simple. It wasn’t a deep, penetrating kiss. Just several soft pecks on the lips, so sweet, simple, and overwhelming that Bo didn’t give either of them a chance to think before he went in for another. He wanted more. By God, he had to have more of her. He had felt the sensual sting that passed through them as their lips touched. He was already addicted.

“That wasn’t nearly good enough, sweetness,” he whispered against her lips. “I need more of you.”

The raging hunger Bo had for her mouth had overtaken him. He angled their bodies on the dance floor that allowed him to shield her from any prying eyes. Although they were in public on a darkened dance floor, this was a private moment. Her body clung to his as he cupped her cheek with one hand and traced her lips with the pad of his thumb on the other. His heart raced as Spring stared up into his eyes. He could literally feel her heart pounding against his. Nothing was said, just heavy pants in anticipation of what was to come.

Spring parted her lips and allowed his thumb access into her warm mouth. She twirled her tongue around it in slow, teasing motions as she stared up at him. She grinned when Bo groaned with delight, and he closed his eyes momentarily, resting his forehead against hers. The simple movement was sensual and kept his cock pulsing beneath his clothing. Thoughts of what more she could do with that sweet mouth flashed in his mind, causing him to groan.

Pulling his thumb back out of her mouth, Spring kissed it with her soft, wet lips. It felt as if her body heat rose a few more degrees as she watched Bo’s intense stare. There was the flash of emotions crossing his face. His sky-blue eyes turned a cloudy grayish-blue color. He was fighting something. She could tell. And before the night ended, Spring would bring that fight to an end. She wanted all of him and nothing less.

Bo removed his thumb only to replace it with his tongue, sweeping it across her lips. “I’ve never tasted anything so sweet in my life,” he whispered before taking her mouth. His kiss was slow, passionate, and deep. She followed his every ministration, hooking her fingers through his belt loops on either side of his waist, pulling their bodies impossibly close together. This motion soothed the urge to thread her fingers through his hair and pull him in deeper.            

And there it was.

The length of his bulge was held firmly between their bodies. Spring didn’t want to think of how he would feel in her hand, her mouth, and maybe her ass. Whoa, the possibilities. He felt thick, thicker, and longer, than B.O.B., her battery operated boyfriend. She had no idea men could actually get that huge. The few men she had dated didn’t measure up to Bo’s size. Hell, it wasn’t worth the comparison.

Damn, she wanted to slip her fingers inside of his slacks and touch his skin just to see for herself if it was real. Stroke the heated flesh in her palms, stroking the thick, taut skin as she teased and sucked his tight sack below. Spring could feel her juices begin to spill through the folds of her sex.

Their tongues tangled and teased, breathing quickened. Bo explored every inch of Spring’s sweet and warm mouth. He couldn’t get enough of her taste. It was exquisite and erotic, and he had never tasted anything like it, like her, in his life. He groaned when he felt her tongue probe and glide over his teeth. Her kisses were addictive, and if he did not stop right now, he couldn’t be held responsible for what would happen next on the dance floor.

Bo wrapped his arm firmly around her waist. He didn’t want an inch of space between them. He could feel the beginnings of her legs going limp. Her head tilting back as she moaned into their kisses. He loved the way she submitted to him, giving him access to any part of herself that he may want. She had placed her arms around his neck, gripping him in a tight embrace. They were each other’s life preserver.

Finally, coming up for air, he begged his question. “Stay with me, please?” he murmured, his voice so rough and filled with need that even he was surprised by the sound of it. He couldn’t help it. He wanted more time with her, and there was no room to be shy. If they only had one night, he wanted every minute he could get with Spring. “That’s my first wish to you, Spring. I need more of your addictive kisses. I need more of
.” He stared at her as one hand stroked her cheek and the other held her firmly by the waist. “Please, Spring, don’t say no.” Damn! Had he ever sounded so desperate in his life?

The uncertainty in her eyes didn’t ease his nerves. They were playing a wishing game, and he hoped this wouldn’t be one of the wishes she felt uncomfortable with. He was prepared to live in the moment. He couldn’t help it. The way she seemed to throw caution to the wind inspired him to do the same.

Being a bull rider, he’d always lived in the moment. But this moment with Spring was different. He didn’t want to rush it. He wanted every pleasurable moment he could have with her. He wanted to explore her body, make her burn beneath him. He wanted her begging for more. Bo could offer her so many things. Open her eyes to unlimited pleasures if she allowed him to. Taking what she wanted from him without a second thought. He wanted them both so spent, so pleased, neither would want the night to end.

Whoa, you need to get your head on straight.
Bo shook off the thought as he watched Spring still debating what her body obviously wanted.

Spring closed her eyes and tried to calm her breathing and her nerves. Now that she had exactly what she wanted, would she take the bull by the horns or turn and hightail it back to her room alone? She wanted to play the game. Spring opened her eyes and smiled up at Bo. The way he looked down at her was surprising. He couldn’t possibly be aware that he stared at her with an anticipatory glee. It only helped her decide. She would grab the bull by the horns. She would grab Bo by
horn. Why not? It’s Vegas, baby!
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Nodding her head, she answered, “Yes I will stay the night with you, Bo.” Was she insane? No, she was horny, and it would be nice to feel the weight of a man on top of her. For one night, she would be able to feel what she had been missing for so long. She couldn’t explain her outrageous desire for him. Spring did not want to leave his side.

Agreeing to leave with him felt like a weight lifted from her shoulders. She felt uncontrollably liberated, daring, and wanted. And what she truly wanted stood directly in front of her, eating her up with his eyes. She didn’t want to think about the other side of the coin. If she did, it might ruin what fun and carefree feelings she had now.

She had to do this. Being bold, going for someone she lusted after no matter her feelings in the morning. Spring promised herself she’d be able to look at herself in the morning. This is what she had been encouraged to do. Spring felt her heat turning up another notch just thinking about how free she felt.

“Do you mind meeting me by the bank of elevators? I need to collect my things at the bar.” The look in his eyes made her immediately wish the words hadn’t left her lips.

Taken aback, Bo grinned at his sneaky little minx. Taking both hands, he placed them on her shoulders and caressed them slowly down her arms until he reached her hands. “Sweetheart, I know how to be discreet. Everyone doesn’t need to know our business. I’d much rather walk out with you on my arm, but I will respect your wishes and hang back and let you leave first.”

This was a first for Bo. So far, Spring had unknowingly brought forth a lot of things he never did. He had
hung back while the woman left first. His conquests
followed after him. Damn, he was shallow as hell. Didn’t matter. He couldn’t act that way with Spring even if he wanted to. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but it was something about her that intrigued him. But, he was bothered by her request. Was she embarrassed to be seen with him? Even his confidence level seemed to shrink. He was experiencing a lot of firsts tonight.

Spring was thankful for the easy agreement Bo gave her, but she could see that her request bothered him. He was not able to mask the emotion before she looked at him, catching the disappointment in his eyes. Spring started to rethink her request. They were in Las Vegas. No one gave a crap what she did here.

Hell, earlier that day she’d seen a woman in her late fifties or early sixties walking down the strip in an extreme mini-mini skirt and tank top on with spiked heels. Clearly, no one cared what anyone else did here. To hell with it! Smiling at Bo, Spring left the dance floor with him closely behind her, hand on her lower back. Her man was possessive, and she loved every bit of it. He wanted her, and that thought alone spiked up the heat that boiled inside of her.

Spring collected her sketchpad and pencils and placed them in her black leather tote bag. She heard Bo sigh as he reached for his Stetson. Spring couldn’t help but smile at the sound that would normally come from a spoiled child and not the tall, self-assured man she was attracted to.

Chuckling to herself, Spring had to wonder who in Vegas would give a crap that she was going to spend the night with a man she’d spent the past few hours with. Her indecisiveness was quite irritating at times. She had to live a little, enjoy being a free spirit.

She grabbed Bo’s hand and laced her fingers with his. It was amazing how his hand engulfed hers. Her body was on fire once again. Damn he was a big man.

“Are you ready?” She grinned at the surprised look on Bo’s face.

“Are you sure about this, Spring?” His expression was serious, concerned, and yet, he held tight to her hand. He didn’t want Spring to feel pressured by him or anything else. But he hoped like hell she held firm to her decision.

“I’m sure, Bo. Let’s go.”
Yeah, let’s go before I lose my damn nerves.
He took her leather tote bag from her clutches. When she began to walk forward, she felt the gentle tug of his hand. Stopping, she looked up at Bo with curious eyes. Had he changed his mind?
What was he up to?

“Sugar, if we are leaving out of here together, we do it right. Men are eyeing you, and I’m trying to hold on to my restraint. You have no idea what your little ensemble is doing to me and apparently other men in the restaurant. I really don’t want to have to punch their lights out for staring at the most beautiful woman in the room.”

BOOK: Give Me More
13.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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