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He grinned, but Spring knew better. He was serious. She could see it in those glinting sky-blue eyes. Playful and possessive, and it was written all over his face.

Spring shook her head slightly as she grinned at him. Bo had a possessive side, and she would truly enjoy it. This was new for her. None of the men she had dated joked about getting upset or possibly causing harm to another man if he caught one simply staring at her. It boosted her confidence level greatly.

Being wanted by this man was difficult to describe. It was a foreign feeling. And still she felt as if she could trust him. If she didn’t, she would never have spoken to him, danced with him, kissed him, or agreed to go upstairs with him. Spring couldn’t put her finger on the reason why. She felt she could. It just felt natural. He wouldn’t hurt her. But he sure as hell seemed like he would follow through on a threat of another man approaching her.

“I’m not going anywhere except with you, Bo.” She squeezed his hand and placed her free hand on his chest in reassurance. Didn’t he know he already had her under his spell?

She was beautiful. Damn, that smile was dick-hardening. Her small hand on his chest burned right through to his gut. Bo released her hand and escorted her out of the restaurant with his hand firmly seated at her lower back until they reached the bank of elevators.

Spring just knew that the people they passed would know what they were up to. She was bracing herself for the judgmental looks she knew she would get when they walked through the crowd. She felt Bo’s hand move toward her hip for a better grip to guide her through the maze of tourists. It had gotten late, and the casino floor was overrun with eager gamblers. Some seemed to have tunnel vision. Not paying any attention to where they were walking. Some were dressed for a night out on the strip.

Unfortunately for Spring, she had let her vivid imagination get the better of her. No one cared. No one stared with knowing looks. Of course, women stared at Bo, blatantly checking him out. They gave him the ole fuck-me stare. It was something about the way some of the women ogled Bo that seemed to bewilder her. Their eyes bore into him as if they wanted to eat him up.

It was difficult not to notice him. With his commanding presence, he wore confidence like a second skin, and his glare could be considered unnerving. He paid absolutely no attention to the fake boobs and overly teased hair as they moved through the crowd. His focus was solely on her. It was amazing to be the center of a man’s attention when there seemed to be beautiful women all around them. That feeling made Spring walk a little taller as she brandished a smug smirk all the way to the bank of elevators.





Chapter 4



Spring couldn’t help but inhale long and deep, taking in that tantalizing scent as Bo leaned over her shoulder to press the “up” arrow for the elevator. It was a mixture of sandalwood and a masculine, musky scent that was uniquely Bo. Being this close, bodies brushing against one another was just one more reason Spring was wetter than she thought possible. His muscular frame, his heat, engulfed her, made her sway with his movements. He stayed pressed against her, enticing and teasing. The weight of his cock pressed firmly against her backside.

Spring could feel every up and down movement his chest made as they stood alone waiting for an elevator. She couldn’t help but close her eyes and lay her head against his chest. When she noticed that he didn’t tense up or step back, her comfort level with him grew stronger. The freedom and familiarity she felt with Bo was mindboggling. If she could get away with rubbing her body against his while they stood in clear view for anyone to see, she would.

Bo didn’t lay one finger on her. He just chuckled low enough for her to feel the vibrations flow through to her body. Spring had never been on the apex of an orgasm such as this. The lightest touch by Bo could send her over. And she didn’t want this over before it ever began. She never knew the scent of a man could arouse her body the way it had when she caught a whiff of Bo. Her nipples could slice through glass they were so stiff from the constant arousal.

She was really going to do it. She was going to have a one-night stand with a man she met at the bar. She knew she should have been asking an abundant amount of questions about his personal life. Her brain was demanding it. But she couldn’t. She didn’t care what was in his past. All Spring knew was that she wanted him. Needed to feel his heavy body crushing hers, devouring her, caressing every inch of her. No matter what he’d think of her in the morning, she would let this night, her memories of tonight, sear itself into her memory bank. Spring knew that she would never, ever be this carefree again.

* * * *


Every rule, every urge, every need, every damn desire Bo had was bottled up into one sexy little woman. Spring. Her body felt so delicate pressed up against his. When she laid her head on his chest, his heart just about stopped. It was a simple movement, and yet it felt different. Bo could only caress her arms as he enjoyed the feel of her body pressed against his. He had no shame in touching her at every turn. He couldn’t help it. Mauling her in public wouldn’t be appropriate, so he’d wait until they stepped into the elevator.

The smile that graced her lips every time she looked at him was bone-shattering. They’d only just met hours before, and yet, every time she looked at him it was with a passion he had never seen in another woman. She looked at him with a trust he was not accustomed to. He wanted to please her, take his time devouring her luscious body, tasting her sweet nectar. Keep her looking at him like that for as long as possible. He felt as if Spring saw things in him that were undiscovered, untapped. What were those things, and how could he tap into them? He didn’t have a clue.

When the elevator doors whispered open, Bo once again escorted Spring with his hand possessively at her back. He looked back out of the elevator doors to see if anyone else was coming. Luckily for them, there was no one lingering about, so Bo quickly pressed the “close door” button and then pressed the button for his floor. That’s when he noticed the slight shaking of his own hands. Was this shit really happening to him? He was nervous. What the hell! That was definitely a first.

The elevator doors were mirrored, which made him send up a silent thank-you. Luckily, Spring hadn’t noticed the slight shaking of his hands. He smiled at Spring as he stared at their reflections on the elevator doors. He had several inches on her, and that was with her heels on. The sight of her trustingly leaning her head on his chest once again was exciting. She looked sexy and wanton. And it was all for him.

At that moment, staring at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, Bo lost his heart to Spring. Holy hell.

When she bit her bottom lip, Bo couldn’t control his response to her any longer. He placed his hands on her hips and jerked her ass up against his stiff erection. He hadn’t moved one inch, and yet Spring’s eyes went wide and wild just before her eyes fluttered and closed. He groaned at the sexy sight. It felt good that Spring willingly trusted him. He wouldn’t dare hurt her. He wanted to give her all the pleasure she deserved tonight. They were throwing caution to the wind. He knew if either of his brothers saw this side of him, they would tease him relentlessly. He did not recognize this side of himself; didn’t know it existed.

They both watched themselves in the mirror as Bo’s hands traced up and down the sides of Spring’s arms, feeling her goose bumps come alive at every stroke. He moved on to her waist and back up the sides of her rib cage, grazing the sides of her breasts.

“Mmmm,” she moaned in sheer delight at the touch and the hard erection at her lower back. Her lashes fluttered, opening her eyes, and she leaned into him further, but she never looked away from their reflections.

“You like my touch, Spring?” His tone teased as she nodded the affirmative. Bo loved the way Spring watched with an intensity that was a mixture of lust and passion. She watched him and slowly rubbed her body against his. He bent down and feathered kisses along her neck. Nipping and licking his way down the delicate path. She needed to burn like he did. He gave a deep chuckle when she jumped.

Ticklish. The soft mewling sounds she made as his hands began to caress her breasts through the thin silk shirt were more than he could have possibly imagined. The silk material glided over her skin without effort. He flicked a thumb over each erect nipple, grinning every time she gasped with pleasure. Everything she did turned him on. She was so responsive, and she liked to watch. She watched every move that Bo made in the elevator ride up to his room.

Watching Spring watch him was like a damn aphrodisiac. He was burning to have her. His cock needed release. The slacks he wore were barely containing him. He could feel the pre-cum leaking from his cock. He couldn’t control his hands any longer.

Fuck restraints. It was just the two of them, and he wanted to feel her skin beneath his. The flecks of glitter along her shoulders and arms drove him nuts. If he could kiss every fleck he would. He sure as shit wouldn’t mind trying. Bo was fascinated. The way the light reflected off of the flecks held his gaze like a siren’s call.

Bo leaned her head to the opposite side, so he could give the same attention to the other side of her neck. He nipped along the sensitive part of her neck connecting to her shoulder. He knew he was correct with that pursuit when he felt and saw her hands grip his thighs, and she leaned into him even more as her moans grew louder. She gave him more access to her neck, her body.

His hands explored the silkiness of her skin. Bo’s fingers gently skimmed the edges of the shirt that formed the V. Watching her in the mirror, Bo circled her navel, momentarily entranced by the diamond belly ring he hadn’t spotted earlier. He nipped her harder on the neck.

“Ahhh.” It was all Spring could manage under Bo’s teasing ministrations.

Bo’s exploration of the soft skin was exciting. He watched Spring with interest as his hands moved higher, grazing her skin, feeling her stomach quiver beneath his touch. When he reached the valley that lay between her breasts, he heard her breathing hitch just before it quickened. Still she watched.     “Beautiful.” His fingers found their way inside of her thin silk shirt to her naked breasts. The heat he found there scorched his fingertips. He kneaded and caressed her breasts. Watching Spring watch him was the most erotic thing Bo had ever witnessed.


That did it. The way his name fell from her lips was too damn sexy. She responded so easily for him. Realization that she was arching her breasts into his touch was mind-blowing. Hot damn! She ground her ass into his dick. Those torturous leather pants she wore would be the death of him. It made her ass glide across his cock with such ease that he didn’t think he would be able to control his load before they stepped out of the elevator.

Thank God for the bell. The ding of the elevator brought them out of their trance, but not before Bo recognized the glazed-over look in Spring’s eyes.

She was ready to come!

Regretfully, he pulled his hands out of her shirt. He caressed his hands down her shoulders in a soothing motion meant to calm her overheated body. Bo took Spring by the hand and stepped off of the elevator. He grinned to himself when he saw the way she eyed the hallway. It looked like the hallway of an expensive apartment building.


* * * *


Spring’s composure was shot to hell when they stepped off the elevator. She was somewhat light-headed, vision a tad bit blurry, and her body begged for release. Damn, were all elevator rides that sensual? With Bo, it was possible.

She did not realize the
Three Wishes Casino
had floors that looked this exquisite. Once she stepped out of the hallway where the elevators were housed, she noticed they now stood in another lobby of sorts.

There were three hallways and an attendant that sat in the center of the lobby behind a circular desk. As Bo escorted Spring past the attendant, she eyed the floor. It was expensive. The slate gray stone flooring lined the entire length of this particular floor. Apparently there were only four rooms on each hallway that looked like entrances to penthouse apartments, with doorbells and doorknockers. Spring thought it was simply gorgeous.

Once Bo opened the door, Spring was speechless. It didn’t resemble any hotel room she had ever stayed in. It was a penthouse suite. The foyer had cream-colored stone floors that opened up to a sunken living room with a huge flat screen television, a fireplace, and a staircase that led to…bedrooms? To the right of the living room, she eyed a formal dining room with a fully stocked wine cooler. Outlining the two rooms was a panoramic view of Las Vegas with an attached balcony.

Who is he?
Spring thought. As much as she wanted to pursue the questions rolling around in her head, she couldn’t. It was easier not knowing anything. She didn’t want any attachments. This was just for tonight. She pushed her curiosity to the back. It would only make her reconsider her decision to be with this man.

* * * *


It paid to be an investor in the
Three Wishes Casino
. Since they had no intentions of sharing their personal business with each other, Bo felt no need to give up anything voluntarily. It just made him appreciate the fact the she knew nothing of his wealth, wanted no piece of his wealth, and wasn’t turned on simply by his wealth. She wanted him.

Bo should have been proud of that thought, but his feelings wavered. What was he without the recognition and notoriety? The women flocked to him because of his talents, champion status as a bull rider, and, without a doubt, his money. They wanted the flashing lights, interviews, and attention he drew just about everywhere he went.

And yet, tonight he had managed to dodge the fanfare when he decided to dress down from his normal clothing of well-worn jeans, shirt, and his favorite cowboy boots to black dress slacks, black dress shirt, and black cowboy hat. He’d even decided on taking pleasure in one of his secret loves, jazz. Thanks to doing something completely out of character for him, he had met Spring.

“Who are you?” The question couldn’t be contained as she asked with laughter in her voice. He couldn’t help his own laughter at the question. She continued on before he could respond. “Never mind, Bo. I don’t think I want to know.”

As soon as the door closed, his mind went blank. His cock throbbed as he watched Spring step further into the sunken living room. He heard her whispering approving compliments as she made her way over to the panoramic view. It was dark outside, and the lights were dim in the room, but no one in the entire building had to worry about being seen through their hotel room windows in the
Three Wishes Casino.
The windows were one-way.

That meant he could do whatever he wanted to her body. He could press it up against that window she was walking towards, and no one but the two of them would be the wiser. And, he had every intention of exploring as much of her as possible. He only had one night with Spring, and he wanted all of her. He would accept nothing less.

BOOK: Give Me More
3.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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