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should be so afraid of Mason she
should tell him to go, tell him she didn’t want this. She didn’t need drama in
her life, didn’t need the violence and danger that came with him. But she had
known what she was getting into when she realized she wanted him, and she
wouldn’t stop her feelings. Mason was the most hardcore man she’d ever met, the
most masculine and alpha guy that she could have ever imagined being with. He
didn’t frighten her, but what he did, stood for in the MC,
a touch of fear inside of her. It was just because it was something she wasn’t
used to, something she wasn’t accustomed to. But she knew she wanted it, wanted
him, and she didn’t want to push him out of her life.

don’t want this to end, Mason. I want you in my life. I do.”

“I’ve claimed you as mine, did from the moment
we were in the bathroom at the hospital and you looked at me with desire. I
knew I couldn’t let you go,
.” He smoothed his
fingers along her face, moved his hand to the back of her head, and cupped her.
“I want you in every way possible.”

does that mean?” Although she knew what it meant, a part of her wanted him to
say it, to make that declaration.

means that you’re mine,” he said low, with so much promise she felt it through
her entire body. He leaned in and kissed her again, smoothed his tongue along
her lips, and dipped it back into her mouth. “I’ll kill anyone that thinks they
can take you from me,” he said against her mouth. “You’re mine, and no one

Mason, I want that. I think I’ve always wanted that from the moment I saw you.”

made this deep, growling noise in the back of his throat, and with his mouth
still on hers she felt the vibrations all the way down to her pussy. A shiver
coursed through her entire body, and this wave of submission wracked her.

won’t let you go,
. I don’t think I can ever
let you go.”

don’t want you to let me go, Mason.”

broke the kiss and moved his mouth to her hair. She heard him inhale deeply. “I
can smell how much you want me, how much your pussy is soaking for me. You want
my cock inside of you, don’t you? You want me pushing all those hard, thick
inches into your body.”

gasp left her. She had no words to respond, didn’t even know what she would say
to that even if she could have found her voice.

grabbed her hand while keeping his mouth by her ear and placed her palm right
over his hard cock. “You see what you do to me?” He lowered his head and ran
the tip of his tongue up her throat. “
make me this hard.”

removed her hand from his erection and grabbed onto his shoulders. The scruff
on his cheek scraped along her neck and the underside of her chin as he
continued to move his tongue up and down her throat, licking, sucking at her.
The noises he made had her pussy creaming even more.

Not thinking, just
needing to feel him,
grabbed his head, pulled
him back so she could look into his face, and rose on her toes to kiss him once
more. His grunt of pleasure spurred her on, had her kissing him harder, not
able to control herself. She felt this desire deep in her, rushing forward and
consuming every part of her. She couldn’t stop this, didn’t want to. She needed
Mason like she needed to breathe. No amount of the confusion she felt, of the
violence and danger in his life, could make her stop this.

Hell, she didn’t even
care that his white t-shirt was covered in blood, blood that wasn’t even his.
Right now she saw this alpha male, this man she cared about—loved, and she
wanted to be with him in every way.

He moved his hand
between their bodies, pushed her already loose robe out of the way, and touched
her right between her thighs. She hadn’t expected him to come back, to be
honest, so she’d gotten into her pajamas, which consisted of a pair of boy
shorts and a tank under her robe.

When he touched her
between her legs, stroked her pussy gently through the thin cotton of her
shorts, a small sound escaped her. She felt like she was burning alive. “Don’t
stop touching me, Mason.” Her clit throbbed, felt so swollen that just a few
rubs would surely get her off.

“I won’t stop. I’ll
never stop,” he breathed out against her mouth. “You ask me for anything and
you’ll get it. I’ll never deny you.”

Sliding her hand between
their bodies now, down his hard, rippling abdomen, she stopped right on his
straining erection.

“I need you,
, I need you right now.” He murmured against her
mouth, his voice distorted from his animal. And then he grabbed her hair,
tilted her head back, and she opened her mouth as a cry of pleasure from the
forceful action left her. With her hand still on his hard cock, the denim not
hiding the fact he was huge, an involuntary moan spilled from her mouth.

She curled her hand
around the iron-hard ridge that was secured behind his fly, felt her pulse
quicken when he let out this guttural groan, and knew she wanted him in every
way tonight. She wanted him over her, dominating her, thrusting that massive
erection in and out of her pussy. She needed that. God, did she need that.

A shudder wracked his
body, as if he were barely holding on. “I want you so damn badly, baby, but I
don’t want to rush you. I never want that.”

He jerked in her grasp,
and she gripped his dick harder, loving the hiss that came from him. Mason
moved one of his hands down her side, over her hips, and gripped onto her
harder, pulling her closer to him. The heat from his touch went straight
through her body, had her clit pulsing with the need for contact, and had her
so wet that her thin little panties were soaked clean through. In the next
instant he gripped her thigh, right under her ass and lifted her leg to place
it over his hip.

“Mason,” she said his
name on a startled sound, but loved this power in him. She could see his bicep
flexing from his strength, and knew that this male would control her like
nothing she’d ever experienced before.

“Tell me you want this,
that you want me.”

“I want you,” she said
without hesitation.

He gripped her other
thigh, and in one powerful move lifted her off the ground. She braced her hands
on his biceps to stabilize herself, but when she felt secure she went to work
on getting the robe off of her. When she finally had the material away and was
now only in her tank and boy shorts, they looked at each other for a long
moment. She had her legs around his waist, had her arms around his neck, and
felt his animal right there as if she were looking at a bear instead of this
roughly attractive man.

“You’re so fucking
beautiful,” Mason said on a deep whisper. And then he leaned in and took
possession of her mouth. He moved back from the door, his lips still on hers,
his hands cupping her ass, clenching and relaxing on the mounds.

“The couch in the
living room,” she said against this mouth, not caring where this was done as
long as they were on something soft and secure. Hell, it didn’t even have to be
soft or stable, if she were being honest. As long as it was with Mason she
didn’t care.

When they were in the
living room,
still in Mason’s arms, their
mouths still fused together, he set her on the couch. They made gruff noises of
pleasure, and she tugged on his hair, not wanting to break the kiss, to part
their lips.
He was over her for several
long seconds, kissing her, fucking her mouth with his. The feeling of his hard
shaft right between her thighs, rubbing her in only the best of ways, had her
nearing orgasm before he was even inside of her. And in the next second he had
her off of the couch, supporting her weight in his arms, by his sheer strength

He set on the couch
with her on his lap. Her legs were on either side of his hard thighs, his
erection jerking between them. Could he feel how wet she was, how soaked he
made her?

Holding onto the short
strands of his hair, she tilted her head and allowed him deeper access into her
mouth. Their tongues moved together, along each other, and their breathing

He held onto her waist,
pressed her more firmly down on him, and this little mewl of pleasure left her
when his dick thrust up against her pussy.

. I want you right here, right now, baby.”

She closed her eyes and
ground herself on him, rocked her hips back and forth until the friction became
almost so intense she could have gotten off on it alone. The shorts she wore
were so tiny, that with her on his lap, her legs spread, the material covering
her ass rose up. She could feel the chilled air moving along her exposed
cheeks, and when Mason placed his hands on her bottom, dug his blunt nails into
her flesh, she begged him for more.

She wasn’t going to
stop this, no damn way.

“Then take me, Mason,
take all of me.”


tossed back another
shot, his body feeling disconnected, but his mind strangely clear for as much
as he’d had to drink. “Give me another,” he said to the prospect, Southie.

He felt like things
were back to the way they’d been before the issues with Mason. Yeah, he’d held
onto that grudge for a long time concerning Mason and that bitch. He hadn’t
just shut Mason out of his life, but kicked her out as well. He didn’t need
backstabbing bitches that would fuck a Patch just to try to become an old lady.

Did he love her? No. It
was more of the fact he’d wanted her, told everyone he wanted her, even if for
a few nights to warm his bed. Hell, he’d been lonely, damn lonely.
And then when he’d found Mason with her his
rage had been so consuming he hadn’t felt anything else.

Well, that was behind
him. He was looking ahead, and right now he wanted to drink and fuck.

Turning on the barstool
he checked out the club. The guys were partying hard because of taking down the
men that had hurt Mason. They’d let them live, or more so Mason had walked
away. He was proud the Grizzly had found that strength.
didn’t know if he could have done that. It would have been a real party if Mason
had come back with them, but he knew there was a female in his life, could
smell her on Mason whenever ever
saw him
lately. It was good he found something like that in his life, good that he
could move on and put all that shit behind him.
wished his brother only the best, and if she became his old lady the club would
welcome her as part of the family.

Southie slid another
filled shot glass to
, and without looking at it
he picked it up and tossed it back. His mouth and throat had long since gone
numb, but the alcohol still tasted good. He checked out all the club whores,
deciding which one he wanted to fuck tonight. It really didn’t matter, he
supposed. All he wanted was a warm pussy to put his dick in and forget about
all the shit that had plagued him these last few months.

He pushed away from the
bar and walked over to one of the sweet-butts who was leaning against the side
of the pool table. He didn’t know her name, but knew she was fairly new to the
club scene, so he decided she’d be that warm hole he filled tonight.

Grabbing her waist he
spun her around. She looked surprised at first, but then smiled and leaned in
to try to kiss him. He shook his head, stopping her.

“This is what it’s
about.” He placed his hand between her thighs, right under her skirt, and
pressed his fingers against her bared pussy. He didn’t give a shit anyone in
the club could see what he was doing. “This is only what it’s about.” He
applied more pressure to her clit until she opened her mouth. “Got it?”

She nodded.

That was all he needed
from her right now, hell, ever. He led them down the hall to one of the empty
rooms. No fucking way was he going to fuck her in his bed. He didn’t fuck
anyone there.

Once inside the room he
shut the door and stared at her. She looked cheap, and wasn’t that a sad thing.

“Take off the clothes,
get on your back, and spread your legs.” He wasn’t trying to control her,
dominate her. He just wanted her to do what he said so he could forget about
everything else.

If this was the way his
life was going he was fucked, but maybe that wasn’t so bad after all. Maybe it
was exactly what he needed, and she was exactly the person to give him that
peace he didn’t think he’d ever be able to have.

Chapter Fifteen


stared at Mason, felt
not only her pleasure and arousal rise for this man, but also her emotions. She
cupped both sides of his face, looked into his eyes, and knew that speaking
about how she felt could change things. She didn’t want him to think she was
rushing things, but hell, look at where they were right now?

“I really care for
smoothed her thumbs along the side of
his mouth.

“I care about you,
too.” He leaned in and kissed her softly. “I care about you so much,
. I’d do anything in my power to make sure you were
safe, even if that means taking lives.”

“You’re so intense,”
she whispered.

“I know.” He didn’t
even try to deny it, try to hide it, and she cared about him even more because
of that. “I just want to be honest with you.”

“And that’s what I
want, no matter what.”

Mason started kissing
her cheek, moved down her jaw, and then finally ran his tongue and teeth over
her neck. She tilted her head to the side, relishing the feel of his lips and
tongue sliding along her flesh, giving herself to him in this small act.

“I want you to let me
claim you. I need you to tell me you’re mine,
that no one can ever have you but me.” He licked a path over the shell of her
ear, and she moaned at the feeling, at the pure possessiveness of that act

“Do I really need to
tell you? Can’t you see it in my face, in the fact I’m nearly naked for you?”
She was teasing again, but her words held truth. “Can’t your bear sense that I
only want to be yours?”

He growled low in his
throat. He ran his tongue over the spot again, and she shivered, loved that her
nipples hardened and her pussy clenched, needing his cock inside of her. “I
want to be inside of you so badly,
. I want to
feel your tight little pussy milking my dick.”

God, his words were
filthy, and she loved it. A warm wave washed through her, and she found herself
grinding herself on him again, needing that contact, that friction.
felt Mason run his palms over her ass, clench his
hands over the mounds, and then drag his nails over the curve of them. He did
this over and over again until she was shaking from her desire.

“Be with me,” she
whispered, pleaded.
turned them around so fast her head spun. She found herself on her back again,
her legs spread wide, and Mason wedged between them. “I need my clothes off.”

she could tell him to get her naked and to get undressed himself, Mason tore
her shorts and panties away, and did the same with her tank. She was gasping
for air by the time she lay there totally naked, bared for him, with a fully
dressed Mason looming over her.

much?” he asked, this harshness in his voice having her pussy clench again.

shook her head, not able to speak.

because there’s more where that came from.” And then he was off her only long
enough to remove his clothes. The rain had made his hair wet, and the short,
dark strands stood on end. Once he was naked she took a moment to look at him,
to stare at his body in the dim lighting of her living room. She’d seen him
naked before he’d shifted in the woods, but having him stand so close, his big,
hard body on full display, his cock hard, his tattoos making him look even more
dangerous, all she felt was crazy lust moving through her.

took in the bullet scar on his chest, and lowering her gaze past his
impressive, massive dick, she saw the other scar from the bullet wound on his
upper thigh. He’d been lucky to survive the accident, let alone two bullet
wounds. God, she didn’t know what she would have done if he’d died, because
even though they hadn’t known each other for very long, she felt so close to
him, like he was the only one for her.

scars on his body from the surgeries were healing, and she knew that although
he was a grizzly bear shifter he didn’t have any extraordinary healing
abilities. They were still present, would always be there, and she knew those
scars made him stronger, harder.

she said his name softly. And then he was back on her, his hard body hot, the
pressure of him pushing her down on the couch intense. She smoothed her hands
over his bulging biceps, loving the way they flexed, the fact his muscles
bunched under the skin.

good, baby. You feel so good beneath me.” He started kissing her neck again,
licking her, making her feel worshipped.

hard length of his cock pressed against her bared pussy, and a fresh gush of
moisture left her. She was so ready for him, ready for him to stretch her with
his cock.

can’t stop, can’t seem to control myself around you.” He pulled back and looked
into her eyes. “I’ve done horrible things, and will continue to do them. I
can’t expect you to be okay with it, but I hope you’ll stay by my side.”

leaned up and kissed him, stopping him from going on anymore. “I want you. Be
with me.” She pulled back slightly, but their lips were still touching, if only
barely. “Don’t stop.”

never stop,

was so wet for him, so ready to take him into her body. Mouth hot and wet from
Mason’s kisses, she breathed out, felt her heart beating in her throat and
heard it in her ears. This was what she needed, wanted with a desperation that
rivaled anything else in her life.

started a slow thrusting of his hips against hers, pressing his dick against
her pussy, and causing this pleasure to consume her, control her. The rubbing
and thrusting against her pussy made her body hotter with need, made her pant
with her desire.

so fucking wet for me, baby.” He breathed harshly against the side of her
throat. “God, it’s driving me crazy,
. I’m
right at the edge, my bear right fucking there.” His voice was nothing but a
distorted growl.

closed her eyes and found his mouth with her own. A moan left her when he
touched his lips with hers, stroked his tongue along hers, and continued to
press his cock to her pussy.

speared one of his hands into her hair while the other made slow work of moving
down her body, touching every part of her, which had her skin tightening. The
heavy weight of his hand finally stopped on her stomach. He ran his finger
around her belly button, moving around the edge while he breathed hard against
her mouth. Her stomach clenched, her pussy tightened, and she tried to gasp for
air, but felt like she was suffocating in only the best of ways.

he moved his hand lower, her body shook with the force of how much she needed

care about you so much,

feel the same way, Mason.”

want you as my old lady. I want you as mine, baby.” The deep, husky timbre of
his voice shot straight to her clit, and the declaration of him wanting only
her was a heady aphrodisiac. “You’re shaking,

know, but I’m shaking because I want you so badly.”

so hard for you, so ready to finally claim you.”

I want that, Mason. I want to be claimed by you.”

breathed out harshly. “I don’t know if you realize what that really means, but
you’ll understand really fucking soon, baby.” The large, callused fingers of
his hand slipped against her inner thigh, smoothing of her flesh, teasing her,
tormenting her. The roughness of his touch, the possessiveness she felt come from
him, had her moving her hips, lifting her pussy toward him, wanting more.

need this. I feel like I’m burning alive, Mason.”

take care of you, baby. I’ll always take care of you.” He finally slipped his
hand between her thighs, touching her slit and sliding it down her cleft to her
pussy hole. “”Fuck, this is what I needed to feel.” His mouth was on hers, hot,
. “Yeah, you want this, baby?” He
slipped his finger into her body, just the tip, but enough that her pussy
clamped down on the digit of its own accord, trying to draw it further inside.

have no idea how much I want to be inside of you right now, how I’ve thought
about taking you.”

as much as I want you inside of me, Mason.”

groaned. “I want to feel your pussy gripping me, clenching my cock, milking
the cum
from me.”

mouth went dry at what he said. His words were low, but held so much arousal,
so much heat and eroticism. Her pussy muscles clenched with the need to be
filled by him, to be owned by him. Never had she wanted to have a man control
her, dominate her … claim her.

me where you want my fingers.”

mind was fuzzy, her body on fire.

me where you want me to touch you.” He murmured the words against her lips, his
finger still in her pussy,
thumb now on her clit.
He didn’t thrust into her, didn’t stroke her. He waited for her to tell him,

she actually tell him what she wanted, tell him where she wanted his hands,
… his cock? “I just want you.”

shook his head, still not moving to touch her more.


a deep breath, she closed her eyes and just let herself be free with him. “I
want you to touch my pussy, to thrust your fingers in and out of me.” God, this
was turning her on more. “I want you to touch and lick every part of me, suck
on my clit, stick that big cock of yours deep inside of me.”

groaned, and started thrusting his finger in and out of her. “Like this, baby?”


want me to get you off, to make you come?”

she gasped out the word.

whole body shook atop hers.

, God, baby.”

it was like that for her, too.

have no idea how turned on I am right now, how much I want you, want you as
only mine.”

am only yours.”

you are.”

feel of his tongue on the shell of her ear had a small gasp escaping her, had
her pussy clenching around his finger, and had him groaning above her. When his
hand cupped her pussy, the heat was intense. She arched her back and cried out.
It felt so good.

You’re so hot and wet for me, so ready for my cock,

yeah I am, Mason.”

licked her ear, moved it along the inside of the shell, and grunted in a very
animalistic way.

shivered, feeling her skin so sensitive, her body on high alert, and this rush
of dizziness slamming into her.

pretty pussy is soaking wet.”

answer was a moan, because any kind of words wouldn’t be, couldn’t be formed
right now.
He removed his fingers from
her pussy, but didn’t take his hand away, and instead moved the fingers along
her folds, pulling them apart, teasing them.

stared up at him. His face was this hard
slash of masculinity and dominance. The heat from his body wrapped around her,
and she found herself lifting her hand and running it along the hard planes of
his pectoral muscles, trailing her fingers along the tattoos that lined his
golden flesh.

moved her hands all over his chest, marveled in the strength that came from
him, and started tracing his Grizzly MC Patch tattoos. He was hard, defined,
and tattooed. The black and colorful ink on his pecs, shoulders, even the full
sleeves on his arms, had her whole body covered with sweat from her arousal,
from her need of this very potent male.

tired of waiting,” she said.

muscles of his upper body flexed as he moved, as he ran his fingers over her
arms, chest, and even her breasts. The touch was soft, a caress, but filled
with power. He brought her body flush with his, kissed her hard, consuming, and
she found herself digging her nails into his shoulders, trying to bring him

gripped her waist in a firm, almost painful hold.

should go to your room.”

shook her head. “I just want to be with you, and the couch seems like a really
good place to make that happen.”

groaned again and kissed her harder.

between them, she grabbed his cock and stroked him from root to tip. He was so
large she couldn’t even wrap her fingers around the girth. That had a tingle
starting to move through her body.

so big,” she murmured against his lips.

for you.” He ran his tongue along every square inch of her exposed flesh.
Goosebumps formed on her body, and she found herself gripping onto his
shoulders, pulling him closer, needing him like she needed his body for warmth.

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