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moved lower down her body, making a path of fiery wet kisses all the way down
her exposed flesh. He stopped right at the top of her pussy.

. Watch me lick at your perfect cunt.”

gaze was riveted to the sight of his wet hair, to the water that still dripped
off of the strands and landed on his shoulders. She looked at his mouth, at the
way his lips were parted, his breath coasting over her pussy in a warm gust of

as I lick your cunt until you come.” His gaze was trained right between her
thighs. Her heart was pounding so hard it hurt. She held her breath as she
watched him open his mouth, as she watched his tongue come out slowly. His gaze
never wavered from hers as he moved his tongue closer to the part that ached
for him, the part of her body that was so wet for Mason.

had her legs spread wide for him,
and the feeling of his hot and humid breath sliding over the most intimate part
of her had everything stilling inside of her.

baby,” he said on a moan right before he covered her pussy with his mouth.
Mason dragged his tongue along her cleft, and moved to her clit before circling
the engorged bundle of nerves. He dragged it down and pressed it against the
opening of her body, right over her pussy hole.

She closed her eyes and arched her back, spreading her thighs wider.

growled low, the vibration tingling her clit. “I love the way you fucking

flattened his tongue and ran it up and down her pussy slit, growling every time
he was close to her clit. And then he suctioned onto the nub, sucking, licking,
and making her moan without any thought. A powerful orgasm was building inside
of her, dragging the air from her lungs, making her muscles tighten.

pushed his tongue into her opening, thrust the muscle in and out of her pussy
hole, and when he latched his mouth onto her clit again and started that
wicked, rhythmic suctioning, she felt her orgasm climb higher.

her head back and forth, she’d never felt anything so good. Stars danced in
front of her vision, and a long, whimpering noise left her. Mason didn’t stop
dragging his tongue along her pussy, thrusting it into her, or making her cry
out with pleasure. When the sensations became too much, she tried to push him
away, her clit tingling, her pussy muscles clamping down on nothing, and the
sensitivity too much for her.

as much as I want you right here on this couch, I need you in a bed, need you
fully spread out for me.” Mason stood and took a step back. She stared at him,
took in his strong, muscular thighs, the long, thick cock that jutted from his
body, from the dark thatch of short hair at his groin, and ran her gaze over
the V of muscle that seemed to frame his dick.

need to be inside of you.”

inside of me, Mason.”

air left her in a rush. Before she could think he had her in his arms.

.” He started kissing her. “I need to
know where the bedroom is.”

panted against his mouth.

the hall, first door on the right.”

was moving instantly, his mouth still on hers. And then they were in her room,
the door still open,
lights off. She was on her
bed seconds later with Mason over her.

before they could do this he was off of her, and leaving the room. She pushed
herself up and braced her upper body on her elbows, a little confused, and
staring at the open doorway. A second later he was back, a condom between his

part of her didn’t want him to use a condom, because the idea of feeling just
was exhilarating.
wanted to feel his hard cock, the thickness, the
length filling her to the point of pain and pleasure. She wanted him stretching
her, nothing between them. But the more rational part told her she needed to be
smart. She didn’t want any children right now, and safe sex was the right thing
to do given the fact they hadn’t known each other that long.

sheathed himself, sliding the latex down his cock, watching her the whole time.
When he had the condom on he moved toward the bed. He had his knees on the mattress
and crawled toward her, stalking her. His tendons and muscles flexed and
bunched as he moved closer toward her.

he was over her, she was resting on her back again and their faces were only
inches apart, she swore she felt his dick between them. He reached between
their bodies, and with a gentle, yet firm hand he pushed her thighs wider
apart. He leaned back, looked down between her thighs, and stared at what was

,” he groaned those words.

saw his canines, wanted them running over her flesh, pricking at her skin,
drawing blood.

,” he said her name harshly. He looked up from
between her thighs, and she saw how dilated his pupils were. “I hope you’re
ready for me, for this, baby.” Taking hold of his thick and long cock, he
brought it to the entrance of her body.

held her breath, let his words play through her mind, and nodded. “I’m ready,




was barely hanging onto his control. He thrust into her in one fluid motion,
groaning at the tight, wet and hot feel of her around his cock, and had to grip
onto her waist to hold himself still. Her pussy sucked at his dick, milked him,
and the gasp of pleasure that came from her fueled him on. He gritted his
teeth, pulled out an inch, and pushed back in. She felt so fucking good, so
good that he feared he would come before they even got started, before he got
her off with his dick in her pussy.

stared up at him with parted lips,
wide eyes, and this blush over her. She looked like a female that wanted him to
fuck her, and he wasn’t going to deny her. Her inner muscles squeezed his cock,
a gasp left her, and he snapped his jaw closed, his bear right there ready to
be free.

feel so good, so tight and wet.”

so big, Mason.”

groaned in arousal at her words.

female, and he was claiming
her as his old lady, claiming her as only his from this point on. He’d never
let her leave, never let anyone come between them. The bear in him roared out
to really take her, to really claim her. Mason held onto her waist even
tighter, felt his nails turn into claws. He was finally taking his woman, the
one female that had gotten past the tough exterior he’d kept around him.

would give her his mark, make her wear it like a sign of ownership, a sign of
being loved and cared for. And fucking hell would he do all of that and more.


thrust into her again, harder this time so her big, generous breasts bounced
from the movement. “That’s it, baby, take all of me.” He continued to shove his
shaft into her until his balls slapped her ass, making this hard, pounding
sound. It fueled him on, made his dick stiffer inside of her. Another squeeze
of her inner muscles had him moving his hands down to her thighs, opening her further
for him, and groaning out.

stretching me so good, Mason,” she gasped when he thrust into her again.

closed his eyes because he just didn’t have the strength to keep them open,
didn’t have the willpower right now. Mason could smell her sweet arousal coming
from her like a floral perfume, and could hear the little sounds of need she
made, begging him for more without actually saying the words.

his knees apart and causing her thighs to widen far, he pulled out slowly,
feeling every ripple of her body contracting around him. When just the tip
remained at her entrance, he pushed back in, a harsh grunt of pleasure leaving
him. The restraint it was taking him to go slowly, to give her time to adjust
to his body penetrating hers, was enough to make him go mad, enough to make his
bear roar out for more.

turned into claws, incisors lengthening to canines, and his entire body was on
fire with the need to dominate her as his bear, which had Mason fighting with
himself to stay human.

he felt her pussy become wetter, he knew he needed to pick up his speed. His
strokes were languid at first, but when he peeled his eyes open and stared down
at her, splayed out before him like an offering, he went faster. His balls
swung beneath his cock, clapping her ass with every inch he pushed into her.
Her breasts were big and full, the nipples red, tight. He wanted to draw the
peaks into his mouth, suck on them until she came from that act alone. His
imagination spurred him on, and he found himself pushing into her with faster,
harder strokes. She didn’t tell him to stop. Instead, she urged him to give her
more by lifting her pelvis to meet his thrusts.

saw her start to close her eyes.

at me,
. Watch me as I take you, baby.”

she opened her eyes and looked at him, he rewarded her obedience by moving fast
once again, and reaching out, cupping one of her breasts.

she moaned. And then she lifted her hand and cupped her other breast. Mason
grunted from the visual pleasure of watching her tweak her nipple. He did the
same to her other breast, his cock jerking inside of her.

so close to coming, baby.” He needed to hear her cry out his name, needed to
feel her pussy clench around him, milking his shaft until he got off. Throwing
his hips at her harder, faster, he felt sweat make a slow trickle down his
spine. He slid his hand down her belly, over her curved hips, along her mound,
which was covered in a thatch of trimmed blonde curls, and ran his thumb along
her swollen clit. Just that small touch had her back arching and her thighs
clamping tightly around him as her orgasm claimed her.


didn’t relent on rubbing her clit or pumping his cock into her no matter how
loud she screamed. In fact the sound made him go harder, faster. He groaned as
his orgasm approached, and as her inner muscles clamped down on his dick as she
was about to come again, too.

it. That is so fucking it,
.” Rubbing her clit
faster and adding a little more pressure, Mason pumped his cock into her once,
twice, and stilled on the third stroke as he came harder than he ever had in
his life. Sweat covered his forehead, and lined the length of his spine. “
.” His canines elongated even
further. Staring at the column of her neck, he couldn’t help but follow the
path to where her throat met her shoulder.

your eyes,” she moaned.

knew he was partially shifted, knew his pupils were all black, eating up the
irises and the whites of his eyes. “I need to mark you,
you to wear my mark.”

looked at him for a second, not breathing,
Then she licked her lips and said, “Do it, Mason.”

lost it then. Mason leaned forward to claim this female, to claim his old lady.
He opened his mouth, ran his canines over her shoulder, and then pierced her
tender flesh. She dug her nails into his arms, moaning, pulling him closer.
After a few seconds he pulled back, licked the small puncture wounds, and
tasted the metallic, sweet flavor of her blood on his tongue. Her hands gripped
his forearms, her nails continuing to bite into his flesh and causing him to
growl in approval.

wanted that pain and discomfort from her.

when her pussy clamped down on him hard, and he watched her come, a low sound
left him on its own. “Yes.” Hissing under his breath, he heaved and collapsed
on top of her, making sure to brace his weight on his elbows by her head so as
to not crush her.

that was so intense.”

kissed her side of her head, breathing heavily. “It really fucking was.”

both chuckled softly.

pulled out of her with a groan, got off of the bed, and removed the condom. He
disposed of it in the trashcan, but was lying next to her again only seconds
later, not wanting to be away from her. Her eyes were closed, and this gorgeous
sheen of sweat covered her. He could have stared at her all night.

I too rough?”

smiled and shook her head.


opened her eyes and looked over at him. “Yes, but in a good way.”

wrapped his arms around her body and pulled her close. Silence descended on
them, but it was comforting just lying here, holding her, and knowing she was
right here with him. Mason lifted his hand, not being able to stop himself from
running his fingers over the underside of one of the firm, soft mounds of her
big breasts. He could have fucked her again easily, but she was sore, and they
had all the time in the world to be together.

moved a little on the bed, shifting and placing her head on his chest.

continue to lie there, the silence stretching between them. It was a
comfortable kind of stillness, though, one that made him want to wrap
up, keep her in this moment, and never leave. That
wasn’t reality, though. His life was far from perfect, was far from sedentary.
She was the light to his darkness, and he never wanted to give that up.

held her a little tighter, ran his fingers along the dip where her waist met
her hips, continued moving the digits over her outer thigh, marveling at the
fact her skin was so smooth, so warm.

she said his name softly.

baby?” The room was still dark, but he could see as easily as if the lights
were on, thanks to being a shifter.

accident wasn’t an accident, obviously, since you were shot, as well.”

told her that much, but he knew this would be coming. He’d been waiting for it.

wasn’t, and I went after the guys that did that to me.”

had her hand on his arm, her head on his chest. The silence went on for several
seconds, but he knew she wasn’t done speaking yet.

you kill them?” There was no emotion in her voice, just clear curiosity and

didn’t answer right away, but moved her out from under his arms, lay on his
back, and stared at the ceiling. “What would you say if I told you I did?” He
didn’t look at her after he asked the question. When she didn’t answer right
away he finally turned his head and stared at her. She was looking at him, her
long blonde hair tussled around her face, her cheeks red from their fucking.
She looked down at the mattress for a second before lifting her gaze again and
staring at him right in the eyes. He knew she couldn’t really see him because
of the shadows and darkness, but she still looked right at his face, her worry

wouldn’t change how I feel about you, no, but knowing you might have killed
someone is really … scary, Mason.”

rolled back toward her and gathered her into his arms.

never hurt you.”

didn’t push him away, and instead clung to him as if she needed to have him
close. “I know you’d never hurt me. I trust you with my life.”

warm, sweet breath brushed along his chest.

know why you did what you did, and I understand why you did it.” She tilted her
head back and looked at his face.

cupped her cheeks, smoothed his thumb along her skin, and fell in love with
this woman so fucking hard his chest tightened in pain.

just want you to know I want to be here for you, want you to know I’m here to
talk with, to help you get through anything that’s bothering you.”

he fucking loved her. He leaned in and kissed her softly. Mason wasn’t about to
tell her that the kind of shit in his life, the things he didn’t want her even
exposed to, was what he was made of. He could try to keep her away from it,
make this wall for her so she wasn’t in the crossfire, but the truth was she
was in this with him now that she was his old lady.

didn’t kill them,
.” He heard her swallow,
felt her fingers twitch on his body, and he leaned down and kissed the top of
her head. “I wanted to, believe me.”

stopped you?”

didn’t need to think about her question. He knew the answer. “I thought about
you, how I didn’t want to have to lie to you or tell you something that would
ruin what we have.”

breathed in and out slowly.

wanted to be able to move on, to start a life with you. I kept thinking about
not solving anything with violence, and although that is my world, my life, at
that moment I knew letting them live, letting them know that fear, would be
enough vengeance.”

she said his name softly.

love you,
.” He smoothed his hand over her
head. “It’s fast, and I don’t expect you to feel that way for me either—”

love you, Mason, I really do.” She sat up staring at him, and leaned down to
kiss him.

that moment he didn’t think about anything but having his female right next to
him. While she kissed him she reached between their bodies, grabbed his already
hard cock, and started stroking him. He opened his mouth, stroked her tongue
with his, and groaned deeply.

love you, Mason.”

fucking love you,
.” He grabbed her around the
waist, hauled her on top of him so she was straddling him, and grunted from the
contact of her wet pussy on his dick.

when she put his cock in her body and started riding him, rising up and down
over him, he could do nothing but stare up at the female that now owned him.


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