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Half a Dose of Fury (6 page)

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Drorik paused and looked at the carved pieces clutched in her hands. “I believe we should move this to a safer place.”

“That might be a good idea.”

He lifted her and carried her to the bed, removing her shoes before easing the dress over her hips after setting her down, taking the scrap of her panties with it.

“Huh, you really weren’t intending to seduce a man tonight.” He smiled.

“How can you tell?”

“Your underwear doesn’t match.”

She laughed. “You really do pay attention. No. I was not planning this tonight.”

She was soon in nothing but her skin, but as a shifter, it was how she liked to spend most of her time. Nudity was her comfort zone.

She twisted from front to back on the bed, getting a feel for the amount of space she had to work with and enjoying the feel of the sheets under her.

She paused, and Drorik was watching, his shirt slowly descending his shoulders, hands on his belt.

“Are you playing statue or are you going to join me?” She smiled.

The shirt hit the floor, and the belt hissed out of the loops of his jeans. She watched him skim out of the rest of his clothing until he was as naked as she was and just as eager.

The belt hung from his hand, and she eyed it suspiciously. “What are you planning to do with that?”

“While I do enjoy being marked by my lovers on occasion, I believe that in your current state, you can do more damage than you intended to. Would you object if I bind your wrists?”

She smiled slowly. “No, I would not mind.”

She extended her wrists and flexed her hands once the tight leather pulled them together. She had just enough reach to slice through the belt with her thumb claw if she had to.

He wrapped an arm around her and moved her along to the headboard, looping the belt through a carving in the wood and attaching the belt into a comfortable position.

Yval lay with her hands over her head, her body exposed to his gaze and hands. Drorik stared at her and he smiled. “Comfortable?”

“Yup. Getting a little cold though.”

He chuckled and stroked a hand over her hip. “I am sure that I will be able to warm you with a little effort on my part.”

The shadows in the room alternately lit and concealed the tattoos on his skin.

She stared at one side of his chest, and words were flickering and forming on his skin before fading. “What is going on there?”

“Carrying all the information of the fey transports in my mind could cause an issue, so I wear the information on my body. It comes and goes in waves, but I can read it as it prints.” He was completely dismissive of the magic tacked onto his skin.

She wanted to touch the scrolling information, and she leaned forward before her bound wrists halted her progress. She lay back as he ran one hand over her waist, hip and thigh.

His laugh, and the amused heat in his eyes got her attention.

“Are you laughing at me?”

“I am delighting in my good fortune.” He leaned in and softly kissed her lips while trailing his fingers up her inner thigh.

She growled and nipped carefully at his lower lip. Drorik carefully moved out of reach of her teeth and pressed the flats of his fingers against her sex, flexing them and spreading the slick moisture that encouraged his touch.

Yval parted her thighs and titled her hips, but he took his time, circling his fingers in a slow caress that dipped the tips of his digits into her for a moment before sliding out again.

She squirmed against the slow torment, and he bent his head to her breast, nibbling and sucking at her nipples in turn while his fingers continued the torturous movements.

She tried to get his fingers to glide over her clit, but only the lightest of grazes ever touched it. Yval fought the tightening sense of anticipation in her body. Sweat covered her, and Drorik seemed to have no inclination to either speed up or cease his slow caress.

The sparks that flowed between them became a crackling glow where they were pressed together.

When she felt the first twinges of her impending orgasm, she whimpered, and the sound shocked her. He ignored her and continued to play her body like an instrument he was interested in mastering.

She whimpered again, and her thighs tensed against the pressure of his hand. She clamped her knees together and shook violently as her orgasm caught her in its jaws. Yval inhaled and exhaled through gritted teeth as he continued to move his hand slowly on her, drawing out every shiver and twitch of her release.

When she slumped flat to the sheets, she looked at him through narrowed eyes. Her voice was husky when she said, “I thought that sex was a joint effort, not just a spectator sport.”

He kissed her softly, “I am not in a hurry. We have all night, all day, as long as we need.”

The shiver that went through her had nothing to do with her body cooling off and everything to do with the promise in his tone and the slow motion of his hand between her thighs.

She wanted to straddle him and grab his cock, sliding that hard length into her and ride him until he was as lost in the moment as she had been, but all she could do was twist as he started to arouse her all over again.

Yval tried to focus on the fun aspect of being vulnerable. She never knew where he was going to touch her, and it added to her excitement.

The sparks between them grew when he parted her thighs with his and slid two fingers into her with slow movements until her hips took up gyrating against his hand.

Yval bit her lip when he finally shifted to put himself between her thighs. As he slid into her, she bucked. It was like fucking with pop rocks inside her. Her body rocked and twitched as he began to thrust, each deep contact sent sparks through her from the inside out.

He leaned over her, braced on his forearms as he pulsed into her with small movements of his hips. She gasped and locked her legs around him, pulling him to her and trying to take him deeper.

He groaned and muttered something in a language she didn’t understand. He thrust deeper, faster, pounding into her until the light coming from their bodies was flickering with the demented look of a disco dance floor.

Yval pulled at her wrists, and her breasts grazed his chest. She tuned out her own voice and its breathless moans, focusing on the rush of energy under her skin.

She looked into his eyes, and Drorik’s irises swirled with the same sparking that must be marking hers. Fire began to run along her skin, and the waves cascaded from her flesh to his and back again.

When they both blazed bright, Yval shifted her hands, cut the leather and wrapped her arms around his back, carefully clutching him and pulling him into her as hard as she could. Three hard slams and she screamed in relief. He shouted and held himself inside her as their bodies fought the opposing charges of their magic.

Bursts of power clashed and balls of energy flew from them to ricochet around the room. Yval held still and closed her eyes as her channel clasped him and her body gripped him tight.

He rolled to the side and onto his back, holding her with an arm around her hips.

She listened to the thudding of his heartbeat as it slowed to a normal pattern. It took a while and she enjoyed every moment that she spent with her mate.


After twenty minutes of cuddling, she felt a familiar rippling of her spine, and she moved off him quickly, heading for the open space in the centre of the room.

“Oh dear.” She looked at him helplessly as her body shifted, shrank and turned into her beast without any additional warning.

Her beast looked around her and sniffed its way through the room, examining his jeans intently, learning the more intimate scents that her human was a little shy of memorizing. Her devil had no false shyness. It wanted to know its mate at all times, and it was a very reliable scent.

“Yval, are you all right?”

She growled, squawked and snuffled, giving him only a cursory glance. She waddled toward the french doors, looking out over the empty meadow. Her claws tapped against the glass, and Drorik came toward her carefully, opening the door for her.

She moved to the edge of the balcony and judged the distance to the ground.

“Wait there, Yval. I will get you to the ground.”

There was a surge of energy, and Yval squawked in surprise as talons picked her up by her arms, and she was soon soaring through the air.

She clawed frantically as panic overtook her, but as soon as she worked up a good yowl, he had put her down and her claws were finally in the grass.

Running wasn’t her best move, but the freedom to sprint along at low level and enjoy the scents of grass, clover, the sweet tang of berries pushed aside her awkwardness and turned it into pure joy.

The scent of meat came to her, and she growled, looking from left to right to find her target.

A tumble of red came from the sky and dropped down with an eagle on top. She crouched and snarled at him, but he leaned down, tore off a strip and tossed it to her.

She eased forward and ate the strip, enjoying the raw taste for the first time in years. When she had swallowed, she crept forward and he threw her another strip while enjoying his own meal. Piece by piece, she eased toward him until they were both eating from the roast at the same time.

She tugged the meat apart with her teeth, and he picked up the pieces she left for him. Their joint feeding did for Yval’s devil that the sex had done for Yval. She was used to his touch now, and he was more useful as a bringer of food than he was as an enemy.

With her belly round and her body exhausted, she waddled away from the shreds of meat left behind, and she collapsed happily on the grass.

Yval was back in her human form in seconds with the taste of raw meat in her mouth. Drorik’s eagle hopped over to her and rubbed his head against the hand she extended to him. “It figures. She has no manners. She shifts into a four-footed form, tries to jump off a balcony and then stuffs me full of food before letting me take over again. I suppose I got off easy.”

She had tears running down her face, and she was smiling.

Drorik shifted to his normal shape, and he rubbed his thumb across her cheek. “Happy?”

“She’s back. I am very happy.” She jumped him and threw her arms around his neck.

He was surprised for a moment before he stroked her back. “If you are happy, so I am.”

In her mind, her beast curled up and enjoyed the scent of its mate.


Chapter Seven



Yval stood next to Drorik after the ceremony. Her hands were still clenching and unclenching as her body fought the roiling energy inside her.

“So, do you want to take a few days to get used to the new power?”

Drorik put his arm around her waist, and he smiled at Teal. “No, we are able to practice at my home. The locals are used to shapeshifting and magic, so there won’t be too much of an issue if we slip up.”

Yval smiled up at him. “I promise to work on his snarling at men. He will get used to it soon. It is an unfortunate side effect of the new beast soul that he is carrying. Apologise to Tony for me.”

Tovin was standing nearby. “Welcome to the family, sister.”

Drorik’s body was suddenly pressed to hers, and she could feel him vibrating with tension.

“Thanks, Tovin. Are you staying here?”

“With my commander on leave, I don’t see me needed to be on duty any time soon. You still have over seven weeks to bang out, so to speak.” He smiled innocently and ruined it by cackling.

“You know, I used to think that the fey were all graceful and polite. I guess you defy all the rules.” She narrowed her eyes at him and smirked.

He sighed and looked to his brother. “She is really the one? You are going to have to put up with that mouth for the rest of your life.”

Drorik cuddled her against him. “She is definitely the one. She is my match in all ways. I wish you luck in finding your own.”

Yval stuck her tongue out and blew a raspberry at Tovin. He stared at her for a moment before bursting into laughter.

She couldn’t help but smile herself. Just one day with Drorik had lightened her soul. Her beast was talking to her again, and she could still half shift. Add the weird fey energy running through her body and it was a pretty good day.

Tovin sobered and muttered, “I still can’t believe you wore your battle gear.”

She tapped her vest and smiled. “It seemed appropriate. This is what I do. It won’t change just because I have married your brother, or mated with, rather. The wedding will have to wait until it can be arranged.”

Tovin chuckled. “With our mother, it can probably be arranged in a matter of hours.”

“We will delay it until you return, brother. Hopefully, with your own mate.” Drorik smiled.

“Delay Mother? Good luck with that.” Tovin laughed and looked at the Meditation Centre. “Ah, I think there is a new arrival.”

Teal looked and blinked. “You can see that?”

“Of course. There is a golden beam striking through the sky, and here is the occupant. You had better get to work, guardian.” Tovin smiled and whistled as he wandered away from the reception toward the centre.

“I think I am catching on now. Yval, did you see anything the day that Drorik arrived?” Teal was curious.

Yval smiled. “A beam of light hitting the middle of the building?”

“Wow. Okay. This is good to know. If your match is coming in, you can literally see it. That is going to make my job a lot easier.”

“You didn’t know?”

“I haven’t had a large enough sample of incoming fey and receptive shifters. Now that I am sure you can see your own mate come in, I will just have to confirm it with the woman who just arrived. Shit! Tovin is going to beat me to her!”

Teal turned and ran while Yval leaned back against Drorik. “So, how are you feeling now?”

“Less aggressive. Do you feel like this all the time?”

She chuckled. “Pretty much. You find ways to burn off the tension.”

He pressed his groin against her hip. “Any suggestions?”

“Oh, I have many. Many, many, many. I suppose we will just have to determine what you can handle and what is too much for your delicate sensibilities.”

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