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Tawny watched through half closed eyes as Lori slipped between Anise’s legs and attacked her pussy. Before they ended, they all shared a piece of each other.


Tawny snuggled against Josh. She was again sandwiched between him and Anise. Lori had left, ironically she liked sleeping by herself.

“Thanks you two.”

“For what?” Josh asked lazily.

“For giving me this perfect week. I came here looking for adventure and you two exceeded my expectations. I thought I was predictable and boring and in some ways I guess I was.”

“Hey, we talked about that, you’re not boring.”
“You are a little anal…but it’s cute,” Anise added.
“Thanks again.”

“Remember, you were boring to him, that doesn’t mean that you’re boring to the million of other guys out there. See what you do to me.” He grabbed her hand and placed it on his dick, she was becoming aroused as it began growing in her hand.

“So what are you thinking about?” Anise asked.

“That having wild freaky sex with strangers isn’t going to transform my personality but it sure made me proud of myself, I jumped out of my comfort zone and I enjoyed it. I let my hair down and I lived to talk about it. Nothing bad happened. I didn’t have any checklists, this whole week was about spontaneity.”

“Just remember to be yourself,” Josh whispered in her ear. “Maybe you can visit me in Seattle…you know hang out for a week or so. I can show you around.”

Tawny giggled, “That sounds like fun.”

“And I have something else that’s fun.” He rolled her over onto her back, then reached for a condom.


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Saturday Love -


Drew Atkins logged into her profile on She grinned when she saw the number of messages waiting to be read. Thirty. She already knew that more than eighty percent of them were either from sixty-year-old men, married men or men so disgusting looking that they made her ill. Ten percent was usually bi-curious women, she wasn’t ready to go that route yet and the remaining ten percent were actual possibilities.

And for the last six months she had been dating those possibilities. After a few dates or for some it took only one date for the maybes to become actually nos. She liked the system she devised. Round one started off with coffee. Only a few moved on to dinner, round two. And only a lucky man made it to round three, dinner and sex. That had been Darius. He had sexed her and kept a smile on her face for a whole month. They were inseparable, that was until his wife showed up at her house threatening bodily harm.

The pickings of men in her hometown were slim, and unfortunately a lot of them had the personality of a bull toad. Drew quickly scanned an e-mail. This sounds interesting, she thought. She returned to the beginning and slowly reread the message, it had piqued her interest. He had called himself Blkman1972, he liked jazz music, went to church regularly, drank socially, never married and no kids. She crossed her fingers before clicking on the link to his photo. By now she had downgraded her look requirements from drop dead gorgeous to presentable. “Please be decent looking.” Her excitement dimmed when she saw his picture, her heart sank. The picture was dated, at least fifteen-years-old, she decided after looking at the hair style and clothing.

She knew then that he was probably another older guy looking for a young piece of ass. She wasn’t looking for a Sugar Daddy, she deleted the message.

Drew occasionally peeked over her shoulder; keeping an eye out for, Mr. Tumblesome, her supervisor.

She took a bite of her donut and washed it down with some coffee, then moved on to her guilty pleasure, the Craigslist’s, Missed Connection, section. She chuckled softly to herself while scrolling through the messages, occasionally opening up messages with snappy headlines that caught her attention.

Suddenly she let out a little yelp and her best friend, Taylor, glanced up from her computer. "What's going on?" Taylor asked.

"I'm a missed connection," Drew answered excitedly. “Finally, I’m a missed connection!”

Taylor shot up from her desk and hurried over to her friend's cube. "Really?" She knew that her friend read Craigslist religiously, sometimes up to five times a day.

Drew re-read the message for the fourth time. You: sexy, statuesque, Black lady, wearing denim shorts, men's suit jacket, pink camisole, a straw fedora and four-inch sandals. Your tits were jiggling with every step. You were strutting through the Target parking lot yesterday. You looked so hot!

Me: A twenty-five-year-old White man, with blond hair and green eyes. I'm six feet three, I work out a lot, I have a killer body, and the best thing is that I'm nine inches long. Please email me at
[email protected]

"OhmyGod! Should I e-mail him?"

"You have to. He sounds so cute."

Drew paused, then: "I don't know."

"Well, why do you spend so much time reading this?"

Drew shrugged. “For shits and giggles.”

“Yeah right. I think you’re doing it because you were hoping someone would write about you and now they did and you’re scared.”

“Am not!” Drew protested.

“Yeah you are.”

“You’re right,” Drew said then giggled. “But I never thought it would happen,” she sheepishly admitted.

“Well it did. Now you have to do something about it.”

“I don’t know.”

Taylor nudged her friend. “Move.”

“What are you doing?” A startled Drew asked.
“Moving you out of the way so that I can respond to this man.”
Drew pushed her friend away, their co-workers eyed them curiously. “Behave yourself,” Drew hissed. “I’ll do it.”

Taylor and Drew had a stare down. Drew won when Taylor reluctantly averted her gaze and she smirked when Taylor pulled a chair over and settled next to her friend. “So what are you going to say?”

Drew shrugged and bit her bottom lip. “I don’t know.” Drew had already started a new e-mail and put Hello in the subject line. “This is all I have.” She nodded at her monitor.

“Ask him for a picture.”

Drew grinned. “That’s a good idea. He knows what I look like. It’s only fair that I know the same. This will get us on an even playing field.” She typed in her request then hit the send button. “Well I did it.”

They stared at the screen as though willing a response. “I don’t think it’s going to come any faster if we keep staring at the screen.”

“I guess I’d better get back to work.” Just as Taylor was pushing herself up from her chair, a new e-mail came in. “This is it!” she screamed excitedly. “He sent a picture. Click on it!”

Drew clicked the attachment and a hairless sun kissed torso filled her screen. Speechless she stared at the image, then she reached up and ran her hand over her computer monitor. He had flexed when he had taken the picture, as his pecs were lifted and she counted four rows of muscles in his stomach.

Taylor pointed to Drew’s monitor. “Wow! Look there’s another one.”

“Oh God, I don’t know if I can take another picture, I’m still recovering from the first one.” With shaky hands, Drew clicked on the message. And this time an ass filled the screen. “Oh my,” she breathed. She dared a furtive glance over her shoulder. Everyone was still working and hadn’t looked in their direction. “It’s perfect,” she said while imagining licking it and biting it softly. “It’s hairless, smooth and so taut.”

Fortunately, Drew and Taylor were such good friends that Drew felt comfortable enough to be so free with her, they were as close as sisters.

Send me another one, Drew silently begged. Her wish was answered when a dick, the size of a medium size banana, filled the screen.

“Oh my.” Drew pressed her legs together, her pussy began to throb. “I want to taste him, I want to swallow him and I want him to fuck me,” she whispered. She shoved the thought of going to the bathroom and masturbating to relieve herself out of her head. “I wonder what he looks like.”

“Ask him to send a head shot.”
“I don’t know, I don’t want to end the fantasy.”
“It’s better to learn the truth now instead of five phone sex calls later,” Taylor said reasonably.

“You’re right. I’ll ask him.” Drew immediately sent another e-mail. She crossed her fingers and nervously waited. “Come on, come on.”

Three minutes later she got the e-mail. She instinctually reached out then hesitated, she looked at her friend. “I’m scared.”

“Do it or I will!” Taylor ordered.
“Okay.” Drew took a couple deep breaths, her stomach rolled. She clicked on it. Blond hair filled the screen.
“Looking good,” Taylor encouraged. “Scroll down.”
Next came a set of well-maintained eyebrows.
“I’m liking it so far. Would you pick up the pace, I’ll be an old lady by the time you finish.”

“Relax, relax, I’ll do it.” Sexy green eyes stared back at her, she scrolled down to take in the whole face. “He cannot be real,” Drew whispered. “He can’t be.” She could’ve sworn she was looking at a model. Drew noticed that he had included his name and phone number. “He’s so gorgeous. Why would someone who looks like him want to date me?” she muttered.

Taylor wanted to slap her friend, sometimes she barely had enough self-esteem to fill a shot glass. “You’re gorgeous. Men are always trying to talk to you.”

“Yeah,” Drew acknowledged, “but none who looks like him. Look at him, he looks like a model for Abercrombie and Fitch. He is fine…but maybe that isn’t him, maybe this is someone else’s picture.”

“Damn, I hope not, I would hate it if this wasn’t him. I’d die if he’s really some sixty-year-old bald man with a big stomach and a big droopy dick. Come on let’s call him, to see if the voice matches the picture,” Taylor suggested.

“Nu uh, I’ll call him by myself. I don’t need you listening in. I’ll do it tonight, when I get home,” Drew decided.
“No do it now, obviously he isn’t doing anything right now, except for sending you naked pictures of himself.”
“I don’t know, we really should get back to work,” Drew stalled.
“Yeah right! You really want to work? Or do you want to set up a fuck date.”

Drew looked at her friend, her eyes wide with optimism. “Maybe he’s looking for something substantial, maybe he wants a relationship.”

Taylor snorted. “Yeah, that’s why he’s sending pictures of that fabulous dick of his. And if I remember you haven’t seen one in quite a while, so…” she nodded towards the exit. “Go call him!”

Drew peeked over her shoulder. Her boss was nowhere in sight. “Okay. I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Whatever,” Taylor answered breezily.

Drew quickly entered Braxton’s number into her phone. She hurried through the office and out the door. The hot July sun greeted her when she pushed the door open, she blinked against the brightness. She strolled over to one of the small bistros that were scattered around the small park like setting.

She glanced up at the building to see if Taylor was peeking down on her, she wasn’t. She called him, her heart thudding.
“Hello?” Drew remained quiet. “Hello?”
Drew cleared her throat. “Braxton?”
“Hi this is Drew. The lady you’ve been e-mailing pictures to.”
Braxton chuckled softly. “Did you enjoy them?”
“I did. Is that really you?”
“Yep! One hundred percent.”

Thank you Jesus
. “So why do you want to meet me?”

Braxton smiled, although Drew couldn’t see it, she could hear it in his voice. “Because you’re beautiful, because you took my breath away, because I want to fuck you.”

His response was so unexpected, so raw, that it stunned her. Drew dropped her head in her hands. “You want to fuck me?” she squeaked, no man had ever been so brazen with her before, she liked it.

“I want to fuck you until you beg me to stop. And I will,” he promised.

Hunger flashed in her and jettison to her clit. Drew flushed hot. “What would you do to me?” she whispered, not believing what she just asked, not believing that she was engaging in phone sex right in front of the building where she should be working.

“First I’d smother my face in your beautiful titties, then I’d lick them softly, until you moan in my ear.”

“Then what?” Drew asked, her voice shaking and her pussy throbbing. Her hand inched up her leg towards her mound, she shot a furtive glance toward the building.

Braxton laughed. “Am I getting you excited?”
“A little,” Drew answered, shyly, not really wanting to admit how hot he was making her.
“Are your panties wet?”
“I want to smell you then taste you.”
“I want you to.”
“Is that really you in the picture?” Drew asked again, she had to be sure.
BOOK: Hello Hedonism
10.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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