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“You haven’t learned yet to give up control, have you Claire?” he asked conversationally. “You thought we’d come back here, you’d get another spanking, then I’d make you come again… maybe a couple of times. Now you’re confused and a little disappointed. You’ve been teased all evening long. Your body is longing for release.”

He rose and began pacing around as he spoke, like a professor lecturing a room full of students. “Giving up all semblance of control is the hardest lesson for a sub to learn. But it’s why this fantasy is so appealing to you. All your life you’ve had to be the responsible Claire, the reliable Claire, the Claire who never played hooky in school. The Claire who never called in sick at work so she could spend the day lying on the couch eating junk food and watching old movies on TV. You’ve fantasized about having a strong man, a man who would take charge—but only in the areas you allowed, and only on your terms.”

He stopped in front of her. “You never trusted anyone else enough to believe you could let go and just be. Be Claire. Feel all the emotions that come along with being alive. Be happy, be relaxed, be horny, be angry, yes, even be disappointed sometimes. You aren’t in control here, Claire. And you’ll just have to trust that when I feel the time is right, I will see to it that you get everything you’ve ever wanted—and more. For now, I want you to let go and just be. Just be… Claire.”

She sagged against the chair, flooded with emotions. Confusion and disappointment, along with a flash of anger. Relaxed? Not a chance.

Kyle smiled at her. “Now you’re angry with me. You’re thinking you didn’t sign up for therapy sessions. You want sex. And I’m not delivering it in your time frame. Do you know why?” When she just stared at him silently, he laughed. “It’s okay. You can answer the question. I give you permission to speak.”

She glared at him, furious. “Thank you, Sir,” she spat out.

His eyes narrowed. “Do not push me. Answer the question.”

“You’re not delivering it in my time frame because you want to prove to me that I’m not in control.”

He smiled again.
Damn, this man could be infuriating.
“That’s right, Claire. You’re not in control. You’re not in control of what happens to you, and you definitely do not get to control what I do and when I do it. Now, get up and go over to the bed. Lie face down.”

Claire stood up. Both vibrators suddenly came to life, pulsing and humming. Her body jerked, and Kyle laughed again. She walked awkwardly to the bed as the twin tools flooded her body with wild sensations.

Lying down brought on a whole new wave of feelings. Her weight pressed the butterfly tighter against her clit. The pulsing seemed to get even more intense, sending shivers through her body.

Kyle took one of her arms and pulled it up and away from her body, slipping her wrist through a loop in a rope tied to the headboard. When he tugged on the end of the rope, the loop tightened. He moved to the other side of the bed and repeated his actions, immobilizing her other wrist. Claire watched in the mirror as he did the same to her ankles, leaving her spread-eagled on the bed. When he adjusted the straps holding the large vibrator in her ass, Claire closed her eyes, stifling a cry. Every movement sent the pulses traveling along a new path, each one unfamiliar yet intensely erotic.

“Look in the mirror, Claire.” Obediently, she turned her head and opened her eyes. Kyle flipped another switch on the remote control, and a TV screen came to life on the upper part of the mirrored wall. She stared at the screen, stunned. There she was, draped over Kyle’s lap. He was pulling up the skirt of her turquoise dress. Now he was spanking her ass. She heard her voice, cursing him and telling him to stop, then his cold response that she was no longer in control. Dimly she recalled signing something in the packet of paperwork she received giving the Dark Side permission to film her living out her fantasies, with any videos to be used strictly for her personal viewing.

“It’s time to review your previous lessons, Claire. Just relax and enjoy the show. I’ll be back later.” With that, Kyle reset the controls on her vibrators and then walked out of the room, closing the door softly behind him.

Both vibrators stopped. Claire let out a sigh of relief mixed with a tinge of regret and allowed her body to go limp on the bed. Her eyes were glued to the mirrored wall. She could see herself tied to the bed, still wearing the tight corset, and above that, in the television screen set into the mirror, the image of her lying across Kyle’s lap, spreading her legs and moaning as he brought her to a shuddering climax. Suddenly, the humming started up again as the vibrators sprang back into life. The sensations were all the more intense because Claire had relaxed her body completely. First soft pulses, then an intense blast, then random vibrations, then nothing. She breathed out, then gasped as another powerful jolt went through her body, followed this time by rhythmic throbbing, first in her ass, then on her clit, then both at once.

She realized that Kyle had set the devices to go off independently at irregular intervals, just often enough and hard enough to keep her on the edge, but not enough to bring her to orgasm. All the while, she watched a porn movie in which she was the star—first in the bedroom last night, then walking down the long hallway to Mistress Jade’s fitting room. She saw for the first time what Theo and Aaron had seen when her body was strapped to the table. A half-naked woman writhing around, gasping as her virgin ass was probed with Mistress Jade’s gloved fingers. The camera zoomed in on Theo’s big hands spreading her cheeks and holding her apart. Claire heard herself moan on the screen as the gleaming butt plug was slowly worked into her ass, then moaned along with it when the vibrator buzzed to life again deep inside her while she watched.

Scene followed scene in no particular order, an endless loop of hot, steamy escapades. Claire watched as the stranger on film awakened to passion, finally allowing herself to let go and feel. She was barely aware of the door opening again. When Kyle moved into the picture in the mirror, Claire thought for a moment it was another scene from the movie. He got onto the bed behind her and unfastened the straps of her devices. When he began slowly pulling the long vibrator out of her ass, Claire shuddered. He felt her reaction and deliberately prolonged the moment, sliding it back in, then drawing it out a little further each time.

When he finally removed it, Claire felt empty. He untied her ankles and then moved to release her wrists as well. The last thing he did was to unsnap the elastic straps holding the butterfly tight against her clit.

“Get up, Claire. Come here.”

Claire got shakily to her feet. Kyle was standing in the center of the room, arms crossed over his chest.

“Get on your knees. Now unzip my pants and get out my cock. A good sub puts the pleasure of her dom ahead of her own. Show me you’re learning how to be a good sub.”

Claire reached for the zipper. Kyle’s cock was already hard, straining against the tight leather. She reached into his pants and drew it out, carefully avoiding the sharp metal edges of the zipper.

He was big, so big that her hand barely closed around it. Hesitantly, she brought her lips to the head, running her tongue over it. She looked up. Kyle was still wearing his black mask. Only his eyes were visible, and she couldn’t read their expression. Glancing at the mirrored wall, she saw another scene from last night—Kyle ramming his fingers inside her and demanding that she come for him. She looked at her face on the screen, saw in her own eyes the wild passion he’d ignited. Suddenly, Claire wanted nothing more than to see that same look in Kyle’s eyes and have the satisfaction of knowing she was the one who put it there.

She bent her head and took him in slowly, deeply. One hand circled his cock, stroking it up and down, hot mouth following the path traced by her hand. She ran her tongue over the sensitive head, then drew him deeper into her mouth. With her other hand, she reached inside the tight pants, cupping his balls. Claire was rewarded with a low groan. She sucked harder. Kyle buried both hands in her hair and held her as he began pumping his hips, shoving himself deeper into her mouth. She let him set the pace, moving her hand up and down the shaft while she sucked him.

Claire reached up and grabbed the waistband of Kyle’s leather pants, drawing them down over his hips, then lower still. He stepped out of them and kicked them aside. She ran her fingernails along the underside of his balls and felt them tighten even more. When Kyle’s body began to tremble, Claire doubled her efforts, swirling her tongue around the head before sucking it deep into her mouth. With a harsh cry, he exploded, holding her head in place as he pumped out every drop. She struggled to swallow, wanting so badly to please him in any way she could.

Staring up at him, she licked the head as he drew it out from between her lips. Kyle moved his hands to her shoulders, drawing her to her feet.

“Now it’s time for me to do my job as a good dom and see to your pleasure.” He bent and swept her into his arms, carrying her to the bed. This time there were no ropes to hold her, no strange devices violating her private parts. There was only him. His lips and tongue ravishing every inch of her body, his muscles hard and sleek against her skin. His hands spreading her apart, his hot mouth roaming, settling on her aching clit, sucking until she couldn’t stand it any longer. Claire screamed, and then screamed again when he reared up and rammed himself into her as she was coming. His cock was hard again—and this time it was on a mission to send her whirling mindlessly into the universe. He picked up the pace, and she met each thrust, wrapping her legs around his waist as he plunged deep inside her. He sat back on his heels, pulling her upright and then sliding her body down onto his rigid shaft. She came yet again, burying her head into his neck, feeling his arms hold her tight against him as she exploded.

Time slowed and then stopped altogether. Neither of them moved. She became aware first of his heartbeat, the pulse pounding in his neck where her head was buried. She took a deep breath, then shifted her body experimentally. His cock, buried deep inside her, responded instantly. Locking her heels together around his waist, Claire leaned back and met Kyle’s eyes in the mask. Smiling wickedly, she began rocking herself back and forth, squeezing her muscles tight. His hands gripped her ass, guiding it up and down on the rigid shaft. He moved faster and faster, and Claire realized in shock that she was about to come again. Kyle looked straight into her eyes and then captured her mouth with his as he took them over the edge together.

He stayed with her for hours, holding her, cuddling her as she lay in his arms. At some point, Claire dozed off. When she opened her eyes, she was alone in the big bed, but there was a note on the pillow beside her.


Meet me on the terrace for breakfast at 9. Wear your jeans.


She smiled and stretched, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror.
I look like Scarlett O’Hara did the morning after Rhett carried her up the stairs,
she thought.
Sleepy, sultry,
and satisfied.
Hopping out of bed, Claire saw that her suitcase had finally been delivered by one of the faceless creatures that apparently roamed the halls of the lodge in the wee hours of the night, performing all the necessary daily tasks. She’d yet to see anyone cooking or cleaning, but the place was always spotless, and meals appeared in the dining room on a regular basis.

She headed for the bathroom and hopped into the shower. All her senses were heightened this morning. Claire was keenly aware of the stream of hot water pouring over her breasts and the touch of her fingertips on her scalp as she massaged shampoo into her hair. She put on just a touch of makeup, but she chose a red lipstick, much brighter than the safe, boring pink she wore at home.

Rummaging in her suitcase, she finally settled on the outfit she’d packed for the trip home—comfortable faded jeans and her favorite lightweight sweater. It was a soft turquoise, and when Claire put it on, she remembered how beautiful she’d felt in the turquoise dress Kyle had chosen for her to wear to the first night’s festivities. Slipping on a pair of walking shoes, she headed for the terrace.

The sun was out, but there was a chill in the air. The mountains all around them were blanketed with pockets of dense fog in the valleys. Distant peaks stood out above like faraway islands in a vast white sea. The terrace was full this morning. Claire saw Shari at a table by the log railing. She was with two of the men from last night—the football player and the one who looked like a computer geek. Shari was laughing at something the geek said. He reached over and held out a slice of bacon, and Shari ate it from his hand, then carefully licked each of his fingers.

Kyle sat alone at a small table overlooking the garden. Spring flowers were in full bloom below, a riot of daffodils and pansies in Easter egg shades filling a border along the edge of the lawn. Claire got a cup of coffee from the buffet in the dining room and headed for his table.

“Good morning.” His warm smile melted her heart.

“Yes, it’s a very good morning,” she replied, suddenly shy. This man knew her body more intimately than the man she’d been married to for nearly 15 years, and she didn’t even know his last name.

“I hope I didn’t wake you when I left,” he said. “I’m an early riser—always have been. It’s my time to be alone, to get my head straight with the universe.”

“No, I must have been sound asleep. I never even heard anyone come in with my suitcase.”

“That was brought to your room last night while we were at the ceremony. You probably didn’t notice it when we came back because you had other things on your mind,” he teased.

Claire found herself blushing like a schoolgirl. “Yes, I guess I did.”

“Are you in the mood to go on a hike today? There’s a special place I’d like to show you.”

“That sounds wonderful.”

“Get some breakfast. You’ll need extra energy to hike up here in the mountains. I recommend the biscuits and gravy. I was born a Yankee, but it’s become one of my favorite Southern dishes.”

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