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Before she could find her voice to utter any more curses, she felt his hand take up its sensuous exploration between her legs once again.

“You’re my possession now. I make the rules. For the next three days, I decide what you will wear, what you will eat, and when and how you’ll be punished… or pleasured. The next time I spank you, you’ll have to beg me first,” he announced insolently.

Claire shuddered. But she didn’t know if it was from the fluttering his arrogant pronouncement stirred in her stomach or from the raw lust his probing fingers stirred between her legs.

“Spread your legs for me, Claire. Spread your legs wide, like you saw Melody do.” His hand cracked down on her raw bottom again. “Spread your legs… or I’ll spank you harder.”

Claire groaned, shifting her hips on his lap to part her legs. The fingers delved farther, teasing apart the wet lips of her pussy. She felt one finger slip inside, probing her, while she lay helpless across his lap.

“That’s a good girl. Now you just stay like that, with your legs spread apart for me. Look at me in the mirror, Claire. Watch while I fuck you with my fingers. I can do whatever I want to you.”

Her eyes met his in the mirror, and she felt a hot bolt of lust shoot through her. She wiggled her hips a little, thrusting up to take his finger deeper inside her.

Kyle responded with a wicked grin. “Oh, that move is a little slutty. Is the brazen temptress inside you finally ready to come out and play?”

He slid his finger deeper as he spoke, then pulled it out slowly, ever so slowly, all the while stroking the hard nub of her throbbing clit with his thumb. Claire whipped her head back and forth, moaning louder as he increased the pace. He grabbed her hair with his other hand, turning her head and forcing her to watch in the mirror as he drove her higher.

“Oh, yes, please, please, don’t stop!” She was almost sobbing.

He shifted his hand and slid two fingers deep inside her, while keeping up the relentless assault on her clit with his thumb. Claire screamed as she was carried over the top, her pussy convulsing against his fingers as she ground herself into his hand. Her body collapsed over his strong thighs.

“Oh, yeah, Claire. Come for me again. You’re gonna come for me again, right now.”

Kyle began moving his fingers deep inside her again, rhythmically stroking her G spot while rubbing his thumb back and forth across her engorged clit. To her shock, Claire felt her body immediately respond. Watching him, feeling him, hearing those forceful words… She was still so aroused that the pleasure built even faster, even higher. This time the orgasm took over her entire body, tearing through her until she was left breathless and trembling, lying half-naked across his lap.

Claire lay on the bed, drifting in and out of sleep. Physically, she was exhausted, but the sexual release that brought drowsy contentment to her body left her mind spinning. It had been so long since Jim had bothered to concern himself with her pleasure.

Kyle had gone on to cradle her in his arms after that second, mind-blowing orgasm. Then he laid her limp body gently on the bed, saying “Sleep well, Claire. I’ll see you in the morning.”

She closed her eyes, but all she could see on the dark screen in her mind was the submissive woman in the mirror, lying across those muscular thighs, her skirt pulled up, and her naked ass on fire as his hand descended over and over. And then… and then Claire watched in the mirror, transfixed, as she eagerly spread her legs for him like a shameless slut. She saw his hand disappear between her thighs, felt it invade her body, while his eyes in the mirror probed into her soul.

Her eyes popped open. Moonlight poured into the room through the French doors. Too keyed up to sleep, she wandered aimlessly around the suite in the dark. She found a deep purple silk robe hanging on the back of the bathroom door. Apparently some faceless attendant had been in the room while she and Kyle were at the evening’s entertainment. She wondered idly just how large the staff was in this place. Slipping the robe on, she decided to step outside onto the terrace for some fresh air.

Deep inside, Claire realized she didn’t need fresh air. What she needed was an excuse to avoid that huge mirror that kept playing tonight’s naughty escapade over and over in its depths, reliving her shameless behavior. She had never come twice in one session before—and she’d never come so hard. Thinking about it got her hot all over again.

It’s official
, she announced to the woman in the mirror.
I’m a slut. I’ve become one of those women I used to publicly denounce, although privately I envied their disdain for what everyone else thought. I was so uptight about being a ‘good girl’, I never allowed myself to take a walk on the wild side. But I’ve broken free. I just paid a whole lot of money to come here and spread my legs at the command of a total stranger. So far, it was worth every penny. I loved it. And I want more.

Opening the door, she stood still for a moment, relishing the silence. No cars, no neighborhood dogs barking. Only the stillness of the deep forest, spreading out into the darkness.

After a while, she began to pick out the subtle sounds of nighttime in the wilderness—the scurrying of a small animal across the field in the woods, the whisper of pine boughs brushing together in the breeze. And another sound, faint at first, but growing stronger. A guitar. Someone nearby was picking out an unfamiliar tune, adding notes, then joining chords to create a haunting refrain.

She walked barefoot across the lawn, rounding the corner of the house. There, on a stone bench in the moonlight, sat Kyle. He was fully dressed, wearing jeans and a white t shirt, humming softly as he played.

He smiled as she approached. “Did I wake you?”

Claire blurted out the first thing that came into her mind. “I’ve never seen you with your clothes on before.”

She shook her head, suddenly embarrassed to meet his eyes. What a stupid thing to say. And after the way she’d behaved… he probably thought she was some desperate sex-starved cougar.

“Just so you know, I’m not a man-whore,” he said abruptly, sensing her discomfort. “I have a Master’s degree in psychology. Those of us who work as companions here think of ourselves as highly specialized sex therapists. We help our clients open themselves to giving and receiving pleasure in new ways by allowing them to step outside their rigid boundaries. It doesn’t matter whether those boundaries are self-imposed or set by religion, society, or a disapproving partner. We guide them on a journey of exploration and encourage them to discover and accept whatever behavior gets their juices flowing. Our motto here is ‘If it turns you on and it doesn’t hurt anyone—go for it!’”

Claire stared at him in surprise. “You have a Master’s in psych?”

Kyle nodded. “We look at this as a place of healing as well as a place of acceptance. Some of our clients have suffered emotional abuse that drove them here. They’ve been told they aren’t desirable, that they’re unattractive or lousy in bed. Well, my mother always told me ‘There’s no such thing as a frigid woman—only a clumsy man.’”

He went on, “You know, Gwen had her demons too. But she faced them down and put them to rest a long time ago. That was one of the things that drove her to create this place. She’s taught us that it takes a lot of courage to come here, to allow yourself to be vulnerable by admitting your darkest desires to another person. You gave me a gift tonight, Claire. You opened yourself up to me, put your secret self into my hands. You gave me your trust.”

Claire was speechless. He didn’t look down on her or pity her. He said she had
. She sank down onto the stone bench next to him.

“It’s very kind of you to say that. And thank you… for before,” she added hesitantly.

“It was my pleasure to bring you pleasure.” He winked at her, and she felt herself blush.

Kyle continued. “You’re probably wondering whether I really mean that. The truth is, I enjoy what I do here. There’s a real sense of satisfaction in seeing a woman like you open up like a new blossom. Now, don’t get me wrong. As a dom, I get off on what I do… sexually, I mean. Every woman has what I like to call an Inner Slut. Most women deny her existence or lock her away, either out of embarrassment or fear at what she might entice them to do. And out in today’s world, allowing the Inner Slut to take control could lead a woman into dangerous situations. But here at The Dark Side of the Moon, I escort her out of the shadows into a safe, non-judgmental environment. And trust me on this, Claire; your Inner Slut knows how to have a good time!”

Claire couldn’t help laughing. “You know quite a bit about me if you’ve read that questionnaire, but I know almost nothing about you,” she replied. “I can see that you’re into music. I know you’re incredibly intuitive when it comes to reading a woman’s emotional state. But with a Master’s in psychology, why here?”

“Have you seen the job offerings for someone with a Master’s in psych?” he asked. “Without going back for a Ph.D., I’m qualified to teach in some high school or maybe sell life insurance. This gig allows me to use my people skills in creative ways. I’m on call 24 hours a day for three-day sessions twice a month. I get paid to do what I love doing—making hot, sexy women submit to my control. The rest of my time is my own. I’m a musician. Writing songs is my passion in life. Unlike struggling actors who are forced to moonlight as waiters, I’ve found a much more enjoyable way to support myself along the way.”

Claire was silent for a moment, taking it all in.

“Go ahead,” Kyle offered. “Ask me anything you want.”

“What’s the name of the song you were playing when I came out?”

“Okay, didn’t see that one coming!” Kyle laughed. “It’s called ‘Mountain Nights’. I don’t have any lyrics yet. I’m still working on the composition.”

He played a few bars. “It starts out softly, soft as twilight. Then it builds, as night takes over. There’s a storm brewing in the middle here.” She could feel the emotion pouring into the notes he played. “But in the end, darkness gives way to dawn once again.” He improvised a few riffs as the melody faded away.

“You’re very good,” Claire offered. “Do you mind if I record you while you play? I’d love to listen to it again.”

When Kyle agreed, she headed back inside to grab her iPod. She sat quietly on the bench near him as he played, feeling at peace for the first time in months.

“Want to hear another one I wrote? This song has been picked up for the soundtrack in a movie coming out next summer. It’s called Hurricane. He went into a driving rhythm with undertones of blues. It had a New Orleans, Cajun-style vibe and, Claire found herself rocking to the beat.

“Wow! I love that. You’re really talented. What was your inspiration for that song?”

They sat for hours, discussing music, philosophy, and trashy reality TV shows. Claire found him incredibly easy to talk to, and she was amazed at how much they had in common. Gradually she became aware of birds twittering all around. Looking around for the first time, she was shocked to see the sky beginning to lighten.

“You know, I haven’t stayed up all night talking since—gosh, since I was back in college,” she finished, a note of real surprise in her voice.

“We’ll go up to the deck off the great room and have a cup of coffee later while we watch the sun come up over the mountains,” Kyle replied. “The sunrise here will blow you away. But first, there’s one more thing you have to do.”

“What’s that?” Claire asked innocently.

“I said the next time I spanked you, you’d have to beg me for it, Claire.” His voice deepened, taking on the stern tone that sent shivers of arousal down her spine. “Now that you’ve had a taste, you know how much you love it. Just picture this in your mind. I’m going to make you bend over the end of the bed this time. I’m going to tell you all the wicked things I’ll make you do later, and you’re going to get your ass paddled with that hairbrush as I describe each one. Then I’m going to make you promise you’ll do whatever you’re told. No arguments, no questions, no hesitation. If you don’t say ‘yes’ immediately, you’ll get spanked again. You’re going to give up control, aren’t you, Claire? I’m going to make you say ‘yes’, no matter what I tell you to do.”

Claire’s breath quickened, and she felt the heat spreading between her legs again.

“But none of that is going to happen—unless you beg me for it.”

Claire swallowed. “Please, Kyle?”

“Please, what?” His voice was cold.

He wasn’t going to make this easy. But Claire realized that was part of the thrill. If she truly wanted all these erotic fantasies, she had to step outside her comfort zone. She had to become that uninhibited, wild woman she’d glimpsed in the mirror.

“Please, Kyle, will you spank my ass again?”

“Go back to your room and draw the drapes. Light the candles. Then get the hairbrush. Lay it on the bed next to you and bend over the foot of the bed. Watch in the mirror as you pull up your robe. Do it slowly and sensuously until your bare ass is fully exposed. Make sure to arch your back and stick your ass high in the air. Wait there, without moving. I want to find you looking at yourself in the mirror in that submissive position when I come in. I want you to hand me the hairbrush and beg me again to spank your ass. I want you to meet and embrace your Inner Slut, Claire—before the sunrise.”

Chapter Five



Claire couldn’t trust her voice. She nodded and headed back to the bedroom. Her clit was already tingling, and with each step she took her arousal intensified. Hastily drawing the drapes, she lit the candles on the mantle and the nightstands. The huge mirror doubled the soft glow that filled the room.

Her hands trembled as she picked up the hairbrush. She walked carefully to the foot of the bed. Then, staring into the mirror as though she were observing one of The Dark Side’s sex shows, Claire watched herself bend over the foot of the bed and ever so slowly pull her silk robe up to her waist, leaving her lower body completely naked.

There was something incredibly erotic about the submissiveness of the humiliating position. As the minutes ticked by, Claire felt shivers of fear and embarrassment mixed with the heady intoxication of arousal. Half a dozen times she was on the verge of standing up, covering herself, and calling a halt to the whole idea. But each time she remembered the thrill of Kyle’s hands roaming possessively over her body as she lay across his lap, how wet she got when he spanked her ass hard, then grabbed her head and forced her to watch as he penetrated her with his fingers. Maybe that was the point of being made to wait like this… to fan the flames until she was aching with a powerful combination of dread and desire.

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