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“Do you like to talk, Amy?” Kimberly looked down again.

The girl grinned. “Far too much, my dad says.”

“Perfect.” Kimberly moved toward the reception area. “An instant cure for grown-up awkward silence. She’s absolutely welcome to come along.”

“Sweet!” Amy squeezed his hand, grinning, before she hurried ahead to catch up with Kimberly.

This wasn’t sweet, Drew decided. It was uncomfortable and problematic, because as much as he loved his daughter, he was committed to making sure Shelby’s wedding went off without a hitch. International terrorists and domestic unrest didn’t allow a margin of error. His focus needed to be strictly on this upcoming event, but walking in front of him, side by side, were two reasons that wasn’t going to happen, and he wasn’t at all sure what to do about it.

He paused and called the camp to withdraw Amy’s name from their registry and reassured the camp director that he didn’t intend to sue. He put the necessary call to Eve’s parents on hold. Explaining Amy’s actions to them would take more time than he had right now. Their probable indignation over the lost funds would be completely understandable, and the time difference between Grace Haven and Adelaide iced the cake. Best to leave that until later.

He hung up the phone to rejoin the diverse group waiting for him. He’d have decisions to make soon, major ones, but right now strategizing this wedding took precedence. With Amy underfoot and Kimberly’s tightly wound emotions, he wasn’t sure how they were going to manage it, but if something went wrong at this beautiful, heartfelt affair, the guilt would fall on him. He’d left police work because of gut-wrenching guilt. It wasn’t something he wanted to face, ever again.

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Her Small-Town Cowboy

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BOOK: Her Small-Town Cowboy
4.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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