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Glaring at Gunner and Rogue, Lea came out of the bathroom, marched to her dresser and grabbed her suit. It wasn’t a two piece since she was a little heaver around the middle, but it was hot as hell.

Going back into the bathroom, she shut the door, ignored the brothers and dropped the towel. The black suit dipped down so low in the middle you could see the sides of her boobs when she put it on. The sides came up high, and the back showed more ass then she liked, but it still made her look great.

“Come on out and show us, little
,” Rogue yelled from the outer room.

She rolled her eyes. “I’m coming.” Opening the door, both men stood as Lea walked into her room, and moved around her, touching her.

“Beautiful, there is nothing wrong with this suit. It covers everything. Our clothes at home will show more than this,” Rogue stated, running his knuckles down her chest and touching the outer edges of her breasts.

“This is sexier than our swim wear. I believe we will be bringing some of these outfits home with us.” Gunner said, moving towards the door. “We have company. Take our
down to join her friends. I’ll be there soon.”

“How?” Lea stopped what she was going to say, already knowing there was no sense in asking. “Never mind.” She went for the door, but Rogue was there before her, opening it for her.

“So who is visiting your dad?” Lea asked Rogue as they made their way to the pool, but stopped at the bottom of the stairs when a strange man stood there staring up at them. “I hope you know him, because the way he’s staring at me, it’s giving me the freaking creeps and if he is a warrior, this is my house, damn it.”

The gentlemen at the bottom of the stairs raised his eyebrow and crossed his arms over his chest. “Damn it,” she lowered her gaze mumbling.

“That is my uncle, I believe you would say,” Gunner laughed, before placing a kiss on her cheek and going down to meet the man. “Quit intimidating our woman. She’s already had one bad experience.”

“I heard, and for that I’m sorry, but she must get used to warriors being around since we will always be close to her. The king has arrived and your father and grandfather are speaking with him now.” Their uncle said, watching every move Lea made as she descended the stairs.

Rogue had his arm wrapped around her waist. “It’s good to see you again. How long will you be here?” he asked without even introducing them.

“I’m here for the next two weeks, then Nax will be taking my place,” the man turned to leave.

“Um, excuse me, but don’t I get an introduction here?” Lea asked, getting a little pissed off at how rude they were being.

“Why? I just told you it was our uncle. That is all you need to know. He’s not here to socialize. Go with my brother to the pool. I’ll join you in a few minutes,” Gunner ordered and left with his uncle, leaving her standing there stunned.

She jerked out of Rogue’s arms and moved down the hallway, furious. “Stupid, asshole. I have never seen someone so fucking rude!” Lea stepped out into the night air and headed straight to the poolside fridge, getting herself a beer.

“What’s wrong?” Tara came over to her at once knowing she was pissed.

“Seems the warriors of their-so-called-planet don’t believe it’s necessary to be polite and introduce themselves to me in my freaking house!” She slammed her beer down on the bar and turned towards Tara, waving her hand at Rogue.

“I’m sorry, but if my uncle came by my house, I’d introduce him to my significant other. To be treated so rudely is not a good way to get on my good side. Telling me to never look at a male in my own house, fucking please,” she screeched the last part as Rogue picked her up and tossed her back into the pool.

She came up spitting and glaring at him. “Why you…”

Rogue held up his hand, and jumped in after her. “You were so angry, I thought it best you cool off. Now listen. I’m sorry our ways are different from yours, but we didn’t mean to offend you at all. When a warrior is on a mission, or protecting someone, like all of you, he does not socialize with anyone, including his family.” He stood at the edge of the pool, his hands at his side, giving her a look that sent her stepping back.

“You didn’t even tell me his name,” she turned away from him, and headed towards the stairs to climb out of the pool. “Way to make me feel like I’m your slut and not your woman,” she muttered inside, not at all sure she could do this mating thing. Maybe she was meant to be alone.

Before she could get on the steps, strong arms wrapped around her and pulled her back against a hard body. “I’m sorry you are hurting so much, Lea,” Rogue whispered to the side of her neck, dragging her back into the deep end of the pool. He slowly turned her around, holding onto her. Rogue stared down at her, resting his back against the wall of the pool. “You are meant to be with us, little
not alone, never alone.” He kissed her nose, each eye, and then her lips.

“We will all make mistakes, but please don’t give up on us. Just like you will have to learn our ways, we will try and understand yours. Let me tell you the story of how our world was formed.” His voice dropped and her friends all turned and followed them, listening.

Rogue looked up and noticed that everyone had settled in around them. He smiled. “It’s good you all want to know. I have a feeling all of you will be entwined in our lives and world from now on.”

John reached out and handed Rogue a beer. Tara placed hers on the ledge behind Rogue’s head before sitting next to them, dangling her feet into the water.

“Our world began over 350 million human years ago. You must remember we live a much longer life, compared to humans. My father’s father is still a warrior and he is 467 human earth years old.”

“Damn, now that is a Grandpa,” Tara said, taking a drink of her beer.

Lea turned, her back now resting on Rogue’s chest, his one arm still around her waist and his hand on her stomach, holding her, while she sipped her beer. “Go on,” she encouraged him to continue, still furious at Gunner.

“Little one…” Rogue leaned down and kissed the back of her neck.

“I’m listening Rogue, but it still hurts that Gunner would dismiss me so badly in my own home. I will try, but please continue, I want to know more.” She looked up into his eyes and he nodded.

“A lone warrior and his family knew the time was coming when their home planet would be no more. Polluted beyond repair, even with all the scientific advances they had made as a civilization, he knew there was no hope. Taking a vote within his warrior clan, they reached for the only hope possible for their future children: to leave and find a new home. To start out fresh, learn from their mistakes, but to do this, they needed to make sure their history never repeated so many things they had done on that world. So they started to record the history of our people as much as they could remember from stories handed down.” Rogue took a drink and sighed.

“You have to know this planet was in a galaxy we have long lost the knowledge where. We know the name of it, but can no longer pinpoint it. We call it Mystic Outlands Eternity. I have always loved that name and dreamed if I ever had a daughter, I’d name her Mystic, but it is rare for us to father females.” He shook his head and smiled down at her.

“For two years this family gathered all of the stories, the history, as well as supplies, food, and seeds that they would need to survive on a new planet.” Rogue stopped his words and moved her to his side, stepping in front of her and looking around the pool as if someone was there. Suddenly a sword appeared in his hand.

“Rogue?” Lea glanced around, noticing that Michael and John had moved Tina, Melody and Tara closer to her.

“I know you’re here. Tate. Has it come to this, sneaking around?” Rogue jumped out of the water just as the other warrior appeared in front of them and unseen hands lifted Lea up out of water.

“Rogue!” she shouted before everything went black.




Chapter Six


Rogue swung his sword up and beheaded the warrior, Tate, then turned to see their woman being taken out of the pool. The fear in her eyes and the sound of her screaming his name put a fear in his heart that had never been there before.

A trace of blood rolled down her forehead right before she disappeared, her eyes rolling back in her head. “No!” Rogue rushed to the spot where she had been as his family and king came out onto the deck with their weapons drawn ready to battle, but it was too late. They had taken her. Tara, Tina, and Melody were crying, hugging each other. Both John and Mike hovered close to them.

Rogue’s angry gaze met his older brother’s. “
We’ll find her and they’ll pay for this,”
he sent Gunner, who nodded.

“John, Mike, take the women into the house. No one leaves until we find out what is going on. Lea would be furious if her family was hurt,” her mother ordered, stepping from behind his father. She looked up into his eyes. “Find our daughter, please,” she whispered. There was so much anguish in her words causing a single tear to roll down his cheek.

In over thirty years, Rogue had never cried, but now he was close to losing all control. Their king walked over to where Tate’s decapitated body lay. The king, Jordon, kicked it. “I knew something wasn’t right with this one. It’s one of the reasons I put him on the furthest compound . I didn’t trust him,” Jordon turned and glanced at him.

“He was seen with Maxim two
, or months ago according to human words, and we all know your history with that family,” Jordon informed them. “Does your family still hold the Maxim 3?” Their father stiffened.

His uncle snarled, “We used to be honorable and only attacked warriors, leaving the women alone. I see this has changed.”

“You know tensions are high with not enough female children being born. Warriors need their
, but half of them have nothing. We were lucky to find that humans were compatible with us.” Jordon tried to calm them.

Rogue had enough. “That is no excuse to do what they did. They hurt her, she was bleeding before they took her.”

Gunner snarled. “They’ll die!”

King Jordon held up his hand. “Are you sure?”

Rogue had never been questioned in all of his forty years as a warrior and to be so here, in front of his family, was an insult. “I have never lied to you, or to my family, and for you to even ask this? Consider my service done.” Rogue turned to leave, but King Jordon quickly moved in front of him, placing both hands on his shoulders, stopping him.

“Forgive me, Rogue. The past few months have been hard and we have had many uprisings. I’ve had to question so many warriors lately that I have forgotten which are loyal to my family.” King Jordon glanced over at Gunner. “Maxim has gone too far this time. I won’t allow our women to be placed in a conflict between warriors.”

Jordon stepped back, and the air around him turned a yellowish black before Maxim appeared in front of their King. At first they stood there staring at each other until Maxim dropped to his knees before Jordon. “My King, forgive me.”

Rogue stood where he was, armed and ready, when all he wanted to do was gut the man in front of his king. Gunner, his uncle and father moved to surround the king, ready to strike out at any time if need be.

“I will only ask this once. You’ve dishonored your family, stealing a woman who was not meant to be yours. Where is their
” The power radiating off of their king was surprising. Even though his anger wasn’t aimed at Rogue, it seemed to touch all around Maxim, making even Rogue wish to need kneel before Jordon, but now would not be the time for that.

“I’m sorry my king, it wasn’t me. I just found out about this. It seems my mother in her grief enlisted my younger brother. Before I knew what was happening, she was brought to us,” Maxim’s hands clasped onto his knees, tight, but when Rogue and Gunner’s grandfather came into the room, bringing Maxim’s father, things got nasty fast.

Releasing Maxim, the king stepped back. Everyone watched as Maxim’s father went to his son and slapped him upside the head. “I leave you in charge and you allow your mother and brother to dishonor our family? We have always stood beside the king and now this?” A small woman appeared and at once she knelt next to her son.

“It’s my fault. Do not…”

“Enough! I will deal with you when we get home.” Maxim bowed his head to the king. “I promise this rift between our families is over. We stand beside you and honor you. Please forgive us.” He looked up at Gunnar and Rogue and stood, hands at his sides. “Gunner, Rogue, you have the right to do as you will.”

Lea appeared before them, showing a slight bump on her head. She smiled up at him. “What did I miss?”

Rogue’s heart beat fast and his cock hardened. Their
was safe. He gently pulled her to him, placing a kiss on the cut on her forehead. “We’ll speak in a moment.” Gently he placed her behind him and turned, facing his brother who had moved to their side.

Gunner too placed a kiss on her head.
“What do you think?”
He asked Rogue, standing next to him and turned to stare at the prime Maxim family members.

“I think with all the uprisings the king has mentioned, it is time we put this game to rest, at least for now. We can spare with each other later, but our king is right. Our homeland is insecure because of this fighting,” Rogue stated and Gunner nodded.

Jordon relaxed and the power he was holding dissipated. “Stand Maxim. I’m sure your father will handle his
when he returns home.” Jordon stated, looking at Maxim’s father.

“She will not sit down for a while, and thank you. Now how can we help?”




Lea moved around the men and headed toward the house, when the warrior who had been kneeling spoke. “If it is alright, I would ask a question of your woman?”

She glanced over her shoulder at Gunner, who nodded. So much for her sneaking away. Turning, Lea stared at the ground, waiting. “I am Maxim. There is a woman here, I don’t know which one, but I feel it inside. She might be my
. Would you allow me to stay to seek this woman out?”

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