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“I would stand beside the man that I fell for, no matter what, but respect needs to be mutual. If your men find their women here, they will have to honor that. Our home is a place where we should feel safe and so should our children, if we have any. We should not be worried about whether or not we are going to offend anyone, especially family.” Lea sighed, looking at her mom, then her friends. “What do you think?”




Tina stretched. “They’re telling the truth. They didn’t do anything with the mark that I can detect. I need some food. Is anyone else hungry?” she stood up, when another warrior moved towards her, out of the corner.

“Can l help you carry some food to bring back in here? My name is Maston and I’m Maxim’s younger brother.”

Lea waited for the fireworks to start. Tina glanced at her, then at the man. “Are you going to tell me something? Because if you are, you better wear a cup, dude,” Tina snapped and walked away from the man who now wore a grin and was following close behind.

“This is freaking insane!” Lea yelled and headed out of the room in the direction of her bedroom. She needed a break away from the nonsense. Halfway up the stairs, Lea knew she wasn’t alone. She spun around and would have fallen if Gunner hadn’t caught her, lifting her into his arms.

“Thank you,” she sighed. Gunner didn’t say a word, moving them upstairs to her room. The door slammed shut at the same time Gunner lowered her down.

“Strip and kneel,” he ordered, standing in front of her, his brother Rogue next to him. Both of them stared at her, motionless.

“Excuse me? You did not just order me to do something!” Lea blew up, but still they said nothing, just watching her.

She started to pace back and forth, watching them. “It was bad enough I had to worry about Mom, but now all of my friends?” Lea sat down on her bed and rested her head in her hands as she leaned forward. “I don’t know what to do anymore,” Lea felt lost, like she didn’t belong anywhere.

Her mother had accepted, Krios and all this, but could she accept Gunner and Rogue? Both men were dominant and the way they acted almost reminded her of the Master/Slave relationship, but was she cut out for all this?

The bed dipped next to her, before she was scooped up and pulled into Gunner’s arms. “Don’t cry Lea. We can make this work, I promise. Just give us a chance,” he whispered and kissed the top of her head. “Since it means so much to you, if anyone comes to our home, we will ensure that they must respect you. I will make sure I introduce that person to you, but could you please honor them?”

Lea glanced up at Gunner. She knew he was trying. “For the first time I meet them or they enter our home, I will lower my gaze from them, but Gunner, I mean it. I want a place where I can relax. If I have to worry about offending someone, I really don’t think this will work.” She smiled and tilted her head to the side, glancing at Rogue.

“I mean if it’s you two and we are role playing, making love, which is different. I think I can be what you want, even though I will mess up some. I mean, I’m not perfect.” She looked down at her hands. “I want to try, but I’m afraid, I’d be giving up everything. When would we have to go to your world? What would I do all day while you are gone? I’m used to working.”

“Look at me my little
,” Gunner said, and she looked up.

“I promise we will work with you on these areas. To us, you are perfect.” Gunner set her on her feet in front of them. “I’m afraid it will be sooner than we anticipated. With the uprisings going on, we are needed back home. And who knows, maybe seeing you and the other women will help show the others that there is hope. Now, you were given an order weren’t you?”

“But…” she looked into their eyes and a shiver rode down her spine. They had begun and God, she wanted this…no, she needed this.

“Yes, sir,” she mumbled and stripped her clothes off, throwing them onto the dresser behind her. Lea dropped to the ground, her head down, legs apart, butt resting on the balls of her feet. She placed her sweaty hands on her knees and waited.

Gunner’s and Rogue’s boots disappeared from their feet as they stood and then walked around her, touching her here and there. “Beautiful, and all ours. I wish we could give you the courting you deserve.” Gunner knelt in front of her and lifted her chin with his finger. “I would give you the world if I could, but we promise to always put your safety above all else. You won’t regret this decision.” He reached out and covered her mound with his hand.

Cool tingly feeling swamped her down there and she heard herself gasp as Gunner removed his hand. All the hair down below was gone.

“We don’t want hair in our way. Brother, why don’t you help our
up on the bed.” Gunner rose, going to a bag she hadn’t seen before.

“Don’t worry about what Gunner is doing, concentrate on me, little one,” Rogue stared down at her, offering her his big purple hand. His fangs were now full length as were Gunner’s.

“I have to ask. Will I have fangs too? Are you going to bite me?” she wiggled her eyebrows and he laughed, helping her up and swatting her butt.

As gentle as ever, Rogue helped her up on her bed, positioning her into the middle of it, but what she saw on the sides of her wall had her smiling. Her men had placed hooks on each side of the bed. She wondered what else was around the room.

Gunner took one side of the bed, sitting down next to her, while Rogue took the next. “Tonight is all about you, Lea. Another night we’ll play, but right now we must get you ready for the first time taking us. Because we are different than your human males, we will have to tie you for the first time, but we can see you like to be tied, so that shouldn’t worry you so much.” Gunner handed his brother two pieces of what looked like long black rope.

They each took a hand, kissing the inside of her wrist, before wrapping it up with the rope. They lifted her wrists up over her head, attaching the rope to the hook at the top of the bed. Rogue looked down at her and cupped her cheek. “Words have no meaning to me when I look at you like this. The trust in your eyes, and the way your body responds to our touch, will be treasured for our lifetime. No matter how old we get, our love for you will never die. Once a warrior binds himself to his woman, it’s not just our bodies coming together, but our hearts, minds and souls.”

Rogue placed his hand between the center of her breast and Gunner covered his hand. “Where ever you are, we will always be with you.” Burning heat seared her skin and she cried out. The pain was fierce as they held her down until the pain receded and their intense emotions bombarded her.

The pride, love and devotion to her was shocking. That they could feel this much so quickly brought tears to her eyes.

“Oh, little one, don’t cry,” Gunner kissed away the tears that rolled down her face.

“These are happy tears. I didn’t know your feelings were so overwhelming.” She glanced down and stared where their hands had been. In the center of her breasts was an image of a strange type of flower which was wrapped around a sword, with drops of blood on the petals. “Wow, that is beautiful. I take it that is like at tattoo?”

Gunner and Rogue both grabbed a leg, kissing her ankle and the inside of her knee before tying the silk rope around her it. “Yes, it will remain there till we are gone. If something happens to us, our mark will disappear so another warrior can claim you if we die in battle.”

“Don’t talk like that, ever!” Lea hissed and sucked in a breath. The thought of them hurt felt as if someone ripped open her chest and stomped on her heart.

Both men sat beside her again, their hands rubbing her arms, breasts, and legs. “Shh, we’re not going anywhere soon, but you must be aware that there is always danger around us. We are a warrior nation, we are also hired by other to protect the innocent.” Slowly they brought her legs up, bending them at her sides. They tied the ropes to the hooks. “Are you hurting?” they asked, standing and staring at her.

Lea had never been so open and exposed. They had given her enough room to move her legs a little, but her pussy and ass were open for their enjoyment. “No, I’m fine…” she moaned as Rogue crawled onto the bed and licked from her ass to her pussy.

“You taste like the
fruit on our planet, so sweet.” Rogue used his fingers separating her pussy lips. “Look at that special little pleasure button waiting for us.” He flicked it with his tongue. “Now let’s make sure you are ready for us.” Rogue slid one finger into her, and damn his fingers were long.

“So nice and wet, just what we need, but…” he slid his finger out and pushed back in what she could have sworn was his whole hand. “She took four, it’s going to be tight.” He slid his fingers back out, slapping her pussy before getting up.

“Look at how wet she gets just after one tap to our pussy. I think we’ll need a switch from the
tree back home next time we have her tied up,” Gunner said while he stripped out of his clothes. His gaze heated as he stared at her pussy.

“Fuck!” she groaned, seeing how thick and big they were hung. The shape of their cocks was a little different from humans. The heads of their cocks were an octagon shape and there seemed to be ridges on their skin. They were not smooth like humans, almost like the ribbed condoms one of the masters at the club liked to use.

Rogue reached down and smacked the inside of her leg. “What the hell?” she glared up at him, the sting still there.

“You will not be thinking about other men when we are with you,” Gunner ordered, crawling up on the bed, his hand on his cock, stroking it up and down. “We are very jealous men, our
. No one will touch you again. If you need something, we will give it to you.” A little dot of pink cream came out of his cock onto his finger. She watched him spread the liquid onto her pussy lips.

“Now you are ready for me,” Gunner leaned over her, his cock rubbed against her lips that were now somewhat numb and tingling. “I’m going to try and be real slow so I don’t hurt you, little one.” Sweat beaded on his face as he inched into her. Every few seconds she would feel the same liquid that had been spread on her lips, the cool numbing sensation, which only seemed to have her pussy squeezing and releasing his cock, massaging it a he moved forward.

“Damn, you’re so thick. What the hell is that stuff?” she arched up when Rogue leaned down, sucking one of her nipples into his mouth and nipped it.

“Hush or I’ll gag you,” Gunner growled, pulling out a little, then moving in faster.

“What the hell?’ she yanked at the ropes. The ridges on his cock seemed to move, rubbing against her insides.

“Oh. My. God. You’re a human vibrator!” she screamed as he hit that special spot inside her that no man had touched before. One she hadn’t believed in until now. Liquid squirted out, of her—the female ejaculation—another high Lea had never experienced.

“That’s it, little
,” Gunner grunted and pushed the rest of the way into her, covering her mouth with his, taking her moans into his mouth. Gunner not only dominated her body, but her mouth as well, wrestling her tongue with his. If there could be a head pin in French kissing, Gunner would have had her pinned good.

He broke the kiss and grabbed onto her ass cheeks, kneeling between her and watching as his cock went in and out of her. “Look at that pussy just sucking my cock in, wanting more. Let’s not disappoint it.” He thrust in and out of her, watching every move she made, grasping and squeezing her ass cheeks.

“Soon, I’ll fuck that ass of yours while my brother fucks our pussy, but tonight we make love to our woman,” Gunner said, as one of them traced her hole with a finger.

With all the attention on her breasts, fingers probing her ass, and Gunner loving her pussy, she couldn’t talk any more. Lea arched a silent scream, Gunner’s warm seed seeped into her as his fangs bit into her shoulder.

You are mine, my little Neba. I’ll never let you go,”
his voice rang in her head while his teeth released her shoulder. He nipped her nose and pulled out of her, but she wasn’t empty for long as Rogue took his place.

Rogue was wider than Gunner and stretched her further. Her legs and arms shook. Rogue leaned down, raining kisses all over her face. “Our little
so beautiful. You’re eyes are glazed over, passion filling them. The little noises you are making only make my cock harder for you,” he said, moaning the last part and sliding all the way into her.




She was theirs, there was no going back now. Gunner moved around the bed untying the ropes holding her legs and arms and rubbing them, but as soon as she was free, she wrapped herself around his brother, hugging him tight and burying her face into his neck.

“Hold me tight, love me and never let me go,” she cried out as another little tremor coursed through her smaller body. Even at 5’6”, she was small compared to their bigger frames.

Her body was perfect for their loving and tomorrow they would start showing her how aliens loved their woman fully. Gunner tilted his head and knew her sisters where still talking with their mates, but soon they too would be connected.

Gunner laughed, watching Lea’s eyes rolled back in her head as Rogue released his seed. She would sleep now for the next few hours while her body changed. Both of their marks were on her and their family marking was between her breasts.

How long do you think before we have to go back?”
Rogue asked, lifting her up off the bed. Her mattress disappeared and a new one replaced the old one. Gunner pulled down the clean sheets and Rogue laid their sleeping woman onto the bed.

“King Jordon wishes to speak with us,” Gunner sighed and slipped on his pants, moving out of the room, knowing Lea would sleep.

Entering the den, he noticed his father, Maxim, his brother, father, and their uncle there along with the king. “What’s going on?”

Jordon turned to them. “I’m sorry to pull you away from your
, but I’m afraid I must ask you to leave tonight for home. Your father will stay here. I’m afraid I have to take Melody back with me tonight as well as we can’t afford to be gone. The Karney have been spotted orbiting our second moon and I don’t like it. The rest of our men that are here on Earth will join us as soon as they find and locate their
. Your grandfather is already there altering everyone. Take your woman to your room at the palace. I’ve called in all women and children till this threat has passed us.”

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