Hinterlands Book II: The Stables (2 page)

BOOK: Hinterlands Book II: The Stables

“I’ll take care of him Mr. Stephen!” a female voice rang
out from the darkness.

Ms. Farstone!
Apparently she had been here the entire time, standing in the darkness,
watching the proceedings.
sauntered slowly into the light, her skirts trailing in the dirt, her red hair
tied back severely so that her eyes seemed narrow and frightful.
This woman was far more intimidating
than Mr. Stephen, and Amelia felt a chill go through everyone who was gathered
Her lips were outlined in
audacious paints, bright red and smiling, yet there was nothing comely about
this mouth. On the contrary, Amelia felt that those lips were merely wicked
things, adorning themselves in a clever mélange in order to soften the guard of
unwitting victims. She actually envisioned the mouth to be full of razor sharp
teeth. The tight black corset she was wearing held her large breasts together,
advertising the comfort and warmth that could be found therein, a strange
contradiction for such an intimidating woman.

She strode up to Mr. Howard, taking a moment to look
Amelia’s direction and then kneeled before him. She gazed at his penis for an
instant and then back up into his face. “Poor, poor Misssssster Howard!” she
cooed menacingly. “He’s sooo excited and has nowhere to turn for relief. Let
Ms. Farstone take care of you!”
Howard did NOT seem to want Ms. Farstone to take care of him and he looked
around momentarily for any sort of escape. Realizing there was no way out, he
returned his attention to the creature kneeling before him. She grasped the
base of his penis with her hand and he jumped physically. As he did so, three
of the farm hands held his arms from behind, preventing his escape and rooting
him firmly to that spot. Ms. Farstone then did something quite shocking. She took
his erection into her mouth suddenly, right in front of everyone.
It was atrocious. There was a flurry of
whispers at this lewd impropriety, but the crowd quickly grew quiet in silent
solidarity for the handsome young man and his attempt to stay dignified in the
face of such an attack.

Ms. Farstone sucked hard at first, taking his firm
buttocks into her hands.
She was
skilled, and seemed to know precisely what she was doing as she moved her head
rhythmically, sliding her wet mouth over the thick member, taking a moment to
flutter her tongue along the head, before plunging hungrily down upon its girth,
over and over.
Mr. Howard began to
moan, unable to control himself.
was obvious to everyone there he was torn between his own pleasure and
defiance. He looked almost majestic as he struggled, his eyes going wide with
shock. He was fighting valiantly to deprive her of the dominance she so
desired, of the satisfaction, yet it was a battle of wills that he could not
win. Clenching his muscles as tightly as possible, he stood stock still in the
hope that it might help. The old woman seemed to sense him fighting her, and
this only invigorated her. She slurped hard, chewing the shaft and slipping her
fingers into the crevice of his behind, pulling him into her. Amelia felt
herself becoming saturated with arousal just watching and her mind flashed back
to that night in the Lord’s bedchamber with Enza.
Just as it seemed as if the young man
couldn’t take any more and would have his release, Ms. Farstone ceased her
sucking, and turning directly to Amelia.
“Do you like what you see here Ms. Kerrick?” she asked turning back at
his engorged flesh.
Her saliva
covered its long shaft and it actually glistened in the light.

“Excuse me…Ma’am?” Amelia half-laughed in shock.
She had no idea why Ms. Farstone had
singled her out like this in front of everyone.

“Ms. Kerrick.
Come here.”

“Ms. Farstone…I can’t…I”

“DO AS I SAY!” Ms. Farstone commanded in a voice that
could break glass.

Amelia stepped forward and slowly approached them both.
All the eyes in the circle were on her, looking her nakedness up and down, but
she refused to see any of them.

“Do you like what you see Ms. Kerrick?”

“Excuse me Ma’am?” Amelia’s shyness was forcing her eyes
to the ground.

“You heard me Dear.
Do you like seeing Mr. Howard in this state?
He’s a very bad boy…wouldn’t you say?”
She slapped her hand on his bare backside and attempted to squeeze the flesh,
but his is firm muscles refused her much purchase.

“I don’t know Ma’am…please”

“Come here.”
Ms. Farstone grasped Amelia’s wrist and pulled her forward, forcing her
to kneel in front of Mr. Howard. Reaching around him, she covered Amelia’s
small hand with her own, pressing it into the firm flesh of his buttocks. “Now
feel it, girl.
Squeeze it!” She
commanded. Amelia had to avert her gaze as his erect and throbbing penis was
directly in her line of sight.

“Please Ms. Farstone…I…”

“Don’t disobey me girl!” Ms. Farstone was fierce in her
Gingerly, Amelia splayed
her fingers across Mr. Howard’s firmly muscled flank.
It was so hard she couldn’t believe
She made a half-hearted attempt
at clutching, but it was far too firm.

“It’s firm…” Amelia whispered, her face flushing scarlet.

“Speak up Ms. Kerrick!
What did you say?”

“I said it’s f-firm” She stuttered.

“And wouldn’t you say that Mr. Howard is a very bad boy
Ms. Kerrick?
Isn’t that right?”

Amelia didn’t answer. She was afraid to look up at Mr.
Howard, or at his body, despite the fact that it was mere inches from her.
She was absently clutching the young
man’s backside, running her fingers along the roundness, feeling the
Her heart was thundering in
her ears again, and she felt very much on display, kneeling down before this
naked boy, so close she could smell his sweat, and the lavender soap he had
used to mask it.


“Yes Ms. Farstone?”

“Tell us ALL how Mr. Howard is a very bad young man, and
that he’ll need to be punished.”

“He’s bad.” She whispered.


“I said he’s very bad. Mr. Howard is very bad.”
As she uttered these words Amelia
finally had the courage to glance at his smooth chest, the chiseled abdominal
muscles, and the penis, as it pointed directly at her.
She was feeling very frightened but also
couldn’t deny that she was feeling the strangest sensation of arousal.
She looked into Mr. Howard’s imperious
blue eyes and repeated herself.
“Mr. Howard is very bad…and will need to be p-punished.”

take his penis into your hands girl, and show us how you will punish him.”
Ms. Farstone was enjoying herself,
enjoying the feeling of dominance.
Amelia couldn’t stand her; wanted to lash out at her somehow.
This was humiliating to feel herself so
hot and bothered in front of the others.

She wrapped her hand carefully around the penis, grasping
the engorged flesh. A small drop of clear liquid seemed to glisten on the tip.
She could feel his pulse through it; it throbbed in her small grasp. Amelia
found herself staring again in fascination.
She had never seen a man’s penis
close-up before. It was surprisingly ridged, and impossibly thick.
She had always assumed that they were
The act of sex seemed so
unlikely staring at this massive thing, but she felt an ache between her legs,
deep inside of her.
It was desire
she was feeling, and she recognized it.
No. Mr. Howard’s penis was handsome, lovely even in its own right.

“Ms. Kerrick, will now take Mr. Howard into her mouth.”
She commanded with a sly grin on her face.

“What? Ms. Farstone no I couldn’t…I,” Amelia tried to
protest but could think of nothing to say.

“Ms. Kerrick will take him into her mouth or she will be
dismissed, it’s that simple!
Besides, Ms. Kerrick, you want to suckle Mr. Howard’s penis don’t you?”

Farstone… I couldn’t!
I simply, no
it would be improper,” Amelia protested.

“Show us Ms. Kerrick!” Ms. Farstone demanded, grabbing
Mr. Howard’s erection the way one might grab the utter of a cow.
He flinched but said nothing.
Amelia’s head was racing, and she was
breathing hard.

“Ms. Kerrick…” The large woman held the shaft in her hand
and gestured with it to Amelia.

but Amelia had never kissed a man’s penis before, let alone sucked upon
Her face flushing the deepest
shade of vermillion, she bent over and lightly kissed the engorged flesh.
It was warm and still moist from Ms.
Farstone’s saliva. Parting her lips ever so slightly she tentatively placed her
mouth on the deeply hued head.
felt him stiffen and moan. She ran her lips back and forth curiously and—

Amelia was suddenly yanked backwards by her shoulders,
Mr. Howard’s penis falling away from her hand.
Ms. Farstone laughed wickedly as Amelia
lay naked in the dirt. “Not so fast Ms. Kerrick!
Do you imagine I’m going to let him get
off that easy girl?
What sort of
punishment would that be?” She seemed to ask the others who were gathered
She cackled even louder.

Amelia was furious.
She had figured out Ms. Farstone’s game. The old woman was trying to
awaken her desire, only to demean her as soon as she relented.
She had no choice in the matter however,
and she silently regained her feet.
Still terribly aroused, Amelia felt her eyes fill angrily with
She now understood why Mr.
Howard had resisted being placed into the wagon so vigorously.
He was hoping to avoid this situation.

She took her place amongst the others who had just
witnessed this scene. Each of them now looked terribly flushed and aroused,
their breasts and penises swollen and aching. Ms. Farstone stood fully upright,
gazing about, wearing a smug, cavalier expression. She adjusted her bodice to
keep the large breasts from bounding forth.

As the reality of what had just occurred began to set in,
Amelia’s embarrassment was almost more than she could bear. Standing there in
front of the others, her knees felt weak and her head swam.
For a moment she thought she might pass
into unconsciousness, but she was jolted back to reality by Ms. Farstone’s
shrill voice.

“Now! ...” The woman paused for theatrical effect.
She had obviously done this before. “You
learn to please, and to be
pleased in turn. When I desire you to
your pleasure, you will do so at my command and ONLY at my command!
That includes
Mr. Howard.”
wiped her lips and looked at the paint upon her fingers haughtily.
“You are all my responsibility.”

At this, Mr. Howard was released, half-exhausted and
lacking any fight whatsoever.
unable to turn her eyes toward him, merely stared at the dirt in front of her

The farm hands ushered them through the lighted door and into
the large stable building. As they crossed the threshold, the air became noticeably
warmer, and regardless of what lay in store for them, they were all relieved to
be in-doors and out of the chilly night air. The floor was covered in a thin
layer of hay, and the sheer pleasure of stepping onto a softer surface almost
caused Amelia to groan out loud. In the dim lantern light the ceiling towered
high overhead, a sloping roof
stretched from one side of the building to the other, but the floor-space around
them was partitioned into many, many wooden stalls, some of which were simply
waist high while others seemed to be entire rooms offering a measure of
A loft of sorts was
visible toward the back half of the building, but in the poor lighting it was
impossible to see if anyone was up there.

They gathered in the large entry area, and here the men
were separated from the women.
There were 12 servants altogether, 7 women and 5 young men, and this
number included both Mr. Howard and the nameless dark-haired man who had helped
to capture him during the debacle at the wagon. Everyone looked shiftless and
exhausted, unable to decide where or on whom they should lay their eyes. In the
brief tumult of the sorting, Amelia stole another glance at Mr. Howard.
She was surprised to see that he was
looking directly at her, and there was gentility in his eyes, and a sparkle of
mirth. He was an enchanting, mesmerizing thing, a man much like Lord Dunmoor,
frightening similar actually, but Mr. Howard’s face contained a fire that the
elder man lacked, a fire that was capable of sensual warmth, or searing
It was all but impossible to
His eyes followed her as
she and the other women were ushered down the hallway out of sight.

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