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Mac held his breath. His cock throbbed, and his head
ached. He was wound up as tight as the proverbial spring. The closer Holly got,
the tenser he became. The pulse in her throat was an indication she wasn't much
better. As he watched, it jumped erratically.

If he had his way, he would take her in his arms and
hold her until it jittered about for a different reason. He clamped down on the
tantalizing images his mind was relaying like an erotic movie and concentrated
on the girl—no, woman—who stopped a foot in front of him and waited without
speaking. She looked at her feet, and he watched, fascinated, as each toe
curled in turn into the deep pile carpet. How that could turn him on, he had no
idea, but it did. Then, very slowly, she knelt in front of him, bent her head,
and crossed her hands behind her back.

"I know what you mean, Sir. I'm ready."

"If you're sure." He had to make certain she
was whole-hearted and committed. He didn't want to mentally scar her for life.

"Hell, Mac, Sir, what else do I need to do or say
to convince you?" Holly looked up at him, and spoke fast and with passion.
"Yes, I need to know you and your ideals. Show me or not, but make your
mind up. Because it's late, I'm hot and bothered, and if you aren't going to
help, I'm off to bed to help myself and all no climaxing unless you say so is
off. Presuming you do have a bed for me." She dipped her head again and
her chest heaved as she took in deep breaths.

"Minx. Yes, pet, I have a bed, and if we get any
rest, you'll be in it with me later. Now then. Do you understand anything of
the lifestyle? Or do I start from scratch?" He put his finger under her
chin and lifted her head up so she had to look him in the eyes. Her hair fell
over her shoulders, leaving her face open to his scrutiny.

"Not much, and like I said, it sort of freaks me,
Sir. I have never, ever not been in charge, and I'm not sure I could not be, if
you know what I mean."

No, she really doesn't
get it.

"I want you to look at me now, Holly. Listen
carefully, and if you don't understand anything, say so. Okay?"

She nodded.

“Lesson one, Holls. You don't nod. You need to
vocalize. You say 'yes, Sir.'"

Her eyes widened. "Always?"

"When we're in a scene, yes always, pet. Believe
me, you'll do it without thinking. Otherwise, I'll expect respect and yes or no,
Mac. Never yeah or okay. Always Mac, or Sir." He didn't give her time to
come back with a sassy retort. "And never, ever forget this. You will be
in charge, pet. Everything we do, everything I give to you, stretch you with,
you have the chance to bring to a halt. I may demand obedience and expect you
to obey without question, but that's where your safe word comes in." The
look of concentration on her face made him want to punch the air and shout,
She was so serious, her
teeth worried her top lip, and she twirled a stand of hair around her finger. "It
is the way to stop everything."

"So what is it?" she asked. "My safe

"Something I know you mean when you want me to
stop whatever I'm doing. It's important. It's got to be something you won't use
for anything else. Because you need to understand what's going to happen and what
we're going to become. As I’ve said before, I'm going to show you things you
never thought you'd be capable of. Push you to your limits and then some. You’ve
got to know and understand that. If you are truly unhappy, you say the word,
and we stop. Immediately. But here's the rub. You'll need to be very, very
certain you mean stop. Not slow down or let me think about it. I expect you to
decide that sort of stuff before we get to the final stages. I promise you'll
have time for caution and questions. However, later?" He raised an
eyebrow. "That's crunch time. Because once I stop, I'll never go there
again. It's a total cessation of whatever we were doing. Do you understand me?
It might not be everyone's way, but it's my way."

"Er... oh, er. Yes, Mac, er Sir."

He could have kissed her. First hurdle over. "Good
girl." He did kiss her then, a swift, hard kiss that had his zipper
stretched to the limits. Mac hoped his cock wasn't going to bear the imprints
of the teeth. The only incisor marks he wanted were Holly's, and not on his
dick. Her moan was enough to tighten his balls.

“So," he continued, and he could hear the arousal
in his voice. Could she? "Your safe word. It's got to be very specific. It's
no use having a word you could use in any other context. Some people use hand
signals or a traffic light system. Red—stop, orange—be careful, and green—go,
go, go. I want a word. One word to make me stop."


He'd forgotten her hatred of Scotland's national dish.
"Okay, haggis. You say that, and we've finished whatever we were doing for
good. I promise you that, Holly. You have to trust me, but it is on my oath. Apart
from that, it's green for okay and yellow for hold on—we need to talk more
about this. Understand?"

"Yes, Sir," she answered without any hesitation.

"Now I'm going to ask you questions. Without
exception, you have to answer, so I know how to start. I won't be embarrassed,
we won't do anything too extreme, but we will be truthful. Yes?"

"Yes, Sir."

Hallelujah ,she’s saying
Sir without hesitation .

"But can I ask questions as well?" Holly
said quickly. "Because I've read things where the sub person isn't allowed
to speak and stuff. "

"Ah, Holly. We're not other people, we are us. I'm
me. I'm a Dom, but I'm the Dom I want to be for us, you and me. No one else.
Who says what's right for one couple is right for another? Our relationship
will be ours.”

She grinned, her eyes sparkled, and he saw her
cock-tightening blush appear over the top of her jumper. He wondered if it did
cover her whole body, and had every intention of finding out sooner rather than

"Yes, Sir. Mind you, if I stutter over it, give
me a break, please. I, um...need to get my head round the ‘Sir' bit. It's too
much like being back at school and waiting outside the headmaster's office for
some misdemeanor or another." She grinned. "Sir."

"Fair enough. Right, yes, then, I'll accept that.
If you find yourself about to stutter, say Mac instead. Okay, so technically a
virgin in that you've never made love?"

"Yes, Mac." Her voice wobbled, but she spoke
out loud.

"But you’ve enjoyed using the presents I've sent

Holly giggled. "Well, d—er, yes, M…Sir."

Mac nodded. "Good. Do you like the idea of me
showing you how good it can feel to have me teach you all we can do together?"

Holly jumped up, spun away, and walked to the window
again. He let her go. She'd always been one to pace to sort out her thoughts.

As far as Mac could see, the view hadn't changed. She
turned back and once more began the walk toward him. This time, she knelt and bowed
her head in one fluid movement. As she put her hands behind her back, he heard
her speak in a soft but clear voice. "Yes, Sir."

His body shook in relief. It was lucky she was
watching the carpet and not him. It probably wasn't the best way to instil confidence.

"Good girl. Let's go upstairs." He touched
her shoulder, and Holly stood up, her head still bowed. Mac pulled on her hair,
not hard but enough to sting her scalp and make her head come up. "Nothing
too much tonight, pet. Cast your mind back to the time I spanked you. That was
over your clothes, and we were both so turned on by it. This time, I'm going to
redden your ass with nothing between my hand and your beautiful skin. You'll be
so aroused you'll let me suck your clit and finger fuck you until you scream
your release. Then I'm going to take you slowly, let you feel me slide into you
inch by inch until my balls rest on you. Then I'll fuck you so well, you'll
never want anyone else."

She nodded, and he saw the soft sheen of arousal
dampen her skin.

"Ah, you like this? You're wet, pet, I can tell.
Soon you'll show me how you make yourself come, and I'll watch you. First
things first." He took her hand and walked toward the door. "Remember,
we can stop at anytime. Just be clear on what you want. If you're merely
unclear or unsure, say so. Okay, take off your sweater and bra now."

"Here?" He stared, and her blush deepened. "Oh,
fuck. I mean yes, Sir. Hell, Mac, Sir, please, you'll have to make allowances
here. It's all new to me."

"No allowances, Holly. You have a safe word and
you can use it. Each time you forget or choose not to address me in the correct
manner, I'll punish you. I'm betting before long, it won't be a punishment. So,
let's do this again. Take off your sweater and bra."

Holly gripped the bottom of her sweater and pulled it
over her head. Underneath, her bra was white, sheer, and brief. Her breasts
spilled over the cups, which scarcely covered her nipples. She held the sweater
out to him.

Mac shook his head. "Fold it and put it on the chair.
Put your bra on top of it."

Without a word, she did as he asked and straightened
in front of him. Her breasts were taut, her nipples hard, standing out stiff
and proud. Across each globe, her tan line, faint but still there, showed. Mac
was pleased she didn't go topless. Sexist it may be, but the only person he
wanted to see her breasts was himself. Exhibitionism or sharing was not for
him. Anything he and Holly shared was for the two of them alone. He touched
each areola in turn and pinched the hard nubs, pleased as her eyes clouded and
she sighed and swayed.

"Good girl. Now the rest. Then put your shoes on
and walk up stairs in front of me." He opened the door into the hallway.

She glanced out, doubt written on her face, but did as
he asked. Her clothes were neat and folded on the chair, and she moved passed
him and began to climb. The sight of her bare pussy was beautiful, and he promised
himself she'd feel his mouth on her there very soon.

As her perfect ass swayed in front of him, the sight
made him itch to fetch a paddle.

"Turn left and stop outside the blue door."

He followed slowly, loathe to lose the moment. She
waited, and with a sudden sense of urgency, he ran up the stairs to join her.
Once there, Mac ran his hand down her back and caressed each ass cheek, careful
not to go too close to her anus. Soon he'd introduce her to that specific
delight. He hoped she'd used the butt plugs he'd sent to her with specific
instructions on which to use and when. But that was for later.

As was the perfect feeling of closeness it would give

Mac nipped Holly's neck, hard enough to leave his
mark. She moaned softly and pressed back toward him, seeking his body next to

"Holly, pet, I'm so proud of you. You don't know
how aroused you've made me by trusting me to do this so far. My cock is rock
hard and weeping to be inside you. Once we go through that door, our initiation
will start." He leaned over her and pressed a series of buttons above the
lintel. "This is our room."

The door swung wide open, and he touched her back.
Obediently, Holly moved forward, and the door shut behind them. A soft light
flooded the room. She moved her head to look around. Mac felt her stiffen and
heard her gasp.





Holly's heart beat a staccato tattoo, and she knew she'd
stiffened as she gasped. Half of the things she saw had her wet and wanting and
the other half scared or intrigued her in turn. How did Mac know about all
these things and how to use them? Some looked strange, others sort of familiar.
He even had a chair similar to the one she used. Above her head hung the
promised clothes airer.

She bit back a grin. That she had to try. She turned
back to Mac. "Can I touch?"

He nodded, but his eyes narrowed. "That's three,

Ah, shit again.
"Sorry, Sir,"
she said hastily, amazed at how easy it was now to address him like that. "I'm
wondering, though. Have you used all of this? Sir?" She watched his throat
move as he swallowed.

"Only to be taught, Holly, never in pleasure."

Uh? What?

He must have noticed her confusion, but he said
nothing, just watched her, his eyes hooded. The sphinx had nothing on him for

"Will you explain please, Sir?"

He took a deep breath, and his shoulders lifted and
fell. The play of muscles even beneath his clothes made Holly worry if her
evidence of arousal showed on her thighs. She would prefer it not to, not yet.

"Sit on the bed. Lie back and hold the headboard."
He waved toward one wall where a large four-poster bed had been placed. At each
corner shackles hung open and waiting. Holly walked as provocative as she knew
how. She might be scared, have a whole brass section of the orchestra playing
the “1812 Overture” inside her, but no way was she going to let him know that.
With a determined deliberation, she wriggled her ass and looked over her
shoulder at him as she clambered onto the bed. It was higher than she expected,
and as she moved her legs, Holly was under no illusions that her body was open
and on show.

"Nice. Stretch out on your back this time. As long
as you don't move your hands from the bedrail, I won't fasten you yet, but you
will not speak. This is one of those times I demand your silence unless I say
otherwise. Say 'yes, Sir' if you agree."

Holly scooted up the bed. Her mind responded to the
command in his voice. Once settled, she stretched her hands high over her head
to grip the headboard. "Yes, Sir."

Out of the corner of her eye, she watched as he picked
up a chair and set it as close to the head of the bed as he could, next to an
ornately carved cabinet with deep drawers. She glanced at it and wondered just
what secrets it held.

No doubt she'd find out if need be.

He tapped her mound, just hard enough to make her skin
zing and her clit tighten. Holly went to speak and remembered his diktat. A second
tap was harder, and the sensations spread. The stab it inflicted was sharp and
she bit her lip. That pain superseded the one he inflicted. She realized
suddenly it wasn't pain. It was a body-filling arousal.

He had noticed where she was looking of course. "Maybe
you'll find out later. Maybe you won't want to. Who knows." His hand
trailed down her leg and circled her ankle. The gentle touch was beautiful. "As
you know, when we were younger, we started to explore our bodies." His
tone was conversational, almost as if he was discussing what to cook for dinner
or the price of gas. "I knew even then that I wanted more than to put you
on your back and fuck you, vanilla style. Don't get me wrong. That will be part
of our loving, but I need more, and I think you do, too."

Mac's finger walked up her leg and began to stroke her
clit. As he touched her pussy, her body clenched, and she started to shake. Goosebumps
dotted her arms and perspiration coated her skin. His finger began to probe her
passage, and she gasped. That first delicate touch inside her, and she knew his
fingers would be well coated with her arousal. It felt so different from her
own fingers or her toys. Exciting as all the things she did with them were,
this was more. Even that one feather light touch stimulated her more than
anything she had ever felt before. Holly clenched her pelvic muscles to draw
him in and hold on to him as tight as she could.

“Tut tut, pet. You
eager. Shall I bring you to the brink and leave you hanging?"

Holly shook her head and he laughed. "Poor, pet.
So wants to tell me to go to hell, and knows she can't. Shall I gag you, pet?
So you really can't speak?"

Her throat tightened and she shook her head. That
would send her screaming.

"That's a big red, isn’t it? My poor pet, I
promise I won't do that to you." He stroked her cheek with his spare hand.
"Not yet, and not without discussion. But to see you shackled and gagged
like that, I could come just thinking of it. Now just forget all things nasty
and feel. Take me and hold me, show me how you can."

Holly concentrated as she contracted and relaxed her
vagina. His finger moved with the rhythm.

"That's it, pet. Let yourself feel everything. Now,
talk to me. What does my finger inside you do?"

Damn you, shut up and
. "Makes
me want to find out what your cock in me is like, Sir." Holly gasped as
another finger was added and then a third. His thumb circled her clit. "Hells
bells, if that doesn't make me want to come. Ah, please, Sir." Holly
stopped. Did that count as a transgression? She thought she'd hedge her bets. "Sorry,
Sir." The gleam in his eye made her decide whatever he thought and
whatever he decided, she'd like it.

Mac chuckled. The bed dipped as he settled on it and
blew softly onto her sensitive cunt. The soft waft of air fuzzed her brain and
sent vibrations singing through her.

"Why are you sorry, Holly?" His voice was
low. "Do I need to punish you?"

How do I answer that? Is
it damned if I do, damned if I don't?

"I'm waiting." His fingers tightened on her
pussy lips, and she jumped.

The pain wasn't as pleasant as she imagined it would be.
She thought frantically. "Do you think I should be, Sir?"
There. Will that be enough?

It seemed it wasn't.

"Release your hands and put them by your
sides." Mac barked out the order. Even as she complied, and before she
realized what was happening, Mac took his fingers away from her pussy, flipped
her over, and administered several hard smacks to each ass cheek. Holly's tears
welled up, and she bit back a sniff. She wasn't expecting to be spanked like
that. It hurt, and her skin was already tender.

I thought spanks were
arousing. Those bloody weren't.

"Holly, you do not answer a question with a

She braced herself for more punishment. Instead, he
began to stroke and soothe her chastised buttocks. Then three spanks and a
stroke. Three more, and on and on…the sequence continued, each harder and more
defined than the last. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she bit her lip. How
long could she last before she shouted—or whimpered—“haggis?” Suddenly, the
pain morphed into pleasure.

Her perception changed as warmth encompassed her body.
It spread in waves, one after another, like a soothing bath. Or the softness of
a cozy angora blanket. She was pampered, loved, and cherished. She moaned in
God, I love this. If he
ever gets around to actually putting his cock into me, anywhere, I might just
spontaneously combust.

"Sorry, Sir. Yes, Sir. I'm sorry, Sir."
Shit, all this being humble stuff better be
worth it.
Did he hear and understand her mumbled apology?

It seemed Mac knew her as well as she knew herself.
One very juice-increasing spank later, she found herself once more on her back,
and in his arms.

"Don't stop, please, Sir…"

Mac cuddled her close and wiped away her tears.
"We need to, pet. You've had enough. I'll have to think of something different
to chastise you. You like those taps much too much. Do you even realize how
fucking arousing those moans and wriggles you make are?"

Holly looked at him in bemusement. What moans and wriggles?
As far as she was aware, she just gritted her teeth.

Mac shook his head in amazement. "You don't even
know you’re doing it, do you? Every time my hand touches you, you writhe and
make a cum-inducing, fuck-me-now noise. As much as I want to oblige, I need to
tell you a few things first." He paused. "Now drink this water and
rest for a while. I've got you. Then we'll talk."

She wanted to protest, say talk now, but after she
swallowed some liquid, she sighed, curled into him, and slept. Holly had no
idea how long she was asleep for, but she woke up deliciously sore and still
held tight in Mac's arms.

He looked down at her and kissed her lips.
"Welcome back. How do you feel?"

"Fantastic and ready for more."

He laughed. "I've unleashed a monster. Slow down
and let me carry on with our story. Where was I? Ah yes. Spanking you years
ago." He bent his head and sucked hard on one tight nipple. The other one
stood up as well, as if it was ready to protest about his neglect. Mac gave it
similar attention and rubbed his hand up her thigh. "Wet," he said in
satisfaction. "Wet and wanting. I love it."

Holly decided he didn't expect a reply. In truth, it
would have been difficult. Her body was on fire, and she had to concentrate all
her attention on not coming. It would take very little to push her over the

It was obvious Mac was attuned to her body's every
nuance. "No coming," he warned. "Or we stop." His finger
caressed her bare pussy, now so wet with desire that at any other time, her own
fingers would be busy. "Don't ever grow those hairs again, pet. I always want
to see you bare and your clit glistening for me, see your flush of arousal
spread, and see my cock buried in you up to the hilt."

Those words uttered in his deep voice stimulated her
more than any others could.

"Yes, Sir, please, Sir." She had to show him
how much the words affected her. Very deliberately, she stretched her arms
above her head and gripped the rail.

"Beautiful. You’re tight and taut and show every
part of you to me, pet." He bit her clit gently and she arced off the mattress
and into his touch. Her fingers fluttered and flexed around the rail, but she
made sure she didn't unclasp them.

"Ah, pet, I love you so. Right, if I don't hurry
up and get your understanding and agreement, I'm going to come all over your
body, not in it. And that's for another time. Our first time is going to be
conventional—well, as conventional as I ever think we will be. I've
deliberately held back until I knew I could give you all I think we need. Not
just me—us. The past years have been preparation for now. For when we come
together as Dom and sub. And that means I may lead and suggest, but you have
the final words, and you really call the shots. I will suggest and show you
what we can achieve. Whether we do or not will be your decision. I've been
taught by the best, Holly, all for us. And before you ask, I've called you Holly
on purpose, pet. So you know and I know I want you as my partner and my sub. My
Holly and my pet. As both Mac and Sir."

And that means what? Is
there a school for Doms? How to get a sub to bend and obey in one easy lesson?
Hmm, interesting. And one for subs? You bow, we follow? Or you spank, we

Although she hadn't voiced her thoughts, Mac half

"You're face is so expressive, love. I've been
back to school at every chance I had. To learn how to be the person you need.
To open up and accept the person I am. You might find it hard to believe, but I've
been both Dom and sub as I trained. I know what a sub feels, as well as how to
give the pleasure needed. Now I'm ready, and I think you are too. Remember,
your safe word is the key." He stopped suddenly and swallowed.

Those bloody ripples in
his throat. Hell, I need him. Sod the no-speaking edict.
All he can do is make me hotter
. Holly opened her mouth to tell
him. He forestalled her.

"So, in truth, Holly, I have fucked and been
fucked by experts. I've been given pleasure and had pleasure withheld. I know
every which way to arouse and be aroused. But never has my heart been involved.
Nor did I, or those who were my masters, want or expect it to be. It was all
for us. So, you are a technical virgin. However, I believe I am I also."
He cleared his throat as she stared at him. Of all the things he could have
said, that scenario had never entered her head. He had learned how to fuck,
been fucked, just for them?

Oh my.

"Damn, I'm thirsty." With one last caress,
Mac stood and looked down at her. "You are so hot. I can't wait to have
you completely tied and full. To put all my learning into practice. Thank
goodness for the snow. We might be having a different Christmas than either of
us expected."

Outside the room, the chimes from the grandfather
clock in the hall could be heard.

"Midnight," Mac said. "Merry Christmas,
love. Hell, Holls, I'm sorry. I'm going to have to have a drink. Would you like
one? Oh, and you
speak that

BOOK: Holly's Christmas Dom-Brieanna-final edit
9.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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