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When she finished and walked into the bedroom, he was already dressed and didn’t seem to be in the mood to fool around anymore.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Is there anyone you’ve pissed off enough that they might want to kill you?”

Chapter Nine


She felt her knees buckle as she sat down on the bed more abruptly than she meant to.

“What are you talking about? What makes you think someone was trying to kill me?” She was puzzled and scared. What the hell was going on?

Jack sat down beside her and took her hand.

“There’s something I didn’t tell you before. I was following you Wednesday. No, don’t interrupt. When you pulled out of the service bay, I saw some liquid on the ground. It wasn’t just water. I could tell it was a mix of brake and steering fluid. So I want after you, trying to catch up before anything happened. As you know, I was too late, but you managed to save yourself from potential harm.

“I called one of my guys, and he went out to look at your car yesterday morning. He called the police motor vehicle accident division to come out and see the car before he towed it back to the shop so you could have a proper report for the insurance folks. And to make sure that all the evidence on site was collected in case the problem with your brakes and steering wasn’t some kind of bizarre accident.

“The cops took a report and gave him permission to move the car. So he towed the car to the shop and left it there for the night so everyone could go home for Thanksgiving. But first thing this morning, he started on your car.”

Jack sat down beside her and looked Nelly in the eye. “Your power brake and steering fluid lines were cut. It was clear they were only partially cut so you’d have control for a while until enough of the fluid leaked out. Presumably whoever did it figured the evidence would be lost in the inevitable crash since most of your drive was by highway. But you made good time and didn’t lose control until you were on the county road, and with your driving skills, you managed to stop safely.”

Nelly sat in silence.

“He called the police and showed their expert, and they agree. They’ll be sending their own team and possibly towing your car to their facility. And they want to talk to you today. I said we’d call them back with a time and a place.”

Nelly was in shock. The accident wasn’t an accident? “Why didn’t you say something earlier?”

“And freak you out before I knew anything for certain? I figured I’d stick close and be able to protect you, but then I thought it was unlikely anything would happen while you were surrounded by family. You’re shaking.” He pulled her close, running his big hand over her back. “The cops will find out what’s going on and get whoever did this. And I won’t let you out of my sight until they do.”

“Crap. The cops can’t come here. My family will freak out. Can we meet them somewhere neutral? Maybe we can go to your shop. I want to see for myself what happened to my car. I completely forgot I have some files in the trunk. I was going to do some work this week at my folks’. But I guess I’ll rent a car in town and drive home. If the cops let me. Double crap. But I need those files and that laptop.”

“Leave? Where’s home?”

“Not far. I work for a large legal firm in the city. I have a ton of research to do on a case I’m working on. I figured I’d spend some time with the family and then lock myself in my condo and get the work done without the interruptions I’d get at work.

“All I really need for that is a computer that connects to my company’s network. If the one in the trunk is broken, I’ll just swing by the office and get another. But those files. They are confidential work files, and it would be violating client privilege if the cops see them,” she fretted.

“I’ll call and arrange to meet them at my shop this afternoon. The trunk didn’t seem damaged. I’m sure everything is fine in there. I’ll have my guy remove the boxes and put them in my office. You can have a leisurely breakfast with your family and then you can tell them we’re taking some alone time and leave with me. I’ll drive you to the shop. And I can even arrange a temporary car for you. Your family doesn’t have to know anything until we know for sure.” He put his arm around her. “Don’t worry.”

She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks.”


* * * *


The leave taking went better than she’d anticipated. At least partly. It was clear her family really liked Jack and thought the couple wanted to get away for some romantic time and heartily approved. She could see her mother was already mentally planning her wedding. She groaned out loud.

“What’s wrong?”

“You know my mom is already planning our walk down the aisle. And my dad is constantly going to call you about cars and invite you over as often as Mom will allow. And my brothers will start dropping by your shop. And if they see you with another woman, they’ll get very upset. I’m so sorry. You were just a Good Samaritan, and now I’ve dragged you into my crazy family, and the cops think someone was trying to kill me…”

Abruptly Jack pulled onto the shoulder of the road and cut the engine and undid his seat belt and turned to face her. Then he leaned over and kissed her thoroughly.

“Why’d you do that?” she asked. “Not that I’m complaining or anything…” She trailed off at the expression on his face.

“Stop it. Stop it right now. I’m involved in this because I wanted to be. I could have dropped you at your parents’ door and driven away, but I didn’t. And you know why?” Her eyes opened wide as she shook her head. “Well, you should,” he thundered.

“From the moment our eyes met as I walked toward your car, I felt something, and I thought you did, too. It was all I could do to not throw you on the hood of your car and take you right there.” She coloured because she had had the same fantasy.

“I’ve kept ice around my heart for the last ten years, but it started to melt when I met you. In the last decade, I’ve fucked women, but I never made love to anyone until I met you. And I love your family, and no matter what happens with us, I want to have them in my life.

“And as for us. I don’t know where we are going, but it’s more than just physical for me and I want to take this journey with you. If you don’t want the same, let me know now and I’ll take you to the garage and arrange a loaner car and you can drive away and out of my life. But not until the cops have whoever tried to hurt you. Until then, I’m keeping you close to me and I’ll do whatever I have to in order to protect you. You’ll be by my side or in my apartment, in my bed until the bad guy is caught. And I’ll be spending that time trying to win you over. Do you understand me?” he almost shouted at her.

“You mean you’ll take advantage of the fact that my life might be at risk to keep me in your bed and have sex with me as frequently as possible?” She kept her face composed and her voice as neutral as possible.

His stared at her, his eyes a little wary, and nodded, unsure of her mood. Obviously once he started expressing his feelings, the words had just come tumbling out, and he had lost control for a moment. It was adorable and hot, and she did the only thing she could in the circumstances. She undid her own seat belt, leaned toward him, and kissed him back. Then she put her hand on his zipper. He was hard and straining against the fabric. She undid the button and slid down the zipper. Carefully, she freed him from his boxers. He groaned in anticipation as she lowered her mouth to him. She could already see a drop of pre-cum leaking from his slit. Which matched the liquid she could feel oozing from her pussy and dampening her panties.

She opened her mouth and took his cockhead inside. He groaned again and gripped the back of her head to hold her steady and pushed into her mouth as far as he could go and then flexed his hips, pushing in and out of her mouth, but it wasn’t enough. She was wearing jeans, but he could deal with that. He pulled her off mouth off his cock. It came free with a popping sound as she kept the suction right until the end. She groaned in disappointment.

Jack found himself as impatient as a teenager. He had to get inside her and he couldn’t wait any longer.

He flipped her on her hands and knees on the big bench seat. Then he reached around her, unfastened her jeans, and pulled them and her underwear down together. He pushed her head down, bracing her arms against the car door, positioning himself behind her and pushing into her dripping pussy. He heard her groan at the abrupt invasion, but he couldn’t stop. The feel of her pussy clamping down on him so hard almost made him come right away. He hadn’t been so out of control since he was a teenager fumbling in the back seat with Jenna.

He felt her trying to move her hips, but he held her still, enjoying the sensation of being inside her. He burrowed on big hand up under her top to find her breasts. He didn’t bother unclasping her bra. He just pushed it up over her breasts, massaging them hard, pinching the nipples, tugging on them, as he started to move within her. His hands left her breasts to hold tightly onto her hips.

Nelly felt overwhelmed, surrounded by him as he pressed her down into the seat, his upper body pushing her head and torso down, his hands holding her still to receive his cock, his cock driving into her as if claiming her as his. It was raw, primitive sex. He was dominating her, riding her hard. From this angle, his cock felt bigger than ever. She worried that she couldn’t take all of him, but she could just take what he had to give her, and he rammed his cock in deep. He was claiming her body in the most primitive way possible, and she could feel her orgasm building from the moment his cock entered her pussy.

She felt like her body was exploding in a thousand pieces as her climax rippled through her. Her pussy contracted around his cock and her body bucked and writhed, but he didn’t even slow down. He just held her tight and rode her. She felt like her bones had melted, and she was limp from her explosive release, but he was still hard inside her and showing no signs of stopping.

He continued to ride her, pushing her hard until she felt another orgasm. She didn’t think it was possible, but slowly it began to build, and when one of his hands left her hips and snaked around to her front, burrowing between her slit. He pushed his fingers between her folds and pinched her clit hard. She began to convulse as an even bigger orgasm tore through her. He pinched her clit again, and then both hands gripped her hips hard as he held his cock deep, his own release pulsing within her.

He stayed in that positing for a few moments, both of them breathing heavily, his deflated cock still inside her. He fumbled with the glove compartment, pulling out a package of extra-large wet wipes. She smiled to herself. He must have kept them for cleaning garage fluids off his hands but which would do sex-cleanup duty today.

She felt him slide carefully out of her and then put the wet wipe between her legs. Then he helped her sit up. She coloured. “I can do that.” The feel of his hands between her legs, even doing this mundane task, was getting her aroused again.

He swatted her hands away. “I know you can, but I want to look after you. Please let me do this.”

He carefully cleaned up their fluids and tossed the used wipe in the small garbage container he kept behind the passenger seat. Then he tucked his cock back in and zipped up before watching her straighten her clothes.

Once she was tied up, he turned the key in the ignition and put the truck in gear. It was time to face the police.

Chapter Ten


Even with their detour, they arrived about thirty minutes before their appointment with the police. The car was up on a hoist. She walked over to it, staring. The mechanic was an older man almost her dad’s age. He walked over, pointing. Jack stood beside her, holding her tightly.

“You can see right there where the lines were cut. The break is too regular to be caused by anything but a knife. The cuts are small, but deliberate.”

He turned to look at her. “Are you okay?” There was concern in his voice.

She looked at the mechanic. He had the name Phil on this shirt. He looked tired, like he’d seen it all. He had sympathy in his eyes, but he was also wary, and he took in Jack’s arm around her.

“Phil, were you able to get the boxes from the trunk?”

“Yup. The boxes and the computer. Miss—” He turned to Nelly. “Miss, everything looked fine. I’ve already moved it to the office.”

“Nelly, why don’t you go with Phil. He’ll show you where he’s stashed your stuff. I’m going to have a quick look at your car before the cops get here.”

Phil led her to the office at the back. It was larger than she expected with several desks and a smaller private office at the back.

“Normally this place is humming with activity, but Jack insisted everyone stay away until Monday, except for a skeleton staff. And before you say anything, I didn’t mind working Thanksgiving. I’m taking extra time off at Christmas this year. The whole family is going to Florida for the holidays.”

He led her to the little office in the back. There, stacked by the guest chair, were her two boxes. She opened the top one and saw the laptop on the pile of papers below. She turned to Phil and smiled.

“Thank you so much. These papers belong to my law firm and I can’t let the police see them without a warrant as that would violate attorney-client privilege.”

She smiled warmly at Phil. She was surprised to see him stare back at her, his face serious. She figured it was because of the cut fluid lines, so she was surprised at his words.

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