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Authors: Dominique Adair

Tags: #Fiction, #Romance, #Erotica, #Contemporary

Hot for Teacher (2 page)

The idea of being auctioned to a master strictly for the purposes of training was enticing though she knew she wasn’t ready for that step. Besides, she was enjoying her time with her lovers, Antonio and Santos, and she couldn’t imagine leaving them anytime soon.

“According to Santos it’s true, but I don’t know anything about it. They have other things like gaming, live theatre and tableaus...”

“Tableaus, eh? That could be interesting.”

Lily and her lover were both exhibitionists, and she had dozens of titillating stories of their exploits all over Colorado.

“The boys are going with you, right?”

“Definitely. We’re meeting up in New Orleans tomorrow.” She caught sight of the clock. “Heavens, I need to run.”

Bounding out of the chair she grabbed her portfolio and purse before following her friend downstairs and outside. Ament, her driver, stood by the sleek Lincoln Town Car and when he saw her he opened the door.

“I expect you to have lots of stories from New Orleans,” Lily said. Her racy blue Jaguar XFR, a gift from Jean Jacques, was parked behind the Town Car.

“And I expect to hear that you’re in New York by the weekend.” They exchanged air kisses.

“You’ve got it, I promise.”

“That’s my girl. Go get your man.” Jane waved then got into the car.

Ament shut the door then took his place behind the wheel. “Where to today, Miss Jane?”

“The Black Pearl on South Pearl Street.”

“Good choice.” His teeth flashed white against his dark skin.

When Lily admitted she was afraid one day she’d wake up to find her life was only a dream, Jane understood exactly what she meant. Sometimes it was hard to believe how much her life had changed in the since Dirk and Kitten Prentiss’s party. The weekend affair was a smashing success and R.S.V.P. had more business than they could handle. They’d already hired three more office staff and a full time coordinator, Megan. The money was rolling in and each month they received requests to handle events outside of Colorado. Already they’d crafted events in New York, Toronto, Miami, Hollywood and numerous other cities.

Then there was her love life.

Before the party she’d endured a year of celibacy after a terrible breakup with her former master. Then she’d met Antonio Villareal, Dirk’s half-brother and son of a Spanish winemaker. After spending an intensely intimate night together, he introduced her to Santos, his best friend and business partner. It wasn’t too long before they’d taken her to bed, and they’d yet to leave. Both men were her lovers, and they made her happier than she could ever remember being.

Five months ago she’d moved to their estate where she enjoyed a life beyond her wildest imagination. They indulged her with expensive gifts, trips, servants and allowed her to express and indulge her sexuality to her heart’s content. Most importantly, they provided a supportive and loving environment and all of them flourished.

She’d almost given up on finding someone she was compatible with sexually. Her sex drive was voracious and former lovers complained about not being able to keep up. Another passion was for dominance and being controlled, she craved it like a drug. Pain, she’d learned, was a heady aphrodisiac. When applied properly it led to some extreme levels of arousal and mind-blowing, full-body orgasms. It was the combination of her high sex drive and need for dominance that had made it difficult to find satisfaction.

Until Antonio and Santos.

For the past week both men had been in New York on business, and she couldn’t wait until they were together again. Before leaving they’d forbidden her to masturbate, and she was so horny that they’d be lucky to remove their shoes before she was riding them like a cowgirl. She smiled.

It looked like the invitation to Marché d'Esclave couldn’t have come at a better time.

Chapter Two

Jane was pleasantly tired by the time the bellman opened the door to her suite at the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans. It was all she could do to not gape at the exquisite furnishings and beautiful artwork adorning the walls. Traveling was one of her favorite hobbies though, until now, she rarely had the time or the money to do it up right. After she and her lovers had made a trip New York she decided traveling was much more interesting when people fell over themselves to earn a good tip.

Would you care for a glass of champagne before we take off, Ms. Porter?

Spa services, Ms. Porter?

Shall I call a car for you, Ms. Porter?

“Will that be all, Ms. Porter?”

She blinked when she realized the bellman was watching her with a rather curious expression. Jane flashed him a wide smile. Obviously he’d been talking to her while she’d gotten lost in her rich fantasy life of a jet-setter, and now she had no idea what the question was.

“It’s a beautiful room, thank you for your help.” She slipped him a tip then ushered him out the door as quickly as she could. Seeing that she’d had to be up and dressed by six this morning for a seven thirty flight, she was more than ready for a nap before the guys arrived this afternoon.

After locking the door she turned to sneak a peek at the fully stocked bar. She was trying to decide between a glass of Chianti or a Shiraz when she spied a movement out of the corner of her eye. Before her mind had time to register she was no longer alone Antonio’s mouth was on hers and his big body crowded her against the wall.

A broken whimper caught in her throat, and her arms snaked around his neck. The searing heat of bare chest and the dizzying sensation of his tongue sliding against hers sent of a jolt of arousal through her with the delicacy of a hurricane. The scent of his skin with the added dash of Cajun spices sent her libido into overdrive and she wrapped herself around him tighter than a pair of size four Spanks on a size twelve woman.

When Jane captured his tongue and gave it a sharp nip, he groaned deep in his throat. His hips bumped against hers, the insistent press of his hard cock sent a gush of liquid heat straight to her pussy. It had only been a week, but she’d missed this, missed him. His hands fisted in her hair and he forced her head back to accept his dominance…not that she’d even thought of fighting back. With the wall behind her and a sexy Latino intent upon penetrating every cell in her body, Jane was in heaven.

When it came to kissing, she’d considered herself to be well versed in the art, and it wasn’t until she’d met Antonio that she realized that her education was sadly lacking. The melding of lips was so much more than the physical act of putting one mouth against another, it was an important way to communicate between lovers as well. Soft, sweet kisses could say hello or I’m sorry while playful kisses could be a way to signal a silly, fun mood. Deep, passionate kisses conveyed hunger and need while rich soulful kisses were a silent way of expressing wonder, gratitude and the sheer joy of living life.

Today, right now, in a cozy hotel suite in New Orleans, Antonio Villareal kissed Jane Porter as if doing so was the most important thing in the world.

No man could turn her inside out the way he did using only his mouth. His kisses were like a drug, and she could never get enough of them. The intensity stole her breath, and he could be both tender and rough at the same time. This was the kiss of a man who was at ease with his sexual appetites, a true sensualist. Each time he kissed her, she felt utterly feminine and desirable, as if she were more important than his next breath, the only woman he kissed with his heart and soul. Antonio demanded everything with his kiss, and she was helpless to resist.

When his hands moved to her hips, he lifted her easily, his hips moving between her thighs to pin her firmly against the wall. She twined her legs around his, and they moaned in unison when their bodies aligned in perfect harmony as if they’d been lovers for many years rather than a handful of months.

The night of Dirk’s party, when they first met, he’d turned her entire world upside down. Within forty-eight hours he and Santos had transformed her from a sexually frustrated woman who lived a nun-like existence to a sexual submissive with a taste for kink. It was in his bed that Jane had begun the transformation and Beauty was born.

She rubbed against him like a cat. Each motion sent waves of heat throughout her body, and her head spun. Her questing fingers roamed the expanse of his muscled chest, and she swallowed the soft growl he made when she tweaked his flat male nipples until they were tightly budded.

Dragging his mouth from hers, Antonio shifted just enough to tear the soft cotton shirt from her body. The thin fabric tore easily, and his triumph flashed in his dark gaze. With a feral growl he reclaimed her mouth, all evidence of the worldly elegant man had vanished leaving his animal nature in control. His heart beat madly beneath her hand and the musk of sexual arousal scented the air. When he broke the kiss to lick and suck his way down the column of her throat, Jane’s breathing was rapid as if she’d jogged from the airport to the hotel instead of being picked up by a car and driver.

“Antonio,” her voice shook. “I want you inside me.”

As if by mutual consent, they slid down the wall to the plush carpeting. He cradled her body against his then rolled with her until she lay on her back beneath him. When his erection pressed against her mound, she made a hungry sound. He rose only long enough to open his pants and release his cock before grasping the hem of her skirt and shoving it up to her waist. Finesse wasn’t an option in the face of such blatant hunger.

When she reached for his erection, he thwarted her by capturing her wrists and forcing her hands to rest on his shoulders. His touch was rough, hungry as he forced her thighs wide. As he covered her, the broad head of his cock rubbed against her hungry flesh, and her hips instinctively bucked upward to receive him. Slick pink nails dug into the pads of muscle when he dipped the thick head into the narrow opening of her body.

Later on she couldn’t say if his intentions were to tempt or tease her in that moment. All she would remember was the spiraling desire as the nerves around her slick channel went into hysterics as they were stretched. Of its own volition her body thrust upward as he pushed forward and their bodies were joined with one powerful thrust. Stars spun against her eyelids, and her groan was loud and hungry.

Antonio withdrew then drove himself in to the hilt, his cock was huge and hard, and filled her so completely. She wrapped her body around him, cushioning him as he took her with him on a bumpy thrill-seeking ride. Each time the root of his cock touched her clit a keening wail was torn from her mouth.

How she had missed this. Missed him.

Her hips thrust upward to meet him, and she heard him curse beneath his breath. Many times he’d told her how he enjoyed the noises she made during sex and how much they turned him on, and she let loose with them now. The rhythmic slap of his balls against her ass mixed with the scents of sex as their skin grew slick. Her head thrashed against the carpet, and her hands shifted to his ass drawing him deeper, harder and faster. As much as she craved an orgasm, she also didn’t want to let this man, these feelings, go too soon.

Staring up into his handsome face she saw his eyes were closed and his handsome features were contorted with concentration. With each thrust a low growl emerged from his parted lips and a bead of sweat ran down his cheek to splash on her lower lip. She sucked in the salty liquid and thought about how utterly beautiful he was as he fucked her. More visual than most women, Jane enjoyed watching him make love. With his longish dark hair and muscular physique, Antonio was poetry in motion.

When she pulled her long legs upward, her knees almost under his arms, the position drove him in even deeper. His eyes opened and she caught the twin emotions of lust and love in their depths. A soft kiss on her nose was in direct opposition to the violence of their writhing bodies. Once again he thrust deep, and this time he didn’t retreat. Instead he held himself there and rotated his hips sending jolts of electricity through her clit.

Jane knew she was done.

“Oh, god, oh god,” she wailed.

As her back arched upward, her pussy tightened around him in rapid convulsive pulses as her release slammed through her. When he dipped his head to suckle a nipple through the fine lace of her bra, flicking it with his tongue and nipping with his teeth, her groans increased in volume. It could’ve been seconds or hours later when he gave a fierce shout as the spasms of her body brought him to completion.

She heard him shout her name as his cock swelled inside her slick channel, and he began to shake, igniting a second smaller orgasm. When he threw back his head, his neck corded and he spilled his seed deep inside her body. As his muscles turned to jelly like hers did, she cradled him against her body and a contented smile touched her lips.

was the way to properly greet a lady.

Antonio nuzzled the line of Jane’s jaw, still stunned by the violence of their mating. Each time they came together it was an all-consuming experience. He was a man who loved women, and he was experienced in the ways of love and sex. In the first heady days of their relationship he’d dreaded the time when sex would lose its magic between them. In his experience, sooner or later it always did once the gloss had been worn away.

Not so with his Jane.

When they came together it was still as powerful and startling as that very first time had been. In fact, he wanted her even more now that they were comfortable with one another. Watching her still took his breath away and with each passing day he knew it would only get better.

Well, once he was off of the floor that was.

His body still covered hers, and he slowly became aware of a slight stinging sensation on his shoulders and ass. He smiled against her throat. She’d sunk her claws into him and howled like a jungle cat in heat. The sweet scent of her skin permeated his body and her soft curves cradled him as if they were made for one another.

Raising his head, he looked down into her beautiful face. His chest tightened the way it always did when he saw her. Strands of her blonde hair had come down from her usual neat twist, and her baby soft skin held the blush of sexual release. A sated smile curved her lips that were swollen from his kisses. He’d put that look on her face. He’d been the one to make her scream and claw at his flesh when her hunger grew too great to bear.

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