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Aerial kicked off her shoes and let him look at her nudeness.

“You’re one sexy ass woman,” he said, stroking his cock. He picked up a condom package from the bed, where it had fallen out of his pocket, and unwrapped it. Outside he had warred with himself, but now inside her tiny apartment, he realized he had to have her. All of her. He didn’t think about tomorrow or the day after. All he cared about right now lay beautiful, sexy curves and thick sensuality, right in front of him.

Sliding the condom over his erect cock, Brice crooked a finger at her. “Come here.”

Aerial folded her arms. “And if I don’t?”

“I’m going to smack that luscious ass of yours.”

“That so?”

He didn’t even answer with words, but shot off the bed so damn fast, Aerial shrieked. It turned into a giggle, like before.

“Damn, you move faster than a cheetah!” She laughed.

Before she knew it, he had wrapped his arms around her. Behind her, her back was to his front, he chuckled. “When are you going to stop baiting me, Aerial?”

“When you stop trying to keep me away, Brice.”

“Touché,” he whispered.

He slapped her ass and she hissed in pleasure. “Brice!”

“Open yourself for me, Aerial.”

Brice had told himself he didn’t need anyone or anything, but he’d been wrong. Very wrong. Ariel’s ample bottom, so round and full, awaited another smack from him. He gave her another before burying himself inside her. She stole his breath and he fought not to end it right then. For so long, he’d avoided the pain he found at the edge of every woman’s smile. Now, Aerial offered him bliss. She freely gave of herself and she did not ask for much in return—only that he be open with her.

Her soft rear pressed against his groin as he slid in and out of her hot body. Her moans echoed around him, teasing him further. Stroking her clit in time to his thrusts, Brice’s own groin tightened. Her inner canal hugged him too tightly—almost too snug. She felt like heaven and he groaned in ecstasy. Aerial’s hand wrapped around his wrist, and she met his thrusts in honest cadence. With a glance over her shoulder, she said, “More.”

He grinned at her ferocious appetite and increased his thrusts…harder, deeper he plunged into her deliciousness. She pushed back with the same amount of carnal hunger as his own. He couldn’t believe she handled him so skillfully, he had to try to slow
down. With his hands locked on her hips, he plowed into her, just like she wanted. She yelled as another orgasm roared through her, making her pussy clamp down on his cock.

He’d meant to make love to her all night, until she couldn’t move any more. But he couldn’t stem the rise of his own orgasm. It had been so long and Aerial felt so right, he couldn’t hold back any longer. The pleasure plowed into him, and he reached his pinnacle with fire burning through him. He roared out her name and held her tightly to him, keeping her pinned to him, his hips pumping relentlessly into her core.

Here he belonged. Here was safety. Peace.

They collapsed to the bed. After their bodies began to cool from the hot flush, he got up and entered her bathroom. He discarded the condom and washed himself with soap and water. Aerial appeared at the door and came in. Using a washcloth, she washed herself. He enjoyed the natural comfortableness that came with them. Both of them, maneuvered around the tiny space wordlessly. He took her hand and led her back to the bed. He crawled in and tugged her close to him. Still smiling sweetly, she got in and lay beside him.

Most of the time, he fled the woman’s apartment or kicked her out of his home as soon as she could get dressed. Not so with Aerial. Reluctant to leave, he rolled her into him, spooning against her still warm and trembling body. He kissed the back of her head.

Nuzzling her ear, he said, “You have been sufficiently handled.”

“You think so?” Aerial said dreamily. She stroked his hand as it rested on her hip.

He frowned, but she couldn’t see it. The woman had two orgasms. Surely he’d demonstrated some prowess in the lovemaking department.

“Absolutely.” But he realized after he said it, he’d missed the tone in her voice. “Aerial…”

She rolled out of his arms and turned to face him. Laughing she sprang on him, pinning him beneath her again. This time there weren’t any clothes between them. She lifted her hips, straddling him. Smiling at the astonishment on his face, Aerial kissed the corner of his mouth.

“You got more for me?” Her dark eyes were smoky in longing. She reached down and stroked his now flaccid member. “’Cause, a big girl like me is still hungry.”

Shit. He came alive in her moist palm. Hardening as she stroked him. Brice moaned. Could she be for real? She wanted another session of him. Never had a woman desired him like this. Most of them saw his scars and either became too grossed out to continue or had six billion questions that killed the mood.

But never did they ask for seconds.

Once they got theirs, they wanted him gone.

Not Aerial; she got up and dug around in his pants’ pocket. “Condom.”

“I-I don’t have another one.”

“Seriously?” Aerial shook her head.

“I didn’t plan on a marathon sex session,” he said, arms wide in exasperation.

Aerial fixed him with a look. “From here on, plan on it.”

She disappeared into the bathroom and came out a few seconds later. In her open palm, a condom package. He took it, and tried not to look a gift horse in the mouth. He didn’t want to think about why she had condoms in her apartment. Instead, he thanked her and placed it on. She pushed him playfully back onto the bed and climbed on him, straddling him once more. Aerial undid her hair and fluffed it out with her fingers. A halo of soft, dark brown hair, streaked with purple highlights, her hair made her look dangerously sexier—naughtier perhaps.

“Ready?” she asked and quirked and eyebrow.

“You know it.”

Laughing, she took his rigid and hard cock in her hands, steadied it and lowered herself onto him, moaning as she did so, Aerial began to squeeze and pounded onto him. Slowly, deliciously and agonizingly so, she rotated her full and thick hips, making him gasp at the pleasure. He gripped her hips; holding on to handfuls of her in an effort to plunge deeper into her—he simply couldn’t get enough. 

“Oh no, no you don’t,” Aerial breathed above him. Sweat dotted her forehead and her lower lip had been caught between her teeth. She released it before she continued, “This is my show.”

Her dark skin glistened with her efforts, shiny and slick. He reached up and ran his palms over her pebbled peaks, feeling their diamond-hard points across his hands. Voluptuous and vibrant, they spilled out of his hands as she glided on his rigid rod. Greedily, he pinched them, loving how she wiggled at his teasing. So wet, he could feel her scorching heat through the thin condom. Goodness, she was so ready for him. Sultry and sassy, Aerial made him crazy with want, drunk with desire and pant for more of her pleasure. Now that he’d taken a drink of her, tasted her, he didn’t think he could go back to the parched barren landscape of his life.

Taking hold of his shoulders, Aerial braced herself and increased her speed. She meant to drive him mad!

“Aerial!” he croaked, but he figured she didn’t hear him, because she actually sped up!

As this rate, they would end sooner rather than later. Insatiable, she meant to ride him until she broke him. So consumed by pleasure, Aerial rocked her hips over him. He shifted his attention and cradled her weight as she slammed down onto him. Wow! She felt so wonderful. Just. Like. This. He couldn’t allow her to continue setting the pace. Growling, he wrapped his arms around her waist, lifted her up, and rolled her to the bed, putting her onto her back and not sliding out. He placed her ankles on his shoulders.

Planting kisses on her ankles, he continued to push in and pull out of her in loving strokes. He gazed down her long, supple legs to Aerial’s heart-shaped face. Eyes hooded, Aerial cupped and kneaded her breasts. Licking her lips, she whispered commands to him, saucy things she wanted, how good he felt inside of her, but most importantly how badly she needed a release.

“You. Are. Amazing,” he told her. It wasn’t just the roar of hormones, or the heat of sex speaking, but honesty—something he’d thought to keep to himself. But as usual Aerial managed to unlock him, making him reveal himself without even asking him outright to do so.

“Brice! Please!”

“I know what you want. Let me give it to you.”

And he did, because he wanted it too. He couldn’t get enough of her either. For years, he’d abstained from giving any piece of himself, including indulging in sex. His hips pistoned so fast, he lost himself inside her. At that moment, he melted into her and she became apart of him. With their bodies joined, his heart opened, blooming at the pleasure he gave her, but more importantly at how she made
feel. Safe. Whole. Normal.

“Aerial!” Yes. Her. Only her. Always her!

Beneath him, Aerial moaned, deep as if it had pooled in her belly and finally made its way to her lips. Her pussy milked him prolonging his own orgasm, nearly painfully, his legs threatened to buckle. She drained him of strength, zapped his emotions and wore him down until all he could do was sway to her will.

Not far behind her, another orgasm tore through him so violently his entire body shook. Every nerve, every muscle, every hair tingled. As he emptied himself inside her hotness, he wondered if he’d ever be able to go back to the way things were before he met her.

Somehow he doubted it.






The empty parking lot made Brice sad. After the weekend’s fun and carefree lounging, he didn’t want to deal with co-workers’ questions, glances, or hot whispers. Not that Tawana gossiped about her personal life, or that of her sister, but C.A.K.E workers had a way of nosing about. Stephen Silver ran the company like a family, and they had a tendency to behave just like that. His black sheep label had remained intact, until now. He climbed out of his car, grabbing his briefcase. It wasn’t really other co-workers he worried about. Just Tawana. He’d spent all night and Saturday night with her baby sister. No way was Tawana
going to ask his intentions.

So, Brice had come in early, to dive head first into work, and to catch up on his own tasks. Due to fly to San Diego tomorrow morning, he had to finish researching the company. He had a few hours to put together answers for Tawana and to decide what to tell her.

First, he had to decide what he felt about Aerial. Yesterday, he left her early in the afternoon. They’d spent all day together, watching movies, and making love. Once home, exhausted, physically and emotionally, he’d slept like a rock for most of Sunday. Refreshed. Revived. Hopeful, Brice entered the building with his keycard. Most of the building lay in shadows, but he switched on lights as he made his way back to his cubicle.

Aerial. He could still taste her on his tongue. Nothing he did would ever keep her from his thoughts. She hadn’t asked for anything. No questions about commitment or anything. She seemed content to just let them continue, patient in her dealings with him. A trait he liked about her. No doubt about it, Aerial gave so much. If Tawana asked him, what would he say?

He turned on his laptop and sat in the seat. “I would say that she is an incredible woman and I intend to…”

A slamming door caught his attention. He stood up again. “Who’s there?”

No one should be inside the building if the parking lot was any indication. Leaving his desk, Brice walked down the aisle to the front and around to the right where the offices of senior management lined the wall across from the cubicles. The hairs rose on his neck. Someone else was here. A scent threaded through the air and it made his stomach clench.

“Who’s there?” he called, using a tone his father did to inflict fear and obedience. Rubbing the scar on his chest, Brice balled his other hand into a fist. Flashes of the knife’s gleaming blade slashing forward made his belly lurch. Phantom ripping fabric sounds echoed in his ears. Throat dry, he coughed to clear the fear lodged there.

“Come out! Now!”

“Hello, Brice,” came a cold, but calculated voice. One he shouldn’t find at C.A.K.E any more. One that made him wake up in a cold sweat, shuddering and reliving the hours he’d spent on the ER operating table. Back then, no one could look past Brooke’s beauty, or her charm. She’d lied to everyone, the cops, the employees at C.A.K.E, everyone, but he knew—knew without a doubt what she’d done. He just didn’t have any proof.


“Ah, you remembered.” She slithered out of the restrooms in shadows.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” she sneered.

Brice swore. Swallowing, he stepped back when she came toward him. Everyone knew she’d been fired. What the hell was she doing here? Brooke’s breaking and entering didn’t surprise him too much; after all, she had attempted to kill him. When he awoke a week later in the hospital, she’d told the police that they’d been attacked by an intruder. The witch even had beaten herself. Those injuries coupled with the ones she suffered from tussling with him, all spoke to an attack. When he tried to tell his side of the story, the cops said they’d look into it. The case went cold, and to date, no one had been arrested for the crime. Brice returned to work. So did Brooke. This was nearly seven years ago, when the company was relatively new and Silver traveled a lot. The police probably thought Brice suffered post-traumatic stress and dismissed his account of the story. He didn’t know. 

“Get out.”

“Or what?” she spat at him. She shrugged her rail-thin shoulders. Hers was a cruel beauty, and he found it hard to believe he’d loved her at one point.

“Still got that little reminder of me?”

Brice’s throat went dry, but he didn’t let it show on his face. Instead, he clamped down on his emotions, switching them off. Aerial had taught him that acceptance and love didn’t have to be the way Brooke had given it to him, in chunks of cold, hard compliance. He wouldn’t let her get away—not this time. Engaging her would only feed her habit for attention. Brice walked away, not putting his back to her, but he headed to the front. The alarms were there and he’d get a cop here within minutes. With headquarters only a few blocks away from the C.A.K.E. building, she’d be caught.

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