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Analeigh straightened her posture. Blake still held her wrist in a gentle grasp. He dipped his head to touch his lips to hers. She stood on her toes to wrap her arms around his neck. When she did, the towel slipped from her chest and she felt it fall around her feet. It was the same path his hands now took down her torso, except his touch was more certain. In each sweep of his tongue against her, each caress of her hip, she felt how much he wanted, and intended to have, her. Suddenly he released her and took several steps backward until she was out of his reach.

“We should probably go out,” he said. “I’ll wait in the hall until you are dressed.”

Analeigh frowned. She watched him turn to walk to the front door and tried to comprehend his sudden change in mood. No, she didn’t want to go out. Nor did she want him to wait in the hall. She wanted him right here, right now, and up until a few moments ago, she thought he wanted that too. What caused his sudden change in mood?

“Blake,” she called. He stopped with his hand on the doorknob, but didn’t turn around. “Don’t go.”

He turned to stare at her. Analeigh was fully aware that she was standing naked in the middle of the room, but she didn’t care.

“I’m really trying my damnedest not to throw you on the bed and make love to you,” he said. His voice was quiet, even. “But you deserve more than that and I’m not sure if I can give it to you.”

A lump formed in her throat. She swallowed it. His genuine honesty touched her heart. It was a rare trait in most of the men she’d dated. Analeigh walked toward him.

“If tonight is all that we can have,” she said while resting her hands on his chest, “I’d rather spend it in your arms than in a crowded restaurant. If you still want to see me after tonight, we’ll take it slow. But if you really want to go out, let’s go.”

Analeigh lifted her hands from his chest. She turned to walk to the bed. With her back to him, she picked up her white bikini panties and stepped into them. As she slid the material up her legs, she expected Blake to stop her. He didn’t. Maybe he’d been lying all along and he was married with a gaggle of children. After picking up her bra, she thrust her arms through the straps, irritated that she’d allowed herself to be deceived again. Just as she settled her breasts in the lace cups and was about to hook it, she heard Blake say the word she was longing to hear.












Chapter Six


Blake’s heartbeat slowed to a crawl as he watched Analeigh turn around to look at him. The straps of her white bra hung from her shoulders, the front hook unclasped to reveal her milk chocolate cleavage. While he walked toward her, he had thought about the kiss he had given her when he first entered the room. In that instant, he knew that she was the one for him and it scared him. As a contract killer, what kind of life could he give her? He’d been gone most of the time. He’d be constantly looking over his shoulder when he was home. Plus, he’d have another body to protect other than his own. And what a body it was.

She deserved better than him. So, why was he moving toward her instead of away? When he reached her, he listened to her rapid breathing and studied the way her chest rose and fell with each breath. He lifted his hand to touch her cheek. His thumb skimmed the soft pout of her mouth. It was just like him to jump into the fire instead of fleeing it. The desire to kiss her consumed him. If he did, there would be no turning back. His head was telling him to leave, yet his dick was telling him to just take her already. And his heart? Well, it was already becoming hers.

“Blake,” she said softly.

Whatever she was about to say, he didn’t let her finish. He covered her mouth with his. Swallowed whatever words that were on the tip of her tongue and replaced them with thoughts of what he was going to do to her. Granted, whatever she dreamed up wouldn’t compare to the real thing. Without releasing her sweet mouth, he reached for the straps of her bra and tugged it down her arms. He tossed the offending material over his shoulder, then curved his hands around her breasts. Her taut nipples grazed the palms of his hands as he kneaded the soft globes.

Analeigh moaned against his mouth. She entwined her hand behind his head. Pulled him closer to her while her mouth eagerly explored his. Her mouth was sweet, moist. The way he imagined the rest of her would taste. Blake longed to sample her. He slid his hands down her torso and hooked his thumbs in the elastic waistband of her panties. With as much patience as he could muster, Blake rolled the silky material over her hips. Her moan against his lips almost broke him and made him rush his movements. Instantly he regained his composure to push the fabric down to the tops of her thighs.

Analeigh tilted her head back. “Does this mean we’re staying in?”

Blake chuckled. Of course she was teasing him, but he wasn’t in a playing mood. He dipped his head to touch his lips to her jaw while his fingers traveled to the valley between her thighs. When he inserted his finger between the moist folds of skin that covered her clit, her breath hitched.

“Perhaps,” he said as he sank to his knees in front of her, “I should give you another clue.”

He rubbed his nose against her abdomen. Her honey scent engulfed Blake as he flicked his tongue over the soft skin of her pubis. When he felt her shudder, he gripped the fabric of her panties between his teeth and yanked it down her legs. Analeigh squealed and gripped his head while she stepped out of them. Starting at her ankle, he licked the path of her salty skin up her leg to her core. Again, he skimmed her sensitive area with his tongue.

The floral scent from her bath gel still lingered on her thighs. He leaned away from her to pull his sweater over his head. After he tossed it aside, he buried his face in her feminine triangle and parted the moist skin with his thumbs to lap at her clit.

Her legs quivered, buckled. She gripped his head for support. Blake did his best to keep her upright but decided she needed to be lying down. Again, he pulled away from her. This time, he scrambled to his feet. He picked up the outfit she’d laid so carefully on the bed and tossed it on the floor. After grasping her around the waist, he guided her to lie back on the bed. Analeigh’s gaze locked with his as he paused to shed his pants and shoes.

“I have condoms,” she said, motioning to a paper bag that sat on the dresser. “I bought them earlier. Just in case.”

He chuckled. “Once again, you beat me to the punch.”

She laughed and rose up on her elbows to watch him as he strode a few feet away to collect the bag. When he returned, he pulled the box that contained three condoms out of the bag. He retrieved a foil-covered packet from the box and rested it on his thigh while he placed the box on the nightstand.

“This might not be enough,” he said as he unwrapped the condom and rolled it over his erection.

An expression of naughtiness flickered in her eyes before she blinked it away. “Is that so?”

“Yes. Luckily, I have backups in my pocket.”

Blake crawled into bed. Immediately he blanketed her body with his and entered her with a hard thrust. He was normally methodical about the way he made love. Had an order and routine mapped out in his head. However, she made him change his sequence. It was the way her dark nipples had puckered when he dipped her head to wrap his lips around them. Her resulting sigh sent a shiver down his spine. She lay back on the bed. Opened her legs wider to accommodate his hips. Hers rose to provide a cushion for his thrusts.

Her thighs quivered as she used them to grip his hips tight. He released her nipple. Lifted his head to peer down at her. In turn, Analeigh looked into his eyes. Blake felt his cock lengthen, expand to stretch the walls of her pussy around him. The need to release sped up his movements. It was a sensation he had experienced only one other time in his life. It was how he knew this woman was going to change his life. Analeigh cupped his ass, as if to spur him on. With a grimace, he glanced away and tried to hold on a little longer.

“What are you doing to me, Analeigh?” To his ear, it sounded as if he was begging. “I don’t know if I can wait.”

“Don’t. Make it up to me later.”

Blake looked at her. Her dark hair was fanned across the white pillow. Her full lips parted slightly to expose the tip of her rose-tinted tongue. He sloped his head toward hers to capture her mouth against his. In his chest, he felt his heart beat a cadence he hadn’t felt in years. It scared him, but not enough for him to stop. He was close. So close. The bed moved as he picked up the pace of his thrusts. Tears of need moistened his eyes. Not just because it was essential that he came, but because he wanted to do it inside of her. Only her. His muscles tensed, flexed as he felt himself slipping, sliding into her.

He glanced up to focus on the brocade wallpaper. What he needed was something to ground him. To stop the flow of what was about to rush out of him. Then he felt her body tense. Analeigh released her hold on his ass to move her hands up his back and grip his shoulders. Blake looked down at her. Her eyes told him she was close to losing her own battle. So he increased the velocity of his thrusts. Suddenly, her even breathing became short bursts.

“Oh God,” she repeatedly sighed.

Blake’s hard thrusts were meant for her. To take her to the brink of climax, but that backfired. Instead, he caught himself gripping the headboard and plunging so deep inside her that he couldn’t, and didn’t want to, find his way out. His voice lifted in chorus with hers and, together, they orgasmed.

He collapsed on top of her. Simply held her and inhaled her floral scent. It took a moment for him to regain his sanity. No. Analeigh Taylor wasn’t someone he could simply walk away from after this. Yet this couldn’t work. Could it?

“You’re right,” she whispered against his shoulder. “We’re gonna need more condoms.”

He chuckled as he rolled onto his side. “Told you.”











Chapter Seven


The next morning, Blake escorted Analeigh to Dublin International Airport. He was scheduled to take a later flight, but insisted on going early and waiting with her. Nausea set into her stomach. It wasn’t just because of having to fly back to the United States on her own; it was also that she didn’t want to say good-bye. They were huddled in a corner near the boarding area. With his arms wrapped tightly around her, she rested her cheek against his solid chest and fought back tears.

Her muscles were sore from making love to him all night. And her body craved another reminder of his before she boarded the plane back home. She had prepared herself in case this had just ended up being a one-time thing. However, her instincts were telling her that this was more than that. Blake Callahan was the real thing.

“You know how to get in touch with me,” Blake said softly.

“Yes. You gave me all of your contact information from your cell number to your e-mail address.”

He chuckled. “I may have gone a bit overboard. However, I wanted you to be able to find me.”

“I appreciate it.”

“Flight 970 for Reagan International Airport is now boarding,”
the flight attendant announced.

“That’s me,” Analeigh said, but made no effort to move out of Blake’s arms.

“Call me as soon as you land.”

“I will. Do you want to have dinner this weekend?”

“I’ll have to check my schedule and let you know.”


“You’d better go get settled.”

She looked up at him. “I wish you were coming with me.”

“Me too.”

“I always wanted to become a member of the mile-high club.”

With another chuckle, he leaned forward and touched his nose to hers. “One day, I’ll help you punch that ticket.”

Her smile faded. “Come with me,” she pleaded.

He shook his head. “My plans have already been made. I can’t change them.”

Though she understood, she was also disappointed. When he leaned away, Blake stared into her eyes for a long time. Analeigh sensed he wanted to say more. She turned away slightly, but he cupped her cheek and tilted her face to his. The crowd around them had thinned. She had to hurry or she’d miss her plane. She wrapped her arms around his waist and squeezed him in a tight hug.

“Call me?” she asked.

“As soon as I can.”

Analeigh looked up at him. Blake kissed her quickly, then released her.

“Hurry,” he said. “They’re about to shut the doors.”

She picked up her bag and briskly walked to the tunnel just as the steel door was about to close. The flight attendant gave her a look, but quickly checked her in. Analeigh rushed down the metal plank to her awaiting plane. Luckily, her return seat was on the aisle and near her colleagues. Her cell phone buzzed as soon as she sat down. Despite a different flight attendant’s dirty look, Analeigh opened her screen. It was a text message from Blake. The picture message contained a graphic of a dozen roses along with the caption, “I’ll send you real ones soon.”

“Ma’am,” the flight attendant said. “Please turn off your phone. We’re taking off.”

With a sigh, Analeigh did as instructed, then, quickly fastened her seat belt. As the plane backed away from the terminal and lumbered toward the runway, she closed her eyes and let that picture be her happy place. When the jets revved for takeoff, she closed her eyes and remembered the night they had shared together. Letting the memory play in her mind as the plane soared into the air. She smiled, realizing that flying wasn’t so bad after all.


* * * * *


Blake stood by the departure window. With a heavy heart, he watched Analeigh’s plane rise into the gray sky and disappear behind a cloud. Last night was his test to see what he was feeling for Analeigh. What he felt was a sensation he hadn’t experienced since Sarah. His heart sank while he remembered his former fiancée. He briefly closed his eyes and turned from the window. As he walked down the hall to where his plane was to depart, his thoughts continued.

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