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The opening of the restaurant had been beautiful, and incredibly successful.  Michael and I floated around the room, speaking with patrons, filling wine glasses, and joking with the staff.  Frankie, Elena, Alice and Danny had stuck around for a few hours—enjoying the view from the VIP area up top.  Music flowed through the room, mixed with laughter, and endless conversations.  By the time we closed we were purely euphoric—amazed that for once in our short time together, something had gone perfectly.  By the time 12:30 came around all of our staff had cleared out, making sure everything was ready for the next day.  I had been in the kitchen moving a few things around when I heard the piano drifting through the kitchen doors. 

I pushed through the swinging doors and smiled a little as my eyes landed on Michael, his back to me as his talented fingers slid across the ivory keys. I walked towards the piano, enjoying the dimly lit atmosphere that our restaurant had.  Once I reached the bench I rested my hands on his shoulders, swaying slowly behind him as he began to croon out the familiar words of “It had to be you.” I hummed along with him, enjoying our intimate moment after a night of chaos.  As the song came to an end he spun around and took my left hand, dropping to his knees dramatically.  I laughed and rolled my eyes.   Before I could speak he slipped his hand into his jacket pocket, holding a delicately crafted diamond ring in front of me moments later.

“I said it before, and I’ll keep saying it until you say yes, Brie.  Be my wife.”

His hand held mine tightly, his eyes searching mine as if he could get the answer any faster that way.  I let the tears fall freely, knowing that I would merely be prolonging the inevitable by saying anything but yes.  I loved him; I loved every twisted little thing that I knew.  Our meeting had been so unconventional, so drastic—but our love had come so effortlessly afterwards.  He had risked his life for me, had come to my aid each time I needed him, and he empowered me. Wasn’t that funny? After everything I had gone through, after how low I had gotten—my original captor was now the one that empowered me to do the things I wanted.  I knew it would be a while till everything was completely healed… till the wounds were gone for both of us. But I was more than willing to wait; I’d give him eternity if he asked for it.

“Yes.” I said quietly, finding myself swept up in his arms moments after.  He held me close and pressed feverish kisses to my face over and over, laughing loudly as he spun me around.  It was another beginning for us, another chapter, and hopefully a new life.


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BOOK: Incriminated
7.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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