Inexperienced Mage (Reawakening Saga) (20 page)

BOOK: Inexperienced Mage (Reawakening Saga)
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The attackers must not have known for sure who side they were on either as they attacked him with renewed vigor and abandon. He parried attack after attack trying to find a rhythm, attacking back whenever an opening appeared, though with the sheer number of people attacking him there were few. In the few seconds it took the guards to reach him he had already sustained a score of wounds, but to his relief the guards quickly struck down the remaining attackers in short order.

Thad breathing hard and bleeding profusely from his many wounds sat down heavily on the ground. He noticed the princess was being taken from the room by the guard who had
pulled her to safety earlier, looking around for the queen he noticed that she was slowly walking toward him. There was a large smile on her face, he didn’t know what she was so happy about, but hoped it didn’t bode ill for him. He had brought a sword into the queen’s presence, but he had only used it to protect her.

The q
ueen squatted down her hand softly cupping his face to bring his eyes up to look at her. “My dear, dear Mark, I had assumed you were the supplier to the Rose Company, though I will admit I never suspected that you were Clair, such a clever disguise. We will have to have a long discussion on what to do about your punishment.”

Thad panicked he had been so absorbed in the fight he had dropped his disguise. As he tried to clear his mind enough to make an escape one of the guards blew a white powder in his face, and he had to fight to keep his eyes open. He could feel himself being picked from the ground by strong hands, he tried to resist
, to shake free of their grip but his body would not heed his commands.



Thad hurt all over as he regained consciousness. Everything around him was dark and he was lying on a hard surface, he tried to sit up but he found his legs and arms were chained to his bed. He could feel a light buzzing in the back of his mind as he tried to clear his thoughts. Focusing on his chains he tried to make the metal flow away from his body but nothing happened. Thinking to try something easier he focused on a light a dim flicker appeared in his hand for a mere moment before flickering out. He was a prisoner, and he couldn’t perform even the most simple of spells, he was doomed.

After what seemed like hours but might have only been moments he could hear footsteps toward him. After a few moments a bright light assaulted his eyes he could hear talking but in his muddled state of mind it was hard to make out the words. As his eyes adjusted to the light he noticed the queen as well as two of her guards had come to visit him.

"I see you're finally awake we had begun to worry, after the first two days and you remained asleep, that we hadn't got the mixture right. You see while knowledge of magic has disappeared from the history books the knowledge of how to
deal with mage's has not." The queen let out a long sigh as she ran her fingers down his bare chest. "My daughter is quite upset with me, but one day she will understand we can't just have a rogue mage doing what he pleases within our realm, if you vow to honor my ownership and act accordingly I will set you free, but be warned if you run I will spare no expense in hunting you and that little girl of yours down, what was her name, Shariel. We already have men shadowing her, just in case you were to escape, with orders to kill her should that occur. Do we have an understanding?"

Thad tried to sit up but was defeated by his bonds. "I will never be a slave, you may kill me, but if you touch one hair on Shariel's head I will kill you." Thad tried for menacing but it came out in more of a crackling whisper.

The queen gave a slight chuckle
as she drove her finger hard into his chest. “We will see if you sing a different tune after a few weeks of our hospitality.”


BOOK: Inexperienced Mage (Reawakening Saga)
2.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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