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She faced them. "How much is it going to cost?"
"What?" they asked.
"Whatever you damaged?"
"We didn’t, we swear." They held up their right hands.
"We’ve been acting like boys so we wanted to make up for it."
She tilted her head, smiling. "Not all of the time."

"Really?" They looked at one another and high fived. "We’re half boy-half man. Who’d have thunk it." She shook her head. "Oh, sorry. No more boy."

They’ll always be boys, she thought, but they were hers as they were her men. She set the roast back in the oven to finish cooking and turned around to see one of them opening the wine and watched him pour three glasses.

Taking the glass handed her, he held his in the air. "To the loveliest, smartest, and sexiest gardener alive."

"Here, here," his brother said.

They came closer to her, clinking their glasses with hers, smiling ever so sexy, their eyes holding promises she didn’t want to believe for fear it was her wistfulness. She sipped the wine as she walked through the house to sit on the porch. Resting her feet on the railing, she laid her head back against the wicker chair with her eyes closed. The screen door opened, but didn’t close right away, telling her they’d both come out.

No one said a word, they didn’t have to. The silence was comfortable while wired with anticipation of the night ahead, maybe. It was on her part. Her body burned with what they, in their own unique way, could do to her.

She glanced over at them. They leaned on the far railing, their backs to her. No doubt pondering their plans they’d been off making. Adrenalin pumped through her. Need throbbed between her thighs and crawled through her legs, making them restless. She needed activity to hold herself off. Getting up, she went inside to knock some balls into the pocket.



Chapter Eight



"Now that looks like dinner," said a voice from the stairs.

Jackie looked over her shoulder. The reasons she was down here knocking balls around stood on the stairs gawking at her ass. She finished lining up the six solid for the far corner pocket and sank it. Then she responded, "Dinner? No. Better." Putting the stick in the rack, she started up the stairs and patted the ass in front of her. "Should have made this an appetizer though."

"Still can."
"Nope, too late. Go wash up, and do it without getting soaked or making a mess."
"Yes, mommy," the one she couldn’t reach with her hand said with a boyish tone.

She crossed to the stove when they entered the kitchen and gave her attention to the transfer of dinner from pan to platter. She sliced the roast then went to set it on the table. The men sat in their chairs, hands under the table. She hadn’t seen them so proper since their mother passed on. It made her suspicious. Eying one then the other, she wiped her hand over the seat of her chair for what wasn’t visible before she sat. She fixed her plate, uneasy with the quiet. Any moment now, they were going to burst out with something to scare the living daylights out of her. Or wait for her to yell at them, because she can’t stand it. They’d win as it was already getting to her.

Although, she could feign apologetic behavior, slip down beside them and give them blow jobs to bring back the men she knew. She flexed her thighs when her pussy jumped with excitement. On the other hand, why rush it? Let’s see how long they can last.

She ate while watching them put food on their plate and eat ever so slow. Slow as in taking itty-bitty bites, chewing until they could only be doing the motion. The bizarre behavior was too much. After a long drink from the wine glass, she sat back. "What are you guys doing?" she asked.

"Being perfect gentlemen."

"More like prissy high society spinsters at a tea," she said then threw a piece of carrot at both of them in an attempt to get her boys back. They didn’t react like she wanted. Rather they took another bite and chewed with blank stares. "All right, enough." She threw more food at them.

"Food fight!" they called.

Carrots, potatoes and even the meat came at her from both directions faster than she could throw back. When the barrage ended, she saw food everywhere but on the table, even in their hair. She burst out laughing, went to sit, but missed the chair. "Oh, god," she lay back laughing, and struggling to breathe. They came to help her up, but she tugged them down to her. "You’re going to help me clean the mess up."


They started licking potato from her chest. It wasn’t what she meant by clean up, but hey, more fun. She picked food from their hair, tossed it on the floor and half-heartedly protested when her shirt came up over her breasts. "I don’t think there’s food under there."

"Have to make sure," he said, moving his mouth between her breasts. Her husband never failed to go for them first. They were his favorite part of her body while his brother had to have her pussy first. Another point in the pro threesome column, she thought.

She lifted her hips, letting Randy remove her shorts and crawl between her legs.

"Could be something down here, too," he said, running his tongue around her pubic area.

Sighing, she caressed Lenny’s cheek as she watched his tongue circle around her pebbled tip. He switched to the other as his brother's fingers probed her tunnel, slowly moving in and out. She caressed his side with her toes driving him to nuzzle in. He lapped and nibbled around his busy fingers. Her hands stretched over the floor, the pads of her fingertips pressing into the tile as she drew them back. A hand cupped her butt cheeks, holding her against his face. Shudders swept through her. Her pussy clenched.

Lenny drew her nipple deep into his mouth, causing her to arch. "This is so hot," she moaned as a slithering orgasm moved through her. She arched and all of sudden, they left her. "Hey?" she panted.

They looked at her. "Yeah?" Randy asked as he scooped up food on the floor near the table.
"Thought you wanted the mess cleaned up," her husband added.
"I do, but…" She watched them in disbelief.
"But, what?"
"Not at the expense of what you started."
Lenny grinned at her. "Maybe we’re ADD."

"And, you do have two hands." Randy said, dumping food onto a plate the looked around at her. "They don’t seem to be doing anything else at the moment."

"With two sexy hunks in the house," she said crawling over to him. She pushed him over onto his back and yanked at the snap of jeans. "I have better things to do with my hands." She proceeded to prove it by pulling his jeans down and wrapping her fingers around his erection. "They are quite powerful, too. I can stop your arousal, heighten it, even make you come in seconds," she said while her hand moved over his hot shaft. She looked across the table at his brother, who stared at them. "What do you think he’d prefer?"

"I don’t know about him, but I want your mouth wrapped around my dick."

The cock in her hand jerked. "Well, what are you doing over there?" She smiled at the man on his back. "He spoke for it first."

In route around the table, Lenny removed his jeans.

They fell under her control and she realized she had the power to bring them to their knees, or back, as the case may be. It made her feel like she held a whip without actually having one. They were hers to master at this moment.

Spasms ran through her, forcing her to admit, the power went both ways. They shared it despite who had control now as her body reminded her by begging to ride one of their delicious cocks.






Chapter Nine



Eager, Jackie leaned over, brushing her lips across the tip of her husband’s shaft when he knelt in front of her. It bobbed. "Oh, he’s a happy boy." Overwhelmed with eroticism, she trembled with excitement. Swirling her tongue around the head and inhaling his musky scent, Jackie's body moved closer to him. Out of the corner of her eye, she looked over at the one who didn’t dare move as long as she gripped his prize package. Randy had folded his hands under his head, watching her. She winked at him and gave him a little hand action and saw his eyes flutter. She smiled up at the lucky one in front of her. "Be right back." With eyes blurred with arousal, she took Randy’s cock deep in her mouth, wetting it. "Mmm, yum," she said. Gripping it, her hand moved, jacking him up and down then turned back to the patient man. He’d moved closer which helped her to handle both of them with more ease. She mouthed the reddening length, her own arousal demanding attention, but she wanted to care for her men first. And they would last longer later.

Enveloping the cock, she sucked, moving her hand in time with her head. Lenny stilled her, his breathing shaky as he thrust between her lips. She felt Randy's hips rise off the floor as his legs moved out and stiffened. Both of her boys were getting close. She tilted her head to see Randy. He watched her through the slits of his eyes, his chest moving with labored breathing. She sucked, faster, deeper. Alternating groans filtered around the room. Stopping her hand at the base of Randy's cock, she tightened, holding him off. Pre-cum flowed around her tongue and she sucked harder and moved his hip hinting he could go ahead and pump her. A guttural moan escaped him as he grabbed her head, spurting with each thrust before he slowed and jerked with aftershocks. She swallowed and sucked until he eased out. Running her tongue over him, she cleaned him up before he fell back on the floor, breathless.

Hungry for more, Jackie took Randy’s raging hard-on into her mouth. He bucked, air swooshing from his lungs. She loosened her fingers and cupped his balls. They were rock solid. She lowered, wrapping her lips around one. His musky scent intoxicated her, urging her to run her tongue over it, circling until his thighs moved to tighten against her. His hips rose then fell, and she sucked as he moved between her fingers.

"I’m going to lose it," he announced.

She switched to the other testicle, moved her mouth over it like a lollipop. He groaned and his body jerked, shaking. Grinning, she ran her tongue up his shaft, watching him shoot cum over his six-pack. "Look what you did," she commented when his body quieted.

"Look what you made me do."

"I did that! Well, I
taught to clean up my messes." She swallowed his cock, sucked on it to tease him a bit more, but it backfired, setting off tremors at the juncture of her thighs.

"Damn, Jac!" he breathed.

She moved up and licked across his abdomen, following a pearly white stream. He quivered at her touch, and caressed her as she sucked and lapped, cleaning him up.

Memories of days when they’d goof around with different sex play flooded her and she didn’t stop when there was nothing more to clean up. Licking, sucking his rock hard nipples, she felt his hand run over her body and reach under and grab a breast, mold it, pull on the tip, then he went lower and plunged into her pussy. "Ah," she moaned and moved against him.

A hand massaged her foot and she sat back on her heels, checking herself to be sure she stayed within the realm of the game until such time it was an agreeable change. She ran her tongue over her lips. "Wow, best dinner I’ve ever had. Thanks, guy’s." She got to her feet. "Rest up, you’ll need it," Jackie told them as she began to clean up the food mess.

"Haven’t you figured out who your husband is, yet?"

"Why? Not having fun, boys?" she asked as she removed the tablecloth, picked up her clothes, and put them in the laundry room. "Bored with your sex toy."

"Man, if I could move…"

"Same here, she drained me right down to the marrow in my bones."

Jackie ignored them and started to wash up the dishes. When she finished and had everything wiped down, she grabbed the mop and bucket with the intention of mopping the floor. "You’d better not be sleeping over there?"

"No, resting up."
"Go shower, I need to mop," she said as she let water run in the bucket.
"I think I’m stuck to the floor."

She started on the sink side of the kitchen and worked her way over to them. She nudged their bodies with her mop. They didn’t budge. "Human floor décor would make an interesting conversation piece come Thanksgiving." She mopped around them. "Not quite sure Aunt Edna’s heart could handle such modern art. However, I’m sure Uncle Fred would put his off-humor to work." She held out a hand to Lenny. "On the other hand, you might expel an offensive odor by then and it won't be grandma's oyster dressing." He grabbed onto her wrist and she yanked him up.

He held his hand down to his brother. "Come on before she mops over you."
"Go, shower, and save some hot water for me," she told them.
They left her to finish up then she fixed them some soup and grilled cheese to eat while she showered.

She scrubbed her hair to remove the food, pondering the question put to her. Of course she knew at times who her husband was. It was their ignorance to think there were no tell-tell signs to know which twin she was married to. Especially, when she'd dated the other one for three years before Lenny captured her heart. A twinge of disappointment stabbed her heart at the thought neither might be interested in carrying on the threesome in some manner. Washing up, she thought the way to find out for sure was to answer their question and discuss it openly. If Randy was going to be home full time, rules needed to be set so no one was thrown off and bad feelings were caused. The one thing that had to come out intact was her marriage.

After blow drying her hair and scenting her body, she grabbed Lenny's wedding ring from his valet and went to confront the guys. Or it felt like a confrontation because she was afraid twenty-four hours of what she'd longed for was all they were going to allow.

BOOK: Jackie's Boys
10.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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