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“Hey sis!”
He stood and hugged me, wrapping me in his arms tight.

“Hey brother, how are you?” He released me
to nod.

I held him at arm’s length to examine his slender frame. He was always a little skinny even though he used to eat like a horse. He had dark brown hair, with hazel eyes, and a beard. It made him look so much older than twenty eight. I was always worried that he would be be
at up or killed in here. He had made friends If you would call them friends that. But he assured me some time ago that he would be looked out for. I knew Cameron had something to do with it.

As much as I
hated him, I knew he always looked out for my brother in one way or another. I never asked what he had to do to get that sort of assurance from criminals because I never thought of him as one of them. The circumstances behind why he was there, had a lot to do with Stephen being overly protective of his friends, and not giving regard for his family.

“How’s life out of these walls
Sav?” He asked taking a seat.

“You know, studying, working. Same old shit different day. I went and saw mum and dad Friday. Told them that you would be out soon, a
nd how I would keep you inline.” I said with a short laugh.

“Why do you insist on going to the grave every year Savannah? You need to grow up and let i
t go, no wonder you’re unhappy.” Stephen sat on the chair opposite to me and snarled.

“Why do you insist on b
eing an asshole and not caring?” I snarled bit at him.

“Look I don’t want to argue with you Savannah, but please no more talk about this. Tell me what else you have be
en doing in the outside world.” He remarked.

“I bought the Dodge
here, thought I would open her up, maybe take her for a bath. She has been sitting in the barn for a month now gathering dust. Dad would be so disappointed.” I sat in horror as my brother start laughing at me.

talk about that car as if it’s a person,” he chuckled. “But it’s adorable.”

I laughed a little when I realised how right he was. I probably sounded stupid. At least I had him laughing.

“Oh, I have a date Tuesday. Long story, but you know me.” I said looking over to see an older woman crying as her son walked away from her table.

“A date hey. That’s scary. Obviously you haven’t told him how messed up your life is, any
man would run Sav,” And now I knew he was just being mean. “Cameron messed up you know that right?”

“Screw you Stephen, you’re a prick when you want to be. Obviously I haven’t told
him that you’re in here, I haven’t told him much at all. It’s just a date. And thanks for your encouragement and support Brother,” I stood to leave; I wasn’t going to be his punching bag when he was in this mood. “As for Cameron, I don’t want to hear his name again.”

“Stop, I’m sorry Sav. I’m just tired; it’s been o
ne of those mornings you know.” Stephen looked every bit what he just said.

have to go anyway. I have things to do when I get home. And maybe take the Harley for a burn this afternoon. It was good to see you Stephen, like every time I visit.” I could feel the tears burning my eyes. This was so hard, the saying good bye. This is not what I wanted for him. He was supposed to be setting the example, and taking care of me. Not me coming to visit him for twenty minutes once a week.

“Thanks for coming again. I hope your date goes well. Tell him your brother will be onto him if he hurts you. But don’t tell him I’m in prison
, he would defiantly run.” Stephen hugged me tight and kissed my cheek.

“I love you Stephe
n, stay safe and please behave.” I missed him so much.

“Yeah you too, see you next week yeah?” He said releasing me and turning. I thought I could see tears in his eyes but wasn’t sure.

I watched him walk away before security grabbed him and escorted him down the hall. I watched until I could no longer see the back of his head. I was patiently waiting for the next few months to pass. I needed him out and safe, where I could keep an eye on him and set him on the right path. His former boss at the mechanic shop has told me time and time again that his job is waiting for him. I just prayed that in the months to follow, Stephen would wise up, lose the attitude and be the brother I needed.

I headed o
ut past the first security door, and started walking down the corridor when I heard a familiar laugh. I turn and seen Damon standing at the security window, laughing with the prison guards. He turned just as I realised I was staring at him with probably a startled look on my face. His smile disappeared as I turned and walked as fast as I could to the door. I need to get the fuck out of there like now…... I opened the door, double timing it to the car park. I could hear my name being called behind me, but I continued to half run, half walk. “STOP,” he shouted from behind me. It made my hairs on my neck stand on end. I stopped. I turned slowly and faced him.

“What are you doing here?”
He said

“Hello to you too, it’s none of your
business why I’m doing here.” I said with a half-smile. I had no idea what to tell him. Do I lie? Do I tell him I’m here for an assignment?

“You’re very defensive Beautiful. H
ave you done something illegal?” He said laughing at me. I could imagine the look of shock on my face.

“I’m leaving, that’s what I’m doing. Have a nice
day Damon.” I pulled the keys from my pocket and walked towards my car. It was sitting alone at the back of the lot. She looked hot as hell, and I just wanted to get in and drive away. FAST. I could hear his footsteps behind me as I got to the car. I put the key in the door and unlocked it; I knew he was behind me and of course I had to turn around.

“What do you want?”
I said when I saw him just standing there.

“Come have coffee with me right now. You can explain what y
ou illegal thing you have done.” He stated with that killer smile and a husky but sexy voice.

“I haven’t done anything illegal, and no, I have plans. I’m not going to drop everything to suit your dema
nds Damon.” I was proud of my stand up communications today. First my brother, now this starting to become annoying man. Why was he here anyway? He just smiled and started to walk around the other side of the Dodge, “Open the door Savannah. I’m coming with you.”

“WHAT? Are you crazy?”
What was happening here? I could feel my heart beating through my chest.

Open the door, please Savannah.” He said these words so slowly. It made me weak in my knees, the way he spoke sometimes. I stopped and thought for a moment. I  looked at his handsome features, his eyes so blue, and his lips, the smile splayed across his lips told me he was trouble. That voice was enough to make you lose your mind. I gathered my wits, and my mind. I got in and opened the door. Don’t ask me what I was thinking because obviously I wasn’t. He got in and smiled.

“I knew you couldn’t resi
st me.” He was starting to laugh.

“Get your belt on, and shut up. I don’t talk while I’m drivin
g. Don’t touch my radio either.” If I laid down the rules, he would regret his words. Well one had to hope.

“You’re the boss.”
He was clearly laughing at me. I would make sure that he knew I was in charge.

I pulled out of the parking lot and headed back towards town. I really wanted to wash this beast. I needed to book it in for a polish to, the fire engine red paint was so shiny, and new looking and I didn’t want
it to ever lose it's value.

“So how did you acquire such a ride
?” Damon said.

“I thought I told you not t
o speak. And it was my fathers.” I didn’t turn my head to look at him as I answered.

“It’s one hell of a ride, shame you do
n’t know how to handle it.” I could see him running his fingers across the dash board. His hands looked manly and rough.

“You know nothing about my driving, so do as your told and sh
ut up.”

How dare he tell me
, I don’t know how to drive? He made me nervous, so I was driving a little slower than normal, but I also didn’t want to make a fool out of myself and show off. I started to relax; I was not going to let him do this to me. I am in charge, not him and his demands. We cruised along the highway, windows down sun roof popped up. It was heaven. He had listened to my instructions and didn’t say a word. I had one hand on the wheel, and the other on my knee, dad would always drove like this, or cruise whichever you would say. I felt his warmth before I felt his hand. I automatically stiffened.

“Just relax
.” He whispered.

I kept my eyes on the road and only concentrated on th
at and my breathing. Maybe this was a bad day to wear a skirt I thought to myself.

“I told you not to speak.”
I squeaked out.

His hand started to move from my hand to the inside of my knee. I held my breath. I couldn’t bring myself to move. I wanted to pull over, but there
was nowhere I safely could. I pulled my thoughts together and reached for his hand and leaned over and placed it back on his knee. I turned and smiled.

“Hands to yourself
, please.” I said in my innocent voice. All I could think about the rest of the way was his hands on my body. Feeling me. I imagined his naked body up against mine, and I wanted to taste his kiss. I shook that thought away as we neared the cafe. “What am I doing?” I thought to myself.

We pulled up at the cafe down the road from the flower stall. The sooner I got this coffee over with the sooner I could get on with being alone.
We pulled up on the curb and walked into the cafe. It wasn’t that busy, which was good.

“How do you like it
?” He asked in a cocky tone.

me?” Did I say something out loud?

“Your coffee?”
  He leaned in and whispered in my ear. I shivered, I wasn’t cold, but I had goose bumps over my skin. If had this effect on me just by speaking in my ear, What hope did I have for anything else?

“Oh! Umm stro
ng and sweet, with milk please.” I turned and found a table in the middle of the cafe. If I was going to have a conversation with Damon, I wanted it to be in public. I didn’t trust him yet, or myself. He sat opposite me at the small round table. I admired the way he walked, with such power.

“So what were yo
u doing at the prison Savannah?”

,” Should I tell him?

“Visiting who?”

The waitress dropped out order off with a cheerful smile. some would say it was a flirting smile,  but I’m going to use the word cheerful……..

t were you doing at the prison?” Subject change.

“I was working; one of my clients is there. Answer my q
uestion since I answered yours.” Damon’s look was serious. I was kind of intimidated. I would hate to be against him in a case.

“My brother, he’s in there.”
I said taking a sip from my delicious coffee. Not as good as where I worked, but I wouldn’t tell him that.

“How long as he been in
prison?” His business face was on. He was serious looking.

“For too long!
Please I would prefer we talk about something else. My personal life is exactly that, personal. I don’t share that with strangers.” I had to look away before I started to laugh. We had this conversation on Friday.

“So the Dodge, is that your everyday car? Or does it sit in the barn until you ge
t sick of feeling sorry for it?”

“I drive it when I feel like it. It was my dad’s as I said. He left it to
me in his will. It has company just so you know. It’s parked next to the Harley.” I couldn’t be serious, and had to laugh a little. 

“Ah…. A girl can
never have too many toys right?” Now he was mocking me.

“So wh
at do you drive Damon? A Honda?” I soon realised I could be mischievous too.

“I drive an Aston Martin. It will kick the arse off your Dodge an
y day sweetheart.”

I burst o
ut laughing. Over competent men. There were a lot of them out there, and Damon was undoubtedly one of them. I smiled and continued drinking my coffee. The smell was heavenly, and the taste was bittersweet. If there was one thing in this world I couldn’t live without, it would be coffee. I didn’t drink alcohol often, well like once every six months maybe. Nicole would often head out to parties or clubs to get her drink on, and I would pick her up and drop her off. She always called me “mum” on occasions like that. I was the responsible one out of both of us. She always used to tell me to “let go, have fun, you only live once Sav.” I wondered if I should text her and let her know about my day so far. But decided against it. Sometimes she made me more nervous than I should be.

“So what made you
decided to be lawyer Savannah.” Damon asked, sitting back on his chair.

always wanted to be one. I was that teenager who watched criminal shows and got pissed off when justice wasn’t served. I can barely watch the news these days without screaming.” I said.

BOOK: Judged By You (Judge Me Series)
12.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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