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Judy Moody Gets Famous! (9 page)

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“Too bad,” said Stink.

“What’s too bad?” said Judy.

“I kind of wanted to see the inside of a jail.”

“Hardee-har-har,” said Judy, nervously glancing at her parents. But they were both grinning proudly. That’s when Judy’s brain began working on a brand-new Judy Moody idea.

She’d make a sign. Maybe set up shop in the garage. Get other kids to give her their broken dolls or old stuffed animals. Or she’d find some at yard sales. She would doctor them up and donate them to more sick kids in the Children’s Wing at the hospital. Some could have Ace bandages, or fancy scars, or tubes for breathing. Maybe even an IV!

And it could all be in secret. The hospital would never know the identity of the Phantom Doll Doctor. The way nobody knew Superman was really Clark Kent, a nice, quiet reporter from the
Daily Planet


For the first time in a long time, the once Judy Muddy felt more famous than an elbow.

She, Judy Moody, Phantom Doll Doctor, now felt as famous as Queen Elizabeth, as famous as George Washington, as famous as Superman.


Wouldn’t Elizabeth Blackwell, First Woman Doctor, be proud!

BOOK: Judy Moody Gets Famous!
10.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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