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The decision had been made, whether I liked it or not. I nodded. “My lord…”


“At least give me something decent to wear. I am cold.”

Veredi spoke to Ronen and Callarn. “Here, tend to her needs, lads. Take care of her well so she changes her mind about your claim.”

Chapter Three

Was it morning already?

I heard the rooster crowing from afar and saw the faint sunlight slowly creeping through the cracks of the window. I stretched underneath the thin woven blanket, yawning. I didn’t feel like getting up yet after the whole ordeal. I fancied being lazy for a few more minutes.

But I couldn’t go back to sleep. I opened my eyes wide. My small hut was scarcely furnished. It had the simple wooden bed I had slept in with a mattress stuffed with dried sweet grass. A small table with four chairs. And a rough-hewn tall wooden cabinet placed under the window that contained a few blankets and garments for me to wear.

I was dismayed when Ronen gave me my new wardrobe. It was scandalous! Khimerian women only wore thin cloth to cover their breasts and hips. No tunic, no robes, no gowns nor undergarments. Callarn explained that Khimerian males disliked their women being overdressed. Besides, the weather in Aesterneum had been enchanted to mimic summer. Aesterneum in granekh , the Khimerian native tongue, meant summer ever after .

At first, I quite dreaded the prospect of being scantily clad all the time. Then I decided it was much better than being naked. After showing me my new place, Ronen and Callarn gave me a quick peck on the lips and bade me a good night’s rest. I was half-expecting they would seduce me again. They didn’t. Actually, I was quite disappointed from it and I felt terrible afterward. Not even a day of living with the Khimerians and I already had wanton urges. Callarn left me with a plate of dried fruits as my dinner and a flask of water. I ate in solitude, observing what happened outside through the open window.

Last night, something went on in the village center. Music and laughter through the night made it hard to fall asleep. And also the sound of women screaming. At first, I thought somebody was in terrible pain, but after a few minutes, I realized the screams were of pleasure. Goddess, those women didn’t even bother to keep their voices low.

What kinds of pleasure were these women having that they were no longer aware of their surroundings?

A soft knock on the door snapped my mind back to reality. I sat up, fixing my clothes decent. “Yes?”

The door opened and a slim figure breezed in. A redheaded woman in a scant ensemble. The bandeau top she wore could barely contain her lush breasts; her nipples were blatantly visible through the thin fabric. The woman’s pareo cloth was tied low on her hips, unable to obscure the fiery red curls of her mons when she walked. Freckles showered her cheery face. Her hair was let loose, draping down to her waist, sweeping the air behind her.

“Good morning,” she called merrily, putting her wicker basket down on the table. “Did I wake you up too early?”

I shook my head. “Nay. I was already awake.”

“Splendid. I thought we would start early today for a bath. Ah, where are my manners? My name is Ashanie. I was told your name is Elyra.”


Ashanie gave out a big smile, displaying rows of pearly white teeth. She motioned me to take a look inside the basket. “I thought I would bring you some soap and scented oils. Also some ointments.” Ashanie shot me a naughty look. “It helps soothe when you feel sore, until you have a chance to bathe in Lembanyu water.”

My face was getting hot.

“Have you ever been bedded before?”

I flinched. Bedded? Of course, if being licked and probed in my secret place could be considered as being with a man.

“You blushed!” Ashanie squealed in delight. “I take that as not. I daresay it came as a shock when Ronen and Callarn marked you.”

“It was.”

“You do understand about the joining between man and woman, do you not?”

“My servants taught me.”

“Good, so I do not need to explain to you explicitly. Khimerian warriors are very demanding creatures in bed sports, and we woman are expected to match their lust.”

With the way those women were screaming last night, I couldn’t tell who was more demanding.

“Khimerian warriors love to give pleasure as much as they receive it,” Ashanie continued. “Moreover, it is some kind of unwritten rule that they never leave their women unsatisfied.”

That was something new to learn.

“I have never regretted taken three Khimerian warriors as my husbands.”

“Three?” My eyes almost jumped from my sockets. “How could you ma—“

“Manage their demands? Well, joining with my husbands gave me energy to match their needs. They were the most wonderful people I ever met. You see, I was a slave before and was about to be sold to a Begotrath breeder. The slave master was on his way to deliver us to Vastapa when by accident he strayed to Emagari territory. The Khimerian saved us all. I do not know what would have become of us if we were in the hand of the Begotrath breeders. I heard rumors saying death was a better prospect than being one of those women. My husbands love me, and life couldn’t be better.” Ashanie’s cheeks blushed in a rosy hue, and her voice turned impish. “Do you not know about the charm of Khimerian warriors?”


Ashanie giggled again, her eyes twinkling. “Once you have a Khimerian cock inside you, you will have your peak continuously until your men are fully sated. And that could be several times during one night.”

“Gracious Goddess!” It was forthrightly outrageous.

“I don’t talk nonsense; you will know soon enough. That is assuming you will accept Ronen and Callarn’s claim?”

“I don’t know,” I said. The idea of having two husbands seemed deviously perverted. “I think I won’t stay here long.”

“Oh.” Ashanie sounded disappointed. “Why ever not? I hope you will change your mind. Ronen and Callarn are good men. It is time for them to have their own dhamarani . Bodily needs could be tended easily, but a contented soul is something only their mate could give them.”

I pondered. Erodan would flay me alive if he knew I consorted with the beasts of Emagari. He would spit me on a stake and burn me on a bonfire if he knew I’d taken two men as husbands.

“Come.” Ashanie snapped me out of my reverie. “I’ll show you our sacred spring.”

We walked outside. I tailed Ashanie to the far side of the dwelling into a lush wooded area where the vegetation grew thick, obscuring a spring-water pond.

“This is Lembanyu. It has magical properties. It can heal any ailment, both maladies that claim the body and soul.” She started undressing. “Hurry, let us bathe before everyone else wakes up. I prefer bathing in solitude. Besides, we still have plenty of chores afterward.”

I followed suit and went into the spring. The water was cool and comfortable. A pleasant chill seeped to my bones, and suddenly, all my weariness was washed away.

“You look undernourished,” Ashanie commented. “It must be hard for you running away from your family.”

“You knew?”

“Lord Veredi told me about you. He asked me to guide you about our customs. Here, use this soap to scrub your body. Let me help you…”

I stiffened when she lathered my body without hesitation. Especially when she rubbed my chest. An eerie shiver ran down my spine when Ashanie’s fingers caressed the tips of my nipples.

“You look tense,” Ashanie noticed, giggling. “Are you not accustomed to having somebody help you bathe?”

“Not since I was ten.”

“I see.” She was about to say something when we heard a low scream from the other side of the pond. Immediately, both our attention turned to the source of the noise. Behind some low-growing bushes, we saw a woman barely standing, sandwiched between her two men in the middle of heated passion. The three of them were gloriously naked, bodies sheening from perspiration, breaths ragged like wounded animals. The woman’s feet barely touching the ground, her body looked suspended from her men’s cocks. The men’s movement were synchronized, one pulling out where the other thrust in. The woman was mouthing in a low voice, gasping each time her men slammed into her up to the hilt.

“Ah, those are Serina, Arden, and Vasyel. They are newlyweds,” Ashanie said in an uncaring tone. It seems witnessing a joining in public was something natural.

I should have looked away but I couldn’t take my eyes off them. The woman, Serina, seemed to be in a state of euphoria. Her eyes were half-closed and her mouth was wide open. Occasionally, her tongue licked her husband’s neck. She wound her arms around the man on the front, while her other husband that took her from behind sucked her neck amorously.

I swallowed hard. My nipples hardened and my cunt ached. Although the woman with her husbands was standing quite far away, I could see everything just fine. I saw Serina’s husbands’ veined cocks, proud, rigid, and massive, entering their woman’s orifices. Each slam caused her to heave with pure ecstasy. Each man seemed as delirious as she was, both expressing their pleasure in distinctive masculine cries.

The husband who took Serina from behind was no longer sucking her neck, instead he threw his head backward, gritting his teeth as he rampaged. His muscled abdomen flexed each time he sank deeply into her. His hand firmly secured Serina’s hips. I couldn’t help but swallow, wondering how it must feel to have a man’s flesh burrowing deep in the ass.

The man who took Serina from the front went wild, his thrusts were fast and rough. He pulled his wife’s slender legs upward, supporting her weight and making her fully open for their penetration.

My heart drummed wild as I watched the three climb to ecstasy. The husbands kept ramming Serina until they both suddenly jerked, howling their release. Serina appeared to have her ultimate release as well. Her eyes flew open, glazing in pure pleasure. She then went limp against her husbands. Each man kissed her deep in the mouth, murmuring praise and affection. Their bodies looked wet, slicked from sweat and the juices of their mating. They tangled together in the most intimate way men and women could ever possibly be.

I forced myself to look away. My heart thundered faster than ever. I was aroused. How could I be turned on by this blatant display of debauchery? Though my body was immersed deep in the cold Lembanyu water, I was burning to cinders.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Ashanie’s voice brought me back to reality.

I didn’t know what to say.

In Trelshik, a maiden must keep herself pure in body and mind. I had been told to spread myself on my wedding bed where my husband would penetrate my cunt. I should keep quiet during the course until my husband was satisfied, and withdraw in silence after my husband was sated. I wasn’t taught that a woman could be pleasured until she bawled from the top of her lungs, or being ravished in both orifices could bring a woman to the ultimate ecstasy.

“Does she have her peak continuously until both her men are fully sated?”

“Why, of course.”

“And she seemed to be having the last one very well.”

“When both men reach their peak at the same time, she feels their impact as well. It’s Khimerian magic,” Ashanie answered knowingly. A smile blossomed. “Why don’t you accept Ronen and Callarn’s claim and find out yourself?”

I flinched. “Does it hurt?”

“Did Serina look hurt to you?”

“She seemed to be in Paradise.”

“Exactly.” She gave me the bar of soap. “Finish washing your body. We have chores to do.”


Ashanie took me to the cookery and gave me my chores. I met the other women in the village. They were all nice to me and welcomed me with warmth. While the warriors hunted for food, the wives prepared a lavish evening feast. Every night was a feast night in Aesterneum. Some women were in charge of the nursery, taking care of the foals while the adults indulged in wine, roasted meats, and carnal pleasure. And some were responsible for feeding the whole village. Since the weather in Aesterneum was forever summer, game and fruits were abundant. The life in Aesterneum was relaxing, filled with laughter and joy. Before long, I fell in love with the way they lived. Unlike in my homeland with strict rules and backstabbing political games in the Elven court.

I was given a chore to bring water for the warriors who were training in the field. Lord Veredi rotated his warriors between hunting and patrolling the borders. They who were off duty were expected to keep their fighting skills sharp.

I hauled a bucket of fresh water onto the training ground. There were a dozen warriors currently honing their skills. Some warriors practiced archery. Some practiced sword-fighting. Some trained the foals. Ronen and Callarn were among the swordsmen They smiled at me but didn’t stop their practice. They each had a sword in their hand and both tried to hack each other to pieces. I put the bucket down and sat to watch.

Under the high sun, Ronen’s golden hair shone like spun gold. And Callarn, he looked breathtakingly ethereal with his pale hair. They were stripped to their loincloths when their practiced. I entertained myself with the display of hard muscles and perfectly sculpted bodies. Their skin glistened from sweat, shimmering like tempered honey under the sunlight. Ronen and Callarn moved with the grace of wind dancers, the swords flashing with deadly precision. They parried, cut, jabbed, dodged, attacked. Steel against steel.

BOOK: Kidnapped and Claimed
13.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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