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Watching them practice made heat rushed to my head. There were two men who desired me and pledged to protect me to their last blood. Any woman would be a fool to refuse their claim. That fool was me. I was raised with iron rules and proper manners. Ronen and Callarn were so carefree and joyous. I envied them. At heart, I wanted to be like them, living life to the fullest, free from social bondage.

Callarn and Ronen stopped their practice. Callarn wiped his brows and stalked toward me. His gait was predatory and his smile melted my heart. He was a stunning man just as Ronen was heartbreakingly handsome. We Elven folks pride ourselves as a beautiful race. Humans adored us while others worshipped us. But these Khimerian put us to shame. They possessed a natural beauty and raw animal magnetism that drew others to them like moths to a fire.

“Can I have some water, Elyra?” Callarn asked.

For a moment, I just froze watching him. I imagined myself touching his gorgeous body and licking his naked skin. Would he taste as good as he looked? My mouth suddenly watered.


“Sorry.” I cleared my throat and dipped the ladle into the bucket. I handed the ladle to Callarn. He drank thirstily. My thoughts skittered to the night when he marked me. Was he the one who put his mouth on me? Fluttering aches throbbed in my sex. “Would you like some more?”


I dipped the ladle into the bucket and gave him more water. He drank. Ronen and others also came for a drink. I served them all. Some of the foals thought my elongated ears were interesting and asked my permission to touch them. But Ronen’s stern glare scared them away. My bucket was empty when they went back to their training. Callarn and Ronen stayed. My heart beat faster. Ronen eyed me in such a way I felt heat burn within me.

I swallowed hard and decided to break the ice. “You two are very good with your swords. You practice every day?”

“Anytime we have a chance,” Ronen answered. “How do you fare, sweet thing?”

“I fare well. Ashanie showed me around. I met with the other women too. They are very nice.”

“Have you made friends?”

“I think I have.”

“Do you like Aesterneum?”

I took a few seconds reflecting on my answer. “Aesterneum is paradise.” It was. The place was what a sanctuary should be. I felt content just being here. I watched Ronen and Callarn. My heart wept for their beauty. Then, I couldn’t hold back my curiosity that had been nagging me since they kidnapped me. “Why do you agree to share a woman? Shouldn’t you want a mate for yourself?”

Ronen and Callarn traded gazes. They smiled.

“Callarn and I are bond brothers,” Ronen answered.

“I don’t understand.”

“See, we have the same mother but are sired from different fathers.”

“Oh, half-brothers.”

Ronen nodded. “Since we share blood, we are also bound spiritually. We want the same thing. Same food. Same clothing. Same woman. When Callarn is in trouble, I can feel him too. If he’s in pain, so am I. Our bond is strong, stronger than twins.”

I found the whole thing interesting. “Will you introduce me to your parents? I can’t wait to meet them.”

Ronen’s face darkened. “I’m sorry, sweet thing. My mother died years ago when she was in labor. She and my baby brother didn’t survive.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.”

“My father and Callarn’s grieved. They died soon after.”

I was astounded.

“Once bound, one cannot survive without another,” Callarn explained.

“My mother and our fathers were great parents. We’re longing for a family,” Ronen added. “Therefore, we need a mate. We wish to become whole. Body and soul.”

Callarn studied me. “Will you accept our claim, Elyra?”

I couldn’t answer. Though I was starting to like them, I couldn’t accept becoming their mate. Erodan wanted me dead. And there were the vicious hunters ready to slay whoever dared harbor my person. I couldn’t bring their wrath to these good people.

I slowly shook my head. “I cannot. I am sorry.”

I could feel the weight of their disappointment as I grabbed the bucket and headed to the cookery.


Someone knocked on my door when I was about go to sleep.

“Elyra, may I have a word with you?”

It was Callarn.

I opened the door and peered from the crack. My heart fluttered at the sight of him. I suppressed the urge to leap in his arms. “What do you want?” I kept my tone cold.

“We need to talk. May I come in?”

“What do we need to discuss?”

“Let me in, Elyra.”

Half-heartedly, I stepped aside and let him shimmy past me.

“What do you want? It is late,” I said.

“You and I need to have a conversation.”

“Very well, then.”

We sat on the edge of the bed.

“I know you are afraid. You shouldn’t be. You are safe with us.”

“You don’t know what I’ve been through. Those hunters…”

“I’ve seen enough of their lot. I have fought their kin several times.”

“Then you know how cunning they are.”

“I know. But we aren’t common folk. We are born and bred as warriors. We can protect you, Elyra. All Ronen and I ask is a chance; a chance to prove us worthy of you.”

“I…I don’t know.”

“Trust me, Elyra. Nothing will ever hurt you. We won’t allow it.”

I looked at him with dread. War brewed inside my head. I was tired of running. I was tired of being afraid. I needed someone to lay my head upon and make me feel safe. Ronen and Callarn presented me with an offer I couldn’t deny.

Callarn caressed my cheek, leaning forward to kiss me. I avoided him. He caught both my hands and kissed me anyway. I squirmed and tried to shove him, but in the end, I was melting in his arms. He kept kissing me, mastering me with every stroke of his tongue. I moaned. Callarn pushed me on my back. He grabbed my arms and pushed them above my head. His body pressed hard against mine. Using his knee, he parted my thighs wide. I gasped when I felt his hard erection bulge under his leather breeches.

He broke the kiss. “I want you so bad, sweetling. Do you not feel the same way?”

I wanted to tell myself I didn’t, but I would be lying. I wanted him. I wanted them both.

“Accept our claim.”

“I cannot stay. I must leave as soon as your lord gives me permission.”

“Why? I don’t understand. Wouldn’t it better to have us as your mates? We will protect you.”

“That’s what I am afraid of.”

“Of what?”

“I don’t want to see you hurt. You don’t know what you’re getting into if you keep me here.”

“Your hunters? You are in the safest place you will ever be, Elyra.”

I looked away. Ronen and Callarn didn’t understand my plight. I had to keep running just to stay alive.

“Elyra,” he whispered. “Are you afraid?”

“Of the Jakael hunters?”

“No, what I mean is, are you afraid to accept both of us as your mates?”

I didn’t know what to answer.

“We would never harm you, beloved.”

It was bizarre, but I believed him.

“We promise you only pleasure.”

The words brought shivers all over my body.

“Worship you forever.” He took my hand and kissed it and brought it down to his chest. I could feel his heart thundering fast. “Can you feel I want you so much?”

He pressed my hand lower, past his belly, and down to his impressive bulge. My heart beat faster. His hardness was undeniable. “Can you feel me?”

I wanted to answer him, but my breath strangled in my throat. I nodded instead.

“I need you. And Ronen needs you as much as I do.”

I closed my eyes as he squeezed my hand on his erection. He kissed me again. This time it was soft. Gentle. I felt as if I was floating on clouds. He nipped my lower lip. His tongue worked its way into my mouth. Swept the roof of my mouth, tasting everything. Savoring everything I had to offer.

Somehow, he soothed me. Comforted me.

I squeezed him harder than I intended. He became harder than stone. His cock seemed constricted underneath his breeches.

I tore my mouth from him. I had to feel him in the flesh. I had to. “Can I?” I ventured.

“Of course.”

He loosened his belt and shoved down his breeches. A heartbeat later, his cock was in my hand. Hot and pulsing. I marveled at his virility.

“Can you feel me? I need you so much.”


“Accept us and let us be a part of you.”

I closed my eyes. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t take the chance.

Callarn removed my hand from his cock without warning. My eyes flew wide. He pushed me to lean on my side and scooped himself behind me. He pulled me deeper into his embrace. His head rested on the nape of my neck and nuzzled me. “I want to show you how much I want you.”

He shoved my pareo up to my waist and felt the curve of my ass. He pushed my thigh up. His cock brushed against my cunt. I gasped.

“I know you want me too, Elyra.”

I whimpered. I couldn’t deny it. I was wet from his kiss. His touches. His lust.

He licked the shell of my ear and stopped at my pointed peak. He sucked it gently, making me moan. I had never known that my ears could be so sensitive.

His erection rested along my sex. He didn’t penetrate me. I wished he would. The length of his shaft brushed my slicked folds. My needy aches began to throb. He positioned my leg in such way that his cock was trapped at the juncture of my thighs.

He moved in mocking thrusts, grinding his shaft on my cunt. I marveled at the sensation. Too good, it had to be a sin.

Callarn frenzied. Pleasure jolted a thousandfold. I looked down and witnessed that magnificent shaft appear and disappear under my mound. He was hard and long and slick. I moistened him with my juice. He became slicker, steel sheathed in velvet.

“Can you feel me, sweet thing?” he whispered again. He thrust. “I need you.” He pulled. “We would never harm you. Only pleasure.” He went faster and faster. “Treasure you.”

I began to pant.

“I want you, Elyra.”

His word echoed in my mind as I swam in ecstasy. My body went rigid as a sudden climax claimed my being. Callarn thrust and thrust until he jerked hard, climaxing too. Warm liquid seeped onto my thigh.

Callarn breathed hard. “Imagine this…this pleasure…all of this will magnify by thousandfolds when we mate properly.”

I swallowed hard. Callarn’s promise was so sweet. I wanted him. I wanted both of them. But deep inside, I knew I couldn’t.

Chapter Four

Callarn was still sleeping when I woke up. The day was dark, not yet dawn. I writhed, deciding not to make much commotion. I didn’t want to wake him up yet. I enjoyed being deep in his loving embrace. I had never experienced such peace as I did now. I was content. If Ronen were present, I would be loved wholly. How wondrous would that be?

My thoughts drifted to my brother, Erodan. He must be furious beyond words with my defiance. My half-brother was an elf with an ambition. He wanted to rule the clan unchallenged. I was a thorn in his side. As long as I remained alive, he must share his authority of governing the clan with me. He loathed me for that. By my birthright, I was to succeed my lord father. Even though Erodan was older than me, he was born from a consort. A consort-born didn’t have the same rights as a true-born.

To tell the truth, I had no desire to govern the clan. I even told him that I would surrender my claim to the throne. I didn’t know why he was still threatened by me. I was content with womanly chores: spinning thread, sewing, cooking, and gardening. I had no ambition to be a leader.

To my dismay, Erodan arranged my marriage to the Grand Duke of Thiebes. The Duke was thirty years my senior. I was hoping I would marry a man of my choosing. I wanted to fall in love and live a happy married life. Erodan dismissed me flat out. As he gained power in the court, I had no say with his decision. So, I married the duke. On the eve of our wedding, I found my husband dead. As our tradition demanded, I was to follow my lord husband into the funeral pyre.

I closed my eyes as a shard of pain pierced my heart.

I sighed, pushing away my trepidation.

I watched Callarn sleeping. He looked so peaceful. My heart ached for him. I was fond of him. I was growing to love him and Ronen. Last night, we were lying in the dark without words spoken. We touched. Caressed. Discovered every inch of our bodies to be pleasured. Callarn had come a couple of times. I couldn’t count mine. Now, I was in dire need of a bath.

My eyes riveted to his flaccid cock, longing to touch him again. Maybe a bath could wait. Grinning wickedly, I reached his for loins. As soon as my hands touched his cock, it stirred, lengthening and hardening.

“Yes, sweet thing?” he grunted. His eyes were still closed.

“Don’t mind me,” I said. “I just want to perform for your pleasure.”

BOOK: Kidnapped and Claimed
10.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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