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moved her hand over his balls, his dick, and even his asshole while he nibbled
at her neck and tugged on her hair almost to the point of pain. Her entire
being was on fire for him. She had no clue if what she wanted to do would work
in the water, but she put the soap back on its dish at the side of the tub and
climbed on top of him.

he realized what she intended to do, he had to help her sheath her pussy over
his dick, and because they were under the water without lube, it hurt for a
moment or two, but once he massaged her clit and kissed her again, the pain was
replaced with the most exquisite, decadent pleasure she’d ever felt.

grasped her hips and bounced her up and down, fucking her like a runaway
freight train. The water splashed over the sides of the tub, and Callie’s
orgasm tore through her, forcing loud moans from her throat.

Oh baby … oh that is insanely good. Don’t stop.
Don’t ever stop.”

voice sent fresh desire coursing through her, and it was all Callie could do to
hang on as a second climax built. When she came, he did, too, yelling her name
over and over as he bucked into her fast and furious.

he lifted her out of the water, she clung to him as he stepped over the side,
and then he placed her on her feet and dried her off. She was still panting
when he led her back to bed, where she curled up in his strong arms and slept


woke and sat up, glancing around for Jakara, but he wasn’t in the room. She had
no idea how long she’d slept. The clock said eleven-ten, and then she
remembered him telling her they used military time. That meant it couldn’t have
been too long because it was still morning. But where was he?

clothes were on a chair. He must have brought them in from the bathroom, so she
put them on and glanced around for her shoes, but didn’t see them. She heard
male voices coming from the direction of the kitchen, and one of them was
Jakara’s. Who else was in the house with him? He’d told her no one knew about
this place except Lesha.

edged closer to the archway leading into the kitchen, and flattened herself
against the wall to listen.

If you’re not with us, what do you stand for?” That
was the male voice she didn’t recognize.

I stand for what we started out to do,” said Jakara.
“There was no talk of building a compound where we would exploit the Earth women
for profit or entertainment. We fought for our freedom, and to live the way we
wanted to without having to account for every pleasure we savored. Without
having to deny our basic needs in the name of an ancient moral code that only a
few still subscribe to.”

And yet you fly to Earth four times a week and round
up the girls left behind.”

It’s my job. I have to do that.”

Jakara, you can’t have it both ways. You’re a
soldier in their army and this is your mission, but on your own time you hide
out here and refuse to help us with this project.”

What I do on my own time is my business, Walton. It
always has been. I don’t ask you to account for your whereabouts.”

I’m not here to accuse you. I’m here to warn you.
Logan is watching you closely, and so are a lot of the Section Chiefs. They
know you were in your barracks last night but then you were gone, and you
missed a sweep today.”

I contacted them this morning and told them I was

You don’t look ill.”

It’s none of your damn business whether I am or

You’d best take caution with your actions and your
words. You know how precarious our situation is right now. Don’t draw unwanted
attention to yourself, Jakara.”

Is that a threat?”

No. It’s a warning from your oldest friend. At
least, I still consider myself a friend. Do you?”

I don’t know. That depends on how much of this
conversation you take back to them.”

I wouldn’t do that. But if you don’t start making at
least a cursory effort to help with this project, I can’t cover for you any

I never asked you to cover for me.”

I can’t reason with you. I’ve done what I came to
do. If you choose to continue down this path, it won’t be on my head.”

Thanks for the warning.”

heard a door slam, and then had a moment of hot panic when she realized that if
Jakara found her here, he’d know she heard the conversation. But he was in the
kitchen, slamming around dishes and pans. She forced herself to wait for a
moment, then walked in. “Are you okay?”

whirled around, still holding a frying pan. “Yes. No. I don’t know!”

took a seat at the table. “Is it something I did?”

put down the pan, and his gaze softened. “No.
Of course not.
I’m sorry I woke you.”

I heard you arguing. Was it with Lesha? Is she upset
with you?”

eyes narrowed slightly, and she cringed inwardly. What if he was able to tell
she was fishing for information? But then the expression was gone, and he
sighed as he took a seat next to her. “It wasn’t Lesha. There is one other person
who knows about this house. His name is Walton, and we were friends in our
youth. He rarely comes here, but he did today because my Section Chief isn’t
convinced I was too ill to fly a scheduled sweep.”

Isn’t that dangerous for you?”

Yes. Living here is dangerous. It always has been.”

Will Walton betray you?”

shook his head. “I no longer know whether he would betray me, but you’re safe.
He doesn’t know about you.”

refrained from telling him that his assessment of the situation didn’t make her
feel any safer. “What do I do if he comes to the house while you’re gone?”

He can’t get inside, and if Lesha is here she won’t
let him see you. You have nothing to worry about.”

wanted desperately to ask him about the things she’d heard, but would he be
upset to learn she’d been eavesdropping? “Then his voice must be the other one
I heard. I thought it sounded male, but since you’d told me only Lesha knew
about the house, I thought I was mistaken.”

narrowed his eyes.

Why could I understand you? Why weren’t you speaking
your own language?”

We speak yours to practice.”

You and Lesha do that, too.”

gaze turned suspicious. “What exactly did you hear me and Walton say to each
other, Callie?”

I heard him tell you to be careful, and I heard
something about exploiting Earth women for profit and entertainment.”

sighed out loud and rested his face in his hands for a moment, and then he
stood and held out his hand. “Come with me. I need to show you this. Maybe then
you’ll understand.”




suspected Callie had heard more than she told him, but since there was
nothing he could do to change that, he wouldn’t make an issue out
of it
. He had neglected to tell her about Walton, so they were even. He
took her up to the roof and pointed the telescope toward the north, then told
her to look through the viewfinder but not touch a thing.

did, and then she asked what the building was.

It’s a compound that I assumed we were building to
house the Earth women. The original plan was to bring them here and make them
our partners. Yes, for sex.”

You already told me that.”

forced himself to calm down. It wasn’t fair to be angry at her for this, and
now that he’d discussed it with her, he realized how much they’d taken for
granted about the women on Earth, and how wrong they’d been about some of their
assumptions. But he couldn’t do anything about that, either. And he’d certainly
never be able to convince the others they were wrong. He was in deep shit here,
but he still didn’t regret bringing Callie with him.

I know. Let me explain. Obviously we didn’t dig
deeper than the surface. Your obsession with sex is evident in everything.
Your literature, your advertising, and your popular music.
Had we taken the time to explore further, we would have realized there are
boundaries and mores, just as the Regum have. Though not nearly as strict, I
assure you.”

So why not just let everyone know you were wrong?”

“Because they’d probably kill me.
Or sentence
me to a lifetime of hard labor in the mines on Addo. This runs deeper than
choosing to conquer your planet. The Tyranns have been trying to fight for
their independence for over forty years. Other planets have been conquered by
the Regum for various uses, but this was something
wanted. Something we could do to assert
needs. They try to come into our homes and tell us how to
behave. They want to control our thoughts. They want to exert power over our
very souls. They try to force us to deny our basic needs.”

Why do they do that?”

Because they’ve been in power for centuries, and
instead of pushing us toward progress and enlightenment, they’ve actually moved
us backward in terms of thinking and feeling. We’re so advanced in technology.
Do you know we can actually travel outside the galaxy now? It won’t be long
before we can explore the very edges of the universe as we know it.”

So why are they so uptight about sex? I’m assuming
you need it to procreate, right?”

shook his head. “Even that might not be a reality soon. They’re very close to
producing our babies in incubators.”

Brave New World.”

I’m sorry?”

It’s a novel. You know … that fiction you don’t
read. It was written in 1931 by a man named Aldous Huxley, and
set in London in the year 2540. It’s his vision of a
world where we make our babies in test tubes and dictate which class they’ll
belong to from birth. One of the ways they accomplish this is by making them
listen to affirmations so they’re perfectly content in their lives. To rebel
against such ideas or have aspirations to be something other than what you were
born to be is considered the height of idiocy and subversive behavior.”

watched her for a moment, trying to figure out if she’d just made all that up.
“I missed that one.”

You’ve missed a lot, apparently. I have a copy of
the book in my apartment back on Earth. Maybe the next time you go there to
round up more women, you should go in and retrieve it. I think you’d enjoy
reading it.”

And do you agree with such a system?”

No, of course not.
agree with what you’re saying, Jakara. That you have a right to live the way
you want to. What I can’t understand are your methods for obtaining this

That’s what I’m trying to explain. It was never our
intention to hurt the women of your planet. At least, that’s what I was led to

So what went wrong?”

Our leaders became greedy. The compound under
construction is now going to be a place where your women will be paired up with
one or more men to live permanently.”

You mean like we’re doing in this house?”

No. I mean to be on display. Or at least, one room
in each of their quarters will be on display. They intend to charge admission.
People will come here as tourists and pay to watch our men have sex with your

stared at him like she wasn’t sure she’d heard him correctly. “You mean like a zoo?
You’re building a sex zoo?”

That’s one term for it.”

How is that any different than what your colleagues
are doing with them now?”

They will be housed with the same men, and will be
fed and cared for. They won’t be passed around or raped indiscriminately. Those
of us who oppose this project have at least been able to extract those promises
from the men who conceived of this idea.”

This might be a stupid question, but aren’t these
the same men you’re working for?”

sighed loudly. It wasn’t a stupid question at all. It was a loaded one, and he
wished he had a better answer than the one he’d already given her. “Yes. But I
never signed on for this. I didn’t know it would spiral downward like this.”

BOOK: Kidnapped by a Warrior
10.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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