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The ironic part of all this open sex was the people who did bother to look at me regarded me as an outsider in their safe world and they gave me looks of anger, reproach and outright hostility.

Women looked at me as if sizing up competition while the looks from men bordered on lust while others seemed disgusted and turned off.

I climbed a set of metal steps and was led into a clear office with windows all around. The music was more muted in the office and as the door slammed behind me, I jumped slightly and turned around to face Severin.

In brighter light, he and Rory were indeed identical twins. I couldn’t discern anything other than his eyes that would have told me he wasn’t his brother.

“You can’t wait out there for Rory. The patrons would think you’re fair game and believe me you would have been violated many times. Not everything that happens here is consensual…at least not the vanilla consent you’re probably familiar with, Ms. Segler-DeMarche.”

“I’m not exactly sure I understand what you are talking about,” I replied as I folded my arms across my chest.

“You’re a woman who is indeed way overdue for a thorough fucking. May I suggest you participate in one of our women’s nights? You might enjoy being fucked by more than one man. It’s all safe sex of course unless you are invited to one of our ultra private parties. The women are on birth control though their owners sterilize most of them. Then it’s anything goes, including sex without condoms. Those parties are much more fun if you ask me.”

He strode over to his desk and whistled.

A tall, nude blond man I hadn’t noticed walked over to the private bar and stared at us with expectation.

“What’s your poison, Ms. Segler-DeMarche?”

“I’ll have a vodka tonic.”

Severin shook his head only slightly. “You’re perfect just the way you are though if you were my slave, I would demand you lose fifteen pounds. I like women to be model-thin—almost to the point of emaciation. Make Ms. Segler-DeMarche a Grey Goose with seltzer water and make sure you add plenty of ice, slave.”

There was no use arguing. I merely accepted my drink and watched in sick fascination as the tall blond served Severin his drink and then got down on his knees and unzipped his master’s pants.

I had never wished to have my cell phone in my hands for lack of anything else to look at but this scene before me. There was nothing wrong with sex but I didn’t particularly want to watch it going on around me.

This slave acted as if I wasn’t there as he serviced his master and Severin stared at me with those cold blue-green eyes.

They glowered at me through my self-righteousness and said,
“I can do what ever I like and get away with it because I’m disgustingly wealthy and we don’t have to play by the rules. I am better than you and if I wanted to, I could have you here, servicing me instead of my slave so don’t you say a fucking word.”

I didn’t say a word either. I merely watched his face because I didn’t want to see what his slave was doing to him but soon his face contorted in ecstasy and he leaned his head back and began to grind his hips. Then, I had to watch the sordid act and God help me but why was this a turn on for me?

I supposed I wouldn’t have been human if I didn’t think there was something sexy about two people involved in a sex act they were both enjoying.

Severin looked at my face, which must have been a deep crimson against my healthy olive complexion, before he nodded to someone else.

A beautiful naked blonde walked over and she removed my drink from hand before she put them behind my back. Someone was behind me because a pair of handcuffs clicked into place over my wrists. The more I resisted, the tighter they became. The cuffs, which held my wrists, were law enforcement issued but then again what could I expect from a freak like the man I was trapped in a room with right now?

The blonde slid my dress up and I tried to fight her but she glared at me with cool gray eyes, “If you don’t stop fighting, he’ll beat
not you,” she murmured in perfect French.

There was a horrible sense of resignation to her tone that made me give up my battle. She spread my legs, ripped my thong and pleasured me with her tongue.

I’d had one lesbian experience in my life but it had been ages ago, during my university years. This was different though because there wasn’t anything sloppy or unsure about her movements what so ever. She knew exactly what buttons to push, where to place her tongue, what part to lightly bite, what to suck and what to lick.

I didn’t want to but my orgasm poured out of me with an intensity I had never had with a man or by my own hands for the matter.

She began to pull my dress down when Severin said, “Leave her, slave, and come here. I want to see her pussy get all wet again when I fuck you.”

Oh my God, what kind of depraved scene had I walked into? I only came here because Rory told me to meet him and now I had to watch people have sex and his depraved brother with his monster cock no less.

Did he and Rory have matching penises too I suddenly wondered?

However I didn’t have much time to think as Severin instructed his male slave to orally pleasure me again. “Don’t forget her asshole, slave. Pleasure all of her, not just her pussy. The only fun thing about women—they have three holes instead of two like us men.”

The next hour was a blur of multiple orgasms given by multiple slaves and watching the depraved world of Severin Krieger open to me in a way research would never quite be adequate enough.

I was absolutely thrilled to see Rory arrive though he seemed a bit jaded by the whole incident.

“Seven, Ms. Segler-DeMarche isn’t a novice and has no wish to explore our world. You shouldn’t have subjected her to this,” he responded as he slipped my dress over my hips and back into place. “I apologize,” he mouthed to me.

“Yeah, I know but we didn’t do anything to her but give her a few orgasms, Rory. Christ, lighten up, brother. She was bound tighter than a fucking rubber band. There was no penetration and I didn’t do anything remotely sadistic to her except cuff her.”

Rory undid the cuffs and I cried out as the blood flowed back to my hands. “These are law enforcement issued cuffs. Her circulation was cut off but you didn’t do anything sadistic?”

Severin said something in German and it didn’t sound very nice at all.

Rory responded quickly with a few select German words before they both turned toward me.

The feeling of having both their eyes on me felt like icicles sliding down my back. Something was going on and why did I suddenly feel Rory wasn’t telling me the truth or at least leaving a huge part of it out of all our conversations together?

Chapter Four




hope you can forgive me for being tardy. I was on the phone with my attorney but that isn’t an excuse. I should have never left you there with my brother. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

I tried to compose myself as we drove away from the club while I squeezed my legs together in frustration and embarrassment.

There had been no penetration and that had been the problem. All that teasing and about five orgasms later, I was beyond sexually frustrated. I would have preferred if his sexy blond slave had fucked me but then I would have cheated on Grayson and that wasn’t fair to my wonderful fiancé.

Then again, hadn’t I already cheated when all those slaves took advantage of me sexually?

I didn’t like living in an ambiguous gray zone of what could be considered cheating and what wouldn’t be considered. Never the less, I’d confess to Grayson about what’d happened that night and how I’d been handcuffed. It wasn’t as if I could get away and go anywhere when there were more than fifty people between that office and the club’s front door.

Severin had warned me not everything that happened was consensual which meant often dubious consent was given when not really meant. In other words, people were violated on a regular basis and their rapists got away with it because they were in a club that condoned such activities.

“What did your brother mean when he said not everything that goes on in that club is consensual?” I wondered out loud.

“Is that what he told you?” Rory inquired back.

“Yes, those were his words, not mine.”

“And is this the reporter speaking or are you generally interested in what goes on in Club X-Tasy?”


He pulled over to the side of the road and it was only then I realized we were on the NY-27 heading east. We weren’t anywhere close to being in New York City anymore but well on our way to the Hamptons. Exactly what did this man think he was doing and where were we going?

Rory pulled out an iPhone, one of the many cell phones he seemed to keep as he’d had an Ulysse Nardin Android phone the previous night. “Here, call your fiancé and tell him you won’t be coming home tonight. Tell him you are too distraught and are staying at a suite I paid for at the Waldorf Astoria.”

“You think that is going to work? He’ll just call the hotel and try to be connected to my room. He’s not stupid you know.”

His crystal blue-green eyes seemed to bear so deeply into me that my whole soul was revealed before him. “Why the hell do you think I have this bargain basement, cheap iPhone for? The call will be forwarded to this phone.”

“And why should I do that? What makes you think you’re worth the risk to my relationship and my livelihood? In case you don’t realize it, not only is Gray my fiancé but I am employed by his father’s company. If this gets out, I would not only lose my fiancé but my reputation would be ruined beyond repair. Not to mention I would be unceremoniously fired from CNW!” I exclaimed coldly.

Rory pulled out his Ulysse Nardin and pressed a series of buttons before I was forced to watch myself with the blonde between my splayed legs. Although my hands were cuffed, there was no indication from where the camera was placed. Merely a bunch of up-close and pornographically detailed shots of me getting my pussy eaten by another woman.

My heart sank before I turned away. “Can you please shut that off?”

“How much are you willing to bet that is more likely to get you fired and your fiancé to call off the engagement rather than
night without him, Ms. Segler-DeMarche?”

“Did you set that up? That whole scene with your brother and I just to have something to use against me?”

“Of course not; the whole club has cameras installed everywhere. We’d be idiots not to otherwise we’d have lawsuits every five minutes. Do you know how many people have passed through that club, done something consensual because they were a guest of someone else’s and then have come back and tried to sue us? Once the video evidence is shown, ninety-nine percent of the lawsuits are dropped by the plaintiffs’ themselves.”

“What happens to the one percent who decide to pursue a case in court?”

“Well, you always have idiots willing to go to trial only they never make it because after the judge views said evidence, the case is thrown out of court.”

“It must be nice enough to be so utterly wealthy that you can have people do any and everything you command of them for you . . . at your beck and call, of course,” I murmured under my breath before I dialed the number to Gray’s smart phone.

He didn’t answer so I was forced to leave a message. “Sweetheart, it’s me. I just wanted to let you know Mr. Krieger put me up in my own suite at the Waldorf for the night. Apparently my sister’s financial documents are a lot more complex than I thought. No, you don’t need to call your father since there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary on. I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon. Love you and call me if you need anything.”

I left the message, ended the call and tried to hand the iPhone back.

“You better keep it just in case he calls you. It’s a ‘burner’ phone anyway. I keep them, use them for a month and dispose of them on the black market where they are often resold or stripped. Very few people have my real number.”

“And if I were to look on my sister’s cell phone?”

“I never gave it to you. She had a UN Android like I do. Hers wasn’t as expensive of a model but it wasn’t cheap either. I kept it. I didn’t even give it to the police. If you want it, you’re welcome to it. Having her mobile isn’t going to bring her back…I know that but I couldn’t bear to part with it in the hours after her death. Plus, they are rare, extremely expensive and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to retrieve it once the police investigation is over. Cops have a rather nasty habit of making expensive merchandise ‘lost’ or ‘misplaced’ especially when we are talking about a phone that is worth more than half of their salaries.”

I scoffed. “I’m an investigative reporter, Mr. Krieger—not a McDonald’s employee—I am quite aware how very rare and expensive that particular brand of Swiss phones are, unfortunately. Both my future father-in-law and brother-in-law own Ulysse Nardin phones. What is it? The particular ‘in’ brand of Android phone for the billionaire club crowd? Do you have something against Apple?”

“Not particularly, no, but I wasn’t overly fond with the late Steve Jobs and I would rather support a company I have a lot of stock invested in so there you go. Plus, everyone has an iPhone. The nice thing about being a person of means is you don’t have to go with the flow and I don’t want a popular model used by the proletariat of society. There, I said it so you know I’m not only a snob but believe in the delineation of the classes in society. The Indians have it right with their caste system; it’s only a shame it never caught on in Western society to the extreme they take it.”

BOOK: Killing Time
10.82Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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