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“I’ll kill you before I’ll let you rape me.” Alexi struggled with everything she had, but it was like fighting against a granite statue. A statue that moved. A statue that had an enormous erection poking against his black pants.

A hard-on that part of her wanted to see, feel, touch, and taste.

She’d done lost it.

“You will beg me for my cock before I take you.” The man kept her wrists pinned to the ground above her.

“Like hell—” she started, but then snapped her mouth shut when he held his free hand up and a black strap appeared in his grip, along with a three foot long golden stake.

How the hell did he do that? Alexi’s skin chilled. And never mind the strap. What was he going to do with that stake?

In a quick movement he reached above her and buried the gold stake in the ground. Before she could comprehend exactly what he was doing, he’d tied her bound hands to the stake with the black strap. Her hands gripped the cool metal between her palms—as cold as the jolt of fear that shot through her body.

Yet somehow, unbelievably, the chill of fear was chased away by searing lust. Her earlier thoughts came back to her—she had finally met the man it would take to tie her up…and maybe even screw her like she’d often fantasized about.

What was she, crazy? Fantasy was one thing, but the reality…was both frightening and arousing all at once.

Darronn leaned back on his haunches and enjoyed the pleasing view of his future queen with her arms high over her head and bound to the stake. Rage burned in her aqua eyes. The fire and spirit in her gaze pleased him, and he looked forward to the challenge of taming her. No doubt she would enjoy rough sexual play as much as he did, and when the time came he would relish bringing her to their mutual pleasure.

But first, he had to help her understand what she truly wanted, to help her free herself from the confines she had so long been accustomed to accepting. Indeed, there was no man in her pathetic dimension worthy of her. No wonder she felt as if she must master the world, single-handedly.

With him, she would find the care and support she needed as deeply as her own breath. If she didn’t poke out his eyes and sever his bollocks first.

He moved his gaze to her full, sensuous lips, imagined the feel of her mouth sliding over his cock and gave a rumbling purr.

“Let me go, damn you,” the woman called Alexi demanded.

She had ordered him to call her Miz-o-brien in a tone that told him the name was reserved for those subservient to her. He could easily imagine her a queen of the realm from whence she came. Once she learned her place, she would serve well at his side.

The ache in his cock grew fiercer as his gaze lingered on her breasts, now exposed to Tarok’s aging winter sun. In days it would be spring, as evidenced by the blooms scattered over his mountain, and the soft new grass beneath his mate’s back.

Her reddish brown hair fluttered in the chill wind to either side of her face. Goose flesh pebbled her fair skin and plumped her ripe nipples. “Such riches,” he murmured as he took them in hand at once. He would enjoy piercing her nipples and placing his signs of ownership upon her.

When he pinched her taut nubs between his thumb and forefinger, Alexi gasped, then visibly tensed her jaw as if trying to hold back a moan. Darronn’s purr of satisfaction rumbled through his chest again. Yes, the wench enjoyed his touch, no matter that she would deny it should he give mention of the fact.

The furious look returned to her eyes. “Get off me, you sorry sonofabitch.”

Darronn merely studied her while he used his magic to retrieve two more golden stakes and two black straps from his château. Her eyes widened and she attempted to struggle against her wrist bonds and to move her legs from beneath him.

Of course his strength was too superior, and by simply placing part of his weight on one leg, he kept the other motionless with one hand while driving one stake into the ground with his other. He strapped her free ankle to it, forcing her legs apart.

In moments he had both of her legs bound and she was splayed wide for him. Except that he couldn’t see all the delectable flesh of her quim, due to a strip of cloth covering her mons and folds. Her musk had been driving him wild with need since the first whiff he had caught through the looking glass.

“Damn you.” Alexi struggled against her bonds one last time and then gave up, for the moment. Already she was exhausted, and it wouldn’t do her a damn bit of good to fight right now. She needed to conserve her strength, and then when she had the opportunity she’d escape. After she killed the bastard.

When had she realized that this wasn’t a hallucination or a dream? Somewhere along the line, her black-and-white brain told her that too many things about the experience indicated that this was reality. She wasn’t prone to a high level of imagination, and there weren’t many gray areas in her past experience. It either was or it wasn’t, and all her instincts told her this
real. Even the shapeshifting thing—going from tiger to man.

Shit. I am nuts.

And she was now very aware of how exposed she was to his gaze. Her blouse and bra torn away, her skirt up over her hips, her legs splayed wide and bound to stakes, and only her thong covering her slit—and not very well at that. It rode up between her folds and the crack of her ass, and the material was drenched. No doubt her captor could smell her juices, probably making him think she wanted him.

Just because her body responded to his touch, and the struggle had turned her on, didn’t mean that she wanted him. And if she kept telling herself that, she might even believe it.


“You no longer need this,” the man said as he knelt between her splayed thighs and reached for her skirt. As if it was made of paper, he tore the flimsy black material, pulled it away from her body, and tossed it aside.

Alexi stared up at the beast of a man. Hunger raged in his eyes, and despite her position and being at this stranger’s mercy, her body responded to him.

She had to gain some kind of control. Maybe make him see reason. “Why are you doing this?”

“You belong to me.” He lowered his nose and sniffed at the black thong covering her mound. “I claim only what is my own.”

Alexi gasped at the sensuality of what he’d just done. She fought against her body’s reaction and shook her head, grass tickling her cheeks with the movement. “Like hell I belong to you, you kidnapping, raping asshole.”

Darronn nuzzled her mound and she bit back a moan. More moisture leaked from her pussy and she realized that a part of her wanted to give in to the sensations. Wanted to be tied up and fucked. By

This was insane. She shouldn’t want this man who had abducted her out of her home and now had her spread out like a gourmet dinner.

With his teeth he grasped the slender side strap of her thong and tore it apart. Alexi had no choice but to watch as he ripped away the other side as well. Her clit throbbed and her breasts ached. It had been so long since she’d had a man’s cock inside her, felt the weight of him against her as he slid into her pussy.

And she’d never had a man like this one.

Darronn turned her on more than she wanted to admit. He was all man, from the ripple of muscles in his body, to the power in his sensuous movements, to the heat in his gaze. Yeah, she’d fantasized about being tied up, leading to a long bout of wild sex, but Alexi had never thought she could give up enough control to let that happen—until now. Which was absolutely bizarre considering her circumstances.

Darronn grasped the loose cloth of her thong in his teeth and tugged. It slipped away, leaving her quim completely open to him.

Resting on his haunches, he brought the woman’s cloth to his nose. He inhaled her scent from the damp material, imprinting Alexi’s smell upon his senses and causing his cock to expand near to bursting for her. He tossed the cloth onto the grass and returned his gaze to hers.

Her glare was defiant, but her pupils dilated, her skin flushed with arousal, her mons glistening with her need for his cock. The urge to take her now was almost more than he could control, but he would not. Not until her need for him was so great that she begged for his cock in her quim. When she made the free choice to take him, then and only then would he sink his cock inside her core.

Despite what she might think, he was no rapist. He would never give a woman more—or less—than she wanted. Most especially his newfound mate.

The wench was now naked save for the black silk encasing each of her legs from thigh to toe, and the odd red slippers with sticks at the heels covering her feet. Darronn slowly slid his hand down the silken material on one of her legs and rumbled his approval. “I wish for you to wear these, and only these in my presence.”

“Bastard.” A lesser man would surely burst into flame from the blaze in her eyes as she once again spat the word questioning his parentage.

Darronn lowered himself between her thighs, bracing his weight on his arms so that he remained above her. Alexi’s throat worked and her expression shifted from fury to desire and back. “The sooner you realize you are my possession, the sooner you will learn what it is to be pleasured by the King of Spades.”

“You’re delusional, you know that?” Alexi snapped, only feeling like
was the delusional one.

His long brown hair drifted over her shoulder as he nuzzled her throat, and Alexi fought to hold back a moan from the sensual feel of his stubbled cheeks chafing her neck, and the caress of his hair over her skin. “You smell as sweet as starflowers and midnight beneath the falls.”

Now where did such a barbarian learn romantic talk like that?

“Stop touching me,” she said in her best courtroom attorney voice, but to no surprise he ignored her.

Alexi expected to feel the weight of his body against hers—craved it, even—but his powerful arms kept him braced above her. This was a man who took what he wanted, and didn’t hold back. So why was he holding back with her?

She closed her eyes, blocking out the sight of his handsome face as he moved his mouth down between the valley of her breasts. His lips brushed her skin in whisper soft movements as he trailed them over the curve of one breast to lightly skirt the nipple. What was wrong with her? She wanted to arch her back and force her nipple into his mouth. She wanted him to suck it with the force of his desire for her.

No, no, no!

Darronn released a rumbling purr as he eased down Alexi’s body, teasing her, making her recognize how much she needed him. The wench wanted him so badly that she was quivering, but she held back her moans admirably well. When he reached the gold piercing at her navel, he smiled. A tiger bauble. Most suitable for his tigress, yes.

He flicked his tongue against the gold, then drove his tongue into her navel. Alexi gasped and the scent of her juices magnified. His purr grew louder.

“This is crazy.” Her voice came in ragged huffs. “You can’t just kidnap a person and tie them up. It’s not right.”

“But I did not kidnap you. I rescued you from a bleak exile and brought you to your rightful home.” Darronn abandoned her navel for lower pursuits, softly nuzzling her belly and reaching the smooth skin of her shaved mound. His erection grew, threatening to spill his seed. A fine lot that would be, to climax in his breeches. “You are mine now, as it should be.”

His tigress growled. “I don’t belong to
but myself, dickhead.”

Darronn’s nose skimmed her swollen folds, and Alexi’s thighs trembled on either side of his head. Likely she would climax with one flick of his tongue against her engorged clit. As much as he would enjoy giving her pleasure, he intended for her to want him with no regrets whatsoever, and under his terms.

Alexi was going to scream if she didn’t come soon. The bastard was hardly touching her and she was
on the edge. She hated him, she wanted him. She wanted to kill him, she wanted him to screw her. Shit, she couldn’t take much more of this.

Darronn moved away and she opened her eyes to see him standing between her splayed thighs. She expected him to kick off his boots, tear off his pants, and then drive his cock into her. But he merely studied her, his arms folded across his chest, the wind tossing his long hair. The bruise at his eye was darker now, and she only wished she’d blackened them both. Maybe then she would have had a chance to get back through that mirror.

That was what she wanted, wasn’t it?

“You have come to a world you do not understand, my firecat, and you have met a man you cannot command,” he said in his firm, yet vibrant tone. “For your own good, you must learn the desires and fears of your heart—and you must learn to trust and respect the one person with the skill and power to make you whole.” He paused and then added, “Me.”

Alexi just stared at him, unable to believe he had the nerve to tell her she needed to be taught any lessons. “You’re out of your mind, you know that?”

“It matters not if you believe me, or even if you refuse your own desires—not yet—so long as you learn obedience. We begin your training now, as there is no time to waste. Your punishment for striking a King of Tarok, and for your rudeness,” he said, “will be to remain here the night through.”

Alexi’s jaw dropped and she stared at the bastard in utter disbelief. He was going to leave her staked out in the middle of a mountain meadow? Naked?

“With my protections you will remain safe here, and no harm shall come to you.” He raised his hands and a red shimmer filled the air around Alexi, like a fiery bubble, and then it was gone. “When I return for you in the morning, you will address me as Master, and with respect, or I will not free you. Do you understand?”

“Screw you.” Alexi clenched her teeth and her ears rang with the rage ripping through her.

Darronn gave a slow nod, his expression stern. “I see that you do,” he said before he turned and walked away.




BOOK: King of Spades
4.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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