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Authors: Ty Langston

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Knocked Out: A Red, Hot and BOOM! Story (4 page)

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To Hayley, it was as if the figure was taking in the audience’s energy like a sponge.

The announcer attempted to blurt out the introduction, but the crowd wasn’t going to have it.

The more the music played, the more rabid they got. Hayley giggled as she watched the announcer speak.

“As we all can see, our contender has made their way into the Octagon.”

The man in black now made his way toward the corner of the cage. His piercing blue eyes gazed

into the hungered crowd. The stone face concentration had morphed into a bemused expression. Looking over at Hayley, the handsome man winked and flashed a wicked smile.

“Well now. Look who likes you.” Tucker whispered at Hayley.

“Bet he does that to all the girls.” Hayley said with a snicker.

“Oh no, he doesn’t. I know this one. Something’s telling me; I better keep my eye on the two of

you .” Tucker teased.

“Tuck, this is business. He’s playing with the crowd. They all do it, at least the good ones do.”

She said.

She was flattered by the adulation. No one had given her this much attention in a long time so

she was going to take it where she could get it. His intense blue eyes seared through her core. If the two of them continued to look at each other in the way they have been, she’d have to book them a room at the nearest hotel.

“Welcome home Evan!” a woman screamed.

“Thank you, baby.” Evan said to the woman as he took off his robe.

One could hear only the gasps of every female in the warehouse including, Hayley. His ripped

body was a carved muscular masterpiece. On his shoulder there were two initials, E.B tattooed in a Celtic font followed by the word enigma in the same font on his right calf.

“So this is Evan Bates.” Hayley asked Tucker.

“In the flesh. Damn, he looks tremendous. ” Tucker said.

“Yes, he does.” Hayley said as she glanced at Evan again and smiled back at him.

Tucker shook his head. “Oh, boy.” Tucker went from being jovial to being concerned.

“Be careful little girl, he’s dangerous. Once he catches you; he won’t let go.”

Hayley was watching Evan for several seconds before she answered her mentor. “Let go?” she


“He’s a complicated. Just use caution.”

Hayley understood. She knew he was right, but she like others in the crowd; she was into his

eyes, that devilish grin, the 6 pack abs, that ass.

Think Hayley, you have a show to produce. He has the charisma and movie star looks down, but
can he fight? Focus...

“I love you Evan!!” another woman screamed back.

Evan let out a huge grin. “Love you too.” He said with another grin.

That damn smile was as devious as it was delicious. Her only hope was that no one saw the

puddle of drool that was most likely pouring out of her mouth.

He was going to be the death of me. Damn grin

Tucker laughed again at he watched Hayley’s reaction to Evan. “You have got the Bates Effect.”

Her mind diverted from Evan briefly to look at her partner in crime. “Bates Effect?” She asked with confusion.

“The Bates Effect is when the expression that females have when they are in Evan’s presence. I

have tried to warn you. But it’s too little too late. All he’s got to do is wink or wave, and the girls will have their tongues dragging to the ground.”

Her eyes went back to Evan. She was so concentrated on how he was interacting with the crowd

from his corner that she never heard the announcer introduce Evan’s contender. The poor soul by

comparison was out of Evan’s league. He was a smaller, thinner guy and looked at Evan as if he were a deer caught in the headlights.

This wasn’t going to be a fight; this would be annihilation.

“Enigma, Enigma!" The crowd chanted as the first round began. The contender attempted to

throw one punch, however, he his reach wasn’t a match for the veteran fighter. With several series of combination right hooks and round house kicks, Evan finished the poor man off with his finishing maneuver nicknamed the “The Enigma Lock” which was a modified sleeper hold.

The bout was over in minutes, and the crowd was back on its feet. Evan barely broke a sweat as

the ref raised his hand, and Evan hugged his opponent.

“Holy shit!” Hayley said with a belly laughed. “That was fantastic!”

“The Enigma has come home! What did I tell you, Hayley? My former student has been gone for

five years and hasn’t lost a beat.” Tucker said with pride.

“That’s crazy. Let me see if I can talk him into joining the show.” Hayley said as she grabbed her purse & pulled out her small notebook and pen. She sprinted towards the Octagon where Evan was shaking hands and hugging everyone.

By the time she made it through the sea of people, he was already gone.

Out of breath, Hayley asked. “Where did he go?”

“Gone. Dude never sticks around long enough to get close to anyone.” An audience member told


“Shit, now what in the hell am I going to do?” Hayley asked putting up his hands in protest.

Chapter Six

As quick as he left the Octagon and grabbed his cash, Evan earned his nickname by leaving out of a side entrance, changing into a t-shirt and jeans and driving away.

To him, it was a job. He did it, got paid and now with the money earned he and his family would

be okay for a few months.

He received $5,000 plus a percentage of the gate, newly negotiated by his cousin, Michael. He had to admit; this wasn’t a bad way to come back into MMA. He had $8000 for fighting less than 30

minutes all night.

By the time he pulled into the driveway, Everly was already fast asleep. Waiting for him on the couch grinning from ear to ear was his mother, Edna.

“Some things never change.” She said.

“Huh?” he said as he placed his bag on the couch while he went to get a beer from the fridge.

“Michael texted me about an hour ago and told me you’d won.” Edna told him as she knitted a

pink scarf.

He took a sip of his beer and walked into the family room. He sat down in the family room with

his feet up on an old leather easy chair. “Yeah, I won. I’m fucking surprised I did to be honest. The last guy I fought was scrawny, but he had a decent left hook.” He explained while pointing to the side of his chin where the origins of a bruise began to emerge.

Edna beamed with pride as she continued to knit. “Sorry, about your chin. But I’m not surprised

you won at all. I told you that you’d win. These local guys have nothing on you.”

Taking another swig of beer, he replied. “I haven’t fought anyone beyond sparring at the gym in 5

years. I don’t know the scene anymore.”

“Maybe you should re-acquaint yourself with it and stop trying to look for a job.”

“Ma, c’mon. You know why, and I’m tired. Not tonight. ”

“Evan, you know I’m not begrudging anyone for working. Hell, your father and I worked at the

mill for 40 years until
asked us to stop. So we did.”

“Taking care of my child and having a roof over our head is something I have to do.” Evan


“Absolutely. And I love you for that. But let me ask you, your prize was $5000 right?”

“$5000 plus Michael got the owner to clip a percentage of the gate.” Evan snickered.

Edna was so shocked that she dropped her needle. “So what does that make the total?

“$8000. It was that warehouse behind Masons’ bar that no lie was sold out by the end of the

night. Must have been close over 2000 people there. ”

Edna’s eyes opened wide. “You’re shitting me!”

“Nope. So for now, we’re ok. No going into savings for you. Legal fees, mortgage, food and

Everly’s tuition is paid for the time being.”

Edna was relieved. “Happy for you. I am. I pester you because I know this is what you love to do.

I don’t want you to wake up one day being pissed over what if’s; I want you to happy saying I am.” She told him.

“We’ll see. But for now, this is a one time thing. Ok?”

Edna picked up her knitting needles and shook her head. “Won’t make $8000 in night welding

steel, Evan.”

Exhausted, Evan went over to his mother and kissed her gently on the cheek. “Night, mom”

She laughed as she went back to her knitting. “Night, Evan.”

Chapter Seven

It had been several days since the bar fight, and Hayley was back in Los Angeles and at her wits end on locating the enigma that was Evan Bates.

She also tried everything. From Tucker and Billy attempting to talk to his cousin, Michael, who

suddenly got called out of town for his job, to the owner of Mason’s Bar

. It was as if Evan didn’t exist.

She also was putting together the first four episodes of the series. It looked great, but it was missing something…or someone.

Her office was shabby chic with light blues and purples hues. There were DVD’s of the five

candidates on one end, and and on the other corner there was red folder that had Evan’s name on it.

Where do you find someone that doesn’t want to be found?
She leafed through the files at his previous MMA history.

He began in bar brawls like the one he was in a couple of weeks ago to pay the rent. Tucker, who had just retired at the time, found him, hooked him up with a decent place to live and trained him. In return to Tucker, Evan began to win. A lot. So much that he was one of the top twenty contenders for the MMA heavyweight title.

It was during a Contact Sports press conference announcing a Contender’s Tournament called.

“Rage in the Cage” when Evan, a favorite to win, announced his retirement and disappeared.

What made him come back? Why now?

All the rocks that she and Tucker knew of had already been looked under. She had one more idea

left. If this didn’t work, all bets were off.


A couple of weeks later, Evan had taken his mother and daughter out for the day. It was now

early summer and Evan and his mother were exhausted from their trip to the zoo.

“Daddy! I had so much fun today! Can we do this again tomorrow?” Everly asked while she had

a balloon in one hand and a chocolate ice cream cone in the other.

Evan laughed while they walked into the house. “Hmm, I don’t know about tomorrow, but we’ll

definitely do this again, baby. I promise.”

The little girl nodded her head in between licks of her ice cream cone and replied. “You better.

Mr. Elephant will miss me.”

Evan snickered. “I’m sure he will after all the junk you gave him to eat.”

Edna kneeled in front of her granddaughter and began to wipe the excess ice cream from her face.

“Sweetie, why don’t you put your Balloon away and finish up your ice cream cone. I’ll be right up to give you a bath and read the new book Daddy got for you today.”

“Okay, Nana.” Everly said as she sprinted towards her room.

Evan and Edna fell onto the couch in a tired heap.

“Dear God Ma, did I have that much energy?” Evan asked.

Edna laughed. “You were worse than her. At least I can catch her. You were another story at that age.”

She grabbed the remote from the coffee table and turned on the television. She began to surf

through the channels before settling on the Contact Sports Network. On the screen was an Octagon with a beautiful woman in the middle of the ring.

“What’s this?” Evan asked his mother.

Edna glanced at the television with interest. She shrugged and placed the remote down. “I have

no idea, but I guess we’re about to find out.”

Evan looked at the TV with curiosity. He had seen the beautiful woman before. Light brown

wavy hair, huge blue eyes, curves that went on for days.
That smile…

His blue eyes narrowed with interest. “Where have I seen her?”

“Who?” Edna asked.

Evan pointed at the television screen. “Her. I’ve seen her somewhere.”

“Well, she’d be kind of hard to forget. She’s beautiful.” Edna quipped.

The person on the screen began to speak. “Good evening, my name, is Hayley Monroe and

tonight, I invite you on my journey to find MMA’s ‘Next Great Hope’. I’ll introduce you to 4 men. These contenders embody the spirit, athleticism and the heart of a champion. We’ll see their stories from their perspective while we watch them compete with one another for the chance to win not only a $1 million contract with Contact Sports, but a chance to compete in a 4th of July exhibition match with current MMA Heavyweight champion, Jackson Briggs.

“Holy shit! That’s amazing.” Edna said in a stunned voice.

“I’ll be damned. That’s who she was that night.” Evan said as he watched the young woman

continue to talk.

“Here are the competitors, Joey England, Mike Tunney, Brian Maslow, Jordan Henry, and Ethan

O’Malley and…” She paused for a moment while the five competitors all handsomely dressed in suits walked into the Octagon and waved at the studio audience.

“Do you know any of them son?” Edna asked.

“A couple of them. Tunney and O’Malley are good guys. I used to spar with them when I was

going to Rounders.”

“Briggs is still at the top.” Edna said. “What an arrogant ass he is. I wish someone put a muzzle on him.

Evan’s eyes lit up with excitement. He knew Jackson well and if there was anyone that he

couldn’t be happier for, it was Jackson Briggs.

“Tunney and O’Malley could beat Jackson. They were good 5 years ago; I’m sure they’re even

better now.”

His eyes went back to the television as Hayley began to speak again. “And then...there is another prospect. I had the liberty of seeing this man recently and in less than one round he took down his opponent. But, like his nickname, he is an enigma. As quickly as he won that night, Evan Bates

disappeared without a trace.”

Stunned, Evan looked at the screen for a few seconds and began to laugh. “Oh god, is that why

BOOK: Knocked Out: A Red, Hot and BOOM! Story
10.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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